“Superman” and “Batman” the most popular email addresses?

We should have guessed it! Amongst the most popular and desirable name IDs that were sent to Yahoo!, during the period that they were accepting the most desirable email addresses from users at https://wishlist.yahoo.com, were “Superman” and “Batman”. So the name one wishes, instead of alexis987654321@yahoo.com, is Batman@yahoo.com! Cool!

yahoo watch list

Last week, with a new Tumblr post, Dylan Casey, Yahoo’s Senior Director of Platforms, announced that new emails are being set for their new owners already, and announced a list of the most popular names that users asked to acquire, during the previous time, in case they were freed up and deactivated by Yahoo!  Amongst them, you will see “Michael”, “Alex”, “David” – for men, “Maria”, “Jessica”, “Jennifer” – for women, and “Superman” and “Batman” quite high in the list!

But our concerns remain unanswered. On our previous blog post we mentioned our concerns that arise for the Email Marketing industry with Yahoo! giving away inactive email accounts to new users that have claimed them.

It seems that Yahoo! tried to address some of those concerns by taking a 30-day period between the deactivation of those accounts, and their recycling. During this time they say they unsubscribed these accounts from various newsletters or from social media accounts that were directly related, and informed banks and various institutions that these accounts are deactivated, so as to reduce the possibilities of malicious use of those accounts by their new owners.

So let’s say that we were quite relieved, but a basic concern remains for those that have a Yahoo! account, which forwards emails to another account. The owners of these accounts do not log in than often, which means that if they hadn’t logged in to their accounts during the transition period, they have probably lost their initial accounts. Not that cool!

Most importantly: how do we know that institutions will actually inform their lists of recipients with those changes? We understand that e-commerce sites, banks etc will have to visit a website where Yahoo! will upload these email addresses, and double check their lists with the lists of the deactivated email addresses. Will they do that?

The only comforting thought for those who sent their most desirable email IDs to Yahoo! but did not acquire it, is that now they can access the Watchlist which lets them watch up to five usernames for three years. If one of the names becomes available, they will be next in line to acquire it. And new users can do that with just 1,99$. Good luck!

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