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2012 just arrived, all marketers and agencies make their planning and budgeting for the new year.

These days I had the pleasure to read a “Forrester Research” report concerning the internet media channels forecasting until 2016.

As expected, email marketing has a stable and slow growing percent, although the Mobile Marketing high rise which is predicted to get over 35% of total interactive media budget.

media's spends

Let us drill down to email marketing inner procedures.

email marketing inner spends

Delivery is leading the way followed by , Analytics, Integration and Creative. This clearly shows that in order to get the most from you campaigns and budget, you need a reliable partner. Here at Moosend take care most the essential procedures, leaving you the creativity and list building.

Email marketing is a must part of every rich media campaign. The idea of just sending an email to inform your subscribers / clients / fans has passed away. Every campaign must be combined with other marketing channels, with easy, comparable and reportable way. Marketers tend to use customer intelligence to create calculated tailor made campaigns. The future is in smaller but more targeted and personalized campaigns.

I always hated statistics and that is the reason, today’s blog is so short. But I cannot overcome that numbers usually show the way that we should plan our jobs.

Many new year wishes!!!

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