How To Run Your Business While You’re Away

run your business while you are away

Go offline while your sales remain online!

The official holiday season has begun and it is time to relax body and soul. But, entrepreneurs and Marketing Managers, is that true for you? People still visit your page while you are on vacation, right?

For one thing, you certainly don’t want the hard work of the past few months to go to waste and have to struggle your way to the top again. Plus, this sales roller coaster is never a good look. Or a reassuring one.

You don’t need to dread what you will be up against when you get back from holidays: yes, even if summer is your peak season.

You will no longer sweat over the incoming flow of orders or appointments with customers booked the previous day and feel guilty you are not on top of this.
We have selected and are sharing with you our favorite tactics from top marketers at Moosend. Before you are off to great places off and away, you need to make sure you keep your revenues blooming with these few tips.

On a slightly unrelated note, what are you doing with your plants during your holidays? Oh, automatic watering system? That’s nice.

What if we told you you can use your automatic watering system for online marketing as well?

In the same way you schedule and automate irrigation for your plants according to their needs, you can automate your online marketing. What your automations will do for you is that, for every trigger you have set, they will take care of every request automatically!

With all the flexibility of your smartphone and your wifi reception, you can overlook everything that takes place and get daily reports complete with metrics and statistics you can interpret.

Before going away, here’s a checklist we prepared for you:

Smartly nudge customers with flash sales

If you want some peace of mind before you go on vacation, you can run a flash sale to get your sales going for a limited number of days. It will definitely boost your conversions and create a positive brand image: your customers will feel they benefited and that you care about their needs. It’s win-win as you will have made earnings fast and put your inventory put to good use. In such a dynamic external environment, few things can be taken for granted. So, if you can test your demand elasticity with a flash sale without it taking a toll on your balance sheet mojo, by all means, do it! If your eshop sells services instead of products it will definitely be a day-maker for you to know that you have some appointments booked for when you come back home. Plus, payments will be required to complete the reservation, therefore if anything should change, you would not be at a loss.

Make sure to check out another checklist that our friends over at BluLeadz put together for the Best CMS Platforms in 2018.

Be proactive with software payments and subscription updates

checklist sheet

Make sure your software trial periods or subscriptions will still run for the period you’ll be away. This way, your staff won’t call you on the phone to fix these. Think of any credit-run software you use (check with your accounting office, it will be easier for them to check for recurring payments), or pay-as-you-go plans. Ensure that no subscription is about to expire: this is why you need to put together a calendar with all these dates, as they come insanely handy, and you don’t need to call your accountant time and again within the day. All of the above add to your employees’ need to feel confident while you are away, and work in a stress-free environment where everything operates smoothly, thus optimizing customer experiences.

Stay proactive with unforeseen payments

Things come up and things break down. Budget for your company credit card needs while you are away. This way, if anything should happen and there is a team of people working for you back at your headquarters, the situation will never reach you, as it will have been handled immediately.

Wield your out-of-office message effectively

Set your out-of-office message wisely and use it like an actual marketing tool. Create a quick directory of links to direct the email sender to, such as your marketing department, the accounting department, or even your cell phone for an emergency. Refer them to specific people as they will feel that they are still being treated like royalty as you have proactively catered to their needs.

Stick to your choice of reality-check routine

Decide whether you want to allow a 5-10 minute time frame every day to talk with the person in charge in the office or get back to those who left a voicemail and communicate this to those involved. This practice might help you feel better and more confident about how things are back in the office.

Set the (communication) bar with the rest of the office

Discuss email-surveillance with your employees or ask them to report to you at the end of each work day. Another good solution might be to use software like slack which allows for instant messaging. Manage expectations by setting a specific time to be reached, or don’t and snooze notifications: during your holiday downtime, while you are waiting for that cocktail to shake or that massage session to start, quickly check your slack mentions and take care of them.

Avoid inbox clutter by thinking ahead

What about your inbox? Ask your PA to start the most urgent ones and forward them to your personal email address. The rest, you don’t need to lose: create a lead generation funnel. Make sure there is an opt-in download or other freebies for those who visit your most popular pages and set up an automation to welcome them to your community.

Schedule uber alles

calendar in tablet

In a previous blog post we underlined the importance of flawlessly, smoothly, and consistently, scheduling and automating your emails. To take your customers from square 1 or square 4 to conversion, you should be mapping your marketing content path for the coming months, and reviewing it as often as possible. Yes, summer holidays are no exception, whatsoever: some subscribers have starred and filtered your emails to read when they get back – don’t let them down! Remember to apply the same principle to the content of your blog: your CMS (click here to check out the 8 best platforms) and WordPress platforms give you the flexibility you need to plan ahead.

All set? Now two more steps:

First step: relax, show your fellow employees the trust they are due. Take a sip of your piña colada and say Aaahh.

Second step: Whatever happens, you are still a phone call or an internet connection away!