Count on Countdown to Increase Engagement and Sales

countdown timer with days hours minutes and seconds

Announcing the countdown component on our shiny new Editor

You count ignore this feature, can you?

Here is a new way to work up the excitement among your subscribers: the countdown timer!

Based on core psychological drivers such as scarcity and high demand, email marketing countdown timers increase engagement, create a sense of urgency, and watch your sales grow instantly!

Your email marketing countdown to more revenue

The challenge for every email marketer is to create new content and at the same time develop the brand while sticking to a communication plan that grows the business. Unequivocally, email marketing is the quintessential marketing medium both for advertising purposes as well as customer-relationship building purposes.

gif showing how to customize a countdown timer

Breaking through the clutter is certainly every marketer’s objective. With all companies now sending out newsletters and competing for attention, how is each business differentiating itself?

The safest way, especially for companies that cannot afford a higher budget for an HTML-savvy marketer, is by making the most out of the features offered by their selected platform. Thus, beyond your smart subject lines, emojis, and other sassy email design accessories, this new release is set to add to your brand image.

Count yourself among the users, not the losers

As with all our features, Countdown timer is designed with the same principle in mind: to offer a win-win situation for both sides:

  • As far as the company is concerned, it’s quite straightforward: by setting up a countdown timer in an email, we communicate effectively and differentiate an offer from the rest. This creates a sense of urgency, increases curiosity, and hypes up an item.
  • As for consumers, they get their hands on new offers and sales, which elicits a feeling of trust and extends engagement towards the brand and takes away feelings of cognitive dissonance about offers missed. These timers also educate consumers into checking their emails more often for your company’s email as they don’t want to miss out on any flash sales or other time-bound offers.

This new feature is a perfect reflection of what we do in real life. There are so many countdowns every day that we hardly even realize them: counting down to your birthday, to the New Year, and so on!

Our Editor’s timer will increase engagement with your mailing lists and will help your business generate buzz and excitement, or even word of mouth with a simple trick! Altogether, this will help increase conversions and activate your subscribers, who will exit their stagnant, passive state and enter a more active and engaged one.

New Campaign Editor Feature and Benefits

countdown timer customization steps

  • What’s the countdown timer like? It’s fairly customizable, really. You can:

Countdown by days, hours, minutes and seconds

Customize Font family and color, as well as

Customize Background color of the timer

Extras: For the box timer type, you can add rounded corners and customize border width and color

Extras: You can personalize the labels for days, hours, minutes and seconds by entering the words in the language you prefer. Or count down by 3 maltesers, 4 skittles and 35 tic tacs- your call!

In a nutshell:

  • Play on the basic psychological driver of all needs: scarcity and demand. It will automatically translate to conversions and revenue.
  • Interact with consumers, delight them with offers, promote your business, grow bigger.
  • Do what the big guys are doing. shows you how many people are booking rooms while you are viewing the same room. shows you how many people are viewing the same flights or booking at the same time you are. These circumstances usually generate an unpredictably strong need to act fast and make decisions faster.
  • You’ll love the power of the timer – BUT never underestimate the power of the subject line, which is a prerequisite.

Count down to your conversion success here!