370+ Original Ecommerce Email Subject Lines To Increase Your Open Rates

370+ Original Ecommerce Email Subject Lines To Increase Your Open Rates

Writing eCommerce email subject lines can be a headache sometimes. And while crafting them can be troublesome, their importance is paramount as they can be the deciding factor affecting the open rates of your campaigns!

If only there was a subject line inspiration paradise to boost email open rates and your confidence… Only that there is!

Here we’ll give you:

  • the top eCommerce email subject lines
  • an easy way to optimize your eCommerce subject lines
  • eCommerce subject lines examples from well-known brands…

plus a bonus cheat sheet with more eCommerce email subject lines in case you need extra inspiration for your newsletters and blog posts!

Best eCommerce Email Subject Lines

Ecommerce email marketing is highly competitive and brands try to grab the users’ attention and win over their competitors by crafting original subject lines. Especially for eCommerce stores, a great email subject line works as a good first impression that leads towards a successful conversion.

Below, we’ve compiled a list with the best subject lines from reputable brands and we’ve categorized them according to use case. You can also find the complete list of eCommerce email subject lines here!

WelcomePromotional Abandoned Cart Product LaunchSeasonal
  • Welcome to the (brand) community!
  • Here’s your welcome gift
  • You’re in!
  • Thanks for signing up!
  • Thanks for joining us!
  • Wondering how (brand) works?
  • Hi (name)! Welcome to (brand).
  • There’s more to unlock, (name)
  • (name), let’s get you moving!
  • New to Our (Curious) World?
  • Ready to step up? Welcome to (brand).
  • Welcome! Here are the top 5 things you should know.
  • Here’s how to get started:4 Ways to Get Started with (brand).
  • A warm welcome
  • You’re part of the family now
  • We heard you wanted us in your inbox
  • Enjoy 15% off your first purchase. Our welcome to you!
  • Boom – you’re in
  • Stopping by to say hi
  • Welcome to (brand). Open for your exclusive offer
  • A Welcome Gift Just For You…
  • Welcome to (brand)! Make yourself at home.
  • Looks like you’ll fit right in here
  • let’s start this off with a gift: enjoy 15% off your next purchase.
  • Welcome to our world
  • Welcome! I have a question for you…
  • You’re in, gorgeous!
  • A welcome note from me
  • Welcome to the party!
  • How to get started with our tool
  • Good decision. Welcome to our family
  • We have a surprise for you
  • You are in. Quick video inside
  • You are going to love it. Our surprising welcome offer
  • Welcome, We are glad to have you onboard
  • We welcome you. Thanks for trusting us
  • A personal hello
  • Well, hellooo there. Here’s extra 15% off, just for you.
  • Last Day For A Free (product)!
  • Don’t Miss Out: (product) for just $20
  • Up to 30% off your first (product)
  • Get 40% OFF to level up your 2020
  • Last call for our Sale…
  • [LAST CHANCE] Your Discount Disappears in Three Hours.
  • This weekend only: extra 50% OFF sale!
  • Explore your obsession with this exclusive treat
  • Last day to get our best offer ever!
  • (name), your special offer has arrived!
  • We rarely do this… (hint: $50!)
  • Use it or lose it, 30% off final hours
  • A special 20% off code, for a special someone…
  • Only a few hours left to take 30% off (brand)!
  • Final Hours! Don’t get holiday FOMO!
  • Early Access 50% OFF SALE
  • 30% OFF will be gone in a flurry ❄️
  • An Even Bigger Gift For You Today
  • Claim Your Free Gift From Us
  • How about a discount code?
  • Because everyone likes a great deal
  • Due to overwhelming demand, we’re adding 12 more hours to this sale
  • 30% off sale ends tomorrow! celebrate the long weekend with a treat.
  • Mark your calendar for up to 60% OFF!
  • This email = your exclusive access to our private sale
  • Going…going…gone
  • We thought you could use this…
  • ❄️ Winter Sale | Thousands of comics -50%
  • Coupon alert! Extra savings on under US $10 items
  • backpacks recommended for you 🎒 (code included!)
  • Umm hello? You forgot something!
  • Hey, you forgot something…
  • Still want them?
  • Leave something behind?
  • You know you want them.
  • Missing something?
  • [Product] is selling fast: Complete your purchase now.
  • Don’t miss out: Only [Number] [Product] left in stock.
  • Still thinking it over?
  • Need help making a decision?
  • The items in your cart are going, going…
  • Forget to check out?
  • Your cart misses you!
  • Oh no! You left something behind.
  • You’re so close!
  • Ready to complete your purchase, [name]?
  • Get your new favorite (product) in [X] clicks!
  • Did you like the (product) you were checking out?
  • Hey [name]. Was there a problem checking out?
  • Oh no! Your cart is about to expire!
  • Does This Belong To You?
  • Need Help With Your Bags?
  • We saved your cart for you
  • Pending order at (brand)
  • Owner of a Lonely Cart
  • Your cart has a hard time letting go
  • Your cart misses you like crazy
  • (product) is here. Pre-order yours.
  • Things are about to change!
  • May We Introduce (product)
  • -IMPORTANT UPDATE- The all-new (product) is here!
  • In 24 hours. Our first …
  • Is this is the hottest product in the market?
  • You have never liked your new [name] so much.
  • You look great in in these brand new [name of product]
  • Cheers to new product launches!!
  • We are crushing you with our new clothing range
  • A new product that will not allow to pass on
  • 27 percent off on your new product launches
  • New product launch alert
  • You’ve never seen a (product) like this
  • You’re on the list
  • Weekly Exclusive Offers – Forecasting New Product Launch
  • Product Launch: (product names)
  • Meet your new (product)?
  • Invitation: We are launching a new product this Friday!!😻
  • LAUNCH DAY: 🍁 (product line) 🍁
  • JUST LAUNCHED! (product line)

How To Improve Your eCommerce Email Subject Lines

Crafting good email subject lines can improve your open rates, and thus lead you to better click-through rates and conversions. This would be a significant boost in your digital marketing efforts.

When competing against countless other brands in subscribers’ inboxes, leveraging the help of A.I. can be of significant help. To that end, there are subject line tester tools out there that provide useful recommendations you can implement and impress your email subscribers.

One such free subject line tester is Refine. Its smart algorithm crunches data from email campaigns non-stop and it is able to provide recommendations across various industries as well as inform you about the estimated effectiveness of your subject line.

Using this free tool is easy and effortless. Here is a quick how-to:

1. Choose an email subject line from our cheat sheet or craft your own.

2. Visit Refine and choose your industry and list size. Then copy and paste the subject line that you wish to optimize and click “Predict Now.”

ecommerce email subject lines

You’ll get an estimate of the open rates and whether the subject line tester places you above or below the industry average.

Refine subject line open rate estimation

Also, you’re getting actionable recommendations to increase your email open rate!

email subject line optimization recommendations from Refine

3. Click on Try this” to apply the recommendation and then press “Predict Now.”

4. Check the new estimation and optimize further (if needed).

open rate estimation after applying recommendations from Refine

Your eCommerce subject line is now ready to reach its recipients!

23 Best eCommerce Email Subject Line Examples (Categorized)

In the previous sections, we saw some of the best email subject lines from successful eCommerce businesses. To get the most out of your subject lines, they need to be aligned with the content of your marketing emails.

Below we’ll see eCommerce campaign examples along with their subject lines to understand why they work well.


Welcome email campaigns are sent when a user subscribes to the company newsletter or purchases a new product. These emails have higher open rates than other email types because the user is fully engaged upon receiving them. So, they’re very important for eCommerce.

1. Joybird

Subject Line: Welcome to Joybird!

Why it works: The subject line from Joybird is based on simplicity. Upon opening the email, the subscriber sees a welcoming message and a code for 25% off the first purchase. Along with the smart CTA copy, conversions are assured!

The campaign:

Joybird ecommerce welcome email campaign


Subject Line: Claim your free welcome gift.

Why it works: IPSY’s subject line uses actionable language (“claim”) while emphasizing the value the user gets (“free welcome gift”). There is also a sense of urgency implied, as we don’t know if this offer expires (unless we open the email). So, the subject line’s goal is achieved.

The campaign:

ecommerce welcome email from IPSY


Birthday emails are easy-to-create automated email marketing campaigns that your customers will appreciate. Apart from wishing them a happy birthday, you give them a nice incentive (e.g. discount coupon) to make a purchase.

3. Clarks

Subject Line: Your birthday gift is waiting!

Why it works: Clarks’ subject line plays with clever wording to achieve its goal to get the email opened. You immediately understand that it’s a birthday email while there is also an implied sense of urgency (since the gift is waiting).

The campaign:

Clarks birthday email campaign

4. PopInABox

Subject Line: 🥳️It’s Your PIAB Birthday Today!🥳

Why it works: This is an interesting subject line from PIAB. It celebrates your 1-year anniversary with the brand. Leveraging emojis at the beginning and at the end of the subject, it manages to attract attention. This marketing campaign is a great alternative to the classic birthday email.

The campaign:

PIAB birthday marketing campaign

Promotional Emails

Promotional emails are the core of an eCommerce store’s marketing strategy. They feature special offers, limited-time sales, etc with the aim to persuade users into making a purchase. Promotional subject lines are particularly effective when they’re personalized and unexpected.

5. Sidemen Clothing

Subject Line: The last of the SDMN x Mr. Men products! 😱

Why it works: Here Sidemen Clothing leverages the fear of missing out (FOMO) in their subject line. It’s the last chance for subscribers to purchase one of the products of the specific collaboration with Mr. Men. The “shocked” emoji adds more emphasis to the message.

The campaign:

Sidemen Clothing sales email campaign


Subject Line: Final hours to save ‼️

Why it works: This is a classic subject line of a sales email. MVMT wants to capitalize on the subscribers’ need to benefit from the sale and purchase in time. Opening the campaign, they face a countdown timer that nudges them further towards the desired action.

The campaign:

MVMT promotional ecommerce email campaign

Cart abandonment

Abandoned carts are probably the most serious pain point of eCommerce stores. Consequently, abandoned cart emails are the best way to restore otherwise lost revenue. The goal of these emails is to lead users back to the checkout and ideally encourage them to complete their orders.

7. MAC Cosmetics

Subject Line: Awkwafina, Still Thinking About It?

Why it works: Mac Cosmetics cleverly uses the subscriber’s name in the subject line to deliver a personalized message. The subject line is in the form of a question, trying to gently push subscribers into checking their carts again. What’s great about this campaign is its email design that favors mobile devices too.

The campaign:

MAC cosmetics cart abandonment email

8. Fashion Nova

Subject Line: Order Status: Incomplete

Why it works: Fashion Nova’s subject line strikes the perfect balance between piquing curiosity and avoiding being spammy. One thing is for sure. Your subscribers will definitely open this campaign!

The campaign:

Fashion Nova abandoned cart email


Delivering email campaigns on a special occasion such as an anniversary establishes a bond with customers and gives them a solid reason to stay loyal to your brand. Here we’ll see some prime examples of that.

9. MOO

Subject Line: We just called to say, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Why it works: In this example, MOO uses capital letters to give emphasis and catch the user’s attention. Simplicity is evident also inside the campaign, but this helps in getting the message across fast.

The campaign:

MOO anniversary email marketing campaign

10. bareMinerals

Subject Line: Josie, your anniversary gift is waiting…

Why it works: First of all, bareMinerals uses personalization with the subscriber’s name to make the anniversary campaign more intimate. Moreover, everyone likes a gift (here it’s 15% off) so people will be compelled to start filling up their shopping carts.

The campaign:

bareMinerals anniversary campaign

Thank You

Automated thank you emails are extremely important for eCommerce businesses to reach out to their customers and express their gratitude for a number of reasons (e.g. a purchase, becoming a member). While it’s only a small gesture, it helps build a long-lasting relationship with the customer and boost brand loyalty.

11. Body Bliss

Subject Line: Thanks for registering at Body Bliss

Why it works: This automated thank you email from Body Bliss is the first email the subscriber receives upon creating an account. It is simple and elegant, and it encourages people to reply if they have any questions.

The campaign:

Body Bliss automated thank you email

12. The Body Shop

Subject Line: Thanks for sharing so much love🌍💖

Why it works: The Body Shop has crafted a great thank you campaign. It stresses the love they’ve received from their valued customers. This love will be spread further through the brand’s donation to the community. Along with a similar social media campaign, the brand can show its “human side” and turn customers into raving fans.

The campaign:

The Body Shop thank you email campaign

Replenishment / Repeat Purchase Reminders

These email campaigns are used in eCommerce to encourage recurring purchases. If you’re offering products that last for a specific amount of time or customers will need to restock them, then these campaigns are a must to keep a steady revenue stream.

13. MAC Cosmetics

Subject Line: 10% off Auto-M∙A∙C! Refresh and replenish for spring.

Why it works: The effectiveness of this subject line lies in the fact that it stresses the value the user gets (10% off). Furthermore, it uses actionable language (refresh and replenish) to further nudge email subscribers.

The campaign:

MAC Cosmetics replenishment campaign

Product Recommendations

These campaigns are a great way to target your email list with products they might like, thus having better conversion rates. They require some data on the user’s preferences and ideally the subscriber has to have made a purchase in the past. Creating a template that can be used for such campaigns makes things a lot easier.

14. Kate Spade

Subject Line: backpacks recommended for you 🎒 (code included!)

Why it works: Kate Spade’s subject line combines a series of elements to achieve maximum effectiveness. We have an emoji to attract attention, while the reader understands that a discount code is included before even opening the email.

The campaign:

Kate Spade product recommendations campaign

Purchase Confirmation

Order confirmation emails fall into the category of transactional emails. They are important for eCommerce since they let customers know that their order has been received. Moreover, they eliminate any anxiety as to whether everything went smoothly in the ordering process. By using a reliable SMTP relay service, your transactional emails will reach your subscribers’ inboxes and not the spam folder.

15. Amazon

Subject Line: Your Amazon.de order of “Batman: The Long Halloween” and 2 more items

Why it works: Amazon uses a standard subject line for its purchase confirmation email. Admittedly, these subject lines don’t require creativity. They just need to show who they’re from and potentially the items purchased.

The campaign:

Amazon order confirmation email


These email campaigns are used to invite subscribers to all kinds of events such as an in-store experience, a webinar, etc. They promote engagement with the brand, while they are also a good opportunity to increase brand awareness.

16. MAC Cosmetics

Subject Line: You’re invited to put our makeup to the test.

Why it works: MAC Cosmetics challenges their subscribers/customers for an in-store experience with the brand. This is an excellent opportunity to establish a connection with their audience and turn them into loyal followers.

The campaign:

MAC Cosmetics event invitation email

17. Apple

Subject Line: Join us for a special Apple Event.

Why it works: Apple’s subject line is simple and elegant without unnecessary information. Moreover, it has the serious tone that the company uses. Upon opening the campaign, the mystery isn’t fully revealed as the user needs to click on the campaign to learn more.

The campaign:

Apple event marketing campaign


The travel industry requires catchy subject lines to attract attention and elicit an emotional response from the subscribers. Otherwise, the email campaign might be ignored. Let’s see an example.

18. Vrbo

Subject Line: Vacation days are coming your way

Why it works: With this email subject line, Vrbo starts to warm up users for the upcoming vacation days and tries to encourage them to travel. Upon opening the email, the main message is “Dream vacations, made for you.” So, the reader feels a “personal” connection with the brand.

The campaign:

Vrbo travel email marketing campaign


The festive season of Christmas is a great opportunity for eCommerce brands to leverage the increased buying intent of customers. To succeed with email marketing though, your subject lines need to be more than unique due to the large number of emails subscribers receive. You can also check out our dedicated Christmas email subject lines resource!

19. Cokodive

Subject Line: 3 hours left for XMAS SALE to end🎄🎅

Why it works: Cokodive leverages urgency and emojis to catch the reader’s eye and attention. The capital letters also help in that aspect. Moreover, this subject line lets the company send one more follow-up email, which will be the final moments of the sale (e.g it’s officially the last minute).

The campaign:

Cokodive christmas email marketing example


Easter is an equally important holiday that brands can use in order to promote seasonal products and increase sales.

20. Fashion Nova

Subject Line: Get Eggs-cited For Easter 🐰🧺

Why it works: Here Fashion Nova employs a smart pun to make the subject line stand out. The same style is also used inside the campaign with one of the headlines being “Going egg hunting.”

The campaign:

Fashion Nova Easter ecommerce campaign

Black Friday

Black Friday is a period that customers expect huge sales and offers. For this reason, you need to be prepared to meet that expectation and peak their excitement through clever email subject lines. The complete list of Black Friday email subject lines can be found here.

21. Nutriseed


Why it works: Nutriseed uses capital letters to emphasize the message and create a sense of urgency. The use of the two black emojis creates a nice visual balance in the subject line. However, we should note that using too many capital letters can trigger the email clients’ spam filters. So, use them in moderation.

The campaign:

Nutriseed black friday campaign

Valentines’ Day

The season of love is undoubtedly the perfect time to interact and engage with your audience. They’ll be fiercely looking for gifts for their loved ones and as a result, you have to employ content marketing as well as your best subject lines to “satiate their appetite” for lovely presents!

22. Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Subject Line: Something better than chocolates 💋

Why it works: Intriguing, to say the least! What could be better than chocolates dear Jeffree Star Cosmetics? No doubt this is a clever way to push subscribers towards clicking on this subject line.

The campaign:

Jeffrey Star Cosmetics Valentine's day email campaign example


Halloween subject lines usually tend to use smart puns or wordplays to spread fun and “spookiness.” If you manage to create an engaging subject line, you’ll see your open rates skyrocketing. So, it’s a good idea to experiment with A/B testing.

23. Warby Parker

Subject Line: Halloween on the brain

Why it works: Warby Parker has created a stunning all-around Halloween email campaign. From visuals to email copy, everything blends nicely together. The CTA is also brilliant. This Halloween email subject line helps pique readers’ curiosity about why would Halloween occur on the brain.

The campaign:

halloween ecommerce email example from Warby Parker