300+ Original Ecommerce Email Subject Lines To Increase Your Open Rates

BONUS: 300+ Free Original eCommerce Email Subject Lines!

Writing eCommerce email subject lines can be a headache sometimes.

You just get stuck. I know, I’ve been there!

300 original email subject lines for sales

But I should be so lucky to be getting so much support from my nearest and dearest when I get stuck!

My friends will say: “It’s only a few words long, Iné, don’t sweat it, you’ll figure it out. Now, which selfie should I post?”

But my sister will get right to the bottom of this with: “haha, totally, cool, anyway, what are we having for dinner?”.

I thought of starting a Support group for us digital marketers.

It would be filled with subject line inspiration to boost email open rates and our confidence.

This would be our perfect cult.

But I have no idea what the dress code and savoir faire of such groups are like, so…

I’ve just written 300+ eCommerce email subject lines, enough to get those creative juices of yours flowing.

These subject lines also serve as a fantastic way to get inspiration for your newsletters and blog posts!

But this is not the best part yet.

The best part is that I will be updating the Google Spreadsheet file every Monday until the end of summer 2018.

All you have to do to get access to this content is enter your email once!

Oh, and in case you are wondering, the updates will show in different color, so they should be easy to track!

eCommerce Email Subject Lines – A Quick How-to Guide

Before I walk you through every section of the ecommerce email subject lines cheat sheet, here’s important things to keep in mind:

First thing to remember

I always like to run every subject line I come up with through our subject line success tool.

Here’s how you can try it:

1. Choose an Email Subject Line category from the cheat sheet.

2. Pick a few of your fave subject lines.

3. Visit the free AI tool for subject lines, called Refine.

4. Enter your industry and list size, paste your subject line, click “Predict Now”.

You’ll get an estimate of the open rates and of whether the subject line places you above or below the industry average.

Also, you’re getting actionable recommendations to increase email open rates!

Second thing to remember – very, very important.

A few of the eCommerce email subject lines in the cheat sheet are as short as “O M G” or “This is it”.

These build on one of the latest “trends” you may have noticed yourself in Email Marketing campaigns.

Essentially, they build on language that is conversational, informal, and more natural.

These will resonate with brands targeting primarily younger age groups, and they are “clickbait-y” as they are intriguing and playful!

If you are sitting on the fence about using them in your next campaign, try Refine first (see previous paragraph) and then run an A/B test.

These two actions would serve as safety nets for your open rate success.

Let’s dive right into this!

Mapping Your Way Around eCommerce Email Subject Lines

In this section of the article you will find more information on the newsletter types and preset drip campaign styles presented in the cheat sheet:

Increase eCommerce sales with the best email subject lines for “Sales”

Thankfully, there are plenty of sales periods throughout the year!

In this subject line category you’ll find the best sales subject lines on discounts, secret sales, mid-summer sales, end-of-year sales, further reductions, and more!

Cheat sheet sneak peek: Time to break that piggy bank!“, “Shop more for less!”, “This is your day-maker!”, …

Find catchy eCommerce email subject lines under our “Happy Birthday” section

Did you know you can have brand loyal customers with simple Recipes such as Happy Birthday email sequences?

Set up a Happy Birthday sequence to send out discount coupons a few days before users’ birthday.

Send an e-card on their birthday.

Everything gets done much more easily when the subject lines are all there!

In the cheat sheet, you will find subject lines for both the week before users’ birthday and the day of celebrations!

Cheat sheet sneak peek: “Time to break that piggy bank!”, “We didn’t know what to get you so…”, …

Increase checkouts with “Cart Abandonment” email recipes

While Cart Abandonment email automation need no introductions, here is a list of email subject lines for sales to send as part of the same sequence.

As we have mentioned in a previous post, sending a series of emails within the first hour of cart abandonment scores higher conversion rates.

Au contraire, sending just one email after 3 or 4 hours is not as effective, according to these shopping cart abandonment stats.

Cheat sheet sneak peek: Are you sure you don’t want this?”, “Great news! Your cart’s still here! With a $5 coupon!”, …

Check out the eye-catching email subject lines for “Anniversary” emails

We recommend using the automated Anniversary drip campaign to fortify brand loyalty.

Celebrate your, say, second-year anniversary with every customer.

Customize our automation to go out in a year, two, etc from the day they purchased from you.

Use these email subject lines for sales together with personalization tactics for higher email open rates.

Cheat sheet sneak peek: Celebrations are in order!“, “Do you know what today is? It’s our anniversary!”, …

Make Brand Evangelists Out of your Users With These Loyalty Email Subject Lines

Another way you could make customers fall in love with your is by sending them VIP Rewards.

To do that, you just need to set up Loyalty sequences from our Recipes.

On Moosend’s Automation templates, there are two parts in the Loyalty email sequence.

What the Loyalty sequence does is that one part tracks user actions that matter to us (for instance, number of purchases made).

The second part of Loyalty is about the particular conditions being met every time.

For example, if a user has made 4 purchases on your eshop, and purchases again, Loyalty sequence pt. 1 will assign 1 more point to their score (i.e. 5).

If you have set up a reward or other action to go off once a user marks 5 purchases, then it’s time for Loyalty pt. 2 to take over.

So, I broke Loyalty subject lines into two groups, namely:

a) in the case that you set up emails for every purchase one makes (e.g. to congratulate them on earning one more point), and

b) another email to notify users of their new status (e.g. Premium Membership).

Cheat sheet sneak peek for Loyalty pt. 1: Your VIP card is 1 step closer!”, “Congratulations! You are a pre-VIP! Here’s what this means”, …

Cheat sheet sneak peek for Loyalty pt. 2: Thank you for being such a loyal friend, [Name]!”, “You are a VIP now! Here’s what your new card can do.”, …

Overcome user disengagement proactively with “Welcome emails”

Lead your users and customers further down the funnel with Welcome emails (or your Onboarding sequence).

This Recipe (preset automation) is designed to motivate users to take action and reach the next stage of the customer experience maturity model.

Previously, in this very popular post on how 30 companies do awesome welcome emails, we talked about various sub-types of Welcome emails.

You’ll find a complete list of email subject lines for all of them, in the cheat sheet.

Build on brand loyalty with “Thank you” emails

Did you know that there are (at least) 23 different types of Thank-you emails?

In the cheat sheet, I cover all of these sub-types, and will be updating them along the way!

From a simple “Thank you for signing up” to “Thank you for your donation”, you will find everything your email marketing needs.

Automate your sales funnel with email subject lines for “Repeat Purchases reminders”

Achieving recurring growth and automating your sales may sound like pie in the sky but it’s not.

Recipes are automated email sequences which are intelligently triggered on cue.

With Repeat Purchases reminder you can schedule emails to go off within a specific amount of time from the day of purchase.

To schedule emails, you can use a tool like RightInbox.

For example, if someone purchases an electric toothbrush on March 1st, then the Reminder email for the replacement heads should go off within 3 months from the day of purchase.

This way the customer will re-stock in time.

Make timely recommendations with “Weather-based product recommendations” email subject lines

Set up a recipe that automatically checks the weather conditions for a specific location and triggers the right email.

For example, if you own a fashion eshop, once the first sun rays start peeking out in spring you can send out an email about “Flip flops: New in”.

Likewise, when it’s rainy, you could send out an email promoting your latest umbrella designs, and so on.

Beef up your mailing list conversions with “Special offer reminder”

When posting a special offer or sending a newsletter, it is difficult to reach out to those who didn’t convert in order to remind them of the expiring deal.

By setting up a special offer reminder, you can craft a series of beautiful messages with increasing urgency in tone and style.

You can moderate which subscribers qualify for these emails when setting up your automation.

For instance, you can set up a Special Offer reminder for those who have clicked on all your emails or you can set up a reminder for those who haven’t opened any of your emails.

In the latter case, try a different subject line to get them to open it- you have plenty of them!

Improve customer experience with “Survey Buyers”

One more great idea to improve your offering to your customers is to keep track of what they think about your products, your services, your after-sales service, your delivery process and shipping fees, what you could do better.

Here’s one way you could use the Survey Recipe: schedule it to go off a couple of days after they receive the tracking code for their order.

For example, a survey could be about the overall experience of shopping with your brand, but you could set up surveys about next year’s merchandise, and many more.

All you have to do is select a subject line, paste it to the Recipe, customize the email body and hit send!

Increase average order value per customer with “Upselling” and “Cross-selling”

A Recipe that is equally popular and effective is that of Upselling or Cross-selling.

Match your products to higher value ones or complementary ones.

These recipes are triggered once a customer places a successful order with you.

With Cross-selling, the customer will receive a product recommendation regarding the product they purchased, to save on shipping fees.

With Upselling, consumers who have just purchased an item, say a cell phone, will get an email upselling them to a special offer on a more expensive model.

Read this article on cost-effective ways to increase average order value from our friends at Printful.

Items back in stock? Spread the word!

Are you bringing back a sold-out item? In that case, you’d better have that “back in stock” email ready!

You can send this email out a few days before the actual re-stocking day to generate buzz, or send it on the re-release day.

Either way your subject lines are going to nail it!

Let your staff do the talking (and recommending)

A very interesting way to bridge the gap between your users and your brand is to let their personalities show through your newsletter and product recommendations.

So, instead of presenting product recommendations as an automated process, you could improve the look and feel of the message by having your staff sign these off, so to speak.

Share insightful “How-to” information to skyrocket engagement

Your audience looks up to you for being the expert that you are. So, when you decide to share a How-to video/sneak-peek/tip, etc, they are all ears!

While this doesn’t quite require a lot of effort to get your audience’s attention, I can assure you these subject lines are hot!

Engage your users with these “Update your profile” email subject lines

Asking your users to update their profiles for a chance to win a prize usually increases the odds of more detailed user profiles. These will help you as a digital marketer to craft precisely targeted campaigns.

To increase your success rate, here is a complete list of subject lines to encourage users to update their personal details and appear as a more personable brand.

Save the best for last with funny Unsubscribe subject lines

Last week I shared with you a list of original unsubscribe button ideas.

In the cheat sheet of this post I’m sharing a number of Unsubscribe button ideas for the confirmation email you’re sending.

This Unsubscribe confirmation email is your make-or-break opportunity, so I made sure I wrote some extra cute ecommerce email subject lines for you.

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