200+ Valentine’s Day Email Subject Lines To Fall In Love

200+ Valentine’s Day Email Subject Lines To Fall In Love

Published By John Desyllas
September 13, 2023

As you know, Valentine’s Day is huge for online retailers and eCommerce businesses. People have a clear shopping intent (to make their loved ones happy), which is an excellent opportunity for brands to capitalize on this.

Love is in the, we’re giving you some of the best Valentine’s Day email subject lines and prime campaign examples in preparation for the season of love!

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Pre V-DayPre V-Day IIV-DayLast Minute V-Day Post V-day
  • How to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day as parents
  • Nothing like fresh flowers on Valentine’s Day
  • FREE makeup consultation — exclusively for Valentine’s Day!
  • Crush on these
  • 14 days of love with BTS 🌹
  • 💕 I love you. I know! Get ready for Valentine’s Day! 💕
  • roses are red, violets are blue, we took up to 75% off everything for you
  • Sweet ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day ❤️
  • 💝Celebrating All Kinds Of Love 💝
  • Valentine’s Day Is Sunday 💖
  • Staff share unique denim love stories
  • Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
  • 💖 SALE! 💖 Show Your Skin Some Love
  • Show your affection with fresh floral
  • Happy Valentine’s Day from Snoopy ❤️
  • Love at first Slurp. ☕️
  • Here’s why heart-shaped foods taste better…
  • Exclusive Valentine’s Day Gift Card Offer
  • In Love IRL
  • The 2021 Valentine’s Gift Guide
  • COUPON INSIDE!! Valentine’s Day is SUNDAY
  • Act now and save $15 on your Valentine’s Day Order
  • Hello, 20% off Valentine’s Day
  • Last day to personalize for your Valentine! 💌
  • Up to $100 OFF! NEXT WEEKEND is Valentine’s Day
  • Before it’s too Late: Valentine’s Gifts
  • Will u be our Valentine 💘
  • Show some love this Valentine’s Day
  • A gift written in the stars ✨
  • Celebrate American Craftsmanship ❤️ Give a Gift that Means More
  • Up to $50 off for Valentine’s Day
  • John, show your ❤️ on Valentine’s Day
  • REMINDER: GET IT BY V-DAY 🎁 There’s still time…
  • Sweetheart deal for you ❤️
  • The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is here.
  • $15 off your Valentine’s Day Order
  • ooh they’re going to be obsessed with these 😍
  • Love at first bite 💖
  • Share the love with an arrangement
  • Get SET for Valentine’s Day
  • Just in time for Valentine’s Day ❤️
  • Fall in Love with Great Savings
  • Get Ready For Valentine’s Day | For Him & Her
  • Get a jump on Cupid
  • Our 2021 Valentine’s Gift List ❤️
  • Last Chance to Match in Time for V-Day!
  • The Valentine’s Gift List
  • REMINDER: GET IT BY V-DAY 🎁 There’s still time…
  • 20% off + free shipping = love at first sight
  • This V-Day, We’re Feelin’ Dirty 🍸
  • LAST DAY ❤️ Save 20% on American Crafted Gifts
  • Spread Love, Spread Care, Spread Satya
  • Limited Time Only ❤️ Save 20% Today
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day with CHANEL
  • Match Your ______
  • Lovable Gifts For Her & Him ❤
  • Better than flowers…
  • Match Your Boo — For Less 👀
  • For Valentine’s Day, Gucci Love, Love & Love
  • The Perfect Valentine’s Gift for Your Special Someone
  • ❤️ It’s perfect for your Valentine ❤️
  • Protect their eyes this Valentine’s Day 👓
  • The perfect Valentine’s Day couple. FREE duo! 💖💖
  • Find Cupid-approved gift ideas
  • Celebrate the season of love 💖
  • Treat yourself (or someone else) to something special
  • Final Day To Order for Valentine’s Day!
  • THE perfect Valentine’s Day gift
  • Purrfect Cat Dad Gifts For V-Day! 🎁
  • Valentine’s Day Luxuries Under £35
  • Early V-Day Gift: Free Delivery
  • Boxed for Valentine’s Day: Lolli-popping pinks🍭Bubblegum blushes 💓
  • Sweeten Valentine’s Day with a bouquet
  • Valentine’s Day Gift Guides
  • True Love ❤️ Cheers to the Perfect Gift
  • Going GLAM for Valentine’s Day?
  • 💖 Valentine’s Day Plans?? 💖
  • Gifts they’ll love, for everything they love.
  • Your Valentine’s Day Gift Guide + A Special Gift For You
  • Love Language ❤️ NEW Valentine’s Gifts with Heart
  • Take your best shot this V-Day 💘
  • Our Valentine’s Day Crush: Everything Red
  • Win Valentine’s Day & get your gifting out of the way
  • Valentine’s Day Deals Start NOW! 😻
  • Just in: swoon-worthy styles for Valentine’s Day.
  • Have we told you lately that we 💙 you?
  • I LOAF YOU 🍞
  • Editor’s Picks for Valentine’s Day
  • will you accept this $159 tote? 🌹
  • Valentine’s Day Sale On Now Through Feb 14!
  • 😍 Growth is in the air 😍
  • 💖 Here’s a sneak peek at our Valentine’s special!
  • It’s Not Too Late: Discover Valentine’s Day Gifts
  • Books to fall in love with 📚❤️
  • A love letter to scammers 💘
  • To You, From You | Enjoy Free Express Shipping For St. Valentine
  • Calling All Lovers | Get Ready For Valentine’s Day
  • Looks to steal your heart
  • Sunday is Valentine’s Day!
  • Valentine’s Day Surprise Inside! Only 2 more Days to Claim.
  • So, you’ve got a date…
  • We know what’s on her wishlist
  • Get a head start for Valentine’s Day
  • Couple Goals? // Start with our Valentine’s gift selection…
  • Final Day! Card + Receipt = On Time Gift 😉
  • Reigniting LOVE #TheLoveSeries
  • Double the self-love
  • Two treats are better than one… ❤ | Shop Valentine’s Day
  • 14 days of love with BTS 🌹| Last day for day 8 gift!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie!
  • Our Valentine’s Gift To You! 🎁
  • 💘 In the mood for love? Crush on these products.
  • Virtual XOXO
  • The EASIEST Valentine’s Day Recipes
  • Happy Valentine’s Day 🥰
  • So much love (and savings)
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these deals!
  • Will you be our Galentine?
  • Use your lips this Valentine’s Day 💋
  • $14 prints in celebration of Valentine’s Day!
  • Share the Love
  • Valentines Day 2021: You’re The Main Character💖
  • Go on, and treat yourself
  • Love is Still in the Air 💖
  • Valentine’s Day floral they’ll fall for
  • What does love mean to you? 💖
  • Cookie Recipes + Flours for V-Day 💖
  • Beautiful bouquets they’ll be sure to love
  • Cupid approves this webinar 📅 💘
  • Try something new this Valentine’s day
  • 💘 Valentine’s Sale: Courses as low as 11,99 €
  • V-Day Sale ends tonight ❣️ Learn for as low as 11,99 €
  • Will you be my valentine?! 💖
  • New: 33 Date Night Recipes
  • LOVE is all you need
  • Valentine’s Day Gifts
  • For the Love of Leather 💌
  • Jeong is in the air ♥
  • Love at first bloom
  • Our Valentine’s Gift To Mew! 💕
  • Flash Sale ❤️ Save on a Valentine’s Day Favorite
  • Cupid-Approved Styles 💘
  • Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men
  • John, get your FREE GIFT!
  • VALENTINES DAY SALE | Think Outside the Chocolate Box
  • Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day
  • 20% OFF Valentine’s Day Gifts 🍻
  • New ankle boots to love 💕
  • Valentine’s Gifts from the Heart
  • Will you be our Valentine?
  • A GIFT for you… 💌
  • ❣️ Fall in Love with Art ❣️
  • 💝 14% off is better than roses
  • 💜 💙 celebrate Valentine’s Day with these fun freebies! ❤️ 🧡
  • Have you seen our sweet Valentine’s Day deal? 🥰
  • Our GIFT for Valentine’s Day ❤️
  • Did You Forget It’s Valentine’s Day 😬
  • 💘 Shop the Valentine’s Day Sale! 💘
  • Love at first sip
  • Do These Make You Thorny? 🌹
  • Our Valentine’s Shop Is Open ❤️
  • A whole month of love…are you ready?
  • V is for Valentine (plus VERY special offers)
  • You are loved 💝 Treat yourself to 20% off
  • 14% off exclusively today on Valentine’s Day
  • 💌 FREE V-Day gifts! XOXO.
  • Can’t find the right words? ❤️
  • Singles Appreciation Day! Individual Eye Brushes – $10 and Under!
  • Last Chance for 25% off V-Day 💖
  • Find the perfect last-minute gift
  • It’s (officially) the last minute…
  • Last chance to get the perfect gift for ❤️ Day.
  • It’s not too late ⌛ Valentine’s Day Sale ends soon
  • There’s Still Time, Make A little Valentine’s Magic
  • Last-minute Valentine’s Gifts? We got you covered.
  • Last Chance to Get Your Valentine’s Day Gifts On Time
  • LAST CHANCE: Unbeatable Valentine’s Deals
  • 20% Off Last-Minute Valentine’s Gifts!
  • Cupid’s Last Call – Don’t Forget Your Valentine!
  • Get These Valentine’s Day Deals Before Time Runs Out
  • V-day Sale ends in 4 hours. But our love won’t!
  • Last Chance for V-Day Gifts!
  • NOW Or NEVER‼️ 50% Off EVERYTHING Final Hrs‼️
  • LAST Chance! FREE gift set + Up to 30% Off
  • FINAL HOURS of our Love Your Skin Sale!
  • [SALE] You’re running out of ⏰ Valen-TIME 💔
  • 💋 LAST DAY! Express Your V-Day Mood w/25% Off Sitewide 💋
  • FINAL HOURS of our Love Your Skin Sale!
  • 4 HRS LEFT‼️50% Off EVERYTHING‼️
  • Valentine’s Day is over, but we still have love to spread! 😍
  • LAST CHANCE! Our Entire Site is 20% Off – Our Valentine’s Day Gift to You
  • Valentine’s Day deals don’t end!
  • Continue spreading the love with these sweet deals!
  • The One And Only 💚 Beauty Elixir
  • A Valentine’s gift that loves back
  • 25% off V-Day collection (last chance!)
  • we’re in love ❣️
  • A Valentine’s Day Treat—Up to 40% Off
  • Breaking Up with Gratitude
  • LAST DAY to Level up!
  • Your Discount Is Expiring…
  • We Got You Something Sweet! ❤️
  • All the single emails, all the single emails
  • Just For You: $10 Gift
  • How Much Do We Love You? We Put Our Entire Site on Sale: 22% Off!

Best Valentine’s Day Email Subject Line Examples

1. Timberland

Subject Line: 💝Celebrating All Kinds Of Love 💝

Why it works: The effectiveness of this subject line lies in the strong message it sends. It sends the positive message of diversity as well as the one of showing love to ourselves! The reader is compelled to open the email to find out more. The use of emojis makes the subject line more eye-catching and helps it stand out inside the inbox.

2. Home Chef

Subject Line: Love at first bite 💖

Why it works: Wordplays and smart puns are always a good way to impress readers and have them open your emails. The Valentine’s Day celebration is one such occasion that calls for smart usage of words. Similar wordplays can be used by other industries/brands. Some potential examples include “Love at first…slurp/bloom/swipe/sight/sip.”

3. Misty’s Florist

Subject Line: Act now and save $15 on your Valentine’s Day Order (Misty’s Florist)

Why it works: Another good way to motivate people to open your emails is by leveraging urgency. Consumers are known to act when the fear of missing out (FOMO) is triggered. Moreover, readers immediately see the value of the offer in the subject line (i.e., $15 off their order).


Subject Line: Your Valentine’s Day Gift Guide + A Special Gift For You

Why it works: This email example from GUESS has a standard subject line for a valentine’s Day gift guide, but with a twist! A gift for readers themselves! What better way to share the love than giving a freebie to your audience.

This is a strong motive for people to purchase from your brand, as they are also getting a “gift” while shopping for their loved ones.

5. MAC Cosmetics

Subject Line: 💘 In the mood for love? Crush on these products

Why it works: MAC uses clever wording to deliver a unique subject line that prepares consumers for their Valentine’s Day purchases. The emoji at the beginning of the subject line is an elegant indication of the special occasion, while the subject line itself could very well be the main catchphrase of a social media campaign.

This way, the brand could achieve messaging consistency and deliver a seamless experience across all digital marketing channels.

6. Sigma

Subject Line: John, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! 💌

Why it works: Here we have a personalized subject line from Sigma. Adding the subscriber’s name increases trust and establishes a personal connection. What’s more, the brand uses capital letters. While this strategy might sometimes feel spammy or hurt your deliverability, this is a great instance to leverage it to your advantage and make your subject line stand out!

7. Masterclass

Subject Line: Try something new this Valentine’s day

Why it works: This subject line from MasterClass manages to “trick” readers into clicking on it by taking advantage of their innate curiosity. They are invited to “try something new” but don’t yet know what it is. They need to open the email to find out. This is a great strategy to get the most out of your email list.

8. H&M

Subject Line: 💝 14% off is better than roses

Why it works: In this example from H&M, the company has crafted a smart Valentine’s message with a clear value proposition. Readers make a subconscious thought to go for clothing than the “standard” flowers. A nice addition is the GIF inside the email campaign, which makes the email more memorable.

9. MeUndies

Subject Line: Last Chance for 25% off V-Day 💖

Why it works: MeUndies prefers directness in their subject lines and why it works. Specifically, readers immediately understand that it’s the final call for the company’s generous 25% off their products. This email could be the final stage of a drip campaign to get subscribers to purchase during Valentine’s Day period.

10. MVMT

Subject Line: It’s not too late ⌛ Valentine’s Day Sale ends soon

Why it works: MVMT’s subject line manages to urge subscribers to act fast while not pushing them too hard. Instead, it sends a positive note that it’s not too late to purchase a gift for your Valentine! The hourglass emoji helps in creating an additional subconscious urge to click and find out more.

11. Apple

Subject Line: Last chance to get the perfect gift for ❤️ Day.

Why it works: Here is Apple’s version of a last-minute Valentine’s day email subject line. The brand is preferred by many couples for their Valentine’s gifts, so the company wants to capitalize on their need to receive your Valentine’s gifts in time. That’s what the rest of the campaign emphasizes. Even if you had forgotten to shop earlier, Apple’s got you covered.

12. Satya

Subject Line: Valentine’s Day is over, but we still have love to spread! 😍

Why it works: Satya wants to let its subscribers know that despite the “official” end of Valentine’s season, they can still show extra love to their closest friends and family. At the same time, they can support workers at extended-care facilities.

13. FILA

Subject Line: LAST CHANCE! Our Entire Site is 20% Off – Our Valentine’s Day Gift to You

Why it works: Valentine’s Day may be over, but FILA has something else in mind. 20% off their entire website! Even if you missed all your chances to shop earlier, the company gives you this late valentine’s gift. The emphasis at the beginning of the subject line stresses that it’s the last call. For real, this time!

How to Nail Your Valentine’s Day Email Subject Lines

It may be just a line, but doing it right could mean better open rates and more conversions for your Valentine’s Day email campaigns.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind for your Vantine’s day email marketing subject lines:

  • Be short and direct
  • Add an incentive in your subject line (e.g., a free gift)
  • Employ captivating language. Make recipients eager to read your email
  • Use emojis to attract attention and elicit an emotional connection
  • Leverage segmentation and personalization to increase your open rate
  • Add urgency to create a FOMO feeling. You can easily achieve this by adding countdown timers to your emails
  • Test and optimize your subject lines with a subject line tester
  • Use A/B testing to find the winning variation in terms of open rate

Now that you know how to craft the perfect subject lines for your love campaigns, you can start working on your email design. You can easily grab a beautiful email template and customize it for your brand in a few minutes to build the ultimate holiday email.

Valentine’s Day Email Subject Lines To Fall In Love With

Subject lines are vital to achieving love at first sight and boosting the open rates of your email marketing campaigns.

Without an engaging email subject line, your campaigns won’t be among the select few your audience will click on.

If you want to upgrade your Valentine’s day email marketing strategy, sign up for a Moosend account and leverage our easy-to-use email designer and A/B testing options to make them fall for you!

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