7 Boxing Day Email Examples You Can Easily Copy [2023]

Boxing Day email examples

7 Boxing Day Email Examples You Can Easily Copy [2023]

Published By Marilia Dimitriou
May 16, 2023

Need some quick inspiration for your holiday email marketing campaigns but don’t know where to look? You are in luck!

Today, we’ll check out some brilliant Boxing Day email examples you can copy to create your holiday campaigns.

Without further ado, let’s unbox them!

1. Satya

Subject line: Satya Sale: Buy One Get One 50% OFF!

boxing day email examples

What works: Satya Organic has crafted a beautiful Boxing Day email message to get potential shoppers to make a purchase. From the subject line to the email copy and fonts, the brand communicates the benefit its targeted audience will get by interacting with the call-to-action.

The Boxing Day Sale is structured around buying a product and getting another at a lower price to attract shoppers.  But apart from that, Satya makes sure to add its favorite products for this year to encourage customers to get the popular items. Lastly, the brand has included its social media profiles to boost engagement.

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2. Endy

Subject line: 🚨Save $100 when you shop this Boxing Day*

boxing day email marketing campaign by Endy

What works: Endy’s Boxing Day email campaign example is perfect for inspiring your next single-offer holiday season promotion. This message consists of two parts, starting with the value proposition, “Get $100 Off The Endy Mattress.” The brand has supporting copy using emotional language to encourage shoppers to buy. Also, to make it more enticing, Endy adds an eye-pleasing visual underneath the call-to-action button to boost its performance.

The second part of this Boxing Day sales message includes two reasons potential shoppers need to get the offer. During big sales events, fast delivery and free shipping are two of the biggest shopper concerns. Endy promises its shoppers that their new mattresses will arrive on time and free of charge. As a result, the brand minimizes cart abandonment and promotes its sales effortlessly.

3. Master & Dynamic

Subject line: 2 Days Only: Save 30% on Select Sound Tools

master & dynamic boxing day email newsletter

What works: The above after-Christmas sales email campaign has all the elements to excite your email list. Master & Dynamic uses its header to show subscribers why they should shop from its store. Complimentary shipping and free returns will help your indecisive customers to act. Then, you can show them the value of your campaign like the headphone company does, placing the offer at the heart of the email.

Moreover, to make the desired action and CTA stand out more, Master & Dynamic has selectively highlighted specific words like the “SAVE 30%” and the discount code to lead customers to the yellow call-to-action. Using bright colors can attract the recipients’ attention effectively. So, use them to boost essential email marketing metrics, like your click-throughs and conversions.

4. Miracle Brand

Subject line: There’s one last gift to open 🎁

miracle brand boxing day special offer campaign example

What works: Miracle Brand’s post-Christmas campaign is perfect for boosting sales before the New Year. The brand has created a beautiful email design that favors blue and white. The CTAs are in a darker shade of blue to stand out on the layout, while the copy feels personal, using actionable language.

Moreover, this example has a great Boxing Day email subject line that intrigues potential customers. Curious recipients will interact with the campaign to find the last gift they haven’t opened. Using curiosity and emojis is a great way to get higher open rates and keep your audience interested.

If you have difficulty creating effective subject lines, you can use a subject lines tester like Refine to optimize them and boost performance.

5. The Washi Tape Shop

Subject line: Boxing Day Sale Starts Now!

boxing day email example by The Washi Tape Shop

What works: To amplify its holiday marketing strategy, The Washi Tape Shop has crafted an eye-catching message resembling a Christmas email. This Boxing Day email example uses festive colors to match the holiday theme. Along with the visuals, the eCommerce store adds numerous product images to showcase the items on sale and pique the subscribers’ interest.

Lastly, The Washi Tape Shop uses two identical call-to-action buttons to increase its click-through rate and conversions. And for better engagement, it also adds its social media links in the footer along with a contact form leading to a landing page where customers can ask questions.

6. Sunday Somewhere


boxing day email marketing campaign by sunday somewhere

What works: Sunday Somewhere uses a friendlier tone to address its subscribers and inform them about the ongoing Boxing Day sale. The email copy supports the playful visuals perfectly, making this a great promotional campaign for their target audience.

Moreover, Sunday Somewhere uses a Z-pattern layout to showcase various products simultaneously. Adding product blocks is essential to crafting a converting sales campaign. Here, the brand adds pictures of the products and includes the models wearing them to present them in real-life conditions. This is a great way to entice your potential customers and make them click.


Subject line: The Boxing Day Event

BIKO email marketing example for Boxing Day

What works: BIKO’s email marketing campaign is structured around a Boxing Day Event that the email subject line and copy communicate at first glance. If you look at the content, the brand simply gives its customers a gift and free shipping. However, turning this campaign into an event feels more special for the recipients.

Here, the copy gives email subscribers directions on claiming their gift and shows pictures of the products to excite them. Lastly, the brand adds a “Shop by category” section to increase engagement. It also wishes them for the holidays to make the campaign friendlier and more personal.

How To Craft Better Boxing Day Email Marketing Campaigns

Now that we have seen some eye-catching Boxing Day email examples, here are a few simple tips to make them even better:

  • Add a sense of urgency: You can leverage countdown timers to amplify the fear of missing out and increase engagement and urgency.
  • Insert GIFs and Videos: Make your campaigns more interesting by adding GIFs and links to tutorials or other video content.
  • Personalize your content: Use the power of segmentation to divide your audience based on similar criteria to make the message more relatable to them.
  • Use email templates: Take advantage of any pre-made email designs from last year to save time and effort.
  • Streamline your process: After you create your Boxing Day emails, you can set up smart sequences to deliver your content at the right time through marketing automation.

If you are looking for a smart email marketing automation platform, Moosend’s workflow builder is perfect for setting up simple and complex sequences to target your audience. Try out the automated workflow editor by signing up for a free Moosend account.

The Perfect Boxing Day Email For The Holidays

Boxing Day is to Christmas what Cyber Monday is to Black Friday! Make sure to target it the right way to give your holiday sales an unexpected boost.

After getting inspired, check out the tips to make them perform even better. When you are done, you can schedule them for Boxing Day and wait for the results.

The most fabulous time of the year hasn’t ended yet, so make sure to wish your customers Happy Boxing Day and give them a discount, last chance offers, or a gift.

And since you are your customers’ Santa, get your little helper to give you a hand. Moosend’s platform will give you all the tools to nail your pre-Christmas and post-Christmas email marketing efforts with smart tools, pre-made email templates, advanced elements, and more.

Sign up today to find out more about it. All you have to do is click!

Unbox it!

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