8 Informative Blog & Media Email Newsletter Templates For Your Readers [2023]

The best way to engage your audience the moment you create new content is to send it directly into their inbox!

To make it happen, you can set up eye-catching campaigns using blog and media email newsletter templates, which will reach your audience the moment you hit “publish.”

Need help creating those emails? Here’s what we’ll see today:

  • Personal blog templates.
  • RSS feed newsletter designs.

Let’s go!

Moosend’s Blog And Media Email Newsletter Templates

The email service provider (ESP) sports more than 60+ email templates to capture your subscribers. Here’s how to grab Moosend’s blog and online media designs:

  • Register for a free account.
  • Click on “Create new campaign” located at the Campaigns tab.
  • In the campaign settings, choose “Create Template.”
  • When you access the Editor, go to the Template Library.
  • Find your design and customize it to your liking.

Moosend’s template builder will let you add a variety of advanced elements to make your messages irresistible. Apart from that, you can also create your own templates from scratch and save them in your library for future use!

Personal Blog Email Newsletter Templates

Running a personal blog and promoting it to your readers requires plenty of time and effort. The easiest way to spread the word is by building an email list and then targeting it with clever email marketing campaigns.

To give you a hand, here are some personal blog designs you can instantly customize for your subscribers using Moosend’s email marketing platform. Let’s see them:

1. Extended Blog Email Newsletter

blog and media email newsletter templates

Newsletters are perfect for bloggers who want to promote their weekly content! Need a head start? Customize the above design to make it happen!

Why you need it:

Increase your organic traffic and content engagement by showing your audience your best posts. Make sure to add short descriptions to give them a taste of your content and upload eye-pleasing visuals from your website to intrigue them. Also, the use of white space here will increase your readability and help you present your content in a clear way.

2. Colorful Blog Email Design

personal blog email design

If you want to engage your audience the moment they open your campaign, make sure to create a visually appealing design that’ll stun them.

Why you need it:

While this template was created with food in mind, you can take advantage of the clever structure to introduce specific pieces of content. Use the header to showcase your new post, and insert additional content blocks to promote upcoming events or your new products (if you also have a small business/eCommerce store on the side).

To create the best emails for your readers, don’t forget to add colorful calls-to-action to increase your click-through rate and lead your audience back to your blog or landing pages.

3. Essential Blog Responsive Email Template

personal blog email newsletter design

Your blog promotion emails don’t need to be monochrome! With the above template, you can create a unique campaign to grab your readers’ attention, while promoting your unique blog character.

Why you need it:

Get inspired by the colorful layout and add your blog palette to provide your recipients with a seamless experience. Also, take advantage of Moosend’s template builder features to add advanced elements like videos and GIFs to bring your email to life.

Last but not least, this template will allow you to create a very responsive newsletter that’ll look good on various mobile devices, and email clients like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo.

RSS Feed Media Email Newsletter Templates

Media companies have long used RSS feeds to keep their subscribers in the loop the moment new content rolls out. To benefit from this content marketing tip, create stunning RSS campaigns to increase your engagement.

Here are some simple steps to create one with Moosend’s email marketing tool:

  • From the “Create new campaign” section choose the RSS campaign type.
  • In the RSS feed URL option, add the path for your RSS feed.
  • Validate your RSS feed to make sure your images load correctly.
  • Choose one of the available RSS templates and customize it.

Now let’s see those designs:

4. Simple RSS Free Email Newsletter Template

rss campaign email design

Customize this template

Great RSS campaigns need to be simple and informative in order to give you the click-through rates you desire.

Why you need it:

The above RSS template is perfect for promoting several pieces of content from your blog, startup, or online media website. The structure is simple, while the use of white space will help you boost your readability.

Apart from that, you can use the header and the footer to add more information about your business, and, of course, don’t forget to insert an unsubscribe link (or a customized one using CSS) to avoid spam complaints!

5. Visual RSS Newsletter Design Example

visual rss email design

Simplicity can really work miracles, but how about using high-quality visuals to capture your reader’s attention?

Why you need it:

This visual RSS design will let you create some good email newsletter examples to nurture your subscribers and turn them into loyal supporters of your content. Also, you can take advantage of the spacing to display multiple posts at the same time.

Since visuals are the main focus of this example, make sure to get your hands on some high-quality stock photos or, if you’re handy with tools like Photoshop, create your own PSDs, export them, and use them through Moosend’s Image Picker.

6. Typical RSS HTML Email Design

rss email campaign design

Similar to our previous template, you can easily grab and customize this design to excite your audience.

Why you need it:

Keep a variety of templates in your email marketing quiver to deliver multiple campaigns. With this layout, you can bring specific content pieces under the spotlight. Use your eye-pleasing images to power up your campaign aesthetics and don’t’ forget to turn your CTAs into click magnets by choosing the right color scheme!

Also, don’t forget to come up with an amazing subject line to ensure high open rates and conversions!

7. Single Focus Email Newsletter Template

rss navy media email newsletter templates

Content marketers will create specific types of content to engage their audience and achieve their goals. If you also have a targeted piece of content on your website/blog, you can create a dedicated campaign to amplify your content marketing strategy.

Why you need it:

Make your content the star of your email campaign with a straightforward layout. Use your images to capture your audience’s attention and then add your CTA to lead them back to the source. Don’t forget that a great visual can actually make a difference!

If you have a hard time with Photoshop, you can easily use Canva, a simpler design marketing tool, to create some stunning designs for your posts and campaigns!

8. Clean RSS Email Newsletter Design

essential media email newsletter design

As we mentioned above, white space can help you present your content in a simple and straightforward manner. So make sure to take advantage of it with a clean layout!

Why you need it:

The above design will give you all the spacing you need to make your message engaging and readable. Since it is mainly white, you can add your favorite color scheme to make it more unique. Also, you can use Moosend’s builder to insert advanced elements like video tutorials for your readers.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to equip it with some bright CTAs to grab your recipients’ attention and lead them to action. Last but not least, you can cross-promote your channels through social media buttons to supercharge your social media marketing strategy! Cool, right?

Design Tips For Bloggers and Online Media Creators

Crafting engaging campaigns for your recipients isn’t rocket science. Nevertheless, to give you a helping hand, here are some simple design tips to turn your blog and media email newsletter templates into converting weapons:

  • White space: Use spacing to increase the readability of your messages and give your audience a great experience.
  • Bright CTAs: Choose vibrant CTA colors to make them stand out.
  • Clear copy: Use concise copy to inform your audience and lead them back to your blog or website
  • High-quality images: Add beautiful visuals to capture their attention and reduce your bounce rate.

With all these tips in your marketing pocket, it’s time to create some attractive messages that your readers will love!

Excite Your Readers With The Right Design

A great template will help you come up with beautiful and converting email marketing campaigns for your target audience.

Before you choose your blog and media email newsletter template, though, check our email marketing best practices to make them even more efficient!

Then, you can try Moosend’s email marketing software to set your content marketing strategy in motion!

Your readers are waiting for your next email! Time to create it!

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