7 Responsive Real Estate Email Newsletter Templates To Promote Your Listings [2023]

7 Responsive Real Estate Email Newsletter Templates To Promote Your Listings [2023]

Published By Marilia Dimitriou
February 24, 2023

Wondering how to create the perfect email campaign to promote your listings? Wonder no more!

Today, let’s discover 7 incredible real estate email newsletter templates to step up your realtor email marketing game!

From simple and elegant designs to more complex layouts, here’s all you need to craft engaging messages for your future homeowners!

Let’s see them!

Moosend’s Real Estate Newsletter Designs For Realtors

If you want to use Moosend’s designs, you have to sign up for an account and follow a few simple steps:

  • Click on “Campaigns” and create a new one.
  • Head to the drag-and-drop builder.
  • Click on the Template Library and find the Real Estate tab.
  • Use the template and customize it to your needs.

Now, you can easily craft beautiful email newsletters to promote your properties to your subscribers. If you want to create more designs for your future homeowners, you can also use Moosend’s template builder and then save them in the library. It’s easy as pie!

1. Multipurpose Listing Promotion Email Design

real estate email newsletter templates

This free template is perfect for promoting numerous properties and giving your subscribers multiple calls to action.

Why you need it:

Customize this design to match your real estate agency and use the right colors to create an eye-catching message that’ll power up your real estate marketing strategy. Also, take advantage of the existing content blocks to show your audience multiple elements and add various CTAs leading back to your real estate landing pages. And don’t forget to craft a compelling email subject line to increase your open rate and, consequently, conversions!

If you want extra Moosend templates for your agency, you can easily grab some of the business email newsletter templates and customize them accordingly.

Stripo’s Real Estate Email Newsletter Templates

Need more pre-made real estate templates? Make sure to get them from other template builders like Stripo!

To export your favorite designs, you only have to:

  • Sign up for a Stripo account.
  • Select your design and export it to your email service.
  • Copy your Moosend API Key from the “Settings.”
  • Choose Moosend from the ESP integration list and paste the API Key.

To send them, you must integrate your Moosend account with Stripo! If you need more information, you can check this tutorial and get ready to wow your audience.

2. Real Estate Business Monthly Newsletter Template

stripo free realtor newsletter design

Give your email list all the information it needs to click on your CTAs and check your new listings, projects, and initiatives.

Why you need it:

Real estate agencies can use a beautiful design to promote their properties, open house days, and real estate agents. The number of content blocks will allow you to create an informative campaign to take your email marketing plan to the next level. Furthermore, you can easily customize this layout by adding advanced elements like videos to entice your future homeowners. Just make sure to add the right CTA, copy, and an eye-catching visual in your header to convert them!

3. Minimalist Listings Newsletter Design

stripo real estate email newsletter templates

A simple yet effective layout that uses the power of white space and minimalism to boost your real estate email campaigns.

Why you need it:

Use this minimalist design to show your audience the best part of your business. The spacing is perfect for adding various elements like high-quality property images and graphic design elements without making the template feel overstuffed. With this template, you can really create a variety of newsletter examples, link them to your listing pages, and increase your lead generation in a jiffy.

Need some real estate newsletter ideas to get you going? Make sure to check out our collection of cool email marketing campaigns like Zillow’s, a very successful realtor whose messages are always beautiful and compelling!

4. Realtor HTML Email Newsletter

listing promotion email design

Another eye-catching layout to engage your potential clients and show them the value of doing business with you through valuable newsletter content.

Why you need it:

Stripo’s email template will let you create the best real estate newsletter for your email list. Add interesting copy to get your subscribers to act and take advantage of the header by inserting high-quality images to inspire them. To take your newsletter to the next level, you can also use Moosend’s email marketing tools like automation and segmentation to personalize your campaign and deliver the right message to the right person at the right time!

BEE’s Real Estate Newsletter Templates

If you need more designs, you can easily visit BEE!

To get your templates to Moosend’s editor, you’ll need to export your real estate email newsletter templates as ZIP. In the file, you’ll find the HTML template and your visuals.

Let’s see what you can pick!

5. Simple Listing Email Newsletter Template

property promotion email template

BEE’s listing template is great for crafting an effective email campaign that’s both simple and eye-pleasing.

Why you need it:

Avoid overwhelming your recipients with a straightforward layout that will show them exactly what they need to convert. Play around with different color schemes to match your branding, or use white to increase the readability of your message. On top of that, you can insert social media buttons to integrate your email with your social media marketing strategy for better engagement and visibility.

6. Homeowner Favorites Email Newsletter Template

listings newsletter layout

Show your subscribers what’s really important by placing their favorite properties on top of your email design!

Why you need it:

Customize and personalize the above template to give your recipients an amazing experience with your real estate business. You can also display multiple listings and CTAs to lead them back to the properties they visited and give them additional information to convert them. Combined with bright CTAs, you can leverage white space to grab your recipients’ attention, increase your click-through rate, and nail your email marketing strategy!

7. Rendezvous Email Newsletter Design

bee free email templates for realtors

If you managed to schedule an appointment with your future homeowners, don’t forget to remind them of their upcoming visit with an informative newsletter!

Why you need it:

Summarize your recipients’ upcoming viewing with a simple yet effective design. Show them the property they will check out and use concise copy to provide them with specific details to avoid confusion if they have scheduled multiple viewings. Moreover, you can take advantage of this template by adding your real estate agent’s contact information to make the experience smoother and provide them with a line of communication.

Email Design Tips For Real Estate Agents

Need some actionable email tips to nail your real estate business newsletters? Here are all the things you need to keep on top of your mind before you start:

  • Clear layout: Since your campaigns might have multiple listings and CTAs, pick a “spacious” design that will make interacting with them easier.
  • High-quality property images: Avoid using generic stock photos. Instead, add real-life property images to excite your audience and increase your credibility.
  • Straightforward CTAs: Your calls to action need to be clear and actionable to make your subscribers click on them.
  • Contact information: Provide your agency’s contact information to let them reach out if they have any questions.
  • Enticing headers: Make a great first impression with stunning header images and copy.

Listing Promotion Just Made Easier

Creating converting newsletters for your real estate business shouldn’t be a hassle! With the right template, you can craft beautiful messages that will excite your audience and lead them back to your website.

If you want to use the above real estate email newsletter templates, make sure to sign up for a Moosend account, customize, and deliver them to your clients!

Now, it’s time to show your homeowners their dream homes, one beautiful newsletter at a time!

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