3 New Moosend Subscription Forms For Connecting With Your Visitors

Your priorities are our priorities. And because we know that connecting and engaging with your audience is always on the top of your list, we always create new tools to help you with your needs.

So today we proudly present to you 3 new types of subscription forms to add to your arsenal: Full Page, Floating Box and Inline Form.

Suitable for all types of campaigns, they are amazingly easy to add to your website.

You don’t need to create them from scratch and you don’t need to have any coding skills in order to design them.

All you have to do it’s choose one of our fully customizable ready-made templates we have created for you and adjust it to your needs.

Ready to meet them?

Full Page

full page subscription form

Also known as Welcome Mat, a Full Page subscription form displays a full-page call-to-action that appears when a visitor first enters your website.

It’s your first chance to make a good first impression and convert new visitors on the spot.

Full Page forms are definite attention grabbers. Because they cover the user’s whole screen and don’t disappear until they fill them or close them with an x button. That’s why they work particularly well for e-Commerce websites, especially when you have something very tangible such as a discount you want to attract visitors to.

If this is something you usually do on your website, then the Full Page subscription form sure is a great fit for you!

Floating Box

floating box subscription form

Floating Boxes are forms that can be stuck to your website page in order to collect email addresses or promote your deals. They remain visible while visitors scroll the page, until they either close it or subscribe.

You can place them anywhere on your page, right or left, while you can also choose when you want them to first appear.

They are the perfect solution for promoting your brand without being aggressive.

Inline Form

inline subscription form

If you are a blogger or publisher, then this will become your favorite form!

Inline forms are forms added anywhere within your page content, making your message seamless and less annoying.

They are perfect for converting your readers into subscribers by targetting them when they are already engaged with your content because they have received value and are more likely to provide their email address.

A good practice is to add an inline form in the middle or towards the end of your post.

You’re Rolling

That was all for today! You now have 3 more ways to capture your visitors’ emails, collect valuable data and promote your offers.

Fully customizable and 100% responsive, our brand new subscription form templates are ready for you to use through your Moosend editor.

Until our next announcement!

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