Announcing Moosend Subscription Forms [Your Next Lead Generation Favorite]

Moosend popup forms

Announcing Moosend Subscription Forms [Your Next Lead Generation Favorite]

Published By Sophie Krokida
January 9, 2020

We knew it all along.

The secret to successful marketing is…lead generation.

You know, capturing those valuable lines of letters with an at sign somewhere in the middle. Yes, you got that right. Email addresses!

So far we let you do things on your own, test the waters and see how many subscribers you could get by yourself.

But now we want to take our relationship with you one step further and commit ourselves to help you grow your mailing list, display call-to-actions, and get more leads the Moosend way. In other words, the fast, professional, effortless, stylish way.

Yes, in case you haven’t guessed, Moosend subscription forms are here!

Types of forms

Curious why we are so excited about our new feature? Well, just check out the first two types of subscription forms we created for you.

The modal popup

But of course! Popups are the genius attention-grabbers you knew you needed.

Because they pop up on a certain trigger that you set and stop the user from interacting within the page until they complete a certain action.

You can make a popup subscription form appear as soon as a visitor enters your website when they are about to leave (exit-intent) or after a period of time set by you.

Basically, popups do the hard work of putting an engagement opportunity at the center of your visitors’ attention in a professional way!

The floating bar

Hello bars, also called floating bars, sit discreetly at the top or bottom of your website, reminding your visitors to take a certain action.

From growing your mailing list to sharing your new blog post or notifications, an attractive and optimized hello bar can quickly help you increase conversions.

How it works

Here at Moosend, we know that deep down inside no one loves coding. OK, maybe developers do. No problem here. But, interesting fact, you are a marketer. And all you want is a powerful marketing tool for your business, not a career change.

That’s why we’ve kept things nice and easy for you.

Adding a subscription form to your website or landing page with Moosend is much simpler than you think. No technical skills are required.

All you have to do is connect Moosend with your website through a variety of plugins we have, or custom code, and let us do the rest!

Whatsmore, Moosend subscription forms are created just the way you create your newsletter or your landing pages, you drag & drop ninja!

You know the drill.

Just go to your dashboard, click on the Lead Generation icon and let the good leads roll!

From there it’s a one-way ticket to Infinite Subscribers heaven.

Templates for all

Yeah, yeah, we know. You are a professional. You can’t be wasting your time creating little boxes. This is our job after all.

That’s why we’ve created the coolest subscription forms templates for you. Responsive, professional, and more good-looking than an open box of glazed donuts, these forms are here to capture your visitor’s attention and email!

Customize a template to match your brand, adjust the shapes, change the colors and fonts and make it a one-of-a-kind subscription form in only a few minutes.

There are over 20 form templates to choose from, and that’s not all! They also match the colors and styles of specific Moosend landing pages so you can create a whole site just with our drag & drop editor.

Just to whet your appetite here are some types of subscription forms you will find in our editor:

  • App download
  • Daily newsletter
  • Discover new deals
  • Ebook download
  • Webinar

Hungry yet?

Just go to our editor to indulge yourself in all our luscious templates!

A bunch of visibility settings to trigger your forms

Different users have different needs. And your subscription forms should follow.

Moosend lets you set your own visibility options and show particular forms in each case.

You can decide what every visitor sees depending on their:

  • URL
  • Device
  • Country
  • City
  • Operating System
  • Cookies

Features that make the difference

You know how we love offering you the best, right? So let us spoil you a little more by showing you some of our subscription form secret weapon features.

Countdown timer to create urgency

Tomorrow will be too late. Get your visitors to subscribe right then and there, by adding a col countdown timer in your form. Tik tok, tik- oh, you just got yourself tons of new fans!

Crazy-fast loading with our mighty P.D.Q. rendering engine

Speed can make or break your campaign’s success. Say hello to the Speedy Gonzales of rendering engines, the P.D.Q. rendering engine that makes form loading amazingly fast so your visitors subscribe before they have time to think again!

Custom fonts for consistency

Customize your fonts to give your forms a distinctive look and keep your message aligned with your branding.

Form versioning that keeps your previous changes safe

Oh no! You want to go back! No worries, it’s all here. Form versioning automatically stores your different form versions as your design is edited so you can roll back any time!

Looking good on any device

Adapted for all screen formats, your subscription forms will show anywhere. Yes, that includes your dad’s prehistoric smartphone.

Waste no time

Talk about amazing news for your marketing stack! Subscription forms are here to stay and you are more than welcome to start using them, like, now.

And hey, can you keep a secret? More types of forms are on the way… Shhh!

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