Top 7 New Year Email Examples For Festive Inspiration [2023]

Top 7 New Year Email Examples For Festive Inspiration [2023]

Published By Marilia Dimitriou
September 13, 2023

Need some inspiration for your holiday campaigns but don’t know where to start? Today we will look at some great New Year email examples you can use for the holiday season inspo.

From wishes to sales, here are some of the best emails you can check to craft your next big campaign for the end of the year.

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1. Caudalie

Subject line: New Year’s Wishes From Our Founder

new year email examples

What works: Caudalie uses the above New Year campaign to increase engagement and loyalty between the brand and the subscribers. The email subject line and copy align to give the recipient warm wishes, coming directly from the founder. That’s a great way to show them how much you care about your customers and how thankful you are for their support.

To make the message more interesting, Caudalie links their Youtube video on the call-to-action, located above the fold. While this email marketing campaign is structured around the New Year wishes, the brand grabs the opportunity to add another content block to promote its holiday sales and boost seasonal revenue.

2. Converse

Subject line: Thanks for a great year!

holiday email campaign by Converse

What works: Converse takes a slightly different approach to the Happy New Year wishes campaign that Caudalie delivered to its audience. Here, the shoe brand uses a high-quality visual featuring happy people wearing their products to inspire friendliness. The copy is also very short and on point, wishing its email list for the new year.

While this isn’t a promotional email to boost sales, Converse uses this email message to build and strengthen customer relationships. Of course, the eCommerce business adds a few elements to get shoppers to interact with the brand by adding a free shipping disclaimer in the header and social media buttons to cross-promote between email and social medial marketing.

3. The Body Shop

Subject line: The Body Shop’s Year in Review

holiday email by the body shop

What works: Year-in-reviews and wrap-ups are some of the most popular campaigns you’ll see during New Year’s Eve and New Year. The Body Shop takes advantage of this trend to show their customer their year in review, highlighting the new products, actions, and initiatives it managed to take in the past year. This is an excellent way to show your targeted audience what you achieved and how they contributed to this success.

Moreover, after your review or milestone celebration, you can include an irresistible value proposition like The Body Shop did to promote its final sale of the year. The brightly-colored CTA is perfect for attracting attention, while the free shipping disclaimer will minimize cart abandonment and encourage customers to shop.

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4. Warby Parker

Subject line: Let’s be realistic this year

New Year newsletter example by Warby Parker

What works: Warby Parker uses the good old New Year resolutions to craft a fun and engaging email for its email list. Not only does the brand list some entertaining goals, but it also makes its CTA button part of it. As you can see, it prompts customers to book an eye exam as part of their best New Year’s resolutions. This is a clever and creative way to increase its click-through rates and conversions effortlessly.

Furthermore, the subject line of this email newsletter example is straightforward, giving its audience some great advice and realistic resolutions for a fresh start (and better open rates). You can quickly create your New Year greetings email marketing campaign using a Happy New Year email template to save time and effort.

5. Julie Blanner

Subject line: Festive Fun + Amazon Favorites

Julie Blanner blogging festive email example

What works: Julie Blanner’s blogger New Year email example is great for engaging your audience and boosting your conversion rate if you promote products on the side. The blogger has used white space to make the holiday email message stand out more. The copy also stresses her gratitude for the past year, wishing her readers a Happy New Year.

Moreover, Julie Blanner grabs the opportunity to add her favorite posts and finds to help her audience during the holiday season. This is a very simple way to engage your readers with email marketing. Moreover, you can add emojis to your subject line to boost the visibility of your email campaign effortlessly and insert gifs and other elements to make it even more special.

6. Nutriseed

Subject line: New Year Sale Starts Now 🎉

nutriseed holiday promotional email campaign

What works: This promotional email campaign by Nutriseed is great for boosting your revenue at the perfect time for the holiday season. The brand uses the festive theme to create a sales campaign to entice customers. Even the discount coupon is named “New You” to match the “New Year, New Me” resolution. On top of that, the eCommerce business places its offer and CTA button at the heart of the email design to increase its click-through rate and conversions, taking advantage of white space to boost visibility.

If you plan to create a promotional email like this, you can add why your customers should choose you as Nutriseed did. Lastly, you can use your email footer to give your loyal customers more information about the discount codes, shipping, and returns for a better customer experience.

7. Home Chef

Subject line: New year, new deal 🎉

Home Chef holiday email marketing campaign

What works: Here’s another amazing New Year email example by Home Chef that uses high-quality visuals to catch the subscribers’ attention and lead them to the CTA. The color combination is balanced, promoting the visibility and readability of the CTA button. Moreover, the email copy is simple and effective, highlighting the value that the potential customer will gain.

You can also use the email footer to promote your app and social media profiles for better conversions. Here, Home Chef adds both to ensure that its traffic will be directed to other marketing channels for greater engagement.

How To Make The Perfect New Year Email Campaign

Crafting the perfect New Year’s day email message is simple. All you need to do is follow some of the email marketing best practices like the ones below:

  • Festive subject line: Use exciting copy to evoke holiday emotions and promote your open rates.
  • Sense of urgency: Add a countdown timer and use FOMO to make your call-to-action more urgent.
  • Valuable copy: Create a New Year message with an irresistible value proposition for your targeted audience.
  • A/B Testing: Collect data and test various elements to find the best combination for your email list.
  • Responsiveness: Crafting responsive emails is essential for your mobile device users.

Following these simple steps, along with the rest of the best practices in our guide, will help you make effective campaigns that will boost your customer loyalty and retention.

The Best New Year Email Examples To Inspire You

Now that you have seen some of the best New Year email marketing campaigns, it’s time to start thinking about yours.

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