60+ New Year Email Subject Lines To Kick Off 2024

60+ New Year Email Subject Lines To Kick Off 2024

Published By Marilia Dimitriou
December 6, 2023

Christmas may be the most popular holiday of the year, but let’s not forget New Year and its great sales potential.

Since first impressions matter, today, we’ll look at some of the best New Year subject lines for eCommerce and small businesses to craft the perfect holiday marketing campaign for your audience. Moreover, we’ll analyze some amazing examples from brands like Fila and NYX to show you what works.

Pre New YearNew Year's Day
  • Here’s our new year round-up 🥂
  • That’s a Wrap… Here’s the Top 5 of 2021
  • What to wear for New Year’s?
  • Year-End Retail Therapy: 22% OFF EVERYTHING!
  • New Styles Added: The Hello 2023 Event
  • Ready to shake it one last time?
  • The books that shaped 2021 📚
  • 4 Days Of Savings To Make It A Delicious New Year’s!
  • Start the year with 75% OFF…
  • End of Year Sitewide SAVINGS!
  • New Arrivals! / A Last Hurrah! ✨
  • 10 Things We Told You to Stop Doing in 2021
  • Ends tomorrow: New Year’s beauty surprise
  • It’s nearly New Year’s…
  • ❗New year deals end tomorrow❗
  • Call in your BEST YEAR YET 📞✨
  • Marilia, enjoy up to 4 free nights in the new year!
  • Perfect your party look with these NYE essentials. 🎉
  • New Year, New Growth 🌱
  • There’s Still Time: Get a $550 Value Offer on the Bike+
  • A plan for 2024 growth
  • There’s still time to end this year on a high ⏰
  • 40% off? Woah, it’s the End of Year Sale!
  • End-of-Year Clearance
  • Countdown to the New Year Sale
  • 🍾NYE Flash Sale🍾70-90% Off ALL Sale!🥂
  • Then I Met You’s A Year in Review
  • It’s The End Of The Year As We Know It
  • Massive year-end savings are here
  • What a year, Marilia
  • Cheers to the New Year + new skin—we’ll drink to that!
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Our January Sale is now on! 🙌
  • Happy New Year! ◆ Celebrate 2023 with Up to 75% Off
  • HNY 🍾 22% off starts at 1pm ET!
  • Happy New Year from Hush Puppies
  • 3, 2, 1… 🎊EXTRA 10% OFF EVERYTHING!🎊
  • It’s the New Year🥂
  • A letter from our CEO
  • New Year + New Playlist
  • A New Year’s Letter from Instructor Alex Toussaint
  • we’re feeling 2023
  • New year, new deal 🎉
  • We ❤ 2024
  • The Body Shop’s Year in Review
  • Tips to ditch your resolutions and create healthy habits!
  • New Year’s Wishes From Our Founder
  • Click to learn how we can help you this year
  • New Year’s resolution: no more dark circles
  • 🥂 here’s to a new year! and new body care…
  • New Year Sale Starts Now 🎉
  • Thanks for a great year!
  • New Year, Healthier Skin!
  • Let Us Make 2024 Your Best Year Yet
  • A Celebration as Old as Time
  • Cue the fireworks
  • New year, new you!
  • Start off the New Year right 💫
  • Your New Year’s Eve survival kit
  • Saying Goodbye To 2023
  • 6 wellness journals to try in 2024

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How To Craft The Perfect New Year Subject Lines

Creating converting subject lines isn’t rocket science. However, to stand out in your subscribers’ mailboxes and ensure high open rates, you must consider a few simple tips:

  • Value: Use your copy to show subscribers why they need to interact with your New Year email campaign.
  • Length: Keep your creations at a reasonable length (20-40 characters).
  • Festive emojis: Grab your recipient’s attention with New Year-related emojis, like champagne, stars, etc.
  • Spam words: Keep your subject lines spam-free, avoiding spam-triggering words.
  • Preview text: Use additional copy to give your audience extra incentives to read your email.
  • Personalization: Leverage email segmentation and automation and add your recipient’s name to give a more personal tone to your subject line.

Following the above will also allow you to craft a simple yet converting New Year email subject line for your campaigns. However, if you are having a hard time, you can use a subject line tester like Refine to see how they will perform and how you can improve them.

Now, let’s analyze a few catchy subject line examples from popular brands to see how they made it work.

1. Fila’s Retail Therapy

Subject line: Year-End Retail Therapy: 22% OFF EVERYTHING!

Why it works: This is a great New Year subject line example by Fila to boost the seasonal revenue before the year ends with a 20% off everything sale. In addition, the brand uses clever copy to give its audience a great experience in the form of “shopping therapy.”

Moreover, it highlights the discount code to entice its email list and encourage them to convert since it applies sitewide. So if you have a discount or coupon to share, this is a great way to increase your conversion rates effortlessly.

2. The Body Shop’s New Year Review

Subject line: The Body Shop’s Year in Review

Why it works: The Body Shop takes advantage of the year-in-review trend and creates a beautiful holiday email highlighting the products that marked the previous year. Here, the brand also uses a straightforward subject line to show subscribers what the email marketing campaign is all about and promote its click-through rate.

Moreover, the Body Shop uses Moosend’s platform to create and deliver campaigns with exquisite subject lines. Sign up for a free account today if you want to build personalized emails and use our A/B Testing features to send more relevant content to your audience.

3. Caudalie’s New Year Subject Line Wishes

Subject line: New Year’s Wishes From Our Founder

Why it works: Caudalie has crafted a great subject line to increase engagement and loyalty between the brand and its customers. Moreover, instead of sending a simple “Happy New Year,” it makes it more personal by including the individual from whom the wishes are coming. This way, Caudalie turns their message a little friendlier while making the subscriber feel important.

Furthermore, using this subject line with the right email copy, you can create a heartfelt message from the founder or CEO of your company to show your audience that you care about them. Your email design matters, too.

4. Peloton’s New Year Gift

Subject line: Start 2022 with 2 Months of Free Workouts

Why it works: Peloton’s campaign and holiday subject line focus on giving subscribers a great gift for 2022. The brand uses actionable language, highlighting the benefit the recipient will gain if they interact with the call-to-action.

Moreover, Peloton makes sure to insert “2 months” and “free” to intrigue the audience and encourage them to click and learn more about how to claim their free workouts. Overall, that’s a clever way to get your subscribers to check your offers and convert.

5. NYX Cosmetics’ NYE Sales

Subject line: New Year’s Eve Night Sale! 20% Off Sitewide

Why it works: This New Year subject line by NYX is perfect for capturing your recipient’s attention and offering them an amazing discount for the last sale of the year. Here, the brand also informs potential shoppers about the New Year’s eve night sale, inspiring FOMO as it looks like the sale will be up for a limited time.

Lastly, they add the discount in the subject line to entice customers and make them click on the campaign, boosting its open rate significantly.

6. Blue Apron’s Urgent Subject Line

Subject line: Your $140 offer ends in 3, 2, 1…

Why it works: Blue Apron uses another great email marketing best practice to increase its click-through rate and conversions. The brand not only adds the deal (in dollars) to show their potential customers the benefit but also uses a sense of urgency in the form of a countdown.

Overall, this is a great example of using the holiday theme and marketing psychology to increase your engagement with your New Year campaign.

The Best New Year Subject Line Ideas Just For You

Your subject lines can make or break your emails this holiday season. To avoid ending up in the spam folder or going unnoticed, follow the above tips and use the subject lines listed above to get inspired.

Moreover, if you want to keep your subject line performance in check and collect valuable data about them to improve your email marketing strategy, sign up for a Moosend account and use our automation, A/B Testing features, and subject line tools to succeed.

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