7 Free New Year Email Newsletter Templates For 2023

7 Free New Year Email Newsletter Templates For 2023

Published By Marilia Dimitriou
May 16, 2023

It’s time to streamline your holiday email marketing using some great New Year email templates to save time.

Today, we will check out some great pre-made email designs you can easily customize into converting email campaigns for the New Year sale. Also, let’s see how you can craft custom templates with Moosend and save them in your template library for future use.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Craft New Year Email Templates With Moosend

Importing pre-made templates from other builders is a great way to make the process faster and easier. However, if you want to make branded designs that you can reuse yearly, consider crafting your own through Moosend’s drag-and-drop email builder.

Here’s how to do it:

The editor has various elements to make your branded templates, including gifs, product blocks, countdown timers, custom fonts, and more. Below, you can see a custom template example created with Moosend’s editor:

new year email templates

When you are done, you can save your creation in the Template Library and use it as many times as you like. Moreover, Moosend offers pre-made Christmas email newsletter templates you can easily customize into New Year email campaigns by changing the colors and adding your copy.

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Stripo’s Best New Year Email Templates

Stripo’s email template builder offers some great templates you can grab if you are looking for quick blueprints for the holiday season.

You can easily sign up for a free account, access the library, search for New Year designs, and start customizing them. When ready, you can export your creation to your favorite email service provider and send it to your email list.

Here’s a quick tutorial you can watch to do it:

Now let’s check the responsive email templates we collected for you:

1. New Year Wishes Email Template

A beautiful pre-made design to craft a festive email greeting campaign.

stripo new year newsletter template

Why you need it: Sending your customers great offers is a must for every eCommerce store. However, if you want to boost engagement and loyalty, you can use the above template to craft a Happy New Year email campaign for them.

The above example is perfect for communicating your gratitude for the end of the year and thanking your customers for supporting your brand. If you turn this into a successful wishes email message, craft an intriguing New Year subject line to increase your open rates.

2. New Year Email Greeting Card Template

Another great template you can use as a blueprint for your holiday email campaign.

stripo happy new year email template

Why you need it: You can customize the template to create a beautiful email marketing campaign to wish your audience happy holidays. Add your festive visuals and copy to boost engagement and strengthen customer relationships.

Moreover, you can add social media buttons in the email footer to direct your email subscribers to your social media profiles. That’s an excellent way to cross-promote between your channels and engage your audience with additional activities, like giveaways, contests, etc.

3. Happy New Year Email Template

A sales-oriented holiday email template to promote seasonal revenue.

stripo new year newsletter design

Why you need it: If you want to create a campaign with a single focus CTA, you can grab the above newsletter template and customize it for your eCommerce store. Make sure to add a great offer to entice your recipient and an actionable call-to-action button to make sure they click on it. You can use this as a seasonal welcome email campaign to surprise your new subscribers during the holiday season.

Moreover, you can streamline your process through marketing automation. Moosend’s visual editor will help you set up a great welcome series. Just craft your email campaigns, import them and then create an amazing holiday sequence for them!

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4. New Year’s Eve Reservation

A simple template you can use to promote events and celebrate the coming year.

free new year email template by stripo

Why you need it: The above HTML email template may be simple, but you can use it to boost your event registration effortlessly. The layout is ideal for minimizing distractions and leading your recipients to the call-to-action.

Apart from events, you can add your visuals, colors, and your CTA copy to make a New Year greetings email campaign to boost your conversion rate. If you have milestones to celebrate, add them to your email message to make it more special.

5. New Year Discounts Template

Give your audience amazing offers and discounts for the next year.

holiday email newsletter template

Why you need it: Another great New Year email template suitable for your eCommerce or retail store. You can add your visuals, logo, colors, and custom fonts to match your branding and then insert your value proposition with a converting CTA button.

Moreover, this template will help you craft an email campaign to promote your physical store. You can leverage the next pre-made content block to add a store locator and lead your customers there. Also, insert your contact details to give your new subscribers more ways to reach you.

6. New Year Resolutions Newsletter Template

A great pre-made design to boost your sales and promote new products effortlessly.

Stripo New year email template

Why you need it: Give your holiday revenue a boost by crafting a dedicated email campaign with new products and categories that your email subscribers need to check asap. The above template will let you create a simple sales campaign to lead customers to your website. You can easily customize the layout to add your categories or dedicated products.

As a rule of thumb, always use high-quality images of your products to entice potential customers and make your email creations look more professional.

7. Elegant New Year Email Template

Promote your new products and amazing offers with an elegant design.

stripo sales new year email newsletter design

Why you need it: Here’s another great holiday email template to promote your eCommerce business. Use it to place your discount above the fold for better click-through rates and conversions. Also, you can use the following product blocks to add items from your past year’s collection to clear your stock.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to make your CTA buttons visible using bright colors and actionable language.

Festive Email Templates For The New Year

The holidays don’t have to be a hassle for your email marketing strategy.

Grab one of the above templates or create yours early for the New Year to streamline your process.

To use the above templates, sign up for a Moosend account and import your finished email marketing campaign. It’ll only take a minute!

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From all of us, Happy New Year!

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