20+ Boxing Day Subject Lines To Use This Year [2023]

Boxing Day subject lines

20+ Boxing Day Subject Lines To Use This Year [2023]

If you think the holiday sales season stops at Christmas, you are missing out on the extra boost Boxing Day can offer you.

This holiday celebrated after Christmas Day, is perfect for giving your customers extra offers and incentives to intrigue and convert them.

Today, let’s look at some great Boxing Day subject lines you can use to boost your open rates.

Boxing Day
  • Satya Sale: Buy One Get One 50% OFF!
  • 🚨Save $100 when you shop this Boxing Day
  • Cash in on those Gift Cards
  • Exclusive Boxing Day Special
  • 2 Days Only: Save 30% on Select Sound Tools
  • Store Wide Boxing Day Sale – Last Chance for Super Savings in 2021
  • The Boxing Day Event
  • 🎁 Boxing Day Sale Begins Now – 15% OFF!
  • Set your alarms for tomorrow morning ⏰
  • Boxing Day Sale Starts Now!
  • IT’S HERE! Our biggest ever Boxing Day Sale!
  • Get 15% OFF NOW
  • Our biggest ever BOXING DAY SALE! 😱 🔥
  • There’s one last gift to open 🎁
  • Happy Boxing Day!
  • SALE continues
  • Happy Holidays from Hush Puppies
  • Shake our beauty globe, reveal a special offer
  • Hope You Enjoyed Your Holiday
  • Don’t Miss This Offer! $550 Value on the Peloton Bike+
  • Last Day: Unwrap 30% Off Select Sound Tools

How To Ace Your Boxing Day Email Subject Lines

Creating Boxing Day subject lines isn’t a difficult task. You can get inspired by the ones above or any Christmas subject line examples since they are similar. Below, let’s see a few handy tips to help you nail them:

  • Copy: Create festive copy and add the words “Boxing Day” to show your audience that this is a different campaign from your Xmas ones.
  • Length: Keep your creations short to amplify readability. Usually, 20-40 characters are the ideal length.
  • Emojis: Use the gift or other emojis to make your subject line more special and boost visibility.
  • Spam words: Don’t use spam-triggering words to ensure that your campaign lands in the inbox.
  • Benefit: Stress the value the subscriber will get by adding your discount or savings in your subject line.

These simple yet effective tips will help you ace your Boxing Day subject lines. You can use them to craft your own and get a subject line tester like Refine to boost their performance.

Now, let’s look at some examples and what makes them work!

1. Satya Organic

Subject line: Satya Sale: Buy One Get One 50% OFF!

Why it works: This subject line example by Satya Organic is perfect for promoting your eCommerce store sales. The brand adds the immediate benefit the subscriber will receive if they interact with the campaign, boosting its open rate. Of course, the 50% OFF also intrigues the recipient and encourages them to click on it. Overall, the brand structures its Boxing Day campaign and subject line around the value proposition to engage email subscribers with the holiday email marketing campaign.

Need more subject lines to get inspired? Check our 370+ eCommerce subject line examples to do just that.

2. Endy

Subject lines: 🚨Save $100 when you shop this Boxing Day

Why it works: Instead of adding the discount percentage like Satya, Endy highlights the amount of money the potential shopper will save when they shop on Boxing Day. This is a clever way to get consumers to open your email campaign and click on your offer. Moreover, using an emoji will help your message stand out in the cluttered inbox, so make sure to use them like Endy did to catch your subscriber’s attention.

If you don’t know which emojis to use, Moosend’s platform offers Emojo, a feature that automatically selects the best emoji for you. To take advantage of it, you can start sending your emails with Moosend and see the feature in action!

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3. Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Subject lines: Exclusive Boxing Day Special

Why it works: Using words like VIP and exclusive is a great way to show your subscribers that your offers are just for them. Here, Jeffree Star Cosmetics uses the words “Exclusive” and “Special” to entice potential holiday shoppers and make them interact with the campaign.

You can use the above example with a beautiful email design and copy to increase engagement and loyalty. Make your offer extra special for your customers to boost Boxing Day sales.

4. Terre Bleu Lavender Farm

Subject line: Store-Wide Boxing Day Sale – Last Chance for Super Savings in 2021

Why it works: Terre Bleu Lavender Farm splits its Boxing Day subject line into two parts. In the first one, they inform subscribers about the store-wide Boxing Day sale, which is meant to get potential shoppers to visit the store and find out more about them. The second part uses urgency and FOMO to get the recipient to act fast, as this is their last chance to save money and enjoy their favorite products.

Combining different elements is a must for creating more converting subject lines. These two elements are perfect for boosting urgency and engagement simply and effectively.

5. Nutriseed

Subject lines: 🎁 Boxing Day Sale Begins Now – 15% OFF!

Why it works: Nutriseed also leverages the power of emojis to increase visibility in the inbox. Compared to the above examples, the brand uses its email subject lines copy to inform its customers that the sale begins now. This way, they can start planning their shopping and enjoy 15% off their favorite products.

Moreover, using words like “Now” amplifies the sense of urgency so you can use it to boost your open rates effortlessly.

Boxing Day Subject Lines For Better Open Rates

A great subject line will help you make an excellent first impression, so follow the tips and suggestions to boost your performance.

Using the above examples as inspiration is a great way to save time rather than crafting new ones from scratch without help.

You can use Moosend’s tools to refine your Boxing Day email subject line creations for this holiday and the ones coming after, like New Year! All you need to do is sign up for a free account and see what it offers.

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