5 Sales-Oriented Boxing Day Email Templates For 2023

Boxing Day email templates

5 Sales-Oriented Boxing Day Email Templates For 2023

Published By Marilia Dimitriou
May 16, 2023

Christmas may be one of the most popular holidays brands leverage to boost their engagement, loyalty, and sales, but let’s not forget about Boxing Day too!

This holiday, coming right after Xmas, will allow you to craft a promotional email marketing campaign for your audience and give them more reasons to purchase.

Today, let us give you some pre-made Boxing Day email templates you can easily customize to create your holiday campaign and save time and effort.

Moosend’s Custom Boxing Day Templates

Getting a pre-made template and customizing it is easy. But creating a custom one and saving it in your library for future use is smart.

If you want to make your custom designs, you can hop into Moosend’s drag-and-drop email builder and create them on the spot.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Boxing Day and Christmas share the same theme, so you can easily customize Christmas templates to fit the Boxing Day theme.

Here’s how we customized one of the available Xmas templates:

boxing day email templates

To save time, you can check out Moosend’s Christmas email templates and turn them into custom Boxing Day designs effortlessly. Just sign up for your account and see the magic happen!

Try it out today!

Unlayer’s Boxing Day Email Templates

If you want more Boxing Day pre-made designs, you can check Unlayer’s library. This free email template builder has a great selection of templates you can customize and export to your email service provider.

Unlayer offers various exporting formats, including HTML, Plain Text, PDF, ZIP, and Image. To send your template to Moosend, you need to:

  • Click on “Export Campaign”
  • Select “Push to ESP”
  • Choose Moosend

You can always check this helpful article here if you need more information. Now, let’s look at the pre-made Boxing Day Templates you can choose.

1. Product-Oriented Boxing Day Template

product oriented boxing day newsletter design

Why you need it: The above template is perfect for creating a promotional email campaign for your eCommerce or retail store. You can use the header to add your value proposition as high as possible so that your subscriber sees the immediate benefit of engaging with your call-to-action.

Moreover, you can use the product blocks to add images of your holiday items and all the necessary information your customers need. You can keep the sections at the end to add more details about your brand. Finally, make sure to insert your social media profiles for better engagement.

2. Special Offers Boxing Day Design

Special Offers Boxing Day email template

Why you need it: Another great email template you can use to craft a sales email message for your targeted audience. This example is structured in a way that favors multiple promotions in a single campaign. You can add your main CTA at the beginning and a beautiful visual and engaging email copy to boost performance.

You can also tell your customers why they need to shop from your store, adding a dedicated section for better conversions. Lastly, to promote additional products, use the sections in the middle, adding high-quality images that stand out.

3. New Collection Boxing Day Email Template

New Collection Boxing Day Newsletter Design

Why you need it: Boxing Day is a great opportunity to give your audience additional incentives after the grand Christmas sale. With the above design, you can just craft a beautiful promotional email marketing campaign for your email list. Use the header to inform potential customers about the topic and then add a CTA to lead them to your website.

This design will help you create sales campaigns to boost your seasonal revenue. Just don’t forget to insert converting elements, such as countdown timers, to give your email message a sense of urgency.

4. Eco Boxing Day Newsletter Design

Eco Boxing Day Newsletter Template

Why you need it: Now, this layout is perfect for promoting your Boxing Day sales items without using the usual colors. Keep the green palette to give your audience a new experience and use white fonts to balance it. Moreover, you can keep the product blocks to promote different items simultaneously.

Lastly, add a featured or best-seller item at the bottom to excite your potential shoppers and increase your sales.

5. Get Fit On Boxing Day Email Template

Get Fit Boxing Day Email Newsletter Template

Why it works: Boxing Day is great for all industries, but if you have a gym or are a fitness brand, you can give the holiday a completely different meaning by playing around with the word “boxing.” Moreover, you can easily add your membership plans to show your audience their options.

That’s a great way to boost your fitness email marketing strategy with festive messages. Overall, this will work for all industries having a subscription model instead of a physical product.

Craft Your Next Boxing Day Campaign

Designing campaigns from scratch during the busiest sales events of the year can be a hassle. To save time, you can use pre-made Boxing Day email templates as blueprints to make the task faster.

Of course, designing your own branded one is smarter as you will keep them in your library for next year.

After you are done creating your Boxing Day email campaigns, make sure to import them to your ESP. Moosend’s platform will allow you to send them to your audience effortlessly and offer you tools to make them smarter. All you need is to sign up today, and you are ready to go!

Start for free!

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