Build your Moosend+ plan 

Design a custom plan that meets your needs. Get all the features included in the Moosend Pro plan and add as many Enterprise features as you want.

Moosend+ comes with the following add-ons:

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    “With Moosend we tailored our communication to our customers exactly as we desired. It is very hard to find a team that is willing to give solutions to your business needs, but with these guys we certainly did it! The product is seamless giving the best satisfaction to our most precious assets…our customers.”

    Manos Tsouloufris, General Manager


    Transactional Emails

    From password reset to order confirmation emails, send the right message at the right time. Set transactional emails once and build trust with your customers forever.

    Custom Dashboards

    One report doesn't fit all. Track the metrics you need, get an in-depth understanding of your campaigns, and share powerful analytics with your team, with Moosend's custom reports.

    Audience Discovery

    Let AI do the heavy lifting of your audience

    management. Get smart segments in real time, access recommendations for your campaigns, and personalize your communication.

    Dedicated IPs

    Get full control over your email campaigns with a unique IP address. Optimize your sender

    reputation and rest assured your messages reach their destination at all times.

    SSO & SAML

    Add an extra level of security to your account. With Single-Sign-On and SAML authentication, validate users and make sure they have an

    uninterrupted experience with Moosend.

    Hosted Files

    No need to squeeze all info into the email body. Send richer campaigns to your recipients by

    attaching any file type you need, like PDFs, Word documents, and images.


    What is Moosend+?

    Moosend+ is a custom Moosend plan, designed to cover your unique needs. With Moosend+, you get access to all Pro features and can add any Enterprise features you want, including Transactional emails, Audience Discovery, and SSO. The final price will be determined based on the add-ons you pick.

    What add-ons are available in Moosend+?

    Moosend+ give you the option to choose the advanced features you want to add to your account: Transactional emails, Audience Discovery, Custom reports, SSO&SAML, Dedicated IP, and File attachments.

    How much does Moosend+ cost?

    Moosend+ is a custom, unique plan. The price depends on the add-ons you'll include in your account. There's also the option of choosing a monthly or annual subscription. For more info, fill in the form at the top of this page and our team will get back to you with a quote.  

    What other plans are available?

    Besides Moosend+, there are two more pricing plans available. Moosend Pro includes all core features, and its price starts from $9/month. The Enterprise plan comes with all Moosend features as well as a dedicated account manager. You can contact our team for a custom quote. If you want to try Moosend before choosing a plan, a 30-day free trial gives you access to all key features.

    How will I choose the best plan for my business?

    Moosend pricing plans are designed to cover different email marketing needs. To choose what's best for you, consider the size of your email list, must-have features, as well as your budget.  
    Smaller teams or individuals will benefit from the Pro plan that includes all core features at an affordable price. It's also available both in monthly and annual subscriptions.  
    For larger organizations, the Enterprise plan is an all-in-one solution that includes core and advanced functionality, as well as a dedicated account manager. 
    Teams that need more control over the features they have, can build a custom plan with Moosend+.