Introducing Moosend For Zen Cart Integration

Introducing Moosend For Zen Cart Integration

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February 24, 2023

Moosend has rolled out its deep data integration for Zen Cart; a firm handshake between your favorite eCommerce platform and your trusted email marketing platform.

Install the plugin and experience the benefits of marketing automation. Then, you’ll wonder how you actually managed to juggle between your daily task list and your workday all these years!

Essentially, the Moosend for Zen Cart integration will zen your cart.

See your competitors racing? It’s time to get ahead of them!

The challenges

Marketers take care of a lot of technical details. And for managers to keep track of all the changes and have reliable metrics and consistent performance, it takes a lot more than hard work and dedication. Then there’s always the possibility of human error, or for something to be eventually left out.

What Moosend’s intelligent automations do is allow for micro- and macro-scheduling; an uber-automation of everything that can be automated.

Marketing automation is all about automating standard procedures (such as sending a “Thank you” or “Welcome” email) to more complex ones (e.g. keeping a score for every customer based on the number of purchases they make over a specific period of time).

But it’s also a lot, far more than you’d think, that you can achieve with automation. It really comes down to what your needs are or how creative you can get.

new customer thank you workflow

Integrating Moosend with Zen Cart

Moosend has just released the deep data integration for your Zen Cart eshop, which brings deep data to the surface. In other words, Moosend’s integration “absorbs” all this useful yet unexploited data from your site and feeds them to your account on the email marketing platform.

In effect, it resembles programming, or cloning yourself to perform the same task thousands of times within the day or minute, perfectly. Whenever you wish, you can choose this to take shape as a comprehensive report with meaningful and easy to understand metrics and indicators, bearing actionable implications for your company. At the end, you can make decisions based on numbers and estimations, not on hunches or a leap in the dark.

Your Moosend account is the hideaway of powerful software that will automate all these actions you’ve been dreading all this time.

Let’s take this analogy: in the past, people had to hand-wash every single garment of theirs. Until, of course, washing machines were invented. In the same way, you’ve been sending email campaigns all these years, but now Moosend’s automation is revolutionizing your workday at no extra cost.

Now back to email marketing. Imagine being able to distinguish between your users and visitors and then match their emails to their online behavior. With Moosend for Zen Cart deep data integration, you can determine the content you want each mailing list to receive automatically, and the specific time frame within which you are going to do that.

You can set up automated workflows to be sent to people who viewed your page a number of times, or those who abandoned their cart for an hour and remind them they need to complete their order. You can also segment your mailing lists and re-segment them automatically with a variety of filters, such as by email client or device they log in from.

You can now laser-cut your segmenting and targeting strategy, ultimately personalizing and fine-tuning your email campaigns not on target group level, but individually. And in the fraction of the time you would otherwise require to do so.

What you can do with Zen Cart and Moosend

powerful integration

You can’t be all things to all people; that’s why you need to send the right message to the right email address, otherwise, you are not doing effective email marketing, you are just sending email blasts hoping that someone will be interested in your business.

To achieve that, new email marketing technology is based on advanced, dynamic segmentation. By integrating your Zen Cart eshop with your Moosend account, you can apply advanced segmentation on the fly to your mailing lists up to now and your future mailing lists.

We could say that segmentation can be distinguished temporally: you can have all your current mailing lists segmented, and you can use automation and website tracking for the emails you start collecting from this point on. The two types of segmentation allow for different filters, and more specifically:

Segmenting your mailing list on the basis of:

  • Purchases made
  • Page views
  • Lifetime value of every customer
  • Total spending on purchases
  • Total spending on a specific product
  • Total spending on the website,
  • and so on…

Segmenting with website tracking and automations can give you a lot more options, to name a few:

  • Abandoned carts: You can send your absent-minded potential customers a kind reminder to go back to your site and retrieve their cart, if they have not proceeded to checkout.
  • New subscribers: You can welcome new subscribers to your community and introduce them to the spirit, the look and feel of the brand.
  • New purchases: Send the subscribers who just purchased from you a Thank-you email to show your appreciation and communicate your brand values more effectively.
  • Yearly anniversary: Celebrate your individual anniversary with every subscriber on your mailing list either on their signup day anniversary or their first purchase anniversary. Connect meaningfully with every individual customer!
  • Loyal customer: Reward subscribers for their commitment to purchasing from your site with a simple Thank-you email or a personalized message and a discount.

Anniversary automated workflowThe aforementioned applications of website tracking and automations have been smart built-in workflow templates, called Recipes, and are fully customizable for that matter.

Recipes” is Moosend’s time-efficient alternative to building an automation that meets your needs, and is a handy tool to addressing pains commonly faced.

Pre-made automated workflows

What you can now access a variety of recipies. Some of them are:

Add to cart

You can now keep track of the number of products that were added to customers’ carts and discover the average number of items purchased per person.

Abandoned Cart

How many potential customers did not complete their purchase because they decided it was the perfect time to feed their goldfish? Probably a few! Get them back to your website and incentivize their taking action with a discount or other offer for future purchases.

Page views

Find out the number of times that every single visitor and customer viewed your website, and how often each of them did, if that matters to you! For every email address you obtain, a product recommendation email will be sent automatically, based on the identification preferences of the users and optimized content for maximum targeting, relevance and conversion


How many purchases has a top purchaser completed? Within what time frame? If you must know, you can segment your mailing list with this criterion/filter to send the most frequent ones a discount coupon. Send the least frequent buyers another coupon or re-segment them to another mailing list if they haven’t shopped in X amount of time.


How many signed up, send them an email to introduce them to your brand, inform them of the frequency of emails

Last but not least, remember that with Moosend’s single-click deep data integration for Zen Cart you can track any custom event you wish to create.

The main takeaways

  • By integrating Moosend with Zen Cart, you make way for your company to upscale and manpower to excel. This way, they get to channel their energy to more creative and challenging tasks rather than getting caught up in bureaucratic tasks that do not make the best use of their skills and high qualifications; the very characteristics you hired them for, in the first place.
  • With this integration, you treat your customers like royalty. You attend to their every need, instantly, you make them feel appreciated and special by simply telling them thank you or welcome to our eshop, or happy anniversary or sending a personalized or real time based product recommendation.
  • You don’t need a larger team, only the right tools. And Moosend for Zen Cart ticks all the boxes. For less.
  • You don’t need a bigger marketing budget, only the right service that will support you and guide you through every step of the way. Moosend’s customer support with a three-minute response time bears witness to the company’s mentality about professionalism and support.
  • With the Zen Cart deep data integration you make sure all tasks and marketing actions are catered to, and you get trackable, reliable results while also:

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