Onboarding Email Sequence

Thrive in customer onboarding with the help of marketing automation.

The onboarding email sequence recipe will guide your subscribers further down the sales funnel, based on their behavior.

When you activate this recipe, your subscribers will always receive the right campaign at the right time.

This is how this automation recipe works; when a user subscribes to your list they will receive an email campaign. Then they will be segmented according to their behavior.

You can use any criterion to achieve this. You may filter contacts according to whether they have opened a campaign or not, the link they have clicked, whether they have placed an order, what product category interests them more, even whether they are on mobile or desktop.

Then you can serve different content to different segments, thus creating a personalized onboarding experience for various user groups.

Explore this pre-made recipe further, to find out how you can easily use it to filter contacts as many times as you want.

You can narrow down and personalize their experience based on user data, like country, industry, any value really or user behavior, like clicks, visits on your site, purchases and so on.

You may also use this workflow to increase engagement and prevent subscribers from rolling into an idle mode.

On the other side of the coin, this recipe can also assist in maintaining a clean list automatically by removing the unresponsive subscribers. This way, you will enjoy benefits like lowering list maintenance cost and achieving a higher open rate.

The onboarding email sequence recipe is the perfect automation tool for you to create a unique onboarding program for each customer that will additionally run on autopilot.

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