The Best Free Website Builders You’ll Ever Need in 2021

So, you asked for them, and they are finally here: the best free website builders to create the ultimate website!

At first, building a website sounds difficult and time-consuming. But here’s a little secret: if Bob the Builder can build a park in an hour, so can you!

To do it, I’ll show you the most marvelous free website builders to turn website creation into a piece of cake.

best free website builders

However, you might ask, why do I need a free website builder in the first place?

If you aren’t as fluent as Harry Potter is in Python, then choosing a free website builder will help you master the craft and save valuable time!

Plus, did I mention that it’s completely free?

So, get ready for the best free website builders to unleash your inner developer without worrying about coding!

The 8 Best Free Website Builders To Create The Ultimate Website

Website builders are everywhere!

In fact, there are so many of them that testing and choosing the best one can be pretty tiresome. If you’ve checked our landing page builder guide, then you know the struggle is real!

Well, dear reader, to help you out, I tested and found the best 8 builders you’ll ever need to make your website dreams come true!

Now, sit back, relax, and let’s take a trip down free website builder lane.

Are you ready?

1. Wix

Wix free website builders

Wix Free Website Builder – Overview

Wix is one of the most popular free website builders out there. If you’ve never heard of it, then you’re missing out!

This builder can help you design a fabulous website for your business using cloud-based creation and management tools.

However, what gives the builder a place among the best website builders is its drag-and-drop editor and its mobile-friendly designs.

Using it will give you access to numerous themes, which, in my opinion, aren’t at all average for a free website builder.

Whether you choose one of their templates or create your website from scratch, the builder will give you the right tools to envision, design, and publish the best site out there.

Wix Free Website Builder – Editor Features

When I say that the editor is flexible, I mean it!

What makes it stand out is that you can customize pretty much everything on your website and then preview it.

The easy-to-use interface will minimize the time you need to create a page and give you a straightforward way to create your website.

For instance, if you click on your header, you’ll get a variety of options like your logo, business name, and tagline, which you can customize on the spot.

When it comes to images, you can use the editor’s image library to find the ones that suit your needs. wix builder editor

What differentiates the editor, though, is its user-friendliness. The builder will guide you through every step of the process, giving you valuable advice.

Here, the smart microcopy warns us that the text isn’t readable.

Wix builder editor

This editor feature will help you save time and avoid some of the rookiest website design mistakes that will result in poor conversions.

One small detail for you, one giant leap for your website conversions!

Built on Wix – Maapilim

Maapilim is a grooming product brand that used the builder to create a fantastic website.

Furthermore, the company used the builder to come up with a clean design that’s easy to navigate through the popup menu.

One of the best things about this website is that if you hover over the products, you’ll get a short description and their star rating.

Maapilim Wix website builder example


Wix Website Builder – Paid Options

The website builder offers three paid options starting at $5 per month. The plans provide you with extra storage and bandwidth, a domain name, and no Wix ads.

2. free website builders Free Website Builder – Overview is another popular free website builder. However, you shouldn’t confuse it with, the famous self-hosted platform.

While it feels like a traditional free website builder, it is a blogging platform with builder add-ons.

Despite that, WordPress is famous for creating small business websites, online stores with its simplified editor.

While the builder isn’t too complicated to use, some technical expertise might come in handy to leverage its full capabilities.

If you want a simple blog and you’re willing to learn some basic coding, then WordPress is perfect for you. Free Website Builder – Editor Features

The platform has an advanced block editor, where each element has its own set of controls.

Each block lets you customize the color, width, and alignment of your elements using the advanced sidebar on the right. builder editor

While it has a classic drag and drop editor, you can also move your blocks up and down by clicking on the arrows located on the left side of each block.

When it comes to customizing the visual elements of your page, the editor offers you a wide variety of tools to achieve the best result.

For instance, you have full control of your cover’s appearance, from the style of your image to the overlay and background opacity.

Adding new blocks is also easy. To insert a new one, click on the add block option found on top of the page. website editor

Now, you can use the sidebar to customize your new block as you wish.

Built on – A Year of Reading the World

Ann Morgan’s blog is a combination of simplicity and elegance. Hence, her posts are neatly placed one after the other, making them easier to explore and interact with.

The detail section on the left side certainly provides the readers with valuable information that enhances their overall experience.

A Year of Reading the World website builder example

(Source) Website Builder – Paid Options

The builder offers four different paid solutions starting from $4/month billed yearly. The paid plans will give you access to advanced customization, extra storage space, and premium themes.

3. Webnode

Webnode free website builders

Webnode Free Website Builder – Overview

Webnode is a free website builder that constantly improves with over 40million installation. The new additions have given its users a new editor and a wide variety of new themes.

This new version gives users a more direct building experience that simplifies the designing process.

Since time is essential, the website builder lets you modify every element just by clicking on it and see the changes in real-time.

What makes it attractive, though, is the variety of functionalities that the free plan gives you.

Compared to other builders, it doesn’t have many element limitations. Background video, for instance, is the only element you need to pay.

Webnode Free Website Builder – Editor Features

Webnode is as simple as it sounds. To be honest, it’s so straightforward that you can master the editor in a few minutes.

The editor has a simple principle: click it, then customize it. To achieve that, the builder has dropped the sidebar found on other free website builders.

Consequently, this allows you to change everything on your new website without dealing with numerous steps.

Webnode builder editor

Adding new elements through Webnode’s improved editor is also a piece of cake.

To add a new section you just need to click on the insert line and choose the element you need.

Webnode builder editor elements

This easy-to-use feature makes the editor a robust beginner tool to take your web design to the next level.

Built on Webnode – Neil Bixby Photography

Webnode is an excellent choice for someone who wants to create a website for personal or professional use.

Neil Bixby, for instance, took advantage of the builder and came up with a simple website that reflects his black and white photographs.

Neil Bixby Photography Webnode website builder example


Webnode Website Builder – Paid Options

The builder offers paid options starting at $5.95 per month. The premium service gives you extra storage, bandwidth, video elements, and website statistics.

4. Webstarts

Webstarts free website builders

Webstarts Free Website Builder – Overview

As a free website builder, Webstarts provides you with all the essential features you’ll ever need to create your website.

Despite offering the basics, it is great for someone who has no technical expertise and wants a comprehensive builder to create their first website.

What gives the builder a place in our list is its customization flexibility and the well-designed templates.

Selecting one will help you design a simple yet beautiful website to amaze your audience.

Webstarts Free Website Builder – Editor Features

Upon entering the editor, the builder displays a video tutorial meant to get you familiar with website creation.

However, the real fun begins when you start using it! Compared to other builders, it has a guideline system to help users nail their element alignment.

Then, you can customize your text and colors using the popup menu.

Webstarts builder editor

Moreover, the builder offers an advanced color system that allows you to play with different color combinations, set gradients, and even get colors from images.

To get the most out of it, the editor includes a simple sidebar that helps you manage your page and add various new elements.

Webstarts builder editor

Built on Webstarts – Budo Ryu

Budo Ryu, a fitness center, has used the website builder to create a professional-looking website for their business.

The fitness center leverages the builder’s video elements to come up with a unique website.

The clean newsletter design allows visitors to navigate the page and access the center’s schedule, news, and newsletter signup form.


Webstarts Website Builder – Paid Options

The website builder has an available pro plan starting at $7.16/month billed yearly. Going premium will give you mobile optimization, unlimited styles, bandwidth, exclusive features, and HTML access.

5. Weebly

Weebly free website builders

Weebly Free Website Builder – Overview

Weebly has a place among the best eCommerce website builders you can use to create your online store.

While this is its strong suit, you can also use it to create websites and blogs that will stand out.

Despite not having a large number of themes to choose from, the ones available will give you a helping hand.

The number of elements also counterbalances the lack of templates and allows you to create a website with great functionality.

Weebly Free Website Builder – Editor Features

The builder has a powerful drag-and-drop editor that will allow you to create a professional-looking website in no time.

As we said before, the builder offers you various advanced elements like slideshows, surveys, and contact forms.

Weebly website editor elements

When it comes to adding these elements, you can simply grab the one you need and place it onto your page.

That’s not the only thing that makes the builder’s editor a great tool. Its ability to edit every element by clicking on it makes it more user-friendly.

For instance, you can customize your calls-to-action (CTAs) through the popup menu and see the changes take form immediately.

Weebly builder editor

Built on Weebly – Classic Cuts Barber Shop

The Classic Cuts Barber Shop has taken advantage of the builder’s themes to create a unique website for their business.

The website is easy-to-navigate and informative, giving visitors an amazing experience that will help them take action.

The business also leverages advanced elements like the newsletter signup form to engage their users and increase lead generation. Classic Cuts Barber Shop Weebly website builder example


Weebly Website Builder – Paid Options

Weebly offers four different paid plans starting at about $5.50/month billed annually. Choosing a plan will give you advanced site stats, extra storage, and premium elements.

6. Mozello

Mozello free website builders

Mozello Free Website Builder – Overview

Whether you need to build a blog, website, or an online store, Mozello has got you covered.

This free website builder will allow you to create a professional-looking website with a few clicks.

The editor also makes it easier to manage and create your website, taking advantage of the minimalist design to boost functionality.

One of the advantages of choosing Mozello is that it allows you to create different versions of the same page in different languages.

This can be extremely useful when you address a multilingual audience and need to optimize your content for it.

Mozello Free Website Builder – Editor Features

Like the rest, Mozello favors simplicity over complexity. To customize the various elements on your new website, you need to click on them and start editing.

Mozello’s frontend live editor enables you to edit elements and see how your changes affect your layout as you build it.

The sidebar makes it easier to insert extras, preview your page and add HTML code.

Mozello builder editor extras

When it comes to fonts, colors, and images, you can customize everything by enabling the layout editing option at the bottom of your page.

If you aren’t happy with the layout, the editor also gives you the option to select a new one by clicking on the change layout option.

Mozello builder editor

Built on Mozello – Riga Premium Offices

While Mozello has limited features, it’ll give you all you need to get the hang of website design.

Riga Premium Offices used Mozello’s capabilities to come up with a professional-looking website for their real estate business.

The company also used the builder’s multilingual page feature, to create two extra language versions of their page.

Riga Premium Offices Mozello website builder example


Mozello Website Builder – Paid Options

The builder has a premium and a premium plus plan starting at about $6.50 and $13 respectively. The premium plans offer you a domain name, unlimited storage and have no Mozello ads.

7. Jimdo

Jimdo free website builders

Jimdo Free Website Builder – Overview

Compared to the other free website builders we’ve seen so far, Jimdo has a completely different approach to designing the ultimate website.

Jimdo offers two different builder versions: Jimdo Creator and Jimdo Dolphin.

Depending on your technical expertise and the type of website you want to build, you can choose the builder version you want.

Creating a blog is only possible through the Jimdo Creator. However, if you want to design a website or a shop you can choose either the Creator or Dolphin.

Jimdo Free Website Builder – Editor FeaturesJimdo create a website

Jimdo Creator

When you click on the Creator, Jimdo redirects you to the theme page where you can choose a template.

Then it redirects you to the editor where you can add and edit your website elements.

To do that, you can use the paint roller found under the style option on the sidebar. Through the paint roller function, you can change your fonts, alignment, and size of your captions.

Jimdo Creator builder editor

The builder also lets you add images by dragging and dropping them in the relevant block.

At first glance, Jimdo Creator seems easy to use. Nevertheless, it will require some time before you familiarize yourself with the editor.

If you already have the technical knowledge, feel free to start designing your website using HTML, CSS, or Javascript.

If not, then let’s take a look at Jimdo Dolphin.

Jimdo Dolphin

Dolphin belongs to the next generation of intelligent website builders that will help you create a website without any technical skill.

When you click on it, Dolphin will show you various questions meant to collect information about your website idea.

Jimdo Dolphin personalization

These questions will help Dolphin come up with personalized suggestions for your next website.

Compared to Jimdo Creator, you have an expanded sidebar that lets you add new blocks by clicking on the insert button.

You can customize your elements by selecting the block design feature on the left side of each block.

Jimdo Dolphin editor

The flexibility of the editor and the personalization make Dolphin the ultimate free tool for website design beginners.

Built on Jimdo – Janik Schnyder Fotografie

Janik Schnyder’s website is the perfect example to see the true capabilities of Jimdo Dolphin.

The minimalist design makes it easier to explore the page and click on the various links.

The incredible visuals cover most of the homepage to showcase the photographer’s work, making the website memorable.Janik Schnyder Jimdo website builder example

Jimdo Website Builder – Paid Options

Jimdo has three paid plans for personal and business use starting at $9.80/month billed annually. Among others, the paid plans offer unlimited space, SEO and personalized support.

8. Strikingly

Strikingly free website builders

Strikingly Free Website Builder – Overview

Strikingly is a builder that, according to its website, will help you build your brand and conquer the world.

Of course, to do that, you need a free website builder that will have the best templates and tools to customize it accordingly.

In this case, the builder has everything a rookie needs to create the perfect mobile-optimized website.

The builder is ideal both for designers and developers who need to launch a website in a few hours.

Using it will allow you to create incredible single-page websites that are easy-to-explore.

The famous single-layout will give your visitors a continuous experience on your site. However, if you want to create multiple pages, then you’ll have to upgrade your plan.

Strikingly Free Website Builder – Editor Features

The builder has a responsive editor to design your single-page websites fast and easy.

To use it, you don’t need any coding knowledge, as the drag-and-drop editor is beginner-friendly.

One of the best things is the style editor that gives you full creative control of your website design.

However, you can also customize your color scheme, fonts, and buttons by clicking on your elements and see the changes happen in real-time.

Strikingly single-page editor

Furthermore, another advantage of using the builder is that you can change between templates without losing your changes.

The editor also has two quick access buttons you can use to edit your headline layout and change your background image.

Strikingly builder editor

This way, you can test different backgrounds without uploading numerous images.

Built on Strikingly – Elemental Magazine

Elemental Magazine leverages the power of the single-page layout to make an incredible one-page website.

From the visuals to the choice of font and colors, Elemental has created a website that resonates with its target audience.

Using Strinkingly’s editor, the magazine created a website that’s both informative and modern.

Elemental Magazine Strikingly website builders example

Strikingly Website Builder – Paid Options

The builder has three paid plans starting at $8/month billed yearly. Upgrading will give you multiple pages, pro features, and unlimited bandwidth.

Imagine It, Build It!

Free website builders are indeed everywhere!

But, how do you find the best one to make your website dreams come true?

Well, your website builder should have an easy-to-grasp editor that will allow you to create a professional site without any technical expertise.

Time is also important, so if you manage to create your website in a reasonable amount of time, then congratulations! You just found the one and only website builder for you!

The sky’s the limit so what are you waiting for?

It’s time to shine!

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