How To Harness Growth Marketing For Your Business In 2023

growth marketing

How To Harness Growth Marketing For Your Business In 2023

Growth Marketing is easier to capture through real-life examples.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite ones:

American Airlines took an olive from your portion

Back in 1987, American Airlines saved $40,000 by cutting out one olive from each salad.

This one, teenie weenie change earned the company a chunk of its budget back. Sounds crazy?

Think of all the meals the airline company would serve on a daily basis on every aircraft.

Multiply that by 30 (days in a month), times 12 (months every year), there you have it.

And going from four to three olives does not deduct from an airline’s good branding. I doubt that anyone would even notice.

You see the extra olive (or removed olive, if you may) is the augmented product, not the basic service. It’s not what customers buy the ticket for.

Therefore, the implementation of this change only helps the company’s growth.

Dropbox rewards referrals with a bonus product

growth marketing

Dropbox gives users who refer their friends 500 MB- 1GB (in-kind sponsorship) and can earn up to 32 times as many megabytes.

While existing users don’t upgrade their plans this way, Dropbox earns new customers who are always more expensive to acquire.

Airbnb provides users with their own affiliate code for win-win scenarios

growth marketing

Airbnb’s Rewards System

Airbnb rewards referrals with as much as 23 euros per referral. For users logged in, there is a cute dashboard on the right where users can see their available travel credit.

And since there is no limit to referrals (as in the case of Dropbox) you can induct your entire family and all your friends to Airbnb.

N26 personalizes your invite code and gives both sides a benefit

growth marketing

If you have an N26 card, all you have to do to earn 15 euros is to invite a friend of yours to start using their new card.

Talk about passive income!

*I may or may not have customized the invite code myself.

DIESEL democratizes Influencer Marketing

growth marketing

Diesel democratized Influencer Marketing with their SIDE:BIZ, encouraging all their followers to start up their own side gig and enjoy the same perks as world-renowned influencers. Making a celebrity out of each one, and helping users with a loyal following to leverage their network to their benefit (and DIESEL’s of course), skipping absurd influencer fees.

There you go:

From an airline company to a SaaS product, to an online hospitality marketplace, a direct bank, and a retail clothing company, growth takes on different forms.

What you need to make it work is to carry out a thorough customer data analysis.

Then, just a simple idea that will be implemented and executed carefully will help boost your performance and drop the costs!

What Is Growth Marketing?

Growth Marketing is a data-driven approach to orchestrating a set of marketing actions (paid and not) aiming at specific achievements over a given period of time.

Every implemented action needs to have a measurable and trackable footprint.

The results of this set of actions are sustainable, long-term, and far-reaching. Just like my winter binge eating.

Growth Marketing focuses on maximizing the impact of your existing channels and leverages their efficacy with added tools.

Unlike Growth Hacking, Growth Marketing can revolutionize a process and scale its results over a period of time, whereas the former will be a quick fix.

What are the best Growth Marketing benefits?

Growth Marketing has all the benefits of traditional marketing (the “set it and forget it” kind) and it takes everything up a notch by drilling everything out of each possible channel.

Let’s take a closer look:

Traditional marketing gives you email marketing, while growth marketing raises you automation and artificial intelligence, popups, dynamic content, product recommendation systems, Refine, A/B testing, dynamic segmentation, automatic resending of campaigns to those who didn’t open them the first time, etc.

Another example is that traditional marketing gives you social media, growth marketing gives you gamification, referrals, loyalty programs, VIP rewards, and personalized gifts.

Finally, when traditional marketing gives you word of mouth marketing, growth marketing gives you affiliate marketing, referral marketing, backlinking, reaching out, and so on.

If traditional marketing is a KIKKOMAN soy sauce, Growth Marketing is that mesmerizing ‘click’ sound of its cap.

Is Growth Marketing for my business?

Growth Marketing is not a short bob hairstyle to ask yourself if that’s for you. It’s for everyone.

growth marketing

Here is a list of goals you can aim for with growth marketing strategies:

1. Reduce churn

Growth marketing uses predictive analytics for customer analysis data and monitors user engagement in real time.

In plain English: you can set up automated email campaigns which are informed by your website tracking and tracked user behavior.

These can notify you when users show signs of decreased activity or disengagement.

2. Increase average order value

You need to find ways to upsell or cross-sell customers in a way that is scalable, measurable, and sustainable.

Some examples of such growth marketing tips are upselling and cross-selling drip campaigns, product recommendation email campaigns, etc.

3. Extend customers’ lifetime value

Your ultimate goal as a business is to retain customers for as long as possible and lead them further down the funnel.

To achieve that, you need onboarding sequences in place, brand loyalty schemes such as a loyalty program or VIP rewards, Happy Birthday drip campaigns, and so on.

4. Go from free to paying customers

How do you convert one from free to paying customer?

What makes a user not buy a product or service?

The fact that there are so many more available out there with more or less equally good features. So what you have to do is prove you are adding value to your offering.

For instance, if you are in SaaS, then offer a free trial of your service for a limited period of time, anything from 1 week to 1 month.

Then prompt users to upgrade their subscription plan to the next available plan or give them the opportunity to chat with one of your representatives.

5. Drive traffic to your site

One of the main perks that growth marketing strategies have to offer is that of devising guerilla ways to increase traffic to your website or by promoting your website using an advertising budget.

For guerilla tactics, you are looking at sending a newsletter to your subscribers and driving traffic to your eCommerce store or a landing page with a special offer.

And if you are on Moosend, you can schedule campaigns to automatically be resent to those who didn’t open them.

6. Increase your conversion rate

Brand owners and growth marketers look at conversion rates in fast forward mode: they see conversion rates in their absolute maximum potential and waiting patiently for results is not their cup of tea.

Because they know there are workarounds to increasing conversion rates in other ways, such as Onboarding sequences, popups, LiveChat, etc.

7. Manage your landing page conversions

To increase landing page conversions, you need to go above and beyond a landing page, you need to create a dialogue: make sure your copy is expressed in terms of customer-oriented solutions, testimonials, and social proof

Only this way will you manage to convert users.

For example, if you are to hold a webinar, consider adding a LiveChat box or another service through which subscribers could submit their questions on the spot and listen to the answers live.

What Is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is not forever. It’s not Cher. But it’s strong enough.

What I mean by that is that growth hacking involves quick fixes more than it does long-term, sustainable strategies.

It’s like stopping a link underneath your sink with chewing gum: it’s good for now, but you’d better have that handyman’s number on speed dial or you’re in for a water slide in your house.

Here’s a quick example:

Suppose you need to reach your sales target by the end of the month.

-A growth hacker will propose to do a giveaway among those who shopped that month, to generate buzz and traffic.

-A growth marketer will go over customer behavior data and will design an email marketing campaign for each of the primary segments.

What is the difference between Growth Marketing and Traditional Marketing?

growth marketing

In 2019, Marketing is not either Traditional Marketing or Growth Marketing.

Marketing nowadays is a hybrid discipline, it always has been.

Contemporary marketing brings together Traditional, Growth, Guerilla, Organic, and Paid Marketing strategies.

Of course, these are not mutually exclusive. And Marketing has always been a medley of disciplines: Psychology, Sociology, Business, Finance, Language studies, Arts, and so on.

Engaging in just one of these Marketing “branches” is not enough.

You need a combination to achieve your TOFU (:top-of-the-funnel), MOFU (middle-of-the-funnel), and BOFU (: bottom-of-the-funnel) goals.

Top of the funnel refers to gaining exposure across your audience. Brand awareness and brand recall are the most common goals of these actions:

  • Social Media posts and promotions,
  • Blog posts,
  • Videos,
  • Podcasts, etc.

Middle of the funnel involves helping customers relate to your product/service by educating them on the solution you are offering.

These achieve a Level 1 Conversion, as I like to call it, by acquiring email addresses through:

  • Ebooks,
  • Webinars,
  • Discounts, etc.

Bottom of the funnel: ‪“We don’t make money when we sell things. We make money when we help customers make purchase decisions”Jeff Bezos.

This is your ultimate goal; to provide the golden decision:

  • Schedule a free demo,
  • Arrange a free trial,
  • Free tutorials/ e-courses, etc.

Takeaway: Traditional marketing looks at top of the funnel conversions, whereas growth marketing looks at conversions through and through, all the way to brand evangelists.

Is Growth Marketing organic or paid?

Both, actually.

A tight Growth Marketing plan involves organic and paid marketing actions, combined.

For instance, one free growth strategy would be to A/B test your email campaign and have the highest-performing one sent automatically.

Doing so would increase your chances of converting more customers and driving sales.

Another example, suggested by my colleague Nick -a devoted Growth Marketer- would be to join niche Slack communities.

Doing so will help you promote your content with professionals in your industry.

At the same time, you have a unique opportunity to network with people in your niche, or even meet your future customers there!

How to find them? Here, I did the search for ya!

Some of the paid tools for growth marketing actions are discussed in detail below:

THE Growth Marketing tools to use


growth marketing

We use Sumo to create Hello Bars, Exit Intent popups, welcome mats, and many more. Sumo offers a variety of list-building options to its users all of which are a great way to build your list.

High-quality leads are captured when they are hottest, depending on the action the user was about to take.

For instance, if a visitor is just navigating, hello bars appear at the top or bottom of the pages you select and invite users to take action.

Depending on your service provider, you can find carousel hello bars, meaning you could have three messages rotating, with different messages, background colors, and copy to lure customers to click.


And now that you collected the emails and first names and last names and favorite color picks of your customers, what do you do with this information?

Moosend will take care of everything: it will match all this information to the respective custom fields and will enable you to act on it.

For instance, you can choose one of the ready-made drip campaigns for growth, customer order value, sales boost, and so on.

By integrating Moosend to your website and eshop, you can reap the benefits of advanced website tracking and website analytics.

Track user behavior and send the right campaign in real-time, automatically. Grow your company with the power of emails, automation, and artificial intelligence. You can try Moosend for free by creating an account!


growth marketing

If you are serious about blogging and content creation, then prepare to choose a tool (Ahrefs, Moz, SEOlium, etc) to plan your keywords.

We use Ahrefs to plan our keywords every month and write content strategically.

You will also find voice search optimization features, meaning that your YouTube channel is soon going to explode with traffic if you follow the steps!

Google Alerts

growth marketing

Use Google Alerts to be notified when someone mentions your industry or competitors so that you can reach out to them with an outreach strategy, or when your brand is mentioned.

I also use it to see when people mention my name. Real King Julien speaking.

Google Trends

growth marketing

This is the crystal ball of topics and trends: know what users are looking for, which keywords/topics are on the rise in the specific continent or country/-ies you are interested in!

I still can’t believe this is a free tool.

Additionally, there are a handful of online communities and platforms where you can share your content for free and receive a tonne of tractions some notable ones are Triberr (Freemium) and Growthhackers (Free).

Which are the expert Growth Marketing tips?

Listen up sweetie, it’s not nuclear Physics. But it’s not Kim Kardashian contouring greatness, either.

Here’s a quick A to S (it doesn’t go as far as Z, you’re in luck!):

Affiliate Marketing for faster growth

Grow your business and, while you’re at it, help others grow theirs.

With Affiliate marketing, you essentially turn your customers/users into your ambassadors.

Each affiliate gets an automatically generated code through which they can send their prospects a They can promote your services through their own affiliate code.

For every plan they sell, they get 20-30% of the earnings of each conversion.

A/B testing is life

growth marketing

It’s 2019, so you might as well A/B test your content instead of playing Russian roulette.

Don’t A/B test more than 1 component at a time. Try to A/B test as many of your marketing actions as possible.

In your email campaigns rounder button today, try a longer newsletter next time, A/B test sender name (“Moosend” VS “X from Moosend”) etc.

For your popups, try a hello bar at the top or at the bottom of the page, test a different copy or colors, exchange an exit-intent popup with a welcome mat and see which performs better, and so on.

A/B testing is so effective and enlightening, you’ll soon want to A/B test your entire life choices.

Comments on blogs to raise awareness

Don’t be shy!

Visit the most successful blogs and interact with their authors, leave a comment on successful posts in your niche, post your article on Growthhackers and leave comments on other posts, too.

Compelling content and organic traffic

Write what has not been written yet.

Or in a way that has not been invented yet.

Add a genuine, personal experience to invite readers backstage. Provide a solution that resonates with and adds value to your audience.

If you want to talk about Instagram Marketing, pick out a couple of Instagram accounts acing their marketing practices and prove your points to your readers.

And while writing copy, try what I like to call the equivalent of a strict Writing teacher: try Hemingway editor.

Content upgrades for list-building

Content upgrades are the fastest way to grow your list. I should know.

Create content (an article, video, anything) then offer your audience some complementary and complementary material.

Simply by entering their email, they can receive amazing content that will save them a lot of research!

This way, you get to grow your list organically, with a little extra work.

Guest posting to earn free traffic

growth marketing

Offer to write a blog post for free to one of your favorite blogs (within your industry, preferably).

This may involve extra hours if you also estimate the time you need to reach out to other blogs.

First, you show them samples of your work. Then you are to suggest a few topics you would like to write about, agree on the topic/number of words/writing style/number of links linking back to your site, etc.

It is a lot of work, which you can easily streamline along the way, but trust me: you’ll love the results.

You could be looking at a 20-40% increase in blog traffic every month!

Link building to increase your authority

For every article or piece of content you create, you need a few working days’ worth to reach out to other blogs in your niche and ask them to link back to your content.

The higher the domain rating (DR) of the blog linking back to you, the better.

If you scale these actions, you will increase your blog’s authority and also benefit from redirected traffic to your blog.

Get set with your own team of link building experts and start pronto!

And if you are “scared” about the costs here is an amazing link building cost analysis!

Media Contact List with a twist

An updated Media Contact List will always get you quick access to publishing your Press Releases.

The Growth Marketing way to Press Releases is to send your news via a plain text email campaign.

This way, you will always know the open rate and CTR of each mailing list.

Ultimately, you will be able to inform your decisions based on data and previous user behavior so as to adjust mailing lists accordingly.


Search Engine Optimization is another Growth Marketing strategy:

The basics of SEO include doing keyword research, aligning popular searches within your niche with the solution you are offering.

It’s also about formatting your content in a way that Google appreciates it more highly.

To that extent, try using a variety of headings, add images and video, make sure that information is well-presented in the medium you have selected.

If I had to give you a shortcut, that would be: google the topic you are interested in and check out the top results.

Decompose their structure (headings, bolds, number of sections, etc.) and content and try to compose your own in a way that is better than these.

Which are the latest Growth Marketing trends in 2019?

Top Growth Marketing examples in 2019:

Getting the most out of your Email Marketing and Automation strategy

There’s nothing that says data-driven like reports and customer behavior tracking analytics.

These serve as great proof when you ask for that little extra budget.

I’ve worked for a few startups and I know what “zero budget” means.

When you’re bootstrapping, you need to spend $10 and get back $400.

Funnily, email marketing and automation give B2B and B2C companies a 1:40 profit ratio.

For every dollar you spend on Email Marketing and Automation, you get 40 times its worth back.


growth marketing

Have you noticed that major brands such as Gucci, Sephora, RyanAir, and Dixons send out regular email campaigns to their subscribers?

Think about it. At the click of a button, they notify millions of subscribers about their latest offers.

Then, they take to Facebook and the rest of their social media accounts to communicate the package deals, bundles, new offers, new items in their collections.

The difference? Email marketing and automation performance are not algorithm-bound.

We cannot influence the open rate or CTR of our customers’ campaigns. We perform at the highest level with the same budget every time.

This way, you can always be sure that it was not the algorithmic change that cost you your performance, but rather, an aspect of your newsletter components.

For instance, when you A/B test a newsletter, you do so for its open rate or click-through rate.

Open rate is bound by components such as sender name, time of sending, sender reputation, sender history, etc.


  • if your emails are impersonal (see “Moosend” vs “X from Moosend”),
  • you send at a time when most of your subscribers are asleep because they are in another hemisphere altogether,
  • haven’t set up your SPF/DKIM identity and no systems can identify you, or
  • you’ve been sending poor quality content/spam content/irrelevant content to your subscribers,

…these take a toll on your performance.

No, I didn’t forget about your subject line; arguably, the most important aspect to get your foot in the inbox’s door.

Your subject line can really make or break your user engagement goals, which is why at Moosend we provide users with a free AI tool that estimates their open rate and how it stacks up in your industry against your competitors’ averages.

Much more than that, Refine helps you improve your subject line with artificially intelligent recommendations, such as mentioning a brand name in your subject line, or exchanging a raw number for a percentage, and so on.

These vary per industry and change over time as subscribers may become more familiar with either style and drop the engagement ball.

Our Refine tool monitors trends and performance on our database over billions of newsletters sent daily and picks up changes in user behavior.

This way, you can always make the best of the predictive analytics available on our platform for free.

That is not all. Like subject lines, things like your font size, image size, CTA can all have an impact on your email marketing ROI.

A whopping 80% of smartphone users (that includes us all, no?) check their phones within fifteen minutes of waking up.

Which means, if your email is not mobile-friendly, a big chunk of your subscribers are not going to be able to read your content.

So, what’s the solution? To begin with, keep your subject lines short, make your CTA tappable, keep images small and fonts large. In general, avoid clutter and make your emails easier on the eyes when accessed over a smartphone.

Here are some of my fave Growth Email marketing features

Trust Countdown Timer for faster checkouts

Best thing about it? Countdown timer increases engagement and helps the user make decisions more quickly.

growth marketing

No, Carol, I don’t believe these are the only ones left on their site.

Same way I don’t trust that I JUST missed the last Bella Mare Luxury Apartment.

These just add a more dramatic tone to my search for accommodation in Crete.

So, whenever you have items on offer, you know what they say: never launch an offer without a deadline.

Chances are your audience might never act on them.

But tell them that the offer expires in 30 minutes or 3 hours (and make it so) and you’ll see how many will decide on the spot.

Even the most indecisive people will take action, meaning Libras and my sister.

Add a touch of mystery with Preview text

A preview text can help boost your open rate because it can be a punchline to your subject line, it could elicit mystery, it could give away the answer altogether (some audiences are sick and tired of clickbaity subject lines), etc.

“[Name], did you or did you not…”
Preview text: …regret missing these bargains? They’re back.

“Truth or Dare?”
Preview text: Choose wisely before you click

“We’re sorry…”
Preview text: …that our NEW collection is SO awesome and you can’t choose one.

Setting up multiple sender addresses for your customer personas

Say you have identified three main customer behaviors on your eshop/website.

Create three different segments and introduce each of them to a buyer persona with the same features.

Then, create the persona’s voice and name it after your colleague in charge of that segment and its needs.

For instance, if one of your segments is 25-35 year old fashionistas who enjoy “Refreshing” their wardrobe and euphemizing overspending on shopping, then you’d be assigning them over to me because I know this audience very well (heh).

So, I’d set up a sender address “Ine from” and send this segment a list of NEW IN items every now and then.

This would help create a personal relationship with that audience, and every email from me would be like an email from their personal stylist.

Oh, and there’d definitely be a countdown timer in there to ensure that my subscribers took action instantly.

Intuitive design and handy, DIY header and footer with Clone blocks

If you don’t like Email Marketing and Automation, then maybe you are going through some post-traumatic stress from your experience with other services.

But, it’s time to let that experience go and not hold you back any longer.

Drag-and-drop a text box or an image, change the font size, add links, round your buttons or rectangularize them, connect your social media accounts, and you’re good to go.

To save you the trouble of designing, say, the header and footer every time from scratch, we asked our Product team to create Clone blocks.

This way, when you need to create a specific component, you can clone and templat-ify it and add it to your newsletter without having to design in all over again.

Saving your own templates for quick designs

Are you happy with what you designed?

Then no need to start from scratch next time.

Save your favorite newsletter design templates to your Library and access them quickly whenever you need them.

The only Marketing Automation drips you’ll be needing

drip automations

Increase checkouts with Cart Abandonment

Use the Cart Abandonment recipe to increase your cart recovery score and boost your sales.

Right now you are losing an average of 68% of your revenue from abandoned carts on your eshop. You could use that extra income, no?

Cross-sell effectively with Product Recommendations

We’re thrilled to inform you that upon signing up for Moosend you get your own crew of a gazillion dedicated sales assistants who pick up patterns in your users’ behavior on your website and recommend similar products or products bought by users who were similar to them.

Better yet, you can make even more out of your Marketing Automation with Moosend by sending enriched Cart Abandonment emails: an email that has placeholders that mirror each user’s abandoned cart, along with a selection of products that might interest them.

So, if I looked for toothpaste and various travel-size beauty products, and abandoned them on your eshop, the dynamic content newsletter that would be automatically generated for me would include the following:

-the same toothpaste I viewed and almost purchased earlier
-the exact list of travel size beauty products I had added to my cart

And then a list of recommended items would include:

  • featured/popular brand of toothpaste
  • highly-rated neck pillow
  • most viewed packable jacket


Next up: Why you absolutely must set up these 3 drip campaigns

Onboarding sequence, Welcome emails, and Thank-you automated campaigns make up the golden trilogy.

Onboarding is every eshop owner’s way to design an air-tight tour of their store for their newly subscribed users.

We (the newly subscribed users) are too lazy to care to search the entirety of your website.

It’s like inviting us over to your headquarters and expect us to make our own coffee. Nope, Susan, our work is done once we’ve come to your store.

Meet us halfway (cc Black Eyed Peas) and make us coffee, show us around the premises, share the backstory with us (how did the brand start? Why? Where? When? By whom? Photos or it didn’t happen), and sprinkle every one of these purchasing instances with a call to action.

Did you show us your first logo? Sell us your nostalgia merchandise, or your vintage collection items.

“If you liked this bit, you will love our vintage collection, which is as old as your discman is!”

Did you show us your available product categories? Ask us to tap on one of the corresponding images and offer us a complimentary 10% off (or free shipping fees, we all love that) on our next purchase completed within 24 hours.

In the meantime, send a special offer reminder to alert your customers that the offer is about to expire.

Yep, you guessed that right, that is an excellent opportunity to add a countdown timer as well.

Here’s a tip: VIP rewards 

Reward returning customers or customers who spend a lot with your brand. The rule of reciprocity is a mighty one, and if you don’t get it right, be sure that one of your competitors will, sooner or later.

Using Loyalty Marketing Automation you can automate tracking of purchases that a user makes.

This way, as soon as they reach the minimum number of purchases set by you, they will qualify for a free gift, a personalized gift, a major bonus, or free shipping fees for a month starting whenever they decide.

If I were you, I would make sure there is a tiered loyalty program in place that would motivate its members to buy more and enter their card details.

Your loyalty program speaks volumes about how much you value your members. You can be “Starbucks Rewards” loyalty (:that is A-level) and you can be “posh-snob brand of grumpy salespeople in-store” loyalty (:that is 0-level).

Don’t forget to wish Happy birthday!

Ok, not everybody enjoys their birthday as much as I do, but everyone enjoys a discount.

And there is one kind of discount that is as unique as one’s birthday is! Well, yeah, that was evident, it’s the Happy Birthday discount.

Celebrate your customer individually by setting up Happy Birthday automated campaigns!

Lead them to a landing page that customizes its content based on the user’s preferences/buying history and welcome them to their “An Entire Store to Myself” moment.

They can choose anything they like, and even when the lights go out (tip: set the website background to turn black as the night falls) they can still browse on your eshop. Cool idea, huh?

Yoast SEO

Look, I don’t know how you are used to doing things around your business but I can’t make do without a couple of tools, one of them being Yoast SEO. It literally changed the way we did hope for good SEO practices.

What you need to do is install the plugin (there is a free version available, too) and you can see what changes you need to implement for Readability and SEO purposes.

You can scan an entire document simply by revisiting the highlighted bits that need reviewing, rewriting, stylizing.

It helps you learn, it changes the way you write, but you get to create the text you love and then change things according to the SEO-optimization guidelines.

Subscribe to their newsletter for interesting tips and techniques.

Would you sign up for your Referral Marketing?

Referral marketing is a function of word-of-mouth marketing.

You essentially offer your users/customers to refer you to a friend of theirs. You then are expected to reward their brand loyalty.

The examples mentioned at the beginning of this article are representative of how effective this growth marketing strategy is.

If you are considering a referral marketing software you could try Maitre which integrates with Moosend in as much as one click.

Make Gamification an integral part of your actions

One way to grow and have your users’ help is to reward spreading the word with early access premium or exclusive benefits, personalized gifts – as long as they share your content on Facebook, or post content using your hashtag, or tag their friends.

What does your Heatmap say about your website?

I shouldn’t have to say that mobile responsiveness should be a top priority for your developers and designers.

In case I still have to do so, though, yes, mobile responsive websites are far more user-friendly for everyone, especially older age groups that might not be as familiar with why that page is not a perfect fit for their screen and it is constantly getting misplaced when scrolling down.

Heatmaps are also a great tool to understand whether your website design is on point.

They are essentially a map of all the “hot” clicks occurring on your website: are your users more likely to scroll down the page or do they click on the top of the page onyour top CTA? Which are your users go-to’s?

What makes users click on one section of the page could be a well-designed button, great copy, a specific background color that popped, anything.

The Product Hunt/ Reddit/ Instagram Files

Traditional Marketing strategies would involve posting your news to Product Hunt, Reddit, Instagram, etc.

Growth Marketing strategies are all about having already invested time and energy on building a community on the aforementioned platforms and get raving reviews and mentions as soon as you post.

By upvoting or double-tapping a post as soon as it’s uploaded, you show the algorithms that your content is highly appreciated.

Organize each member of your team to take over one of the platforms and have ownership of the content they publish there.

Have a look before everything is posted online so that you can ensure alignment with the brand.

Don’t expect the community to build overnight:

You need to post regularly, engage with the community, not simply stay on the receiving end but also be on the giving end by leaving comments, liking posts, and so on.

Only this way will you be able to create a hub of engaged users who take action upon notice.

Best part?

You won’t even have to ask.

But things will really take off if you celebrate your goal achievement with everyone who pledged their allegiance, and reward it with in-kind sponsorship or VIP rewards.

Design your Omnichannel Marketing

what is growth hacking

How does one get from your Facebook page to your website?

From your About Us section, your CTA button on your page, and from the posts on your timeline where you should share a direct link from your website or simply mention your website below your caption.

This way, you build a bridge between your Facebook and Website. This is one aspect of omnichannel marketing.

How does one get from your Website to your Instagram account or your Product Hunt profile?

Whatever action is important that your visitors take on their journey while exploring your brand, make sure you have a dedicated section describing the benefit for the user.

If you are a virtual phone number service and you need to build a community on product hunt, do take the time to come up with an outstanding section on your web design.

Invest in Conversational Marketing

You can’t grow your business if you can’t answer your website visitors’ questions. Lucky for you, there are Conversational Marketing platforms such as Drift and Intercom.

At Moosend, we have used both of these but just happened to love Drift a little more, in terms of UX and UI, primarily.

See for yourself which service covers your needs best.

Anticipate user needs long before they surface

Marketing is like building a relationship. It’s not just about reciprocating one kind action with another, but anticipating a need and catering to it.

To give your customers/users what they need before they need to ask for it, heck, before they realize they need it, is what is going to get you loyal customers.

Everyone wants to support the brand that is there for them, listens to their needs and releases new products accordingly.

An excellent example of this is @jenatkin’s @ouai hairstyling product collection: their entire R&D process goes through their Instagram accounts.

Through polls and feedback, they receive on The Gram, they develop new products thus providing their customers with their dream line and inviting more feedback right from the source.

This is an ongoing circle as users will be more likely to choose a brand that releases a product that so many other users/customers have requested.

It’s FOMO slowly kicking in:

Well, if everyone needs “curly jelly” (: @ouai’s product for curly hair) maybe I should give it a try too.

Why are they raving about it otherwise, anyway?

Having said that, let’s explore alternative ways, less manual preferably, to survey buyers:

Survey buyers on the reg

One way to survey buyers automatically is to set up automation that is triggered within 5 days of their placing an order with you.

So, if you own a store and each order requires an average of 3-4 days to reach the recipient, you should send that on the 5th day, simply choose a condition “If a user has purchased” and then add a filter “Wait 5 days”, and select an action “Send them a survey”.

Another way to survey buyers is while they are navigating your website.

A popup appears on the bottom right and either asks visitors to provide an answer or choose from a Lickert scale.

Update your website with Push notifications yesterday

If you are a publisher or news site you probably know this already: these websites get loads of traffic every day, so they need to get hold of as much of it as possible.

This way they won’t have to spend more advertising budget to acquire the specific people twice. So, how do you achieve that?

One way to drive traffic to your website on the spot is through web push notifications.

It’s like sending a text message to your pals. Whatever they’re doing at the moment, whenever they log into their computers, they will get notified about your latest article, video, or merchandise.

Stay relevant through well-timed messages!

Oh, and don’t take your subscribers’ loyalty for granted: keep content CTA-friendly and juicy so that your subscribers can’t afford to lose you.

How to find the best Growth Marketing Conference

With all these ideas out there, we all sort of yearn for that expert feedback, meeting with growth professionals and exchanging views on the latest ways to achieve growth.

You literally can’t waste money on a growth marketing conference.

But since you can’t afford to spend all your resources on conferences, here is a list of the top growth marketing conferences I’ve selected:

Dublin Tech Summit

growth marketing conference

Coming up real soon, you’ve got less than a month ahead of you to reserve your seat at the Dublin Tech Summit taking place in Baltimore (just kidding, Dublin, of course).

Prepare to immerse yourself in two days of growth-heavy strategies, networking, and development methods.


growth marketing

If you find yourself in Seattle mid July, you might as well check out this 3-day MozCon conference by one of the most pioneering businesses in the analytics, SEO, and growth marketing industry.

You’ll also have the opportunity to meet Moz employees and other industry experts sharing the same interests as you!

Traction Conf

growth marketing

Who wants to get fresh maple syrup from the source (Vancouver, Canada) around early August?

Suit up because you’re about to meet professionals from Slack, Google, Trello, or Reddit.

Better yet, you get to join in cool watercooler conversations with founders from your favorite Fortune 500 companies and top performing startups (…and get the occasional, laid-back selfie). All these at Traction Conf.


growth marketing conference

September is the best time to visit San Francisco and Drift knew just that when organizing Hypergrowth conference.

That will be your time to discuss professional and personal growth, while you pick the brains of your favorite leaders.

Growth Marketing Summit

growth marketing

If I had to say one thing about the Growth Marketing Summit that would be that their tagline is “100% knowledge – 0% blah blah.”  and you have to love that, right?

Right. But what you’ll probably love more is that the man behind The Lean Startup, Eric Ries, will be speaking at the event.

So, right after you have returned from your summer holidays, around September 3rd, and while your suitcases are still packed, head to Frankfurt (Germany).

Growth Marketing Conference

what is growth marketing

Looking for no-frills, actionable, and sustainable growth marketing tips?

San Francisco is, too, which is why it will be hosting this Growth Marketing conference in early December 10-11.

Expect to meet up with B2B and B2C growth marketers and be prepared to have your mindset changed overnight.

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