9 Best Email Blast Services For Your Business [2023]

9 Best Email Blast Services For Your Business [2023]

Published By Marilia Dimitriou
June 2, 2023

Email blasts enable you to deliver a single message to your entire email list and engage it quickly without spending too much time creating personalized emails. To do that, you will need an email marketing service with excellent email deliverability.

However, before we find the best email blast service for the job, you need to know that email blasting is more of an “emergency” tactic to give your conversions a temporary boost.

If you want to build long-lasting relationships, you should get a tool that lets you send mass emails and create personalized campaigns simultaneously.

Let’s discover your options.

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Top Email Blast Solutions: Compared

Below, we found some of the best email marketing platforms in the market to help you power up your email marketing strategy with personalized campaigns and list segmentation.

Price/MonthFree PlanUnique FeatureRatings
Moosend$9/month30-day free trialFast Email APIrating star 4 and half
HubSpot$20/monthYes (limited)CRM toolrating star 4 and half
Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)$25/monthYesBulk SMS campaignsrating star 4 and half
Constant Contact$12/month60-day trialA/B Testingrating star 4
Mailchimp$20/monthYes (limited)Send time optimizationrating star 4 and half
ActiveCampaign$39/month14-day trialPowerful automation workflowsrating star 4 and half
GetResponse$19/monthYesConversion funnelsrating star 4
MailerLite$10/monthYesGDPR functionalityrating star 4 and half
ConvertKit$15/monthYesAutomated Email funnelsrating star 4 and half

So now, let’s take a look at their features and pricing.

1. Moosend

best email blast service

Pricing: Paid plans start at $9/month, 30-day free trial (Sign up here)

Best for: SMBs, eCommerce, Startups, Enterprises

Best feature: Fast and reliable Email API

Moosend is an all-in-one email marketing software that will let you deliver your mass email campaigns to your audience. However, its powerful functionality and easy-to-implement marketing automations will allow you to do much more than that.

Regarding email creation, Moosend’s user-friendly email editor will let you craft beautiful campaigns using various advanced features. If you want to save time, the email templates are customizable and responsive, and you can use them as guides to craft something completely new.

Moreover, the available email list management tools are perfect for managing and keeping your contacts organized. You can use the segmentation feature to group subscribers based on similar interests. And to expand your audience, this email blast service also offers you a landing page builder and subscription forms.

Apart from that, Moosend lets you send transactional emails and take advantage of the fast and reliable Email API, where you can create, schedule and send new messages. Lastly, this email service has numerous certificates and strict compliance policies, such as GDPR, CSA, and Anti-spam, to comply with international standards.

Moosend Best Email Blast Service Features


Moosend has a 30-day free trial to try the essential features. Then, you can choose between two paid plans and a credit model. The Pro starts at $9/month for 500 subscribers and unlimited email sends. Also, the Enterprise plan will give you more functionality and dedicated IPs. To learn more, you can contact sales.

Furthermore, there’s also a credit plan you can use to send as many emails as you need. You can purchase 350K credits for $350.

2. HubSpot

hubspot best email blast service

Pricing: Paid plans start at $20/month, free plan

Best for: Enterprises, Startups, eCommerce businesses

Unique feature: CRM tool

HubSpot is a powerful email marketing platform that will equip you with various tools to create and send your mass email campaign to your email list. This tool has numerous products to choose from. Here, we’ll look at those found in the Marketing Hub.

Starting with the updated classic editor, you can easily craft beautiful email designs and deliver them to your subscribers. Email creation becomes easier since you have various elements and numerous pre-made email templates to customize and save time.

Regarding lead generation, HubSpot will provide you with pop-ups and landing pages to expand your email list and then target your new contacts with converting messages. Moreover, you can benefit from the marketing automation option, allowing you to automate your campaigns and lead scoring.

Lastly, this software comes with transactional email campaigns to send receipts, welcome emails, etc., and automate your email sending. You can also use advanced reporting and analytics to monitor your email metrics (open rates, click-through rates, etc.) and then utilize optimization tools to improve your email marketing strategy.

HubSpot Email Marketing Platform Features

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Ready-made email templates
  • Customer relationship management feature
  • Email automation & autoresponders
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Facebook Ads


HubSpot’s paid plans are based on the number of subscribers you have, starting at $20/month for the Starter and $890/month for the Professional. There’s also a free plan for 2,000 emails/month and essential email marketing features. The marketing automation tools are only available for paid subscribers.

HubSpot may be among the best email marketing services you can find out there, but it has very steep pricing. If you want affordability and scalability, check some of the most affordable HubSpot competitors instead.

3. Brevo (Formerly Sendinblue)

brevo email blast service

Pricing: Paid plans start at $25/month, free plan

Best for: SaaS, eCommerce, Startups, Enterprises

Unique Feature: Bulk SMS campaigns

Brevo is among the best email blast service providers due to its friendly user interface, email marketing tools, SMTP server, and SMS marketing capabilities.

Regarding email marketing, you can use this tool to power up your funnel and marketing efforts with professional email newsletters for every occasion. Moreover, based on your goal, you can easily craft promotional campaigns, lead-nurturing messages, or transactional emails for your contact list.

This email marketing solution also has great email deliverability rates to help you land your messages in your subscribers’ inboxes. You can use the available optimization tools to improve your subject lines and email content using the A/B Testing feature through the Campaigns dashboard.

You can also use the multichannel tools to promote your offers and deals with bulk SMS marketing campaigns to engage your contact list further and give your KPIs and campaign metrics a boost.

Brevo (Formerly Sendinblue) Best Email Service Features

  • Drag-and-drop email builder
  • A/B Testing feature
  • Customizable newsletter templates
  • Automated workflows
  • Transactional email campaigns
  • Responsive customer support


Brevo’s pricing offers two paid plans, starting at $25/month for the Starter plan and $65/month for the Business with unlimited contacts. The service also offers an Enterprise plan.

A free option is available for 300 emails/day and the key features.

4. Constant Contact

constant contact email marketing software

Pricing: Paid plans start at $12/month, 60-day free trial

Best for: eCommerce, Startups, Bloggers, Non-profits

Unique Feature: Subject line A/B Testing

Next on our best email blast service list is Constant Contact, a tool known for its email marketing and event promotion capabilities, such as increasing your webinar registrations, attendance, and more.

Regarding email marketing, this tool offers an intuitive drag-and-drop email builder and pre-made newsletter templates to simplify email creation. Personalization will also let you craft messages tailored to your subscribers’ needs and engage them more effectively.

Moreover, you can benefit from the list segmentation feature to keep your contacts and lists organized. You can easily upload your lists from Excel, Outlook, or apps like Salesforce and easily manage them through Constant Contact’s CRM system.

Compared to other tools on this list, like Moosend and HubSpot, this solution offers only subject line A/B Testing. So, if you want to enhance your email content, you should consider another Constant Contact alternative with more testing options.

Constant Contact Best Software Features

  • Email template designer
  • Drip campaigns
  • Social media tools
  • Subject line A/B Testing
  • Integrations with apps like Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.


Constant Contact’s subscription plans are based on the number of contacts you have, starting at $12/month. The lowest tier plan includes all the essential features. For more, you need to get the Standard plan for $35/month, including additional functionality and tools.

While there’s no free plan, you can use the 60-day trial to try the software before you get a subscription.

5. Mailchimp

Mailchimp best email blast service

Pricing: Paid plans start at $20/month, limited free plan

Best for: SMBs, eCommerce, eCommerce

Unique Feature: Send time optimization

Mailchimp is among the best email blast service solutions to craft email marketing campaigns, set up automated workflows to streamline your efforts and expand your audience with landing pages and signup forms.

This platform has two builders that allow you to create the messages you need using advanced elements, images, and product blocks. Moreover, you can use Content Optimizer to enhance your engagement with smart recommendations to make your audience click through.

Regarding marketing automation, Mailchimp has recently launched its Customer Journeys. You can use it to set up automated workflows, like welcome emails, to put your efforts on autopilot. Users can create custom journeys or select one of the available pre-built ones, as well as can create adaptable journeys for different customer scenarios.

Lastly, you can benefit from the send time optimization and A/B Testing options to improve your marketing messages. An advanced split testing feature called Multivariate Testing can also be found in the Premium version for those who need to run more thorough tests.

Mailchimp Best Email Marketing Software Features

  • User-friendly email builders
  • Multi-step automated workflows
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Chat and email support (phone support for Premium)


Mailchimp’s new pricing for the Standard plan is $20/month for 500 subscribers and 6K emails. The Premium plan starts at $334/month and increases the number of emails you can send to 150K. A free plan is also available for 1K monthly email sends only.

While Mailchimp is a popular email blast service, it has a steep pricing model, which may not be ideal for your needs. To get an equally powerful yet affordable tool, check out these Mailchimp alternatives.

6. ActiveCampaign 

activecampaign bulk email tool

Pricing: Paid plans start at $39/month, 14-day trial

Best for: Publishers, Agencies, eCommerce, Small Businesses

Unique Feature: Powerful automated workflows

ActiveCampaign is a mass email marketing platform that combines advanced features, high email deliverability, and functionality.

This software will equip you with various marketing tools to make your mass email sending more efficient than Gmail or Outlook and minimize unsubscribe rates. It will give you a user-friendly email builder to create your messages and provide pre-made newsletters to save time and effort.

Moreover, one of ActiveCampaign’s best features is its marketing automation tool. You can set up numerous workflows to engage your customers, as well as monitor engagement with tags, custom fields, analytics, and performance reporting. Transactional emails are also available through Postmark, with the starting price for 10K transactional emails being $15/month.

This bulk email service has a plethora of integrations with multiple apps, including eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Woocommerce, CRM tools like Salesforce, social networks like Facebook, and more. While this tool is powerful, it may not be suitable for beginners unfamiliar with marketing automation. If you want something less complicated, check out these ActiveCampaign competitors.

ActiveCampaign Best Software Features

  • Professional email templates
  • Advanced automated workflows
  • Transactional emails
  • Integrations with popular apps
  • Sales CRM


ActiveCampaign’s pricing starts with the Lite plan at $39/month for 1,000 subscribers. For additional features, you can get the Plus at $70/month (1,000 subscribers) or the Professional starting at $187/month (2,500 subscribers).

To try this service, you can sign up for the 14-day trial.

7. GetResponse

getresponse email marketing platform

Pricing: Paid plans start at $19/month, free plan

Best for: Publishers, eCommerce

Unique feature: Conversion funnels

Next, we have GetResponse, another bulk email service to not only power up your mass emailing but also expand your email list, create personalized campaigns, and convert your audience.

This solution will provide inbound marketing tools to run your eCommerce business, focusing on generating leads, communicating with your audience, and promoting your products. You can also start creating your messages with the user-friendly email creator, use different templates to save time, and set up simple autoresponders for your subscribers.

Apart from that, GetResponse will equip you with powerful workflows to engage your customers, web events, SMS marketing tools, popups, and forms. Users can also benefit from the email list segmentation feature to organize contacts and use the data to personalize their marketing campaigns.

Lastly, GetResponse is a permission-based email marketing platform with numerous certifications, including anti-spam policies containing CASL regulations to keep the platform a spam and spammer-free environment.

GetResponse Best Email Blast Service Features

  • Simple email editor
  • Customizable email templates
  • Autoresponders
  • Conversion funnels
  • Email list management


GetResponse offers three different paid subscriptions, including the Email Marketing plan starting at about $17/month, the Marketing Automation at $56/month, and the eCommerce marketing plan at about $110/month for up to 1,000 subscribers.

There’s also a free plan available, but it’s only for 500 contacts and limited features.

8. MailerLite

mailterlite best bulk email service

Pricing: Paid plans start at $10/month, free plan

Best for: Small businesses, eCommerce, Bloggers

Unique feature: GDPR functionality

MailerLite is another simple bulk email solution beginners can use to create beautiful and responsive email marketing campaigns for their businesses.

This platform offers three different email builders, drag-n-drop, rich-text, and custom HTML editor, to craft the messages you need for the right occasion. Moreover, you can use the newsletter templates to create a quick campaign for your audience and use the free image library to insert visuals without leaving the editor.

Regarding marketing automation, MailerLite also offers a visual workflow builder with numerous triggers and actions to deliver the right message at the right time. This will help you a lot more than sending your audience generic offers.

Lastly, you have a subscriber management feature to filter and organize contacts, update customer profiles, and add notes. MailerLite also provides GDPR functionality to ensure that your contacts’ privacy and personal information are protected.

MailerLite Best Bulk Email Tool Features

  • Three email campaign builders
  • HTML email templates
  • Intuitive automation builder
  • Unsubscribe page editor
  • Subscriber management


Mailerlite’s pricing begins at $10 per month for 1K contacts and unlimited emails. For more features, you need to upgrade to the Advanced plan starting at $21/month.

A free plan for 1,000 subscribers and 12K monthly campaigns is also available.

9. ConvertKit

convertkit email marketing tool for creators

Pricing: Paid plans start at $15/month, free plan

Best for: Bloggers, Content Creators

Unique feature: Automated email funnels

ConvertKit is a creator-oriented email marketing solution that you can use to connect with your audience and streamline your efforts with automated email funnels.

You can start creating simple and beautiful campaigns through the email designer or grab one of the pre-made templates it offers. Moreover, you can use the inline styling options to add buttons and images on the spot and keep your creation experience simple and distraction-free.

A landing page builder and signup form creator are also available to craft unlimited pages and popups to expand your email list. Then, you can use ConvertKit’s subscriber-centric features to organize your contacts through segmentation and tags.

Lastly, ConvertKit has a good email deliverability rate and an excellent reputation with email providers to ensure your messages land in subscribers’ inboxes.

ConvertKit Best Email Platform Features

  • User-friendly email builder
  • Email template management
  • Autoresponders
  • Automated email funnels
  • A/B Testing tool


Convertkit offers two paid plans, the Creator at $15/month and the Creator Pro at $29/month for 300 contacts.

The platform also offers a free plan with limited features for up to 300 subscribers.

The Best Bulk Email Services To Choose From

Sending bulk emails to your subscribers will give your KPIs and conversions a boost.

However, if you want to leverage the power of email marketing, you should consider getting a tool that will deliver personalized messages, create unique customer experiences, and automate your efforts.

Above, we explored some of the best email services you can use to do just that. So what’s the next step?

Register for the free plans or trials to see whether they are an excellent fit for you. You can start with Moosend by signing up for a free account and trying all the features today.

Email marketing is one of the most profitable tools out there. So don’t miss out on leveraging its full capabilities to grow your business.

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