Email Automation: The 3 Most Highly Effective Email Marketing Workflows

Email automation is the coolest. Seriously.

I mean, just think about it.

*warning – blast from the past ahead*

email automation

Remember those 80’s cringe films with guys working on square computers with spinning 3D graphics and weird beeping sounds doing all the work with just the push of a few buttons?

And we were devouring these scenes saying “this is the future”? (feeling nostalgic yet?)

Well. Great news everyone. This IS the future!

And it’s brought email marketing automation along.

Which makes for a pretty good reason to love modern times.

A Few Words On Email Automation

Sooo, back to 2019 and the spectacular technology of email marketing automation which offers small and big companies more benefits than you can count.

Just as the name implies, with the help of it you can automatically send timely, relevant and personalized emails. All you have to do is plan out your different emails. Just once!

My, oh, my! What a time to be alive!

Furthermore, the great thing with email marketing automation is that it manages to give your customers exactly what they want: the feeling of being special.

Because with the automated campaigns you send every email feels personal and includes exactly the content your customers want to read.

Which means more conversions!

throwing money gif

What is more, email marketing automation helps you gather useful customer data and eventually build strong customer relationships.

Properly integrated email marketing automation makes it easier for you to manage your campaigns and win precious time, quality leads and a reliable analytics core.

What was that? I’m pretty sure I heard some objections here. Speak up, please.

“But doesn’t this seem robotic?”

Hell no! Because email marketing automation is all about personalization. Not just for your customers but for you as well!

All you have to do is keep the tone of your email conversational and natural, address your reader by name and include a sender’s name that your subscribers will immediately recognize every time.

Besides, let’s face it. Once your business starts growing it’s practically impossible to remember what your every customer likes or even when their birthday is. And you know what they say.

Treat me like a queen and I’ll treat you like a king.

Just think that 75% of email revenue is generated from personalized campaigns. Point proven. *winks*

Email Marketing Goal Setting

Now, now don’t you get all impulsive with your email marketing campaigns.

Before conquering the email newsletter world you should first step back and define your email marketing goals and expectations.

So ask yourself some questions:

  • What do you want your subscribers to do?
  • Who are your subscribers?
  • How will your subscribers benefit?
  • How will you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns?

The goals you set should focus on the customer, be specific and aim at increasing engagement.

For example, you could target for:

The Supreme 3 Workflows

Cool, you can now brag about how you know what email marketing automation is and act like a wise guy among fellow marketers.

email marketing automation is easy image

But the truth is you’re just looking at the tip of the iceberg here.

Because defining a term and actually using email marketing automation are two completely different things.

Standing out in your customer’s inbox has become extremely hard these days.

And profitable as email marketing may be, it is a win or lose case depending on how you use it.

Want to be a part of the winning team?

Then, these 3 email marketing automation hits are exactly what you need.

Email Marketing Automation: Cart Abandonment

Everything goes smoothly. Your customer has placed a new item in their basket and they are ready for the checkout. They even fill in their contact details and all. And suddenly…they disappear!

Just like that! You have no idea why this happened. All you know is you just lost a customer.

It’s true. For most businesses cart abandonment is one of the biggest leaks in their sales and marketing funnels.

Don’t despair though. Email marketing automation takes care of everything! Just create an email that will be sent out every time a customer adds a product in their cart but fail to check out.

Do you think this sounds too simple? Only because it is!

Moosend, for example, really makes cart abandonment email automation a walk in the park.

The trigger for this recipe is any cart with items abandoned for one hour.

The recipe filters out people who have completed the purchase. Then, those who have incomplete purchases receive the email campaign you have prepared for this occasion in the campaign editor.

Increase conversions on your site and propel sales with Moosend’s advanced workflow and add more steps or reminder emails in the sequence depending on the type of campaing you prefer.

All you have to do it connect your Moosend account to your site and allow the platform to identify your customers when they visit your site.

And hey, if you don’t make it the first time don’t worry. You can always set an automation to send your customers a reminder, anytime you choose.

Also, it is a great idea to offer a discount code or free shipping to make your email even more attractive and increase your chances of making your customer complete the order.

Moreover, don’t forget to add in your email a link leading directly to your checkout page. Any other links might distract them and lead them astray. Make your customer’s life easier and they will come running back to your store!

Why Oh Why

The email you will create must be relevant and compelling, speaking straight to your customer’s heart. Which you can achieve only if you have a sense of why your customers abandon you every time.

The truth is, not all customers leave without finishing their order for a reason. Sometimes it just happens. Maybe they got distracted. Or they’re just thinking it over. Most likely they’re a Libra. (Sorry Libras, you know it’s true.)

But knowing the most popular reasons for cart abandonment today will help you create relevant email marketing campaigns that hit home.

reasons for cart abandonment statistics

Let The Numbers Speak

Silver Timing

Good timing is essential when launching a cart abandonment email campaign.

Best choice? An hour after the abandonment.

It’s ideal because you are still at the top of their mind. Waiting too long risks of leading the customer to lose the shopping urge that drove them to put the product in their cart in the first place.

You Had Me At Subject Line

The subject line is the single most important part of this email marketing campaign, no argument here. Because it’s the element that gets you noticed in your customers’ inbox.

And according to Convince&Convert, 35% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone.

Luckily, while most marketers have a favorite length for their subject lines, studies have shown that there is no correlation between subject line length and read rate.

That leaves you enough room to go crazy and test various subject lines with no limitations.

And if perfection is your middle name, then our free email subject line tester Refine will become your best friend!

To get you started, I’ve created a list of the most important types of high converting subject lines you can create in order to change your customer’s mind.


The Forgot Something Subject Line

 “Did you forget something?” 

 “I think you left something behind” 

The Curiosity Subject Line

 “A gift for you” 

The Urgency Subject Line

 “Almost sold out!” 

 “Your cart is expiring” 

 “Hurry, the items in your cart are going fast!” 

The Personalized Subject Line

 “Hey Laura, still thinking it over?” 

The I Know What You Want Subject Line

 “Free shipping, just for you” 

 “The price dropped for something in your cart” 

 “Save x% when you complete your purchase” 

The Friendly Reminder Subject Line

 “Your [brand] lipstick is waiting for you” 

 “Finish your order at [brand]” 

When creating your cart abandonment subject line you should also make sure it looks good on mobile since 49% of consumers use mobile phones for shopping today.

A great way to check this is to use a free tool like Zurb that shows you exactly how your email looks across different devices.

Copy & Soul

Needless to say how important the copy of your email is in this case. In cart abandonment email campaigns every word counts.

You want to create a:

  • Customer-centric
  • Captivating
  • Straight to the point email

Don’t be afraid to mention the abandoned item several times. If you don’t, it’s possible your readers won’t even remember entering your website.

Keep it short and sweet at all costs. And remember that the copy must resonate with your target audience while simultaneously pushing towards conversions.

Identify and address common objections that might have led to cart abandonment to win their trust and gain credibility.

Last but not least, don’t forget to provide customer support. Showing your customers that you are always available to help them gives a sense of safety much needed when shopping online.

Show To Tell

If you could only add images to just one email, then cart recovery email campaigns would be the winner.

More than anything, an image of the product your customer left behind is the one that will remind them why they decided to put it in their basket in the first place and get them sprinting towards the checkout.

Jog your prospective customer’s memory and trigger their FOMO with an image that is:

  • Large
  • Attractive
  • High quality

And in case you’ve been living in a cave, the past few years allow me to make it visual for you.

fomo email marketing automation

Yes, FOMO is a word and a much effective marketing strategy you should be using.

Back to the images you should choose, keep in mind that an abandoned cart email isn’t interesting for the recipient. And too many words make it even more boring (sad but true). So if you don’t want it to end up in the trash you must make it as attractive as possible.

Images of the abandoned products help engage your prospect visually and lead to improved conversion rates.

Just remember. Refrain from confusing the customer with too many images. Even if there are multiple products in their cart one good image is enough to do the trick.

Act’s All Folks

CTA’s that generate leads are priceless. Especially when it comes to cart abandonment emails.

In order to create a successful one, you must show your customers an offer they can’t refuse and entice them to click.

Some of the most common and high converting cart abandonment CTA’s are:

  • View my bag
  • Return to your cart
  • Complete your order

Remember to use a single call-to-action so you don’t distract the reader and place it somewhere that it can be seen without scrolling down.

A Few Fine Examples…

Nailing brand recognition

Casual, simple and to the point, Asos stays on-brand by creating a template similar to their website homepage.

The messaging matches the tone of the brand while the big image of the abandoned item jogs the visitors’ memory.

What is more, the “got distracted?” question creates self-suggestion and makes the customer realize that “Hey, I think I really did get distracted, how great that asos reminded me of my abandoned cart”.

Finally, the CTA is unique, clever and attractive.

asos cart abadonment subject line

asos cart abandonment email automation

Marketing done well

With laid-back language, ideal for the company’s audience, The Body Shop creates a cool cart abandonment email, short and to the point.

The abandoned product is included while the CTA is simple and not too pushy.

What I find especially clever about this email though is the “read reviews” button. Because, according to a research by Spiegel, displaying reviews can increase conversion rates by 270%.

the body shop cart abadonment email subject line

the body shop cart abadonment email automation

But that’s not all! A few days later another email follows. With a discount code. Like I said before if the first cart abandonment email doesn’t work don’t worry. Email marketing automation knows no limits.

the body shop cart abadonment email marketing automation example

…And A Not So Great One.

“Show, don’t tell” should be a mantra

Noone in the history of abandoned cart emails ever completed their purchase just because they were told so. Or did they?

Point is, you can do better than that!

The subject line of this Little Things email is too strict and the image of the abandoned item is way too small for me to remember why I checked it in the first place.

Also, the “Items to your cart” call-to-action is quite generic and looks like it isn’t there for a specific purpose while the “Visit our store” call can easily distract the prospect customer.

And hey, CTA golden rule. One button at a time!

Otherwise, customers will most probably be distracted and end up skipping your email.

little things studio email subject line

little things studio cart abandonment email marketing example

Email Marketing Automation: Thank You For Subscribing

Newsflash! First impressions matter!

They can make or break your email marketing campaign so you have to put an extra effort to make your welcome email shine like a diamond.

A well crafted welcome email can help you build strong, long-lasting relationships with your subscribers and turn them into lifelong brand ambassadors.

So, by thanking your readers for their subscription and introducing yourself or your brand you win their hearts and eventually their wallets. Sounds like a good deal, right? And it’s easier than you could ever imagine!

With Moosend you can set up a welcome email sequence in a jiffy.

The trigger for this recipe is called When someone subscribes to any list and fires up your automation when someone subscribes to your mailing list.

You wait for a specific time interval between the time the mailing list subscription occurs and the dispatch of the first campaign.

After that, you can add some distance between each email campaign, according to your specifications.

The only parameter that you need to define on this type of trigger is whether the automation will be triggered for every subscription made, or whether it will be triggered only on the first subscription per list.

This is what the Moosend welcome email sequence looks like.

moosend welocme email automation sequence

So why is it that we all love a good welcome email?

The perfect medium for introducing your brand and boosting brand awareness, a welcome email shows your subscribers what makes you unique and high quality and why they should continue opening your newsletters.

Reassure them that they’ve made the right choice by subscribing for your newsletter and set expectations for the future by explaining what’s in store for them for the future.

How frequently will they receive your emails?

What are the benefits of their subscription?

One more thing to keep in mind is that your newly subscribed fans not only expect a welcome email but they also expect a promo code with it.

So you know what you have to do to keep them happy and give them extra motivation to buy. Just remember to add an expiry date so they hurry to your store.

Finally, don’t forget to encourage your customers to connect with you on other social media to market them in a more holistic way.

Let The Numbers Speak

Silver Timing

Timing your welcome email right is imperative for your campaign’s success.

According to most, it’s best to send it while the subscriber still has your brand on the brain. And since 74% of subscribers expect a welcome email, don’t keep them waiting.

Just take a look at the infographic below explaining when marketers usually send their welcome emails.

welcome email best timing chart


As you can see, welcoming your subscribers right then and there is the most popular practice.

And with email marketing automation you can automate this process so every new member receives a welcome email automatically while you take care of other aspects of your business.

Free time anyone?

You Had Me At Subject line

While it doesn’t have to be as intriguing as a cart abandonment email, the subject line of a welcome email performs best when it’s clearly identified and attractive at the same time.

But the word “welcome” is almost a must. See for yourself:

welcome email example subject lines

This is my inbox. And 10 out of the 12 emails shown here include the magic word. Call it fluky. Or just embrace it.

In general, something easy to understand, warm and simple that doesn’t look spammy is the best way to win their trust and make them open your email.

It’s advisable that your subject line focuses on the needs of your recipients while also avoiding ambiguity.

For example:

  • A welcome gift just for you
  • You’re part of the family now

Additionally, make sure you do your best to create a personalized subject line since they generate 50% higher open rates.

You can go for something like:

  • Hi [name], let’s get you started!
  • Welcome to [brand], [name]!

A cute emoji is always a good idea since it makes your email stand out from a full inbox and gives a more playful tone.

Copy & Soul

Your welcome message sets your brand’s tone and raises brand awareness. So you should choose your words accordingly. In your email, depending on the business you’re in, you can:

  • Include some of your most popular posts
  • Showcase your high selling products
  • Include a personal note with your photo
  • Share some useful information that will help them become familiar with your website.

Take a look at this stellar example of a welcome email by Cookie+Kate:

welcome email automation example

And continues like that:

welcome email marketing automation example

It is also super important to make your subscribers feel they have become part of the family.

Phrases like “Welcome to the family”, “you’re now on the list” and “exclusive offers” subtly reward the reader and makes them feel special.

Which reminds me of another must-do for welcome emails. Did you know that personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates?

Personalize your content with the help of behavioral tracking or by using the additional information you may have requested.

And do consider adding your new subscriber’s name when saying hello. You can even take it to the next level by sending your welcome email from a staff member, giving a human face to your greetings.

Show To Tell

The right imagery of a welcome email must:

  • Make the newsletter visually appealing
  • Complement the body of your email
  • Demonstrate high quality
  • Represent your brand’s qualities

Powerful images of people give a sense of the community your subscribers are now part of while high-quality pictures of your products raise expectations and lead them to your store.

Take a look at this beautiful Kiehl’s welcome email.

kiehl's welcome email example

A combination of their products along with some props that align with the brand’s style creates the perfect frame for the company’s message while avoiding a too sales-y tone.

But remember: images aren’t always necessary in a welcome email. If you have a strong and short copy that doesn’t need breaking up it can easily produce the same results as an image.

Act’s All Folks

It may be a welcome email but this is still a marketing campaign. Which means that you want to see results out of it.

Your email must have a clear CTA that invites your customers to start getting value from your product or services while leading them to a specific landing page in order to make a purchase.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Since, like we said before, you’ve put all the effort in creating compelling content, right? Or, it can highlight the promo code you are offering.

A few CTA examples are:

  • Read the blog
  • Shop now
  • Start exploring


A Few Fine Examples…

The perfect image and copy mix

Bobbie Brown’s welcome email is a brilliant example of both showing and telling.

The background image whets your appetite, you get a 15% off and you also get informed on all the benefits your subscription offers.

And also, you do realize how cleverly they ask for your age, right?

Bobbi Brown Online welcome email automation example

Bobbi Brown Online welcome email marketing automation example

The effectiveness of simplicity

If simplicity is more like you, you’re going to love this welcome email!

Small and simple, yet powerful, the cooking site’s welcome email is keeping it short and sweet without being boring.

I love the eye-catching image and of course, love the promise Basically makes with this email.

Becoming a better cook is why I subscribed in the first place, right? Opening their next newsletter is a sure thing.

bon appetit welcome email automation example

basically welcome email example

The ideal guide-through welcome

If you hate leaving things to chance then this welcome email newsletter is definitely your cup of tea.

I’m not afraid to admit that the first reason I subscribed for goop was Gwyneth. And I bet all the coconut oil in the world that you did too. But, you know what?

Gwennie knows that.

That’s why she greets us with a photo of her and a personal note explaining a few things about her website.

And then the newsletter continues, guiding you through the basics of goop so you start reading immediately.

goop welcome email example

goop welcome email example

goop welcome email example

goop welcome email example

…And A Not So Great One

No sweat, no engagement

Allow me to express my disappointment here.

Yes, MUJI is a minimalist brand. But this doesn’t mean I don’t deserve something better than the typical confirmation email with a boring subject line and copy.

The lack of images makes this email even less interesting and the 10% off doesn’t sugar the pill.

muji usa confirmation email automation example

muji welcome email example

Email Marketing Automation: Thank you for your purchase

Saying “thank you” when a customer completes a purchase is not optional. It’s mandatory. Unless you want to come across as a faceless corporation that is.

Gratitude towards your buyers is an investment. It gives them a sense of satisfaction and demonstrates your company’s human side.

This way you create a deeper connection with them and build brand loyalty. Plus, it’s a great strategy for increasing word of mouth marketing.

Be careful though! A “thank you for your purchase” email is not the same as an order confirmation email.

The first one is more of a marketing “trick” while the second falls in the category of transactional emails.

The best thing with a thank you for the purchase email is that along with beating the competition with your good manners you create stellar opportunities for increasing revenue!

With Moosend’s new customer thank you email you will never forget your good manners! Each time a prospect becomes a customer the trigger of this action is activated and the subscribers are being funneled into your customer list.

Here, take a look!

new customer thank you email sequence

Triggered? Try it now, love it forever with Moosend’s free forever plan up to 1.000 unique subscribers!

Let The Numbers Speak

Silver Timing

If you want this thank you email to reach its goals then you have to be quick!

Usually, customers expect this kind of email to arrive right after they place their order so it’s best to follow up immediately.

You Had Me At Subject Line

No need to be fancy with this one. A simple, descriptive subject line is enough or customers may skim right past it.

You can’t go wrong with a:

  • Thank you for your order
  • We are processing your order now
  • Thank you [name]

Copy & Soul

A thank you email can make a great impact. Now it’s your chance to show customers your appreciation and your human face.

First of all, greet your customer by name. Next, share the excitement!


  • Positive words
  • Upbeat tone
  • Exclamation marks

Joyful phrases like “coming to you soon” and “we can’t wait for you to get it” create anticipation and show that you care for keeping your customers happy.

Equally important is to use the same tone of voice that you use in any other email, social media and product description.

Show To Tell

The right imagery can even make a simple thank you email look interesting. The best practice is to show your customers pictures of the products they just purchased.

In that case, you should show an image that is:

  • Clear
  • High quality

Most thank you emails of this kind though use no images at all.

Or if they do, they use generic and iconic images. Like Allbirds for example.

allbirds thanks for purchase email


Act’s All Folks

This one is tricky since the actual call to action may vary here. You may want to lead your customer to shop again or leave a review on the customer experience.

Or you can simply direct them to their cart so they review the details. A great idea is to show them your appreciation by offering a promo code on their next order.

Depending on the CTA’s purpose and industry you can go for:

  • View your order
  • Continue shopping
  • Leave a review

Of course, although a CTA here is a good opportunity to increase ROI, you can just play Mother Teresa and project your selflessness.

Sometimes asking for nothing more is the best way to melt your customer’s hearts.

A Few Fine Examples…

Appreciation done right

Remember what we said about Mother Teresa before? Matthews Effects is the example you were looking for!

The subject line is humble and straightforward while the body of the email has the perfect personal tone that really makes the customer feel appreciated and special.

The key point here is honesty.

Rick, the company’s owner took the time to send YOU a personal note.

Wow, right? (ok, it’s an automated email, but that’s the point after all). He isn’t afraid of expressing his true feelings and explaining how it feels every time someone chooses Matthews Effects for his buys.

And, did you notice the absence of images? Does it bother you? Didn’t think so. Simple, to the point and completely anti-salesy, this email is for me the epitome of a thank you for your purchase email.


matthews effects thanks for purchase email


Customer retention lessons

Abercrombie & Fitch takes the time to show gratitude by creating a sincere email with strong, perfectly picked words and a pyramid-shaped content that implements the message and improves readability.

Even if you opened this email by mistake, the big, bold letters saying “we’re honored” will get you hooked and reading.

They take clever copy to another level by acknowledging that a customers’ preference to their brand should never be taken for granted and this is a great lesson marketing-wise.

Again, no images here, which makes is kind of a rule of thumb that text itself is enough when it comes to this type of email marketing campaign.

abercrombie and fitch thank you email example


…And A Not So Great One

Too cool is never too good

Okay, to be honest, I didn’t know what I was expecting from an Audible thank you email.

But, I would appreciate a little more enthusiasm here.

If you go the extra mile to create a thank you for your purchase email you might as well make it worth it!

audible amazon your order is complete email

audible thanks for purchase email

Email marketing automation Do’s & Don’ts


  • Segment your list.
  • Track metrics.
  • Embrace video content.
  • Be straight to the point.
  • Keep your database clean.
  • Use email marketing automation to create better customer journeys.
  • Bombard your subscribers.


  • Make the unsubscribe button hard to find.
  • Use spammy words like “free”.
  • Use all caps or too many exclamation points.
  • Send before testing.

Now What?

Now you are ready to conquer the email marketing world!

Email marketing automation is your go-to tool for attracting new customers, saving time, boosting ROI and building brand awareness.

Man, that’s a lot of benefits for one software!

Just make sure your templates are mobile friendly and don’t forget to a/b test every campaign you send out. It’s the little things that matter!

Are you using email marketing automation? Is my top 3 the same as yours?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments!


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