Video Email Marketing: How To Send A Video Through Email (And Why)

Who launched a new feature that integrates video into your email campaign and is the best and comes forth to help you make the best of all of the newest email trends before you even have the chance to realize that you need some innovative moves?

That’s right, it’s Moosend! And we’ve got news for you!

Announcing Our Newest Video Element Feature!

Trust me, you’re going to love this.

Moosend’s Video Element says heeeey and it’s here to turn your campaigns into something awesome, using the hottest trend: Video Email Marketing!

The new Video feature in the Elements tab will give you the opportunity to add an online video to your email newsletter campaign, instantly turning it into a video email newsletter!

I bet you’re wondering when it’s going to be available to you though… It’s fresh out of the box and ready for you to use if you must know! But how oh how is it going to work for you? How are you going to know what buttons to press, what kind of video is supported through the feature, which plans support it…

You know how much I adore keeping you on your toes, but if you’ve got no time to waste, check out what happens in the GIF below!


moosend video email marketing feature new

And one little hinty hint: The Video Element is available now and it’s available for all of you, no questions asked.

Just keep reading, learn more tips and tricks, use our handy little tool and see your email newsletter campaigns turn to the finest specimens of video email marketing!

Intro time!

Howdy everyone and welcome back to one of my Ted Talks!

We all know how email marketing was supposed to be dead by now, yadda yadda, and how this chameleon of marketing tactics is still alive, kicking and showcasing more and more ways it can be used, with each passing day.

Yes, yes, new ways. You see, it’s been a rocky road from the email blasts, the Nigerian scam, and the “YOU WON!” spam emails to… Well, to what email marketing is today.

scam email marketing



But what is email marketing today?

First of all, it’s a medium that can be used by any and all brands, no matter what they’re selling, for all intents and purposes.

Secondly, it can incorporate features that you didn’t think possible, as email is not a text-only medium.

So, let’s give it up for…


Let’s take it from the top

The thing with email marketing is that it’s the cheapest and most rewarding way for your product to reach different customers, as we’ve said time and time again.

And since it’s so cheap, all the brands and services in all the towns in all the world are into it.

This means that there are billions of email marketing providers and billions of email newsletters.

Some of the most notable ones are replenishment emails, cart abandonment emails, campaigns, thank-you emails, and pretty much all different types of email forms to compete against, just to get a couple of views.

Yes, a couple. When what you really need is thousands of them!

So, when you’ve got subscribers with swamped inboxes, what you need is to get things going and have all eyes on you!

You know, be the Beyoncé of emails. The real one, not the spammy one. And this is where videos come in.

Video email marketing is the newest trend and it’s taken the email marketing world by storm.

Marketers are constantly looking for ways to create and edit videos, and then incorporate them in their email marketing strategies and tactics – and honestly, it seems to be working.

Actually, a report published by Forrester showed that including a video in an email can lead to a 200-300% CTR (Click-Through-Rate) increase.

But in order to reach the point where you say “Oh wow, let’s embed that video!” you, first and foremost, need to figure out what it is that you really want from your email campaign.

You see, some things serve a purpose better than others and video may not serve your purpose, for now!

So, sit down and think:

  • What are your goals? Maybe it’s engagement, maybe it’s to showcase the value of your offer. Or maybe, just maybe, you’d like to hook ’em with testimonials!
  • Why would you need to send a video through an email marketing campaign?
  • What kind of video would that be?
  • What kind of format can your email marketing provider support?

All these are questions that need to be answered first and foremost as, at this stage, you’re much like a customer in front of ten different brands that sell the same product:

You don’t know what you need and what will work best for you.

But fret not, as I will clarify all you need for you.

But why video email marketing, of all things?

Nowadays, video is a medium that can be creative and engaging without breaking the bank and people are curious to watch-especially if this video is less than a minute long!

It’s a psychological trick really, as video gives an indirect promise of watching and learning, not reading and trying to digest information.

What do I mean by that? You can showcase things done in real-time, through videos.

Talk about real problems and make the viewer feel as if they’ve got an actual conversation going on, again with videos.

And this kind of interaction, as proven, leads to higher click-through rates, especially if combined with clear CTAs and value right off the bat.

Video (and video email marketing, by extension) has the ability to hook users upfront and make them engage, be it by checking out your product (more on how to do this, in a tick) or by looking into your brand and offers more thoroughly.

Are there any other benefits? Well, let me think…

  • Videos draw and keep users’ attention where it’s supposed to be: On you! Hence the number of videos that go viral daily, as opposed to text posts or articles.
  • Their content is easy to digest and videos are easier to remember than just some plain ol’ copy.
  • If you had the option of watching a one-minute long presentation of a product or reading a three-page presentation, what would you do? I imagine, you’d watch the video and you’d probably be convinced to buy, on top of everything!
  • On a video going viral: Imagine what this can do for your SEO endeavors and how good this will be for your ranking on SERPs! And again: How many text posts or emails do you remember that have gone viral?

“But honestly, Téa, wouldn’t it have been easier to just write some fantastic content and include a link to a video, instead of going all-in on embedding a video in an email?”

Hmm, maybe. Would it have been interesting and fun? Definitely not.

Don’t want to listen to me? Listen to this, then: You’ve got the option of not looking like a spammer, and that’s one thing.

But let’s say that, as a trained marketer, you managed to get past that trap.

Also, let’s say that you, the trained marketer, managed to come up with an email that ended up right into your subscriber’s inbox.

Would you like your subscribers to click on the link, end up on YouTube, and be distracted by a video on how to talk to giraffes instead of them checking your offer out and you appealing to that impulsive nature of a purchase?

If the answer is anything but no, then there’s something seriously wrong with you.

Now, you allegedly have decided the campaign, on which you’d like to embed a video. Before you turn fantasy into reality, take a step back and look at your work:

  • What is the end goal of that campaign? You know, videos work well for everything, but they are best used when it comes to campaigns that aim for brand awareness. For a product to go viral. That sort of thing.
  • What kind of strategies are you going to use, in general? If you’re planning to use ads, launching events, and an email marketing campaign, maybe you should think twice about where and when you’ll use the elements you want to use. If embedding videos to all of your marketing actions is your thing, then maybe that’s just too many videos.
  • Does video really satisfy user intent, when it comes to the campaign you’d like to launch? Does your target audience like videos? By utilizing your data to answer these questions, you’re saving money down the line, as it will mean that you won’t do something your target audience wouldn’t really care about.
  • As with every single little action, make sure to study your competition before making any decisions. Period.

Of course, embedding videos in email marketing are a bit of a challenge, as is anything and everything new in this world. But it’s totally worth it. If you’re up for more conversion and more revenue, that is.

And now, the question you’ve been dying to ask….
buying facebook likes click here banner

Do all video formats work for email marketing?

Ah that’s a tricky one, seeing as you need your email campaigns to be optimized for any and all things, including but not limited to:

  • Mobile Opens
  • Email clients

And anything in between. You see, non-optimized features here and there can cost you conversions, as it’s more than obvious that an email that is not displaying properly doesn’t satisfy the user’s intent.

And the user definitely has at least a dozen other emails in their inbox that display properly and are about the exact same thing as yours, but you’ve only got a handful of users to impress.

And you want to impress them all.

So let’s go see what you can do when it comes to embedding a video.

The best way to do it would be to embed an HTML5 code. Which is a technique that could work, but wouldn’t work for everyone (Sad face!).

There are email clients that support video in email, however, it’s not for everyone.

This is why you should go through some vigorous testing.

HTML5 code how to send a video in email

Here are the clients that fully support HTML5



Since HTML5 doesn’t work for everyone and everything, maybe you should consider different types of formats, in order to make sure that the emails that go unnoticed will be as few as humanly possible.

Oh, and if HTML5 works for you, please steer clear off of autoplay, if you’ve got an embedded video in your email campaign (you’ll see why that one’s in bold, in a tick).

If your MySpace Top 8 found autoplay annoying, guess what your email newsletter subscribers think of it!

But let’s lose all that talk now, as embedding a video in an email campaign that just won’t play for your clients is a very real issue.

Of course, I wouldn’t be able to continue with this article without providing a solution for that.

Video Formats: The Workarounds!

Are you one of those unlucky ones that couldn’t make HTML5 work?

Well, fret not, my dear friend! I’ve got some news for you.

There are more formats than just HTML5. They may be a little on the trickier side. They may not exactly be videos. But you’ll see that you’ll love them all the same.

The whole thing is a matter of perception.

In other words, you could give a bit of a broader definition to the term “video”, before embedding one in your email marketing campaign.

Let’s see what kind of solutions I can bring to the table for you, then:

The Moosend workaround

Video email marketing is the name of the game and Moosend is, as per usual, the coach!

Nah, I’m only joking (or not), my point is that we’ve got your back with our newest, coolest feature. The Video Element!

This new, ready-to-use feature is available today and it’s for all of you guys, whether you’ve got a free plan or not, whether you’ve been a fan of us for a billion years (thank you for that!) or you just started, we’ve got your back.

All you need in order to find out how embedding a video in your email marketing campaign works is this help article here.

But let me give you a small summary:

The Video Element enables you to embed a video in your email and…

Oh is that customization I hear?

Why yes, of course, seeing as we don’t like to stifle creativity around here and we know you want your campaigns to be adored by your subscribers.

The Video Element helps you not only embed the video’s URL in your email but also customize, change the background color of the slot, even use a better cover image, or lose the play button, all these in one little tool!

Pretty cool, innit?

moosend video feature custom cover image

And when your subscribers click on the video icon, they’re ready to land on a landing page or the page of the video host and you’re ready to start turning inspiration to cold, hard brand awareness and revenue!

And just like that, you’ve turned your email marketing campaign to the hottest video email marketing campaign out there! Don’t tell me you’ve seen a better or easier way!

moosend video elemend video email marketing

The static image workaround

This video-in-email tactic is one of the simplest workarounds.

Surely, this act of “embedding a video in an email” is nothing like embedding at all.

You won’t use a video, you’ll more or less use a static image of the video, that will entice the recipient to click on a play button that isn’t really there.

But what is there, exactly?

Why, a screenshot, of course! Go take a screenshot of the video you want to show the world, put that in your email newsletter, and link, link, link!

Kind of like this:

embedding video in email through screenshot


If you click on that image, play button or CTA, I’ll bet you my right arm that you’ll go straight to a landing page.

And that landing page will contain the video in question.

Now, remember the bold letters from the paragraph above?

Remember how you shouldn’t use autoplay for the video embedded in your emails? Now, we’ve got the opposite case.

By enabling the autoplay feature on your landing page, you’re doing yourself -and the user- a favor, as one more click is one less chance for the subscriber not to watch.

And one less watch definitely equals one lost chance at higher conversion.

So, this is exactly what you need to do. Include a static image with a play button.

Link that image to your landing page.

If you’ve got none, make sure the embedded link redirects the user to the video itself, whether it’s on YouTube or Vimeo or wherever you decided to host it.

The animated GIF workaround

GIFs are pretty darn old, aren’t they? Well, this is not a bad thing in our case, as most email clients have adapted and supported that format.

A GIF, or Graphics Interchange Format, is an image format that works kind of like those flipbooks we all know and have enjoyed many a time.

animated GIF for video email marketing

The point is that the images (or frames) flip right before one’s eyes so rapidly, they create a sense of movement. And this is exactly the technique a GIF uses.

However, not every email client supports that format.

Microsoft Outlook, for example (the 2007, 2010, and 2013 versions, that is), only display the first frame of the GIF.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t use GIFs.

An animated GIF will show the playful side of your brand and make the whole experience of reading your emails fun and exciting for the subscribers.

animated gif send video in email


Yes, this is a GIF and not an embedded video in email.

And it’s fun, it gets the people going, and the “To the blog!” CTA is brilliant if you ask me!

So, this itty bitty type of movement, the snap of the fingers, and the changed clothes add a different tone to it.

You can use this technique and a fiendishly clever CTA to send people to your landing page. Simple, yet effective!

There is just one thing to keep in mind though: Remember that Outlook issue I mentioned above?

Well, make sure to showcase all the good info in your first frame-CTAs, design tricks, offers, the works!

Just make ‘em click on it and you’ll be good to go!

The Cinemagraph GIF workaround

Again, not a type of video per se, the Cinemagraph GIF is a relatively new technique to spice up your email marketing game!

It’s essentially a type of animated GIF that combines the properties of photography and video:

The image is still, but there is an element (or elements) moving, like a GIF, usually in the background of the image.

It looks like that:

cinemagraph GIF

Watch how the image in the background remains unmoving, as opposed to the drink being poured.

The antithesis is fantastic. However, what goes for animated GIFs, goes for Cinemagraphs as well:

They are supported by most email clients, but not by all of them.

Do you want your emails to look like that?

Cinemagraph GIF video email


This is such an interesting way to convey a message!

But keep in mind what I said before:

Make sure that your message goes right in your first frame, to make sure that your Cinemagraph (much like your animated GIF) will display as well as possible in the email.

You can’t afford to lose conversions just because your subscriber is using an email client from 2013 in 2019!

Oh, and here’s a pro tip for you, since you made it this far and I like people who read my rants:

Make your GIF clickable! In other words, make it so that it will redirect people to your website and/or landing page.

This landing page could contain the video itself or perhaps could be a landing page and that’s that, yadda yadda, you know the drill.

So, what have we learned so far?

  1. That Moosend is the best and has your back when it comes to innovative email marketing tactics!
  2. That email marketing is not dead but evolving. And videos in email marketing are revolutionary!
  3. That not all video formats work for all email clients.
  4. That a video doesn’t have to be a video: it can be a GIF or a video screenshot with a hidden link!
  5. That less is more: You need fewer clicks in order to satisfy user intent, which does not mean that you should use autoplay in any and all conditions.

If you still don’t believe me, you’ll be surprised by the findings of this case study.

Some quick info:

“Email Marketing: Helzberg Diamonds garners 288% sales lift with animated, personalized promo.”

But does video in email marketing work for all businesses? Are all email campaigns suited to have videos in them?

The “Better Said Than Done” Effect!

It’s not uncommon or difficult for someone to go overboard with innovations, both in email marketing and elsewhere.

The trick is to manage to keep everything in moderation and create successful campaigns, without looking like you’re trying too hard-yep, trying too hard doesn’t give your product or brand any value and it tends to drive people away.

So, why and how would you send a video through email, in order to compliment your content nicely and drive more revenue to your company?

video content email statistics


Check the numbers, please.

The most effective video content is testimonials (unsurprisingly).

And, according to marketers, it’s the most difficult to create as well, which was to be expected.

Event videos are not exactly effective, as you can see.

So, what does that tell us about the types of businesses that would work well with videos?

Generally speaking, we could break down the video content we can make into three large categories.

The ones that will raise brand awareness, the ones that will educate, and the ones that will drive more engagement.
buying facebook likes click here banner

The first category will put your brand (back) on the map

These videos need to be easy on the eyes for sure, no matter the brand, even if we’re talking about NPOs.

Types of videos that fall under this category:

  • List-type, aka “Top X things to do/places to visit in Y location”
  • Meet the team videos
  • Behind the scenes videos

Would work perfectly for:

Well, pretty much any type of business but I think that entrepreneurial businesses and “Meet the Team” videos would look fantastic together!

Also, imagine how great it would be for, say, a real-estate agency or a tourism company to create a video about the “Top 30 foods one should try in Morocco”, if they’ve got vacancies for…

You guessed it! Morocco.

A city newsletter would greatly benefit from that kind of video as well.

The second one is the type of video that aims to teach

In general, these videos are or could be manuals or tutorials. So, the second and the third best video content category belong right here.

Types of videos that fall under this category:

  • Tutorials
  • Reviews
  • Customer testimonials

Would work perfectly for:

Again, any type of business, but I think it would be fantastic for companies that can do tutorials and showcase the way a product can (and should) work.

For example, SaaS companies could benefit from a tutorial video or a testimonial video.

And of course, companies that sell disposable goods, such as eCommerce stores.

The third category is all about interaction

A share, a like, something that will turn your audience into an active part of your campaign.

All types of video content would fit in here perfectly, event videos especially.

Types of videos that fall under this category:

  • Behind-the-scenes videos
  • Vlogs
  • Announcements

Would work perfectly for:

Anyone and everyone, no questions asked.

However, I do feel you’ve got some questions, so just think of a city newsletter (again) or a company, no matter the kind of company, making an announcement video or GIF.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic?

Or perhaps a band that would like to sell merchandise.

They could benefit greatly from a video that could be “A year/month/whathaveyou in reverse” and sell the merch!

We’re talking about interaction though, aren’t we? And you know the saying:

share video email campaigns

Interaction could really be the huge be-all, end-all for the categories mentioned above, email marketing included.

You see, the more the engagement, the more shares an email has.

The more shares, the more awareness. The more awareness, the more revenue.

And shares go way beyond social media and Facebook likes (the real ones, not the ones from farms!).

So, if you really like a video email campaign, do not hesitate, just use some tools to help your subscribers let their loved ones know!

Moosend, which is a great MailChimp alternative, can help you a lot with what is called Referral Marketing (new terms, people!).

Just check this out:

You get a perfect campaign idea, create it, make your video (no matter what kind of format you decide it should have), and then you want people to see it!

Just include that little button in the little red square over there:

moosend share email campaign

I think my point speaks for itself: Videos are not just for YouTubers, bloggers and vloggers.

Video marketing is for everyone and video in email marketing is for all those who want to be one step ahead!

Wanna be on top?

Ah yes. Don’t we all?

Let’s see what kind of magic you can work, in order to be the best of the best. Aka, the best practices for videos in email marketing campaigns!

Use opt-in

Yes, this goes for all campaigns, video campaigns included.

Opt-in is the one and only way to keep your list clean and fresh.

You don’t need anyone to report you as a spammer, after all.

And those who have decided to be a part of your mailing list, will definitely appreciate your efforts in both creating a fantastic campaign and enticing and engaging you.

Don’t be a creeper

Cryptic subject lines are a thing of the past and remind everyone of past practices that were, frankly, annoying and silly.

Kind of like those “Surprise! You won!” emails that were spammy, potentially dangerous and completely useless.

Include the word “Video” in your subject line.

According to a study, the word alone can boost open rates by 19%. Not to mention give you a 65% boost in CTRs.

In any case, your subject line should be able to tell all, but without conveying vital information-people should open your email for that one!

Email marketing is like sales

I know that this statement is no news.

Bear with me for a second here.

What I mean to say is not that email marketing is a sales tool, but it’s quite literally just like that funnel we’ve all grown to know and love.

There are emails that are top-funnel, mid-funnel, and bottom-funnel.

You’ll need to come up with different campaigns for different people in different places of that funnel.

This, of course, means different videos for each and every email you decide needs to have a video in it.

What does your audience have to say?

Always consult your audience.

They’re the ones that are going to receive your emails, they’re the ones that should be happy with what they see.

Otherwise, no conversion. And this will be a sad day for you.

Also, make sure to take notice of the length of your video (if you decide to use an actual video in the traditional sense, that is).

According to Wistia’s data, the longer the video, the less the engagement:

ideal video length vs engagement


Evidently, the best length is around two minutes and you should stick to that, especially if we’re talking about trying to convert newbies to recurring customers.

Oh, and for the love of God, A/B test everything! But don’t go overboard with it, try to test one thing at a time.

Otherwise, you’ll get all confused, you won’t know which variant was the one that ended up making a difference…

Make sure to tell all!

The reason why a video is more successful than simple copy, is that a video can showcase any point in any way you want.

What would you like to sound like? Sarcastic, emotional, detached?

A video can convey all that, whereas text can’t quite show the subtle undertones.

Video email marketing, therefore, is not just a trend.

It’s useful and relatable, and videos are something more than impressive than plain ol’ text and visuals.

People can actually understand the true colors of a message without trying very hard at all.

Oh, and since we’re telling all, here’s something extra for you:

Why not send an email to your beloved, dedicated subscribers, asking them how they’d like it if you switched to video email marketing?

Announce it, even.

Nobody will say no, everybody loves video!

But give them the option of stating their opinion.

Social Media or an email survey could work wonders when it comes to something like that, as you will get your subscribers’ honest opinion and you’ll get tonnes of engagement!

Let me give you some examples

Let’s see a couple of different ways you could combine video and email marketing:

Video email marketing can help you showcase the product

No better way than using an animated gif to showcase the use of a product.

Just put it in an email, especially if you’ve got a “Black Friday” or an “Offer” campaign running.

Check this out for reference:

video GIF animated email campaign


This email says everything I was trying to say already.

We’ve got a product-a dress, in our case that has five different uses.

The GIF that has been made is here to showcase all five uses of this dress.

Something that would’ve been impossible to happen with just clever copy and design.

Video email marketing can help you showcase the use

SaaS and various software development companies rejoice, seeing as this one’s for you and you alone!

Create animated GIFs or videos and embed them into your email marketing template, in order to showcase a fresh, new feature.

embedded video in email animated GIF


These are fantastic both for showcasing for promotional and service purposes.

Think about it! Customer service emails with tutorial videos or GIFs in them.

Video email marketing can help you tease ‘em

Would you look at that:

embedded video in email snapshot


If you click on the video, you’ll get redirected to this:

embedded video in email landing page

And then, all you need to do is click on the video.

Some will say that this is one too many clicks. I agree, seeing as I shouldn’t have to click on the video-I am already curious and no brand can afford to lose interest just because of one extra click.

Remember what I said before: Autoplay may be bad for the emails themselves, but it’s the way to go when users are redirected to the location of your video.

Is producing a video, expensive?

Not if you do it properly.

The reason many marketers shy away from videos is the fact that they think there are no cost-effective solutions for it.

Which is completely untrue.

Let’s take things from the top: You don’t need too many things to create videos, GIFs, or Cinemagraphs.

Just a little talent, a little resourcefulness, and a free video editor. And my list of tips of course:

Plan first

And thank me later. You should do nothing, literally nothing if you don’t have a solid plan.

What is the purpose of the video? Why is it going into the email? Are you aiming to showcase a product? Talk about a discount? Welcome new subscribers?

What about the target audience that is going to receive this video email campaign, their age, their likes, and dislikes?

Pin these answers down, before going forth with your ideas.

You need to be as creative as your KPIs will allow you to be.

SEO works great with video

So, get your motor running. Use your tool of preference and look for the keywords that match your niche or campaign.

Find the ones with higher volume. And get ready to rank!

The reason you need that is the following: If you decide to skip this part and go right for the content, you’ll miss out on a chance to rank with not that much of an effort.

This will mean a waste of time, budget, resources, ideas, you name it.

Explore low-cost options

You don’t need a professional to do the work for you if you’re a solopreneur or an SME. You just need your imagination and your resources.

Let’s assume that you want to do a how-to video.

You’ve got a camera on your smartphone.

What you may need, would be a light reflector, like the ones photographers use, otherwise opt for some great natural light.

You can act everything out or even have a member of your team be the main star, depending on the type of video you are aiming for.

It will be a fun activity for you and your team and definitely won’t cost too much-or maybe won’t cost anything at all.

And don’t go overboard with editing.

It should be a simple process and get your point across without being too stylized. What you need is to satisfy user intent.

An app will do the trick for you, editing-wise.

And now for my list of Dont’s

Don’t babble

Remember my advice on keeping videos short? Well, depending on the niche and what you’re aiming for, a video can be too short (less than a minute) or too long (over ten minutes).

Find the sweet spot that will work for you. If it’s a tutorial, you’ll probably need more than a couple of minutes for it. If it’s a welcome video, you’ll need a lot less.

Don’t be bait-y

Don’t use words like “Click here” or “Shop now”.

The video is supposed to be doing all the work for you.

In other words, these phrases are bate and they won’t make you or your campaign look very nice.

Oh and don’t use bate-y words or phrases on your subject lines either.

Do it simply, just like the old saying: “If you build it, they will come”… But with an enticing little twist.

Make sure to say things but not say too much.

Don’t underestimate the copy

The whole article may be a guide on visuals, but copy is copy and copy is still important, so don’t forget its role in all of that.

It’s important that your copy, as little as it may be in a video email marketing campaign, showcases your brand in a few, important words.

And if we’re talking about a scripted video, you’ll need all of your creativity and resourcefulness, in order to write a video script that will convey your message in a way that won’t sound too scripted or artificial.

Take it away, honey!

And that was it on my side for today.

If you’re still not convinced about how useful a video email campaign would be, just keep in mind that email marketing is constantly changing and ever-evolving.

It only makes sense for email marketing to use videos, in order to have better reach and for brands to get better conversions, pretty much.

And if you still don’t believe me, check out how YouTubers are the new rockstars.

Then, check out our new feature to see for yourself.

That’s all, and thanks again for coming to my Ted Talk!

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