Re-engagement Email Based on Weather

Weather conditions can play an important role in the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in certain industries.

That is why we at Moosend prepared this marketing automation recipe in a way that it takes into account the weather in the area where your contact is based.

This weather-based re-engagement recipe starts working for your business when someone on your list clicks any link.

Then the subscriber goes through a filter that checks the weather conditions where they are. Since you want to promote product offers that are weather-sensitive, different campaigns will be sent out to different user segments.

For example, if it is rainy at the contact’s location, they will receive an email promoting umbrellas. On the other hand, if Moosend’s platform finds that it is sunny, they will receive your straw hats campaign.

Does the weather affect your product sales?

If yes, use this automated workflow to segment your list on the fly and have them receive the appropriate marketing message.

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