Why people subscribe for newsletters?

Why people subscribe for newsletters

Well it is true. We all want a lot of subscribers to read our news, learn a lot of things from us and formulate a community of content consumers, take under consideration our offers (and why not make a move and buy them all?). Everyone has his own agenda and that’s totally understandable.

But you will never achieve your higher growth rate in terms of subscribers unless you understand your (potential) subscribers psychology. Why are they subscribing? What makes them hit the “subscribe” button? What makes them subsequently “confirm” their subscription? WHAT MAKES THEM GIVE YOU THEIR EMAIL? What can you do in order to convince them to give their email to you?

Why people would subscribe for your email?
The reason why someone would subscribe is literally an endless list. If you find out where your golden line stands, the thin line where you will offer what your audience wants, you are really half way through! So, what do they really want?

Earn something
Deals, discounts and prices is our thing
Do you have a way to get discount deals? Your subscribers want them! Make sure they get them and they’ll thank you for ever! And they’ll talk to all of their friends about this exciting company with the great deals!

No reason at all
A recent research from GetAppLab, shows that many people subscribe… by accident. This accounts for almost a quarter of the people questioned. What are the main takeouts of this research?

-Men are most likely to accidentally subscribe for a newsletter
-Women subscribe more than men to newsletters containing deals and offers

They want to be entertained
Once in a while, a newsletter comes and interrupts your long hours of work, and there it is: a little smile, a weird story, a funny video, a short series of photos to let you know that life can be very spontaneous. Well, we all want that!

They want to be educated
In a very demanding lifestyle, we all want to learn about something that would make us appear smarter, to always being able to self-improve without leaving our desk+not spend a crazy amount of time (that we obviously don’t have). So, promise and deliver short email courses, easily digestible and in a very consistent pace.

No time
They count on you to briefly inform them
“A weekly update of eve-ry-thi-ng you should know about the XYZ” is a completely enticing reason to get someone onboard. Just make sure the content curation will be impeccable and you’ve got yourself an extremely dedicated and thankful subscribed human being!

Your product
They want to learn more about it. Before everyone else
Let them know details on your product, how it could be of use to them, news about it, the company, or the founders. As your product evolves and gets bigger, your customers will be more eager to consume it and be a part of it! If you add the little detail that you will provide them with this knowledge before telling anyone else, they will be more than happy to give you their email. No questions asked!

You are different
People want to brag about discovering something first.
Differentiate your newsletter from everyone else’s is the number one reason that someone will subscribe to it. Because, let’s face it. There are LOADS of newsletter out there. Just let your subscriber know HOW you are different and you will know the reason WHY they will hand you their details.

Due to everything mentioned above, dedicate a landing page to email gathering. Let your potential subscribers know exactly what they will get in exchange for their email. You could even show them, by showcasing your previous newsletters. In this way, you will make sure that everyone will know exactly what they will get and be more than happy to eventually receive it!

Don’t forget to make the process of subscribing to your newsletter, easy as diving a big spoon in a huge jar of Nutella! You will not regret it. Ehmmmm…

So, come on, tell me. Did this help you understand your subscribers better?

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