10 Exotic Hospitality And Travel Email Newsletter Templates For Your Visitors [2022]

Want to capture your target audience’s attention with amazing promotions and hot accommodation deals? Do it with some magnificent hospitality and travel email newsletter templates!

Today, we’ll check out some cool design examples that you can easily turn into eye-catching email marketing campaigns for your guests and travelers.

Here’s what’s in store for you:

  • Hotel email newsletter examples.
  • Food service email designs.
  • Travel email layouts

Let’s go!

Moosend’s Hospitality Email Templates

Moosend’s newsletter templates are perfect for creating promotional emails for your hotel, delivery service, or travel agency. Here’s how to get them:

  • Sign up for a free account.
  • From the Campaigns tab, select “Create new campaign.”
  • Go to the Editor and find the design you like in the Template Library.
  • Choose your design and start customizing them on the spot.

With the intuitive email builder, you can add all the elements you like, from videos and GIFs to product and conditional visibility blocks. Now let’s see those layouts!

Hotel Email Newsletter Templates

Promote your hotel business with eye-pleasing designs that will take your email strategy to the next level. Below, we have an assortment of templates to help you nurture your visitors and increase your booking rate.

1. Luxury Email Newsletter Design Example

hotel booking email design

Is your business more on the luxury side? Then use this example to stun your potential customers and get them to make a booking.

Why you need it:

This simple design will give you the chance to create beautiful emails to promote your hotel business. Take advantage of white space and add high-quality images to inspire your recipients. Also, don’t forget to insert some vibrant CTAs to boost your click-through rate and lead your audience back to your booking or landing pages.

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2. Hotel Email Newsletter Design

hospitality and travel email newsletter templates

A beautiful and simple design to charm your recipients and get them excited about their next adventure.

Why you need it:

Customize the above hotel e-newsletter to showcase your business and give potential guests a taste of what they’ll experience. The layout is great for presenting numerous guestrooms and services. Also, you can add more content blocks following the Z pattern to increase your subscribers’ engagement with your email.

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3. Adventure Responsive Email Newsletter Template

booking email layout

You sent them your welcome email. Now it’s time to deliver an astonishing promotional campaign to get them to act!

Why you need it:

Customize this design to effortlessly increase your booking rate and connect with your audience by linking back to your social media profiles to form solid relationships. Don’t forget to insert high-quality images and relevant copy with the type of room, price, and availability. Also, you can add numerous content blocks to promote additional rooms, blog posts, or extra services.

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4. Exotic Email Template Example

responsive email design for hotels

Are you a marketer who wants to promote exotic destinations? Then make sure to intrigue your potential travelers with eye-catching visuals and exciting copy.

Why you need it:

Give your subscribers a taste of what they’ll come across if they book their next holiday with your business. Also, customize this hotel email newsletter template to give them all the necessary information they need to convert. The header is already equipped with an above-the-fold copy box and CTA to increase your chances of making your readers click!

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Food Service Email Templates

Does your food service need an extra push? Make sure to craft some delicious promotional emails to get your customers to order from you. Now it’s time to see some more hospitality and travel email newsletter templates to increase your subscribers’ appetite! Ready?

5. E-Menu Email Newsletter Template

food delivery email newsletter example

Turn your menu into an eye-catching email campaign that will make your audience order on the spot.

Why you need it:

This hospitality email newsletter template layout will let you present your top dishes to your audience. Take advantage of white space to avoid overwhelming them and add a short copy to give them more details about your restaurant and specialties. Furthermore, adding extra content blocks with relevant blog posts is also a great way to engage them with your business if your recipients don’t want to order just yet!

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6. Sweet Life HTML Newsletter Template

food delivery hospitality email newsletter template

Another beautiful template to give customers exactly what they need to order from your food service or eCommerce website.

Why you need it:

Customize this example to excite your audience with high-quality visuals of your products. If you are proficient in using designer tools like Photoshop, you can create numerous image PSD templates to save valuable time. Also, white space will give you the chance to keep every element organized and amplify the visibility of your CTAs.

Customize it

Travel Email Newsletter Templates

If you have a travel agency, then you can benefit from Stripo’s newsletter designs. They are completely free for the grab!

All you need to customize and send to your audience is to register for a free Stripo account, export your design, and then import it to your Moosend account by integrating the two tools.

Now let’s see those amazing layouts for the travel industry:

7. Wild Traveler Free Email Design

responsive designs for travel agencies

Give your travelers a variety of destinations to choose from, get them excited about their next adventure, and make them an offer they won’t resist.

Why you need it:

Stripo’s travel email newsletter template is perfect for promoting numerous destination packages. Take advantage of the Z-pattern layout to add numerous items in a structured way and increase the readability of your email. Also, play around with color to create the best email campaign to give you the CTR and conversion rate you desire.

8. Tour Promo Travel Newsletter Template

travel email newsletter template

Give your audience the best travel experience with a vibrant multipurpose email newsletter template.

Why you need it:

Use this design to promote different events and tours. The darker color palette is perfect for using bright colors to make your email strike out more. In addition, since this is a responsive template, you can be sure that it will display correctly on multiple devices and email clients like Yahoo and Gmail.

Also, don’t forget to craft a compelling subject line to ensure high open rates!

9. Destinations Travel Email Template

promotional layout for travel

Power up your digital marketing strategy with a clean design and eye-pleasing visuals that’ll charm your subscribers.

Why you need it:

This is a simple travel newsletter template you can use to show your potential visitors numerous exotic destinations and deals. As we said before, the existing white space will allow you to keep your design balanced, avoiding overwhelming your recipient. Moreover, you can add advanced elements like YouTube videos to engage your audience better.

10. Moments Responsive Email Newsletter

hospitality and travel email newsletter templates

Last but not least, we have this attractive template to grab your subscribers’ attention with an intriguing header image.

Why you need it:

The layout here is perfect for promoting a variety of services/products. Customize it to match your branding and give your audience exactly what they want to book their next trip. Don’t forget to make your CTAs stand out to increase your click-through and conversion rate.

Hotel And Travel Email Campaign Design Tips

To convert your visitors, you’ll need effective hospitality and travel email newsletter templates that will pique their interest. Below are some essential email design tips to make them work every single time:

  • Realistic images: Use real-life examples of your business to avoid over-promising and under-delivering.
  • Compelling copy: Write valuable copy to inform your recipients about your packages and availability.
  • Bright CTAs: Add vibrant colors to attract their attention and make them click.
  • Advanced elements: Use videos and GIFs to excite your visitors and show them why they need to choose your business.
  • Contact information: Give them a line of communication with your business. Some travelers might be more traditional and prefer booking by phone.

Dreamy Templates For Exotic Destinations

Now your business is ready to charm your audience and get them to act! Always try to create realistic yet stunning messages to promote your services. Travelers will appreciate them and have a greater experience with your business.

Moreover, don’t forget to register for a Moosend account to check all the templates we saw above!

Time to give your visitors the holiday of their lives, one beautiful email campaign at a time!

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