Real Estate Landing Pages: How To Make Your Visitors Stay (and convert)

real estate landing pages

Real Estate Landing Pages: How To Make Your Visitors Stay (and convert)

Published By Sophie Krokida
February 23, 2023

Real estate landing pages anyone?

I have bad news and good news. Which do you want first? Alright.

The bad news is that putting a sign up on the front lawn is no longer the “it” thing in the real estate business. Digital marketing has taken over and if you’re not using landing pages in your strategy then, wow, someone’s got a few things to learn!

The good news is that there were tons of puns to make with the word “home”. But I decided to spare you the despair. (this one was completely unintentional mind you)

So allow me to be your realtor for a change. Let me take you down to the paradise city where marketing is easy and landing pages are pretty.

Let me take you home!

Your Website Is Not Enough

According to a report from the National Association of Realtors, 80% of Millenials search for their dream home online, while 43% of all home searches start on the internet too.

And who’s a good boy with a strong online presence? You are!

Of course, there are a few blessed realtors you don’t bow to conventional marketing methods.

So much potential here. So much creativity.

For the rest of us, the common marketers, it’s all about creating marketing strategies that combine social media, email marketing, and PPC advertising.

So where will your subscribers and users land after clicking your link?

You got it. It’s your landing page! And it will move your prospects to the next step and down in your marketing funnel.

Types of Real Estate Landing Pages

Let’s see the best pages out there to get you inspired!

1. Home Search

real estate landing pages

This is where prospective buyers search your site for available properties on the market, in a specific area.

For example, if you are a realtor in San Francisco, buyers can type in a specific postal code and see all of your listings in that area.

After a while, they are encouraged to leave their contact information so your agency can provide them with further information.

2. Home value

real estate home value landing page example

This page makes for one of the most popular methods to get seller leads.

And it only makes sense since when someone wants to sell their house, they want to know what it’s worth.

A home value landing page allows prospective sellers to enter various information about their house to calculate the estimated value.

To see the estimate, they need to enter their contact information. Ta-da! You just got yourself a lead!

3. Local guide

real estate local guide example

While this is a bit of a special case, it’s effective nonetheless.

Showing your prospect leads you are an expert in your area is a genius way to build trust and capture the attention of your prospects, both buyers and sellers.

Exclusive neighborhood information and data can go a long way in real estate!

4. Free content

real estate free content example

Free, exclusive content in exchange for contact information is a tried and smart way to generate both buyer and seller leads.

All you have to do is give them something really interesting and valuable.

For example, you could create an e-book that helps sellers prepare their homes for sale.

Or best practices for first-time homebuyers, or a series of short videos with tips for getting the best price.

You’ll be surprised by how many people actually need those!

Anatomy Of A High-Converting Real Estate Landing Page

Now let’s see what makes a great landing page for real estate, shall we?

1. Home is what the headline says

We’ve been through this so many times.

Headlines are your first, and maybe, last chance to make a great impression.

They are the entry point for the rest of your page, so they need to be compelling if you want to keep your visitors.

More than that, they help your visitor decide whether to read your page or close it. And this, as you know, happens in a matter of seconds.

Let’s see some examples of what a good real estate landing page headline looks like.

The experience-makers

real estate landing page headline example

The right home is much more than a need. It’s a way of living.

And this Maui Condo Store headline sells a lifestyle.

I almost see myself covered in Hawaiian leis, sipping a cocktail from my ocean-view balcony. Aloha!

The locals

real estate landing page headline example

Do you know the area like the back of your hand? Do you know the perfect neighborhood for anyone looking for a home?

Don’t hide it, shout it! Like the Cassity Team here does.

The experts

real estate landing page headline example

Numbers are powerful. They make you look professional and your visitors go “wow, these guys here mean business”. Combine them with a strong adjective and your effective headline is ready to be served. Way to go, Résidences Immobilier.

In general, compelling headlines consist of simple, positive, powerful language.

They make bold, attention-grabbing statements and create a sense of urgency.

Find your strong points, keep your target audience in mind and go for something short and unique that reflects the reason users visited your page in the first place.

2. Copy That Hits Home

Real estate is a particularly tricky industry. Because it’s completely reliant on trust. And gaining your visitors’ trust is not an easy thing to do.

Real estate is an industry where buyers notoriously have their guards up since we all know that not all realtors are good realtors. There are also the misleading ones, that rip off their victims mercilessly.

Additionally, the competition out there is fierce, and with the innumerable choices the internet gives us, marketers must be very careful with the choice of words.

Being fully transparent is your weapon. Don’t make false promises, don’t use big words, and don’t hide important information. They will only hurt your conversions.

The next major rule is simplicity. Start with a short paragraph on why visitors should trust your agency by outlining your value proposition and demonstrating why you’re the best.

Too much information is noise and might drive your prospect leads away. If it is necessary to add more words though, make sure to break your copy up with subheadings, icons, bullet points, images, and testimonials.

And keep everything of minor importance below the fold of your landing page.

Another great way to add more punch to your copy is with the use of statistics and timing words, like “Call Now!”.

And always, always, remember your goal of conversion.

Before getting to work think of who you’re talking to and how this piece of information will lead your visitors to fill out your form or contact you.

If you’re struggling to find an answer, then you should probably leave it out. One tip to remember is that digital marketing always works better when you create your strategy with buyer personas in mind.

Take the time to craft copy that speaks to your audience’s mind to see more and better results.

3. Make It Count

Did you know that 75%  of users make judgments about a company’s credibility based on the website’s design?

Have you seen how real estates brand their business through landing pages?

The marketing game has stepped up. And you must follow.

But this doesn’t mean complicating things. On the contrary, you should provide your visitors with a simple, to-the-point experience.

Remember: less is more!

luxuryi mmobilien gmbh page example

Like this Luxury Immobilien landing page above.

Clean and understandable, your landing pages must consist only of valuable information that lets you pass the overall message of your landing page.

At the same time, engagement is one more goal. And you must achieve it from the minute they land on your page.

For this purpose, you should use visual elements to break up your text and give a visual representation of your information.

Don’t let design stress you. Instead of reinventing the wheel, you can simply customize one of the hundreds of landing page templates available out there.

Moosend, for example, offers beautiful, fresh, and professional pre-designed landing page templates that you can customize at your convenience and launch a sharp landing page in a short amount of time.

Simply by dragging and dropping the elements you choose. You should definitely give it a try!

4. Capture Them

The last thing you want from your landing page is to not convert.

That’s why you want a lead capture form that collects your leads’ contact information such as email address so that you can nurture them and move them through your sales funnel.

A lead capture form is one of the most important parts of your strategy.

As a general rule, the length of your form depends on where your visitors are in their customer journey.

This Kevin and Jonathan real estate landing page form below only has 5 fields, of which only the 3 are required.

And it makes sense since this is a landing page for visitors to get information and decide whether they want to do business with this agency.

kevin and jonathan form example

A well-built form that stands out and doesn’t “pry” too much is the best way to gather leads and expand your sales.

5. CTA-ing Is Caring

Oh, that button! The Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of landing pages. The make-or-brake element of your creation. The…ok, ok, you get it.

If you want to maximize conversions then you need to make your CTA as attractive as possible.

And no, by attractive I don’t mean a pink, glittery button. (Though, yes, this sounds attractive as hell.) What I mean is that it must stand out from every other feature on the page, making it clear where visitors need to click.

The color of the button must be of a contrasting color while the copy must be actionable and convincing, telling the visitors exactly what will happen by clicking it.

elika landing page cta example

Take a look at this Elika landing page. The CTA is black, contrasting the white tones of the page and the copy leaves no room for misunderstanding. This is where you click to find your new home.

Choose timing words over friction words, which conjure negative associations. For example, urging your visitors to “submit” or “buy” sounds a bit aggressive. Who wants to commit so fast?

Your text should simply focus on the value of your proposition.

Finally, remember to always use the first person when writing your text.

For example, “Download our guide” is more personal and friendly than “Download the guide”, therefore works better.

Last but not least, don’t forget to always place your CTA above the fold. Not all visitors scroll down!

Real Estate Landing Page Tips

Let’s see what you can do to create the perfect landing page!

1. Quality Quality Quality

Do you really need me to explain this? Would you ever trust a real estate agency with the main picture being a grainy image of a house straight from a horror film?

Would you want these people to have your information? I didn’t think so.

To gain your prospects’ trust you should use high-quality images, relevant, that get an emotional response.

Photos of people have been found to convert better, so here’s one more thing for you to boost your landing page conversions.

mikki moves landing page example with people

Remember, real estate is a highly visual industry. So no penny pinching here.

2. Does It Work?

Let me put it this way. Adapt or fail.

A few years ago responsive design was nice to have. Today it’s required.

Responsive means that your landing page automatically detects your prospect’s screen size and adjusts its layout and content accordingly.

This is great since you don’t have to create multiple versions of the same page for different devices.

This simple move can dramatically increase your sales. As happened for a whopping 62% of companies in 2019.

Enhance your visitor’s experience and push users down your funnel with landing pages that fit their screen.

Is that too much to ask? No. For example, Moosend lets you adjust your landing page content simply by switching from desktop to mobile view.

It can’t get easier than that honestly.

3. No Place Like Home

Two questions for you, dear reader.

  • Do you remember your reaction when you realized dad sneakers are back?
  • Do you own a pair of them yet?

Don’t worry. It’s not you, it’s social proof.

And it happens to 88% of consumers because they trust user reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Making your visitors believe they might miss out on their dream house or a deal of a lifetime by using social proof is a guaranteed way to increase conversions.

But you have to do it right.

  • Choose testimonials that are highly relevant to your target audience. Put yourself in their shoes and think of all the points that would interest them.
  • Use images of (real) people. They build trust and help visitors connect with your brand.
  • Don’t load social proof with too much information. Instead, display several examples that address one benefit each.
  • Be specific. Visitors appreciate numbers and problem-solving examples they can relate with.

4. One Video, One Lead

According to a 2018 research, the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video.

And this is true for landing pages too.

A background video on auto-play can work wonders for your business, simply because it looks sophisticated and draws your visitors’ attention.

Check out this Attraction Realty example.

attraction realty autoplay video example

It’s not like it wins the Storytelling Award 2019. But it did catch my eye and made me stay longer on the landing page to check it out.

Videos for real estate landing pages have various benefits. They:

  • Offer a visual understanding of your company
  • Add to your agency’s branding
  • Create an emotional connection to your company

5. Test Your Landing Pages

Most marketers create landing pages and forget about them. And they can only assume they created them as attractive as they could.

But the truth is you can never be sure what triggers audience response, no matter how experienced you are.

But, you know what? You don’t have to be one of them. You can make a difference by launching various versions of your landing page to see what works best.

A/B testing is an invaluable tool for your marketing stack and it’s basically the only way to know whether your current landing is the best you can do. 

All you have to do is tweak individual elements to see what does the trick.

On your real estate landing page you can test:

  • Headline
  • Main copy
  • Form
  • CTA
  • Images
  • Video (you can even try if autoplay or manual play is the best choice for you)

And don’t forget the golden rule of A/B testing: test only one element at a time, or your conclusions could be skewed. Be patient, creative, and always keep track of your results.

Success awaits!

6. Keep Them Short and Sweet

Filling up your real estate landing page with tons of content is not gonna get you anywhere. On the contrary, it will confuse your visitors and distract them.

This means that, most probably, they will not fill out your form.

So you have to make sure that your creation has just the right information. Not a word more.

The same goes for your forms too. Short, simple concise, and easy to fill out, a form shouldn’t force your leads to give too much information upfront. Instead, they should only ask for the necessary information your agency needs. Every additional question increases the risk of your visitors leaving your landing page.


7. One Is Never Enough

Now, don’t you act lazy here.

There is no one-size-fits-all landing page. If you want to make it work, that is.

So don’t limit yourself to one, otherwise, you are missing out on valuable leads.

Create multiple landing pages to target different types of prospects and increase conversion rates faster.

Best Real Estate Landing Page Examples

You are here to learn how to make powerful landing pages for real estate. But no guide is complete without a few good examples to “steal.”

Here we go.

The Concise One

Remember what we said about keeping it short? Well, this one takes the cake!

coldwell banker example

A strong headline, a search bar, bullet-listed benefits, and high-quality images of homes. Plus, I love the idea of putting your face out there with a professional image that will add to your landing page’s credibility and make you look more direct.

The Clever One

In case you forgot, numbers are powerful. You should keep that as a marketing mantra to your heart actually.

unlocked landing page

Unlocked approves. That’s why they’ve created a genius headline where they use all the numeric charm they can to allure buyers.  Power words and a warm, homey-feeling image invite visitors to read the concise benefits below. Finally, testimonials and a short form complete this beautiful and effective real estate landing page.

The Confident One

Look at those words. Look at the use of a bigger font. And what about the orange CTA that stands out.

rex landing page

Rex creates a sense of credibility and makes the visitors understand who they are and what they give in a matter of seconds. Can you do that? I bet you can.

Wrap Up

Congratulations. You know it all now. The landing page wisdom is at your hands, waiting to be used.

And if there is one for this post, it’s this: if you want to put the right listing in front of the right buyer at the right time, then your landing page must be done the right way.

And let them all say “home sweet home.”

Till the next time, happy creating!

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