8 Real Estate Landing Page Examples [2024]

8 Real Estate Landing Page Examples [2024]

Published By Sophie Krokida
December 6, 2023

Real estate agents have a lot on their plate when it comes to promoting their services to potential buyers, and nailing digital marketing is one of them. Putting a sign up on the front lawn is no longer the “it” thing in the real estate business, but thankfully, there are plenty of online marketing tools to invest in.

In this guide, we’ll focus on real estate landing pages, more specifically:

  • Their definition and benefits
  • What to include to increase conversions
  • Real estate landing page examples and tips
  • Best landing page builders with unique templates

Ready to improve your real estate marketing strategy? Let’s dive into the basics!

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What Is A Real Estate Landing Page?

A landing page is a dedicated web page with its own URL, inviting visitors to complete a specific task. In the real estate business, these can include sharing their contact information, booking a viewing reservation with potential clients, or downloading a free resource, such as a guide to a new neighborhood. You can also find them as squeeze pages or lead capture forms.

For example, this is a landing page made by Atoka Properties, helping visitors book a reservation instantly:

real estate landing page

You can’t just rely on a good real estate website to convert your target audience, as visitors may get lost in the noise. Instead, it’s best to narrow their attention to a certain action based on their needs.

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Why Should You Use A Real Estate Landing Page?

Here are the main benefits of creating effective real estate landing pages for your realty:

1. Capitalize on targeted traffic

Homebuyers or sellers who end up viewing landing pages usually have a specific need, from searching for a house in a new neighborhood to tips on how to write an effective listing to sell their property.

Think about it: these real estate leads have higher conversion potential than people who just end up on your homepage without a particular goal. Therefore, it is essential to give them everything they look for in a jiffy.

2. Grow your email list

Email marketing can do miracles for realtors, as prospective homebuyers are usually more than willing to share their email addresses or even phone numbers to find their dream homes. Use the information from landing pages to grow your email lists, nurture your subscribers and build trust with your audience.

email marketing benefits


Apart from promotional and transactional emails that confirm specific user actions, you can also put these real estate leads into your CRM system and nudge them at critical times during the customer journey, for example, through retargeting ads.

3. Create a sense of urgency

Marketers worldwide emphasize how impactful creating a sense of urgency to increase conversion rates is. For example, share a sneak peek of your new property listings, inform them about open house dates, or send the most popular properties to exclusive members.

This way, you can move your new leads faster down the funnel and covert them more efficiently in a competitive market. Your landing page copywriting will matter a lot to succeed in it. We’ll discuss more in the next section.

4. Dive more into details

While your website will cover a range of topics giving visitors the opportunity to jump from one section to the next, landing pages dive more into a specific area. Share all important information around a certain topic to inform prospects thoroughly about it.

For example, Atoka Properties have dedicated landing pages for specific cities and neighborhoods to help prospective homebuyers envision their lives there. Here is how life looks at Beryville, including property listings for more engaged users.

5. Analyze your results more easily

With landing pages, it’s easier to analyze where your traffic and conversions come from compared to other digital assets, such as social media or search engines. Thus, you’ll get a better understanding of what prospects look for.

Therefore, this data will help you create more effective web design in the future, revisit your buyer personas, and build a more constructive interaction with buyer and seller leads.

client persona profile real estate


Important Real Estate Landing Page Elements

If you want to learn how to create high-converting landing pages, here are the best practices to follow:


The main goal for realtors when building landing pages is to attract visitors toward a specific action. Therefore, this call-to-action should be indulging and relevant to them, otherwise, this landing page will be ineffective.

For example, if you want to attract sellers and make them list their property with you, you can follow this example by Sundae. Here, you can see a clear call to action that leaves no room for interpretation. You just enter the street address to start getting offers without paying extra fees.

Plus, the CTA button stands out from the rest of the text in red,  inviting readers to write their information with actionable copy.

Sundae landing page

Visual imagery

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this is more than true in real estate marketing. Hence, your landing page design should be spotless, following your brand’s visual storytelling guidelines to win the competition.

Here’s a fantastic design example by Compass to attract the attention of prospective sellers:

Compass landing page example

Moreover, you should add high-quality images of properties that display the home value realistically. Otherwise, you might confuse prospective clients by posting misleading images on your landing pages or additional channels and pages. You can even harm your brand reputation if they view utterly different properties.

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Clever copy

To convey your messages effectively, apart from amazing imagery, you need compelling copy, as well. It all starts with your headline, which should be attractive enough to catch the readers’ attention and reflective of the landing page content to finally convert.

One of the first things to ensure is to follow your brand’s storytelling style to keep a consistent experience across your marketing platforms. Keep your copy short, and concise, emphasizing the value proposition, and use actionable language to achieve desirable results.

Check out this landing page by Redfin showcasing its Concierge service to prospective sellers to get an inspirational example of effective copywriting:

Redfin landing page example

Form fields [Optional]

If your landing page is a lead capture form, stick to the essential information you need to obtain from prospective homebuyers and sellers. If they have to share more than this, they will probably get tired and withdraw from the process, especially if they can find faster paths to get what they want from competitive businesses.

For example, NPP Residentials found the silver lining in the information they request on their “Contact Us” landing page:

NPP Residential landing page

Social proof [Optional]

Many realtors and brokerage owners showcase customer testimonials on specific landing pages to increase lead generation and conversions. Social proof is critical in gaining new customers as they show why they decided to move forward with your business, especially in such a competitive market.

Best Real Estate Landing Page Examples And Why They Work

Lacking inspiration or needing some extra guidance on how to set up successful landing pages for your real estate business or brokerage? Here are some landing page examples that caught our attention and why they stand out:

1. Homelight

Homelight landing page example

Why it works: This page displays Homelight’s home value estimator for new sellers. To get an estimate, the prospect needs to give their emails address, which is an excellent tactic to add new leads into your pipeline.

Apart from the superb design, with a high-quality image of a dream house, the copy is crystal clear. They inform the user when to expect the estimate, which is pretty handy for the user. Moreover, the call-to-action is simple, and most visitors would complete it.

Homelight FAQ section

But information doesn’t stop there. If they keep scrolling down, visitors find a questionnaire for those needing more accurate home value data, followed by an analysis of the calculation criteria. They can also find a valuable FAQ section and best practices that can be game-changing for first-time sellers.

2. Lennar

Lennar landing page example

Why it works: Lennar found an exciting way to help San Francisco prospects navigate their home search by creating a short quiz. The visitor has to answer four simple questions about the property they are looking for, and share their primary contact information to receive the appropriate listings.

Remember that clients always appreciate personalized experiences, and this is an easy and fun way to offer them. Plus, requesting their data and asking for their opt-in allows you to add them to your email list and send relevant follow-up emails to convert them.

real estate landing page testimonials

Finally, this clever landing page includes social proof from happy homebuyers to make your business look more trustworthy.

3. MyLondonHome

MyLondonHome landing page

Why it works: MyLondonHome found the perfect way to collect high-quality leads by creating lead magnets. This free guide is available to every potential home seller in exchange for their valuable email.

The design is simple yet effective, followed by a second CTA for people seeking a home valuation which, however, doesn’t stand out as the button is in the same color as the background.

Moving back to the lead magnet, the copy is straightforward as well, including the main content of the guide. Consumers always appreciate getting something for free and usually want to give you something in return. So if you have the time and resources, it’s time you created similar assets, as well.

4. McGraw Realtors

real estate landing page

Why it works: ΜcGraw Realtors is well-known for its luxury home services, and therefore they created a dedicated page for people seeking more upgraded properties. With a minimalistic design and copy that emphasizes their experience in this field, they invite visitors to book a free consultation.

Next, you can find some luxury property listings you can sort by price or range and a privacy statement on the footer. If you also offer more specialized services, it’s wise to create a dedicated landing page to reach a more targeted audience.

5. Liz Kroft

Liz Kroft landing page

Why it works: Another great landing page example comes from Liz Kroft, offering a free equity report to generate more valuable leads. The landing page design is simple, with great use of spacing so that different sections pop out.

Finally, the copy is witty and effective, emphasizing the benefits of using the service and connecting with the realtor for further information. This is a great way to connect with prospective clients and win them over during the consultation process.

6. Zillow

Zillow afordability calculator

Why it works: Zillow offers some clever services to prospective clients for free, such as affordability and mortgage calculators. Therefore, future homebuyers who need a helping hand in this process, may end up using these assets and eventually stick with your business.

Apart from the user-friendly calculator followed by clear instructions, users can find the information they need to get an affordable mortgage based on their needs and income. This is not the most fascinating landing page in terms of design, but it contains everything potential clients need to convert.

7. Christian Buys Houses

Christian Buys Houses landing page example

Why it works: Christian Buys Houses uses an alternative pathway to attract real estate home sellers, and through this landing page, they find a way to point that out. The landing page copy informs sellers what to expect once they complete the form step-by-step.

The form has only three form fields, making it easy for users to complete. The words “free” and “fair” makes this offer even more powerful and indulging. Finally, above the form, prospects can find an FAQ link, a privacy policy, and contact information in case they need more details about your services.

8. Attraction Realty

Realty landing page example

Why it works: Do you want to encourage prospects to sell their property fast without extra barriers? Then you can follow Attraction Reatly’s example and create a high-converting landing page with an outstanding CTA button. The copy above emphasizes the benefits of using this service, saving time and money.

Below the call-to-action link, the prospect can find additional information about the service, followed by an FAQ and a simple contact form.

Top Landing Page Builders For Real Estate

Ready to create your first or next landing page but don’t know where to start? Here are three stellar landing page builders to help you:

1. Unbounce – The ultimate landing page builder

Pricing: Starts at $99/month, 14-day free trial

Best feature: AI-powered tools

Unbounce landing page

Ιf you’re looking for a leading landing page builder to cover every aspect of their creation, then Unbounce is an excellent choice for you. It offers 100 high-converting premade templates to choose from you can easily customize using their drag-and-drop editor.

Moreover, with Unbounce, you can create popups and sticky bars and use AI features to write fantastic copy or optimize your landing pages. However, even though it’s a fantastic platform, it’s not the most affordable solution for small businesses, but real estates with bigger accounts can definitely give it a shot.

2. Leadpages – A lead generation solution

Pricing: Starts at $49, 14-day free trial

Best feature: Conversion tools

Leadpages landing page builder

Leadpages is a cheaper alternative to Unbounce with ready-made landing page templates to win more leads. You’ll find a user-friendly builder and you’ll be able to easily integrate this builder with your additional marketing solutions, such as your CRM solution, to manage your leads successfully.

You’ll also find an A/B testing tool to pick the landing page version which can attract as many leads as possible. Finally, Leadpages offers additional features to optimize your conversions by providing suggestions and best practices.

3. Moosend – Most affordable landing page builder

Pricing: Starts at $9/month, 30-day free trial

Best features: User-friendly dashboard

Moosend landing page builder

If you’re looking for an all-in-one platform to cover different marketing needs then Moosend is a great choice for you at the best price. It combines email marketing solutions, such landing pages, and signup forms to convert your target audience into clients.

Finally, with Moosend, you can enhance your landing pages with different elements, such as countdown timers to create a sense of urgency or add a video to maximize interaction. All you need to do is pick one of its premade templates, tweak it with a few drag-and-drops, and customize it based on your needs.

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To take your digital marketing efforts seriously, landing pages should definitely be on your checklist. Nurture your targeted audience via the right design, copy, and call to action, and you won’t regret it.

Kind reminder: Ensure your assets offer something meaningful and relevant to your real estate buyer personas to increase conversions. Buying or selling your property is hard, so be available and remind them that your real estate business will treat them fairly at the best possible price.


Read for a quick round of frequently asked questions regarding landing pages for your realty or brokerage. Let’s see:

1. What should I include in a real estate landing page?

The primary asset is a relevant call-to-action, followed by great images and actionable copy; form fields and testimonials are also valuable.

2. How do I create a real estate landing page?

You can use a landing page builder, such as Moosend or Unbounce, or collaborate with a creative agency – generally, the latter is more expensive.

3. Are real estate landing pages profitable?

Real estate landing pages can boost your ROI by bringing more leads into your funnel, contributing to a higher conversion rate.

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