12+ Amazing Newsletter Introduction Examples & Tactics

If you’re using email marketing to promote your business or eCommerce store, you’ve probably learned that first impressions matter. Apart from the subject line, which plays a crucial role in whether subscribers will open your campaign or not, newsletter introductions can also work wonders.

In this guide, you’ll find top-notch newsletter introduction examples from notable brands to see how you can attract readers, make them happy with your brand, and prompt them to fulfill your call-to-action.

In the last action, we’ve added some best practices for businesses sending their first newsletters wishing to amaze their target audience at first glance.

1. Zoom’s Webinar Invitation Email Introduction

newsletter introduction example

This great newsletter example from Zoom invites subscribers to a webinar to learn about their chatting feature. When you land on this email, you get straight to the point. Readers can guess the topic directly from the head title, followed by essential details, such as date, time, and content.

Using a relevant image and CTA button in orange that stands out from the rest of the text, they direct the readers to complete the desired action – onboard the guest list and get an exclusive seat in their webinar.

2. Harry’s Quiz Newsletter Introduction Example

Harry's email quiz

If you want to create an engaging and funny email campaign with an introduction that’s hard to ignore, look at this example from Harry’s. The company crafted a quiz to help subscribers find the shower product that matches their preferences.

The introduction starts with an interesting headline, followed by a question that shows what to expect. Next, the readers can find guidelines about the quiz and an interactive format which make this email fun and engaging. This newsletter also checks the personalization box early on, leading users to products they’ll like.

3. Spotify’s Email Newsletter Introduction

Spotify email introduction example

Let’s explore this email intro from Spotify, celebrating International Podcast Day! This lead nurturing newsletter aims to direct users to top podcast picks, especially those who have already shown interest in them.

Here’s why this email campaign intro works: first off, the head title gets readers straight to the point. The introductory copy is short and precise, mentioning the goal of this campaign. Finally, the call-to-action “Podcasts for you” adds a personal touch, followed by top podcast categories.

4. Airbnb’s Seasonal Email Campaign Intro

Halloween email introduction example by Airbnb

Many eCommerce and small businesses make the most of holidays like Christmas and Halloween and seasonal events like Black Friday to increase sales. If you go in this direction, adjusting your messaging accordingly is essential, as Airbnb did.

With this campaign, Airbnb addresses customers and prospects who love adventures to indulge in a spooky experience. The copy in the introduction says it all, using words like ghost, haunted, and scare along with the mysterious image to put them straight into the concept. You can also find ready-made newsletter templates for every season to nail your design and make your intro stand out.

5. Uber’s Transactional Email Introduction Example

confirmation email introduction example by Uber


If you want to create a transactional email to confirm one of your customer’s actions, you can follow Uber’s example. They have a short but strong introduction, including a thank-you note to show their gratitude to their recent customers.

The email header includes the date of the ride and the total fare to remind customers of their latest exchange. In a nutshell, to build a similar, effective confirmation email, add the most important details in the introduction in a structured way to reassure your customers that everything is under control.

6. Beauty & The Bear’s New Product Launch Introduction

newsletter introduction example by Beauty & The Bear

Αre you ready to show your new products to your customers and ensure that you’ll gain their attention at first sight? This excellent newsletter introduction example by Beauty & The Bear will show you the way.

When subscribers open the email, they run into new vegan vitamins and two incentives: a next-day delivery for people who order before 2 pm and 10% savings. If you provide your audience with similar incentives, make sure to present them in the intro using excellent product images and sharp copy to convert.

7. Domestika’s Welcome Email Introduction

welcome email introduction example

One of the most critical campaigns a business can send is welcome emails. With an open rate reaching 91%, it’s important to create a captivating intro with smart calls-to-action that can lead to conversions and sales.

Here’s how Domestika, a learning platform for creatives, approached it in their email newsletter example. After a warm welcome note, they added recommended courses with discounts to convert their new audience immediately. Step in this company’s shoes to deliver successful welcome campaigns with captivating intros to maximize your click-through rates.

8. Bose’s Sale Email Introduction Example

email introduction example by Bose

If you want to inform your customers and prospects about your sales, you should have a powerful introduction covering all essential details about your offers, such as the type or duration of it.

Here, Bose added the head title “Flash Sale,” which leaves no room for interpretation. Then, the readers can find out how and when they can use this discount and how much they’ll save. Lastly, the call-to-action is prevalent and gives readers a sense of urgency, powered by the word “Now.”

9. Talea’s Anniversary Newsletter Introduction Example

anniversary newsletter introduction example

Many businesses celebrate important milestones with their customers, such as anniversaries or birthdays, to boost customer loyalty and retention. In this email introduction by Talea, we can see how they choose to honor their one-year anniversary.

This email starts with a festive image of two women cheering with beers to put readers into the picture. Then, they invite their customers to a special event and include all the essential details in the intro that would make them want to join.

10. Cuisinart’s Win-Back Email Intro

win-back email intro example

To win churned or disengaged customers back, you need an effective campaign with a powerful message to put them back on track. In this newsletter introduction example by Cuisinart, you can see how they tried to regain their churned customers’ trust.

The head title, “No hard feelings,” keeps the readers engaged, and the business gives subscribers the option to reset their preferences or unsubscribe. This interactive introduction is perfect for similar situations, so keep it short and respectful to warm up your customer relationships or remove them from your email lists.

11. Lyft’s Survey Email Introduction

survey email introduction by Lyft

No one can help your brand improve more than your customers. But how easy is it to get their feedback? Survey emails can be assets in marketers’ hands, but subscribers tend to neglect them.

However, you can increase your reviews by writing a clever email introduction and offering an incentive in exchange for their thoughts, as Lyft did. To make things clearer. specify how much time it will take to complete it and what exactly they’re going to win to engage them with the process.

12. Sitecore’s Internal Newsletter Introduction Example

internal newsletter introduction example by Sitecore

Our newsletter ideas are not limited to customer communications. You can also schedule internal campaigns for your employees to keep them engaged and updated.

In this introduction written by Sitecore’s internal communications team, you can find the volume of this campaign series, followed by clarifications of what this email is about. If you build similar campaigns for your startup or corporation, you can follow this format to share your vision with your teammates.

How To Write Compelling Email Newsletter Introductions

So what makes a great newsletter introduction? In this section, we’ve collected some best practices to help you craft a delicious appetizer for your readers. Let’s see:

1. Make It Clear

To keep readers engaged with your content, it’s important to get straight to the point and avoid unnecessary fluff. For example, if you send an email with upcoming events or case studies, put them straight to the subject, starting from the headline, to form the right expectations.

Overall, this tactic ensures that subscribers who are truly interested in your newsletter content and, therefore, highly likely to convert will understand the core of your email at first sight. Moreover, this copywriting approach helps readers focus on what matters. In a nutshell, keep your email intro short, sweet, and straightforward.

2. Add A Relevant Visual

You’ve probably heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this statement can also be helpful for your email marketing strategy. To create an impactful email intro, add a stunning, relevant image to attract your reader’s attention and combine it with the rest of your newsletter design elements. Here’s a Christmas introductory image by Momofuku:

email intro by Momofuku

This tip applies to most email types, from promotional email marketing campaigns to company newsletters with business updates. Ensure that the image matches your brand style and voice to appeal to your existing and prospective buyers.

Last but least, it’s important to choose a high-quality visual to secure a perfect customer experience.

3. Personalize Your Messaging

Unlike other popular digital marketing tools, like social media and SEO, email marketing gives you the ability to benefit from the power of personalized marketing. In fact, according to Google, 90% of top marketers state that personalization contributes to their business’ profitability.

To create an eye-catching newsletter introduction, write it in a personal and empathetic tone that addresses the reader immediately. You can even add each subscriber’s name utilizing the power of email list segmentation and automation. Collect their contact details using smart signup forms on your website or landing pages.

4. Say Something Interesting

We’re all intrigued by interesting questions and theories from time to time. By starting your newsletter with an engaging concept, you can capture the reader’s attention in no time. This also depends on the email type. For instance, more scarce campaigns like monthly newsletters should have attractive introductions to keep the readers focused.

How can you make this happen? You can begin with an interesting question that can make your intro like a quiz or write something fun or useful to get the reader’s attention. This will help you increase click-through rates and gain new subscribers.

Here’s how Headspace shares valuable information in the intro to attract readers:

email example by Headspace

5. Display Your Authority

To gain the trust of high-level employees, such as business owners and team leaders, it’s best to share more informative newsletter content, starting from the intro. You can simply achieve this by adding a statistic that proves the benefits the readers can reap by completing the command of your CTA button.

You can either display a statistic from the research you’ve completed or from a credible source hard to ignore. This will add more credibility to your content, as long as it’s relevant to the readers, and can reduce metrics such as unsubscribes and spam complaints.

6. Demonstrate Your Brand Voice

Finally, it’s important to show what your brand voice is all about, starting straight from the introduction. By sending consistent messages to readers, they will recognize you faster and learn what to expect from you.

Make sure to keep your newsletter intro storytelling aligned with other content marketing types to create a unified reader experience for your customers and prospects. You can experiment with different writing styles at the beginning to find what suits your audience. Finally, remember that the more enthusiastic and beautiful your introductions are, the more eyes will stay on you.

Time To Create The Best Email Newsletter Introductions

So now that you have a better understanding of what an email introduction should be like, get ready to refresh yours and make your readers click through your emails. Keep them short, concise, and reflective of the email content in a clever way.

Are you looking for a platform with premade email templates that will allow your email intros to shine? Sign up for a Moosend account today and experiment with our amazing tools to streamline a successful email strategy.

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