Best Shopify Stores: 18 Stores To Draw Inspiration in 2020

Before we take a look at the best Shopify stores for 2020 let’s talk eCommerce for just a sec.

E-commerce has been growing constantly since the birth of the Internet. Today e-commerce is responsible for more than 13% of the global annual sales.

It’s not really surprising though since online retail has become easier and more accessible both to the seller and the buyer.

While a couple of decades ago, having a website was a big deal, today it is a given.

Best Shopify Stores

Fortunately, the existence of e-commerce building platforms like Shopify is making the process easier than ever.

However, if you want to smash your competition you will have to call forth your creativity and selling skills.

We took the initiative and we are happy to announce the first-ever Shopify Stores Olympics.

In this article, we are going to judge the best Shopify Stores by category, according to our set criteria.

What are our criteria?

In the article below you will see several different examples of the best Shopify stores that exist out there.

You will notice that each one of them is created in different ways, seeing as they have different goals to achieve and/or a different audience to reach.

In order to be fair with all of them, we’ll have to break them down into categories and judge independently their:

  • Structure
  • Design
  • Content
  • Strategy

Best Shopify Stores by Influencers

1.Karina Elle

Best Shopify Store Karina Elle

Karina Elle is a fitness model with more than one million Instagram followers.

While she is an expert when it comes to Instagram marketing she also maintains one of the top Shopify stores globally.

Her Shopify store has a simple design with a natural look and feel that won’t confuse the visitor.

The bright yellow color that you will notice instantly and the shot of Karina in a dynamic pose subtly hint at the concept of the website.

User experience is pretty straight-forward as well, with no more than 5 buttons with clear purposes.

Why we like it:

Karina’s Shopify store remains true to the concept, even after scrolling further down the page.

By that, I mean that it is effectively driving visitors to purchase the products while reminding them that this is Karina’s Brand.

This is extremely important for an e-commerce website whose monthly sales are based, for the better part, on Influencer Marketing.

Gold Medal for a completed e-commerce site that is able to support Karina’s personal brand and drive sales.

Best Shopify Stores Gold Medal

2. Casey Neistat

Best Shopify Store Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat is one of the most famous Youtube influencers with more than 11.000.000 Youtube subscribers.

Unlike Karina’s Shopify store, Casey’s approach is not that of a brand, but rather of a Youtuber’s merch store.

Before you scroll down the page to find Casey’s merch, you can see a selfie of Casey wearing a T-Shirt to celebrate his 1.000.000 subscribers milestone.

Why we like it:

If you ever come across his videos, you’ll see that Casey is well known for his positivity and his “always-on” smile.

This shot of Casey makes you feel cosy and welcome and makes sure you remember whose Shopify store you are browsing.

Adding to that, the fact that this e-shop consists of only 2 pages with 5 products probably turns this Shopify store to a converting machine.

Considering that people who visit this website are Casey’s fans, they do not intend to find fashionable garments but rather buy something from Casey’s merch just for the sake of supporting him.

Additionally, Casey adds a big and bold call to action that invites his visitors to check his wife’s Shopify store at the end of his page.

Best Shopify Stores Billy

Silver Medal because this is a simple Shopify store that does no more than needed making the buying process super easy.

Best Shopify Stores Silver Medal

3. Ninja

Best Shopify Stores Ninja

Ninja is a famous gamer and influencer with one of the biggest channels on Twitch.TV, with thousands of viewers.

His website is simple and doesn’t include many pages or a lot of buttons and you will be able to browse for almost all of his products straight from the homepage.

Why we like it:

Ninja’s Shopify store serves a clear purpose, which is to sell his merch to his fans.

Most of them are redirected there after having clicked the links on his Youtube or Twitch channels.

Listing only a few items which are featured on the homepage makes the purchase process seamless for those who want to support his Gaming streaming efforts.

Bronze Medal because while this is a snappy and well-structured e-shop it misses proof that this is Ninja’s merch without a picture of him.

Best Shopify Stores Bronze Medal

Best Shopify Stores by Fashion Designers

1. Jane Motorcycles

Best shopify stores - Jane Motorcycles

Jane motorcycles is a fashion Shopify store example that uses bold photography in its primary page.

Scrolling down, you will find the website’s products showcased in their natural environment.

A close-up of a leg wearing a leather shoe while riding a motorbike or a man wheeling his machine are just a couple of them.

Aside from the website’s ease of use, the overall look-and-feel really intrigued me.

Why we like it:

On top of the page, you will find the “Shop” tab where you will be able to explore the store’s products.

What I really liked about it though is that when I hovered over it I found the listings segmented in two different columns.

Best Shopify Stores - Jane motorcycles

The first one sorts the products by category and the second one sorts them by brand.

Really clever and extremely practical.

The fact that the site is snappy and responsive also has to be mentioned.

It turned my whole experience into a joyful ride.

Gold Medal because this drop down menu is one of the best and most practical I’ve ever seen.

Best Shopify Stores Gold Medal

2. 8 and 9

Best Shopify Stores 8and9

8and9 is a streetwear brand and arguably one of the best Shopify stores out there.

Your first contact with the website will be a big photograph that speaks in street style terms and changes dynamically.

Scrolling down, I was impressed by the way these guys chose to direct their visitors.

Nine big tabs, clearly stating-visually and verbally-where they are leading to. That’s it.

Fortunately, they also managed to squeeze in an email form to the bottom of the page, which is not ideal but better than nothing.

Why we like it:

8and9 has done a great job, convincing the visitor that they have a great sense of style by the first moment.

Their product catalogue is straightforward, with big images and good segmentation.

Items on sale are also easy to spot which makes the buying experience super easy.

(I actually couldn’t resist that 50% discount on that T-Shirt so I bought it without hesitation)

Silver Medal because this is a great e-commerce store designed with the user in mind but with the email form placed in a really odd part of the site.

Best Shopify Stores Silver Medal

3. Skinny Dip

Best Shopify Stores Skinny Dip

I didn’t really know what Skinny Dip was until I visited the website.

And I didn’t need more than a couple of milliseconds to figure out what this Shopify store is about.

The pink tones, the photography and the overall feminine design, energetically imply that this is a women’s fashion e-store.

Why we like it:

Skinnydip is one of these stores that manage a lot of different tabs and sections without cluttering the content.

On the contrary, I caught myself navigating through the site with ease which in my opinion is a requirement if you want to be included in the list with the top Shopify stores.

This is because the tabs are wisely picked out to demonstrate what each one of them represents with the “Sale” one being in bright red color.

It also doesn’t lack Call to Action buttons or subscription forms on its landing pages, which are essential converting mechanisms.

Bronze Medal, because it is a tidy and responsive website with a legit design but without any innovative ideas.

Best Shopify Stores Bronze Medal

Best Shopify Stores by Cosmetics Brands

1.Kylie Cosmetics

Best Shopify Stores Kylie Cosmetics

No introductions needed here. Kylie Cosmetics is one of the top 500 Shopify stores in the world based on Instagram’s star personal brand, Kylie Jenner.

You will figure out what you should expect regarding the content and the products of the website right off the bat, even if you are not familiar with Kylie’s brand.

The background color is a soft pink that follows accurately the rules of a website in the cosmetics industry and at the same time, it doesn’t distract.

Why we like it:

Kylie’s strong point is her lips and this was not the case for her from the start.

Kylie has a strong back story regarding her lips which led her to create her own lipstick.

Kylie’s asset, the one that has been most talked about even, is her lips.

Of course, this was not the case from the beginning, which gave her a very strong backstory and eventually, lead her to create her own makeup brand, whose starting point was none other than her signature lip kits.

I really liked the way this is pointed out with close up, high definition photographs of lips covered in Kylie’s products.

Gold Medal because this is a well-known website of a well-known brand that knows its target audience and its buying habits.

Best Shopify Stores Gold Medal

2.The Ouai

Best Stores The Ouai

The ouai is a typical example of one of the top Shopify stores in the Cosmetics industry.

The visitor is welcomed by a collage of photographs that rotate when you hover over them, an animated GIF to make the experience a little bit more interactive and a CTA button.

Right below the collage, the best-selling products are showcased along with the brand’s tagline “Life is hard, looking good should be easy”

Why we like it:

The aesthetics are smooth and match the niche, creating the sense that you are in the right place (as long as you are looking for beauty products).

Apart from that, the Quiz tab at the top of the page really caught my attention.

And despite my being a male, which means that I shouldn’t really care about beauty products, I felt the urgent need to click it.

After a short questionnaire about the type and condition of my hair, I was provided with recommendations on hair products.

I found this to be a very creative way to offer value to your visitors while in the meantime you drive them deeper into your sales funnel.

Silver Medal the idea to use a Quiz to deliver value to their audience is an excellent example of creative Marketing.

Best Shopify Stores Silver Medal3.Carbon Beauty

Best Shopify Stores Carbon Beauty

At Carbon Beauty you will be able to find cosmetic and beauty products like shampoos, fragrances and makeup.

It has an intuitive and playful design with lots of colors that refer to a youthful spirit.

You will be able to find what you or looking for or explore the products from the homepage but you can also click the menu from the top left corner to choose a category.

Why we like it:

The interacting nature and the countless animations of this Shopify store make it a very fun ride.

While this was not the most conversion optimised choice to go and it may confuse some people I liked the creativeness they’ve implemented to create this diverse and cool user experience.

Bronze Medal because it offers a unique and magical experience that may confuse the inexperienced internet users.

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Best Sports Shopify Stores

1. Gymshark

Best Shopify Stores Gymshark

Gymshark was created in 2012 by a group of teenagers and it managed to evolve into one of the most successful Shopify stores of fitness apparel.

It utilizes a minimalistic design with a lot of photography and Call to Action buttons.

Why we like it:

I just can’t resist some simple user experience that won’t make me try too hard.

Gymshark contains only 3 main drop down buttons on the top of the page where and you should only be bothered by one of them, depending on your gender.

The bold “Explore” CTA button makes sure to stand out and, in case you are not really sure what you are looking for, it will help you find out.

My favourite part is the Instagram feed at the bottom of the page where you are provided with the option to shop the look of the photograph.

This is actually one of the best Shopify stores I’ve ever seen, since it conveniently drives the potential customer to the shopping cart.

Gold Medal because it simply checks every mark of a website that is able to convert most of its visitors with crazy fast loading speeds and ease of use.

Best Shopify Stores Gold Medal

2. Ventana Supplies

Best Shopify Stores Ventana Supplies

Ventana is a success story amongst Shopify stores, that lists products targeting the surfers’ community.

Brown is the leading shade here, matching the colors in most of the brand’s products.

A carousel of photographs covers the majority of the screen displaying every important part of a surfboard’s life, from the moment it is crafted to the moment it is ridden.

The 3 windows that pop up with each hover over and describe the brand’s philosophy is a nice touch as well.

Why we like it:

While this is not one of the best-structured (User experience wise) Shopify stores that I came across during my research, it triggered some feelings that I don’t usually get behind a screen.

The product photos are so good and the light is so natural in these that I could almost feel the breeze and smell the sea.

Silver Medal because the design is accurate on what it is trying to represent.

Best Shopify Stores Silver Medal

3. Dryrobe

Best Shopify Stores Dryrobe

Dryrobe is a case of a brand that created a very specific and unique product and stayed focused on it, instead of expanding in more solutions.

Their main page consists of commercial photography and Instagram feeds of people wearing the Dryrobe.

The first tab will take you to a page where every variation of their robe is displayed and described with big photographs and short clear text.

The last 2 tabs are a “How to choose” which, essentially, is a guide and a “Featured Activities”, which will deliver visual content of people using the Dryrobe in different activities.

Why we like it:

The fact that this brand has to sell only one product with variations, left them a lot of space to describe it.

This way, their website will always bring up the values of the product by marketing it in many different ways and highlighting its benefits.

Bronze Medal because while the user will instantly find what he is looking for, the website lacks creativeness.

Best Shopify Stores Bronze Medal

Best Food & Beverage Shopify Stores

1. The Great Cookie

Best Shopify Stores The great cookie

The Great Cookie is a website that couldn’t be missing from our best Shopify stores list.

It carries a success story and is dedicated to selling cookies and cakes. How crazy?

Goodies in different designs and flavors are displayed all over the page, and frankly, this design made me drool.

And a bit more about the design: It is cartoonish and playful and is the perfect fit for the products.

There are also two tabs you can select if you sort the products by category or occasion. Which will lead me to why I liked it.

Why we like it:

It seems that timing is essential here, a core part of this website’s business.

That’s why they have created a dedicated tab where they suggest cookies for each specific occasion.

There is also a big CTA just in the middle of the page that you can use to instantly order a cake as a gift.

The fact that it is customizable is a big bonus as well.

Gold Medal because of the super smart “Occasion” and the authentic design.

Best Shopify Stores Gold Medal

2. Caravan Coffee Roasters

Best Shopify Stores Caravan Stores

Caravan Coffee is a coffee brand that sells its products online.

The homepage is minimal with one big beautiful picture and two different buttons that will either take you to their Shop page or the Explore one.

Each one of them follows the homepage’s design concept with light colors and big fonts that I enjoyed navigating through.

Why we like it:

The number one reason why I liked this Shopify store is the first scroll I did on the homepage.

What I found out actually amazed me.

Best Shopify Stores Caravan Coffee

There is a count down of their next coffee dispatch that makes the experience more interactive and prompts you to buy something immediately before the countdown ends.

Silver Medal because of the “Next Coffee Dispatch” counter at the bottom of the page.

Best Shopify Stores Silver Medal

3. Lazy Fruits

Best Shopify Stores Lazy Fruits

Lazy Fruits is an online shop that sells… Well, you guessed it, fruits!

This is one more good example of a Shopify store that will make the process easier.

In their homepage, you will find all kinds of fruit that you can just drop in your cart.

The design contains a white background, but the fruit displayed are creating a colorful scene, which is a pretty clever and unique design in my opinion.

Why we like it:

This Shopify store simulates a walk into the grocery store and that made me feel like I’ve always been shopping for fruit online while I’ve never done that before.

I also liked the little yellow “Did you know” tab on the bottom left and the quick buy function, which makes the process of filling your basket even faster.

Bronze Medal because no email forms or exit intent pop-ups exist which is a must-have for every e-commerce website.

Best Shopify Stores Bronze Medal

Best Lead Generating & Converting Shopify Stores

1. Miracle by Aloft

Best Shopify Stores Miracle by aloft

Miracle by Aloft is a brand that offers sheets, towels and pillowcases which use antimicrobial silver.

This is one more minimalistic e-commerce store that eliminates unnecessary content and pages.

It is also filled with soft shades of blue that create a sense of relaxation and bring up the feelings of snoozing in your fresh sheets.

Why we like it:

Scrolling and clicking through the shop I found out that it was ridiculously conversion optimized.

From the beginning, you will notice the Shop Now button which is accompanied by the brand’s tagline  (That is really well written by the way)

On top of the page, you see 3 different tabs, each one of them leading you to one of their three products.

Scrolling further down you will come across more Shop Now buttons, a showcase of the product’s benefits along with their USP’s and an 100% refund promise.

It also has to be mentioned that every CTA will take you to a buying page specifically designed for the product you have selected where you will also be able to find product reviews.

In order to make sure that you won’t abandon, a pop-up comes in that asks for your email address for exchange a 10% discount.

Of course, an exit intent pop-up also exists that asks once for your email address that reminds you of your free return prerogative and also provides you with a 15$ discount.

Miracle by Aloft Best Shopify Stores

If I had to guess these guys will also leverage Email Marketing in a great way to drive their acquired leads deep into their sales funnel.

Gold Medal because without any exaggeration, this Shopify store is one of the best Conversion Optimized websites I’ve ever seen.

Best Shopify Stores Gold Medal

2. Beardbrand

Best Shopify Stores Beardbrand

Beardbrand is a brand that grew rapidly when the beards trend came about.

These guys did an excellent job leveraging content marketing to build their audience, which they later drove into their Shopify store.

Unlike all previous stores, Beardbrand is not focusing their main page to sell their products, but rather to strengthen their brand even more.

Why we like it:

Facial hair grooming can be a pain if you are inexperienced.

Beardbrand knows that and they want to help.

Their homepage hosts only one CTA which is asking the visitor to take a quiz just like the has done.

What differentiates their strategy is the email form they are asking you to fill in at the end of the quiz.

This way, they are able to create a strong first impression by recommending you some facial hair styles based on your answers while you subscribe to their email list for some future “nurturing”.

Best Shopify Stores Beardbrand

This is a great example of a conversion optimized website that is not about making sales in the first place but is trying to go Omnichannel like Email Marketing to create a loyal and returning audience.

Silver Medal because the Quiz to help you find your style in exchange for an email address is just genius.

Best Shopify Stores Silver Medal

3. Death Wish Coffee

Best Shopify Stores Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee is a Coffee brand that claims to be the strongest coffee on earth.

The website does not have a lot of pages and most of its content is displayed in big and clear text.

In general, the design agrees with the brand’s bold character, a fact that convinces you about their claims.

There also is a line of red text that warns potential buyers about how addictive the product is and further supports the brand’s claims.

Why we like it:

Since you probably are on their website to buy their coffee, there is no reason for you to take unnecessary steps to reach the check-out screen.

And you won’t have to, since you are provided with a Buy Now button from the moment you set foot on the page, and if you check the box you will also be able to receive a new pack of coffee every week.

Bronze Medal because while this is a great example of a well converting website it just isn’t better than the previous two.

Best Shopify Stores Bronze Medal


As you may have noticed, the recipe for creating a successful Shopify store is not a fixed process.

There are numerous different ways to have it designed that will depend on the niche of your product.

This article contains a fair amount of different examples and ideas, but you have to remember that you shouldn’t copy them randomly.

What works for someone else is not guaranteed to work for you.

You’ll need to use your imagination, creativeness and instinct to understand the psychology and intent of your users and deliver the experience they’re looking for.

And if you’d like to know more about how to create a successful and converting Shopify store with fantastic UX, don’t hesitate to download our free content upgrade!

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