9 Dotdigital Alternatives For Better Functionality & Features [2023]

9 Dotdigital Alternatives For Better Functionality & Features [2023]

Published By Marilia Dimitriou
June 2, 2023

Dotdigital is a customer engagement platform with email marketing and SMS marketing capabilities that uses the power of data to improve the customer journey across multiple channels.

While this software has been out there for quite some time, many users have come across certain issues regarding its performance and features.

In this guide, we’ll show you the best Dotdigital alternatives you need to consider to find a better solution in terms of functionality, integration and deployment, support, and pricing.

Let’s take a look.

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Best Dotdigital Competitors: Listed

Achieving scalability is an essential part of making your business last. The tools you will pick for the job need to be up-to-date, offering advanced functionality and support, especially when your business is growing.

Furthermore, Dotdigital users point out that the platform can be expensive and that it lacks updates.

Below, you will see some of the top user-friendly email marketing automation solutions that come to fill the gaps left by Dotdigital, offering better functionality and more affordable pricing.

Let’s see the table:

Price/MonthFree Plan/TrialUnique FeatureRatings
DotdigitalCustom quoteDemoContact management functionrating star 4 and half
Moosend$9/monthYes (30-day free trial)Advanced marketing automationrating star 4 and half
HubSpot$20/monthYesCRM and social media toolsrating star 4 and half
Constant Contact$12/month60-day trialEvent management system rating star 4
Marketo EngageCustom quoteDemoCampaign and journey automationrating star 4
Mailchimp$20/monthYes (limited)Multi-step automation workflowsrating star 4 and half
Salesforce Account Engagement$1,300/monthDemoSalesforce CRM integrationrating star 4
ActiveCampaign$39/month14-day free trialIn-built CRMrating star 4 and half
Klaviyo$20/monthYesEmail & SMS optionsrating star 4 and half
GetResponse$19/monthYes One-click integrationsrating star 4

1. Moosend

Dotdigital alternatives

Pricing: Paid plans start at $9/month, 30-day free Trial (Sign up here)

Best for: eCommerce, Small Businesses, Bloggers, Enterprises

Unique feature: Advanced marketing automation

Moosend’s all-in-one email marketing software gives you access to an array of tools to increase your subscriber base, nurture your leads and turn them into loyal customers of your brand. More specifically, this digital marketing platform comes with a user-friendly email editor, online forms, landing pages, advanced reporting and analytics, transactional emails (SMTP), an easy-to-use API, as well as a responsive customer support team.

When creating your campaigns, Moosend’s email builder allows you to craft converting messages using advanced elements that will intrigue your audience. The available email templates will function as a blueprint to save time and effort.

Moreover, as personalization has become a major revenue-driving force, Moosend’s automated workflows will let you set up sequences to target your audience with content tailored to their needs. The visual workflow editor has numerous conditions and triggers to create unique email automations for your business, featuring numerous pre-made recipes to help you out.

Moosend also comes with a complete set of audience management tools, while you can use the online form builder and landing page editor to increase your subscriber base. Then, you can leverage the segmentation option to divide them into groups with similar interests.

Lastly, optimization is a crucial aspect of your email marketing strategy and digital marketing in general. To improve your efforts, you can use the A/B Testing tools to enhance your content based on customer data and engagement insights collected through your campaign reports.

Moosend Best Dotdigital Alternative Features


Moosend’s paid plans begin at $9/month for 500 subscribers with the Pro Plan, where you get access to unlimited campaign sends, the builders, the SMTP server, segmentation, personalization, reporting, and more.

You can try out the features by creating a free account today.

2. HubSpot

HUbSpot dotdigital competitor

Pricing: Paid plans start at $20/month, Free plan

Best for: Enterprises, Startups

Unique feature: CRM and social media tools

HubSpot is a Dotdigital alternative known for its powerful customer relationship management (CRM) feature. Along with the email marketing automation tools, you can power up your inbound marketing efforts and improve the customer experience.

Inside the HubSpot marketing hub, you’ll find an email builder to create email marketing campaigns and a workflow builder to streamline your efforts. Numerous templates are also available to help you save time and effort. Furthermore, this competitor will give you access to an online form builder to craft and expand your mailing list and social media ads to retarget your audience.

Moreover, HubSpot is famous for its lead management software, a tool that will allow you to track and analyze your sales in real-time. More specifically, you can monitor your entire sales pipeline, track your performance through reports and use the data to find opportunities and improve your process.

Apart from that, HubSpot comes with advanced A/B testing functionality to improve the accuracy and efficiency of your marketing messages through device-specific previews and sending test emails. Lastly, you can also benefit from the time-sending optimization feature to find the best time to deliver your emails.

HubSpot Best Email Marketing Platform Features

  • Drag-and-drop email template builder
  • Pre-made newsletter templates
  • Embedded A/B Testing feature
  • Customer relationship management tool
  • Online form builder to boost lead generation
  • Multi-step automated workflows


HubSpot’s free plan comes with 2,000 email sends per month. If you want to use the form and marketing automation tools and remove HubSpot branding, then you have to purchase one of the paid plans starting at $20/month with the Starter and $890/month with the Professional.

If HubSpot’s email marketing automation software feels expensive, you can always look at some more affordable HubSpot competitors with equally powerful features and functionality.

3. Constant Contact

constant contact dotdigital competitor

Pricing: Paid plans start at $12/month, 60-day free trial

Best for: Small businesses, Online creators

Unique feature: Event management system

Next, we have Constant Contact, another email marketing automation tool that allows marketers to grow their business with email newsletters, automated workflows, forms, and more.

When it comes to the email builder, you can create a campaign from scratch using the template builder or pick one of the pre-made designs offered. Moreover, you can benefit from the branded template builder to craft messages that will reflect your brand and resonate with your audience.

Marketing automation is also available, although many users have noticed that it isn’t as flexible as other Constant Contact alternatives such as Moosend or Mailchimp. Nevertheless, creating automated workflows won’t be a problem if you are a seasoned marketer. The tool will also give you the opportunity to set up engaging sequences and follow-up campaigns to improve your engagement and conversion efforts.

To power up your omnichannel efforts, Constant Contact also offers social media ads and landing pages to boost your lead generation through popular networks, retarget your audience and give them unique offers.

Apart from that, this email marketing tool integrates with various apps to help you streamline your efforts, including eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify and WooCommerce, social media networks, WordPress, etc.

Constant Contact Marketing Solution Features

  • Event management system
  • Marketing automation tools
  • In-built CRM feature
  • Social media ads
  • A/B Testing for subject lines
  • Email API


Constant Contact has a free trial you can use for 60 days. After its expiration, you need to purchase one of the paid plans starting at $12 per month. The marketing automation features are available on Standard plan, starting at $35 per month.

Read our dedicated Constant Contact review to discover the pros and cons, pricing details, features, and frequently asked questions (FAQ) that will help you make an informed decision.

4. Marketo Engage

marketo engage dotdigital alternatives

Pricing: Request a quote, Demo

Best for: SaaS, Enterprises

Unique feature: Campaign and journey automation

Adobe’s Marketo Engage is one of the Dotdigital alternatives that will help you power up your lead-based and account-based marketing. This software provides users with email marketing automation tools, lead management, and multi-touch attribution to drive more revenue.

Regarding its email marketing capabilities, Marketo offers a visual editor to create responsive email marketing campaigns for your audience. You can use the reporting and analytics feature to track your performance. Moreover, the available A/B Testing tools can help you improve your messages’ click-through rate and conversion through suggestions and predictive content.

This alternative’s lead management system will let you keep your contacts organized by creating scoring models to know which opportunities are more important. Moreover, you can retarget website visitors through personalized social media ads to enhance your lead generation.

Marketo Engage’s workflow builder also allows you to craft smart sequences for your audience based on behavioral data for improved customer journeys. Lastly, it comes with an attribution tracking feature to measure your campaign’s performance, unify your data, and then use the insights to improve your marketing strategy.

If Marketo is too expensive for your business, find a more affordable solution by checking this article here!

Marketo Best Email Service Features

  • Visual email campaign editor
  • Lead management feature
  • Predictive content
  • Email personalization
  • Multi-touch attribution


Marketo has four paid plans, starting with the Jumpstart plan for core email marketing automation, segmentation, and reporting. To find out more about pricing, you need to request a custom quote by contacting their sales team.

5. Mailchimp

mailchimp alternative to dotdigital

Pricing: Paid plans start at $20/month, Limited free plan

Best for: Ecommerce, Agencies, Publishers

Unique feature: Multi-step automation workflows

Mailchimp is another Dotdigital competitor you can consider as it offers advanced features to cover the needs of a growing business.

The email marketing automation options will let you craft promotional messages for your audience and then use the workflow builder to set up smart sequences for them. For instance, you can create an abandoned cart email for your customers to restore your lost revenue or a re-engagement series for your disengaged subscribers.

Before moving on, it’s worth noting that Mailchimp’s workflow editor lacks the preview feature, unlike its popular competitors like Moosend and Constant Contact.

When it comes to audience management, Mailchimp offers a Marketing CRM to learn more about your audience and improve the customer experience. Using segmentation and behavioral tagging, you can target your audience with more relevant messages based on their habits, purchase history, and preferences.

Lastly, Mailchimp’s Insights and Analytics feature comes with reports and smart recommendations to boost your email marketing performance. You can use them along with the A/B Testing tool, Surveys, and the new Content Optimizer feature to optimize the efficiency of your messages.

Mailchimp Best Software Features

  • Multi-step workflows
  • Marketing CRM
  • Pre-made newsletter templates
  • Behavior tagging
  • A/B Testing options


Mailchimp has an available free plan with a sending limit of 2,500 emails/month (500/day). Pricing starts at $20/month with the Standard plan for 500 subscribers and reaches up to $350/month for the Premium plan.

Learn about the pros and cons of Mailchimp in our detailed review, which covers pricing, features, and user experience.

6. Salesforce Account Engagement

salesforce marketing cloud account engagement alternative to dotdigital

Pricing: Paid plans start at $1,300/month, Demo

Best for: SaaS, Startups, Enterprises

Unique feature: Salesforce CRM integration

Salesforce Account Engagement (previously Pardot) is among the best Dotdigital alternatives B2B businesses can get to engage their audience with email marketing campaigns that convert. This software offers you the ability to customize journeys through personalized email campaigns and landing pages.

Moreover, you can use the advanced segmentation feature to group your audience based on their engagement with your brand or customer history. This way, you can personalize your content and ensure that your audience receives the best offers when they need them.

Salesforce Account Engageme will also give you access to account-based scoring and analytics to align your sales and marketing efforts for a more seamless experience. When you discover your high-quality leads, you can use the lead nurturing feature to turn them into loyal advocates of your brand.

Lastly, this marketing software integrates with Salesforce’s popular CRM for better lead management and engagement. If you want to improve the efficiency of your marketing messages, the available email analytics and testing tools are exactly what you need.

Salesforce Account Engagement Best Features

  • Email marketing campaign editor
  • Online forms and landing pages
  • Powerful segmentation option
  • Account-based analytics
  • Integration with Salesforce CRM


Salesforce Account Engagement’s pricing plans start at $1,300/month billed annually for 10K contacts. For more features, you need to upgrade to the Plus or Advanced Plan, starting at about $2,600 and $4,150 per month. The Enterprise plan begins at about $15,300/month for up to 75,000 contacts billed annually.

7. ActiveCampaign

activecampaign dotdigital alternatives

Pricing: Paid plans start at $39/month, 14-day free trial

Best for: Experienced marketers, eCommerce, Agencies

Unique feature: In-built CRM

ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation platform geared towards eCommerce stores, offering powerful automated workflows, advanced segmentation, and personalization features to boost conversions.

Regarding email campaign creation, this alternative to Dotdigital offers an intuitive drag-and-drop builder to craft the perfect message. You can also use a variety of elements and leverage the dynamic content option to personalize your message based on each customer’s needs.

As an eCommerce-oriented platform, ActiveCampaign will give you access to powerful marketing automation to deliver the right message at the right time. You can use the workflow editor to set up a welcome or abandoned cart series or even automate your lead scoring process by finding your most engaged contacts and assigning the right tags automatically.

More on lead management, this platform also comes with an in-built customer relationship management (CRM) system to organize customer data and power up your sales. You can use the tool to keep your sales team up-to-date with your current lead status, create tasks based on their online activity and streamline the lead nurturing process.

Segmentation and personalization couldn’t be absent from the mix, allowing you to craft multichannel marketing campaigns that will target your customers through their lifecycle.

ActiveCampaign Top Advanced Features

  • Advanced marketing automation
  • Transactional email campaigns
  • Integrations for web push notifications, social media, etc.
  • Pre-made newsletter templates
  • Responsive customer support


Users can try ActiveCampaign for free by registering for the 14-day trial. You will need a paid subscription starting at $39/month for 1,000 subscribers to keep using the software.

If you are looking for a simpler tool with equally advanced functionality and affordability, you should consider one of ActiveCampaign’s competitors.

8. Klaviyo

klaviyo dotdigital competitor

Pricing: Paid plans start at $20/month, Free plan

Best for: eCommerce, SMBs

Unique feature: Email & SMS options

Klaviyo is another eCommerce-oriented Dotdigital alternative, offering email and SMS marketing tools to power up your engagement and conversion endeavors.

Equipped with a simple drag-and-drop editor, this Dotdigital alternative will let you craft beautiful marketing campaigns for your audience. The platform also offers various pre-made email templates to simplify the process.

Apart from email creation, you can use the visual workflow builder to set up sequences that will drip your content at the right time. For example, you can build a welcome or abandoned cart series to boost and restore your revenue with personalized messages.

Moreover, you can benefit from the dynamic segmentation tool to keep your email lists organized and deliver personalized content based on eCommerce consumer data. This way, your audience will receive relevant offers and deals that will make them convert.

Lastly, Klaviyo offers an SMTP server solution to send transactional emails to your customers, including order notifications, order status updates, and more.

Klaviyo’s Email Marketing Best Features

  • Visual email editor
  • Automated workflows
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Transactional email campaigns
  • A/B testing tools


Klaviyo offers a free plan for up to 250 email contacts and 500 email sends. Then, pricing starts at $45/month for the email tools and $60 for the email and SMS options for 1,000 contacts.

9. GetResponse

getresponse dotdigital competitor

Pricing: Paid plans start at about $19/month, Free plan

Best for: Publishers, eCommerce

Unique feature: One-click integrations

GetResponse is another marketing solution you can use to get your email strategy back on track. This Dotdigital alternative is simple and affordable, giving you an intuitive campaign builder to craft converting messages for your audience.

As an eCommerce-oriented tool, you can benefit from the automated workflow builder to create smart sequences for your subscribers and customers. Segmentation and personalization will also help you keep your email lists organized and deliver better experiences.

Furthermore, GetResponse will allow you to connect the software with third-party apps to streamline your marketing efforts. The software integrates with eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Woocommerce, social media tools, calendars, online course platforms, Zapier, and more.

Lastly, like Klaviyo, this platform offers SMS marketing options to boost your customer engagement through different channels. While it’s a great option, it may get pricey down the line, especially if you have a large number of contacts. In this case, you may also want to check out some more affordable Klaviyo competitors.

GetResponse Top Email Solution Features

  • Marketing automation options
  • Pre-made templates
  • Landing page editor
  • Email list segmentation
  • Web push notifications


GetResponse has a free plan for 500 contacts, which you can use to try out the tool. Then, you can choose from three paid plans, starting with the Basic plan at about $19 per month for 1,000 subscribers.

The Best Dotdigital Alternatives

The Dotdigital engagement cloud has been around for quite some time now. While it’s a great tool to power up your online marketing efforts, choosing a more affordable and powerful alternative may be the missing link to scaling your business.

Before making the change, we recommend you try any available free plans, trials, or demos to ensure that your new tool aligns with your goals. So if you feel like it, why not register for a free Moosend account and try the email, landing page, and form builders?

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