Free Halloween Email Subject Lines to Win in 2019

halloween subject lines
Halloween 2019 is closing in! 

It’s the time of year when the most popular Google searches are Halloween-themed: “DIY costumes”, “last-minute costumes”, “scary makeup tutorial”, “gross recipes“.

Unless you are a marketer or entrepreneur.

Then, it’s “Halloween subject lines”, “2017 Halloween best email templates”, or “awesome templates”, “email marketing tips”, and so on.

While carved pumpkins are paced to the beat of a perky festivity, let’s get down to work: this post is part of our Halloween series.

Covering everything from spending stats to the latest tips, website ideas and examples, to the best email templates (FREE across all Moosend plans)!

Don’t care for ideas and tips? Jump to our free Halloween templates!

Halloween in numbers

Halloween is the opening act of every year’s holiday (and shopping) season.

With a heavy lineup (Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve) you’d better make sure you get yourself a piece of the pie.

Even if it’s a small piece, remember: it’s still a big pie.

In fact, it’s $9.1-billion-big pie – and that’s in the US alone.

The projections are loud and clear: the average spending per buyer in the US is about to reach a new high- this is record level we’re talking about.

average spending per buyer


Why Halloween

Educating your audience

By actively participating in the celebration, you are also educating your customers to keep an eye on offers from you, from now on.

In your doing so, you are building a positive brand image across your customers for the rest of the year- translating into brand loyalty, which is a major brand asset for your business.

This brand loyalty is cashed into lifelong customers and trust towards your website.

Make your business their top-of-mind option: keep them in the loop for all your sales, offers, random giveaways, and offline events. It will all be reciprocated.

likes magnet

Whether you are a Marketing Manager or a freelancer, you certainly intend to join in the celebrations and sale activities yourself.

How to Write Halloween Subject Lines

(BONUS: How to check Halloween Subject Lines Success; try Refine, our free online tool estimating open rate success!)

Emojis to use across your social media channels.

While rolling out your Halloween email sequence, invite your social media channels to the kick-off party.

Last year, Facebook rolled out a limited edition series of Reaction buttons:

 facebook Reaction buttons

By now, no relevant announcement by facebook has made it to our offices, but until it does, we suggest you kick your party communication up a notch by making your own emoji story!

Here are a few ideas that you can copy and paste directly to your subject line or email body:

  • or ? (:Trick or treat?)
  • ====  (:Scare them away!)
  • (:This year – scare everyone off – with your killer costume)

You might want to top your emoji story off with a helpful explanation, to make sure your readers get it!

And here’s a very useful list of spooky emojis we enjoyed using!

Halloween subject lines: A pool of keywords 

We thought we’d give you a helping hand with spook-inspired subject lines.

So we took the liberty of drafting a few Halloween subject lines which might come in handy or spark your inspiration:

  • Zombie apocalypse: Who do you save? The one with the gift card.”
  • “Joe, you’re in for a treat! We’ve got something for you!”
  • “How’s the world been trick-or-treating you?” – The best 2017 Halloween ideas
  • “Halloween inspo playing tricks on you? – We gotcha!”
  • “Use every trick in the book of spells – The complete guide to out-Halloween everyone!”
  • “Our bag of tricks: how to launch last-minute Halloween ideas”
  • “31 tips that’ll do the trick on October 31st!”
  • “We know a treat or two: here are our gross Halloween recipes”

PLUS – Meet “Refine“: Get free access to our online tool which estimates how your subject line stacks up against the industry average!

And a few by industry:

  • Home decor: “How to haunt your own house …On Halloween.”
  • E-commerce: “Candy offer for our little monsters!”
  • Cosmetics: “Boo-tiful offers to end soon!”
  • SaaS products: “Scream with excitement: our best deal so far”

If you want to come up with something of your own, we put together this handy table to make the creative process more flow-y:

creative process handy table


That concludes our article about Halloween’s email subject lines!

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