15 Best Digital Products Τo Sell Ιn 2023 [+ How Τo Start & Where]

15 Best Digital Products Τo Sell Ιn 2023 [+ How Τo Start & Where]

Published By Marilia Dimitriou
August 18, 2023

Have you ever wondered what are the best digital products to sell?

Any savvy marketer knows digital products—non-physical items you can download and use electronically, such as courses—can drive more revenue than other tangible goods.

Aside from only requiring a computer and an Internet connection, there are reasons why it’s become a lucrative business model for generating revenue:

  • Unlimited supply of products
  • Easy to distribute
  • Lower production costs

If you’re just starting out and have no clue what to sell, we’ve got your back!

Keep reading to find a list of top digital products that sell like hotcakes and will get your creative juices flowing.

Why Sell Digital Products?

Digital goods are simply incredible: they pose almost no risks, are cheap to make, and can bring a steady stream of revenue to your bank account.

But do they yield more profit than physical products?

If you need extra incentive, let’s look at the benefits and see the five reasons why you should sell digital products today.

Low start-up costs

First of all, we mentioned earlier that digital products are cheap to make—and it’s true.

Since you don’t need a warehouse to manufacture your items or pay extra shipping fees, you can create high-quality products within your budget and drive higher profit margins.

Unlimited inventory

A warehouse can only fit a limited number of physical products; at some point, your processes will halt due to needing more space.

With digital products, you have no such problem.

Marketplaces like Shopify allow you to sell and manage unlimited digital downloads, meaning that your inventory will never run out of products to sell.

Passive income

Passive income comes up a lot in our text, so let’s expand on it.

Selling digital products or services online is a great way to make extra cash, even if you’re on vacation or want to take a break.

Once you’ve established a steady sales flow, your clients will keep buying your digital products without you lifting a finger.

Easy scaling

With digital products, you can put your worries aside regarding your supply chain.

Since you can quickly scale when demand increases, you’ll face no supply chain issues like those who sell physical goods.

Flexible pricing options

Lastly, you have flexible pricing options.

From subscriptions to tiered packages to bundles, you can set the price for any digital product or service you sell—and increase the price if the demand is high.

Now that you know why selling digital goods is worth your time, let’s take a look at some of the top products you can consider.

15 Best Digital Products To Sell

With the plethora of options available, it’s difficult to untangle the knots and choose the right type of digital product to sell.

We understand your predicament, so we’ve narrowed down your options to the following items:

Digital ProductDifficultyBest for
Subscriptions & membershipsEasyCustomers with unique interests and needs
EbooksMediumEntrepreneurs or casual consumers
Music & audioHardNiche audience, producers, or musicians
Digital artMediumGraphic designers, digital artists, and businesses
PhotographyEasyGraphic designers or businesses
VideoHardCompanies or casual viewers
FontsMediumCompanies, designers, or individual creators
SoftwareHardBusinesses of all sizes or individual users
PrintablesEasyCrafty consumers, company branding, teachers
Coaching packagesEasyCoaches
Graphic design assetsMediumWeb designers, graphic illustrators, 3D artists

Found something that caught your eye?

Jump to what interests you or read more about every digital good displayed in this article; for each item, we’ll dive deeper into what makes them great digital product ideas.

1. Documents

You’re a master in your industry, and you want to spread your knowledge. How can you do that?

Through digital documents—virtual files containing relevant information for both the receiver and sender you can only find online.

Aside from helping businesses improve their workflows, digital documents also ease the transfer of information, which your visitors can significantly benefit from.


  • Checklists
  • Activities
  • Presentations
  • Printables
  • Templates
  • Industry reports or manuals
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Infographics
  • Case studies

Difficulty: Easy

Digital documents are easy to make and share on your website, blog, or a dedicated marketplace. Just take a look at these Canva templates sold on Creative Market:

canva templates found on creative market are one of the best digital products to sell

Since you share relevant information your audience wants, they’ll likely buy it to obtain the knowledge that’ll help them improve their operations.

You only need to curate your content into helpful documents and promote them through landing pages or other advertisements.

Best for

  • Everyone

2. Courses

Courses took the world by storm, and now they’re a popular way to monetize your knowledge and help others learn something new.

If you have a particular skill or are an expert on a topic, you can share those skills and expertise by providing quality training to those interested in what you offer.

Since you can sell courses like most other digital products, you’ll have a great source of income, especially if what you’re selling is in high demand.


  • Music courses
  • Art courses
  • Cooking courses
  • Graphic design courses
  • Language learning courses

Difficulty: Medium

Courses require more time, effort, and resources to prepare than documents.

First, you have to decide what to teach. After this step, consider the format you want to deliver your online courses in, such as audio, video, or text.

When you’ve finished creating your educational content, you can choose an online course platform, like Udemy, where you can host your course.

Best for

  • Everyone

3. Subscriptions & membership sites

Subscriptions and memberships are part of our lives, whether we want free delivery when ordering food or listening to music without ads.

Since there’s no corner left untouched by a subscription on the Internet, subscriptions make great digital products to sell due to being predictable cash flow that increases customer loyalty and ensures retention.

Usually, subscriptions include weekly or monthly content, such as boxes of goodies, access to exclusive content, or meal plans.

Moosend makes subscriptions easy as pie.

With our responsive, user-friendly forms, we can help you create professional newsletter subscriptions that drive profits—at the click of a button.

Moosend newsletter signup form

This way, you’ll grab your website visitor’s attention once they are committed to reading—and turn casual subscribers into frequent buyers.


  • Health and wellness subscriptions
  • Streaming services, like Amazon Prime or Netflix
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), such as Canva or Adobe
  • Content subscriptions for courses, newspapers, etc.
  • Foodservice subscriptions
  • Music subscriptions

Difficulty: Easy

Moosend’s handy and rich editor can help you insert images, videos, and other interactive elements without any HTML knowledge to create eye-catching emails or newsletters that convert.

Switch between various templates to craft a design according to your needs, encouraging subscribers to act.

Start for free!

Best for

  • Business owners
  • Casual consumers

4. Spreadsheets

You might think, “Aren’t spreadsheets a type of document? Why are they here?”—and yes, you’d be right.

But spreadsheets deserve a special mention in our list of digital products because 66% of office workers use Excel at least once per hour, on average.

Since just about everyone uses spreadsheets on their personal computers or smartphones, you can quickly and easily drive profit, especially since there’s a large market for spreadsheet templates or training courses.


  • Microsoft Excel
  • Google Sheets
  • Apple Numbers
  • Zoho Sheet
  • Gnumeric
  • OpenOffice Calc

Difficulty: Medium

Learning a spreadsheet’s basic features and functionalities needs little effort; plus, creating a simple spreadsheet can only take a few minutes.

However, anything more complex, such as knowing every function or using formulas, requires advanced knowledge.

Developing the skills to create spreadsheets without errors also takes time. However, spreadsheets are among the best digital products to sell and you can make extra cash fast if you hone your skills.

Here’s an example by MyDataGenius:

MyDataGenius excel templates

Best for

  • Companies

5. Ebooks

In this era of digital downloads, you can start writing your own ebook if you want extra cash in your pocket.

To emphasize this point, approximately 191 million ebooks were sold in the U.S. from 2010 to 2020.

So, this industry is highly profitable, especially since ebooks are informative products people want to spend their money on—and they’re easy to consume.

What’s great about this digital product is you can write about your passions and interests, and promote the content on your own website, large marketplaces, or online stores.


  • Self-help ebooks
  • Meal prep plans
  • Workout guides
  • How-to guides
  • Blueprints
  • Business ebooks

Difficulty: Easy

You don’t need to be George R.R. Martin to write something that sells.

Producing an ebook that sells is relatively easy since most, such as how-to guides or infographics, require little text and just a few high-quality and relevant images.

You can even turn them into audiobooks to reach a wider audience.

Best for

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Casual audience

6. Music and audio

Listening to soothing jams jump-starts our creativity, reduces anxiety, and improves our sleep quality—and they’re great mediums for spreading your message.

While different music caters to niche audiences, people will still purchase audio files that inspire or entertain them, making it a great chance to earn a passive income.

You can do so by recording yourself playing an instrument and then selling the recordings to producers or uploading the album on streaming services.


  • Recordings
  • Video game music
  • Audiobooks
  • Relaxing background music or noise
  • Music sheets
  • Worksheets
  • Reusable sound effects

Difficulty: Hard

Producing any music or sound effects is challenging and requires talent, a particular skill set, or a social media presence and a following to make a decent amount of money.

Or you can make it easier and sell music sheets like Tomplay:

tomplay piano sheets as digital products

Best for

  • Musicians
  • Niche audience
  • Producers

7. Digital art

One of the most profitable digital products available now is digital art.

If you consider yourself a modern—always online—Picasso, there’s an enormous creative market for digital art that awaits your masterpieces.

For instance, you can turn your hobby into income by selling original artwork or additional “accessories” for graphic design tools, such as brushes for Photoshop.

Or, you can monetize your skills; many small businesses look for talented designers to create custom logos or other branding elements.


  • Animations
  • Brand kits
  • Emotes
  • Banners
  • Digital paintings
  • Illustrations
  • Pixel art
  • 3D sculpting

Difficulty: Medium

Logos might be easy to make, but other design elements take time, creativity, and effort, especially if you want to branch out to more complex art forms.

For example, doing animations is more challenging than banner creation, but it’s a highly profitable niche, which makes it one of the best digital products to sell for animators and creators.

Best for

  • Graphic designers
  • Digital artists
  • Businesses

8. Video

Many people like watching videos, making it a popular method to deliver educational, informative, or entertaining content.

But videos mean more than watching Game of Thrones on HBO. Over 91% of consumers demand to see more online video content from brands—and there’s an opportunity for you to meet that demand.

If you have a passion for visual content or the charisma to persuade people, then you should invest in videos to meet the rising demands of customers.

People are more than willing to pay for videos if they only have to press a play button to gain new knowledge or be entertained.


  • Tutorials
  • Stock footage
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Animations
  • Gameplay videos and game reviews
  • Product reviews and demos
  • Special effects templates

Difficulty: Hard

Videos require time and a clear agenda of what you want to present. Here’s an example from Upwork:

Upwork video editor profile example

Sure, quick and short tutorials only require some effort, but if you want to produce high-quality stock footage or animations, you might need to spend more time editing the video frame-by-frame.

Best for

  • Companies
  • Casual viewers

9. Photography

Wow, your photos are amazing! Have you ever thought of selling them?”

If you’ve heard this before—or if your hobby is snapping photos on every occasion—then you’ve found the best digital product to sell!

The world of photography is all-encompassing, as first-class stock photos will always be in-demand digital products for online businesses or bloggers who want to beautify their websites.


  • Portraits
  • Photojournalism
  • Editorial photography
  • Stock photography
  • Advertising photography
  • Backgrounds

Difficulty: Easy

Snapping the perfect photo needs careful consideration—the right light or subject—but, in essence, it’s relatively easy to set up a portfolio where you can showcase your work.

With competitive pricing and top-notch images, you can profit from selling independent or client-commissioned photographs.

The only problem is the crowded market. It might be challenging to sell your photos at a high price, especially since you can find most stock photos for free on websites like Shutterstock.

Best for

  • Graphic designers
  • Businesses

10. Templates

One of the most significant benefits of templates is that they save time, helping companies—and people—keep their work and life organized.

In our era, when time is of the essence, an easy-to-use design template is a popular option that can save your customers time and money and help them focus on other projects.

For instance, Moosend offers 40 free templates that can create great email campaigns or send branded newsletters that convert!

Moosend template library

Get the templates!


  • Resume templates
  • Social media posts
  • Business cards
  • Invitations and brochures
  • Email templates
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Twitch overlays

Difficulty: Easy

Templates are easy to craft, even with limited design skills, which makes them one of the best digital products to sell even if you don’t have expertise.

You might spend some time and effort putting a template together, but it’s a tool many businesses can use to make their lives easier and fill your pockets.

Best for

  • Everyone

11. Fonts

Do you have a knack for type design and want to create your own fonts for a living?

Then you should know that selling fonts and typefaces is a lucrative business in high demand—and will never run out of style.

Of course, design trends and client preferences might change, but people will always look for new, unique, and quirky fonts for their emails, branding, or artwork.

The design is only limited by your creativity, as you can craft hundreds of fonts that sell quickly.


  • Blackletter
  • Symbol and glyphic fonts
  • Handwritten
  • Slab serif
  • Script
  • Decorative fonts
  • Monospace

Difficulty: Medium

You can build fonts through special tools like Illustrator and then upload the digital files on your website or online stores.

Developing a DIY font and drawing letters by hand might take time—but the profit is worth the effort.

Best for

  • Companies
  • Designers
  • Individual creators

12. Software

If you’re good with numbers and complex lines of code, you’ll rejoice to find out—unsurprisingly—that the software industry is massive and constantly evolving.

With the global budget for IT predicted to hit $4.6 trillion in 2023, it offers many profitable opportunities, and you can easily turn code into revenue. Here’s an example from the indie game Paralives on Steam:

Paralives indie video game

So, since software is among the best digital products to sell in terms of profitability, you can create various items, such as applications, games, or websites to power up your income.


  • WordPress plugins or themes
  • Windows, macOS, or Linux apps
  • Mobile apps for Android or iPhone
  • Video games
  • Web applications
  • Project management tools

Difficulty: Hard

Being a programmer is a good career choice, but the complexity of software development can make it hard to learn.

It’s not a field for everyone, as it requires code writers to understand multiple programming languages, such as C++ or Python; plus, a single wrong line of code can delay the entire project.

Best for

  • Businesses of all sizes
  • Individual users

13. Printables

Online marketplaces like the Etsy shop have many artisans craving more patterns and printables to apply to their DIY projects.

Since printables are popular digital items for those who like handmade stuff, you can sell many easy-to-make printables that help people keep order in their lives.


  • Printable agendas
  • Crochet or sewing patterns
  • Schedules
  • Stickers
  • Planners
  • Artwork
  • Coloring pages
  • Scrapbooking assets

Difficulty: Easy

If you have an idea someone would be willing to pay for, it’s easy to craft something printable and deliver it to the customer.

Best for

  • Crafty consumers
  • Company swag and branding
  • Teachers

14. Coaching packages

Coaching is now among the best digital products to sell to potential customers.

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to gather clients from all over the world and sell your coaching services as a package deal.

So, if your prospects feel like your ebooks aren’t enough, you can move on to one-on-one sessions—and strengthen your relationship with them by working more closely.


  • Assessment interview
  • Short- and long-term goal setting
  • Emergency calls
  • Face-to-face sessions
  • Workbooks
  • Fitness coaching

Difficulty: Easy

Selling coaching packages is easy—the first step is knowing what ails the clients to customize the sessions.

For example, if your customers want to know how to obtain a better work-life balance, you can sell a coaching package that solves their issue via email, workshops, Zoom, or telephone.

Here’s an example by Fitness Blender:

Fitness Blender coaching digital products

Best for

  • Coaches

15. Graphic design assets

Most entrepreneurs don’t have the necessary skills or the time to create their own graphic assets for their websites, so they have to rely on people who know how to design them.

And with around 1.12 billion websites worldwide, the need for high-quality designers is higher than ever.

If you’re an Illustrator master and have the skill set to design textures, you can sell your products to meet a particular client’s pain points and desires.


  • Textures
  • Stencils
  • Overlays
  • Shapes
  • Lightroom presets
  • Clipart
  • Woodcuts
  • Backgrounds



Thanks to modern technology, coming up with designs for backgrounds or clipart is a piece of cake.

You can either build graphic art bundles or create one for each type.

Best for

  • Web designers
  • Graphic illustrators
  • 3D artists

Our list has come to an end—have you found something that resonates with your passions?

Now that we’ve persuaded you that selling digital products is the way to go, where do you put them on sale?

Follow us further to explore the most popular places where you can sell your creations.

How To Sell Digital Products

Now that we discover the best digital products to sell, we’ll share the secrets to creating and making a profit out of them.

A graph showing how someone can sell their digital products in five steps.

Let’s start!

Step #1: Choose what to sell (or brainstorm ideas)

The first step to finding the best digital product to sell is pretty straightforward: you need to find the right product to invest in.

You can think of what interests you, what knowledge and experience you have that you could share with others, or find solutions to customer pain points or wants.

Afterward, you can list every idea you can come up with and narrow it down until you have your star product.

Author’s Tip: Don’t discard a “bad” idea from the start—you can always find ways to turn not-so-great ideas into a profitable business.

Step #2: Research the market

Another essential step in this process is to conduct market research for the winning item to validate your choice—or determine what to sell.

Try to be optimistic about this step!

It might sound expensive and time-consuming, but there are many cost-effective ways to discover profitable opportunities, such as surveys or interviews on social media.

Step #3: Identify your audience or niche

It’s essential to figure out who you’re marketing your products to and find your niche because it creates a loyal customer base, reduces costs, and shows your expertise.

The good news is that you don’t have to guess who might like to purchase your products.

Here are four essential steps for correctly identifying your target audience:

  1. Understand your audience: Conduct surveys to leverage valuable insights into purchase patterns. Understanding consumer preferences, pain points, or behavior can help you produce content that caters to their needs.
  2. Segment your audience: You need to analyze your target audience and divide customers into groups based on specific needs or similar traits that lead them towards your product or services, such as demographics, education level, or geography.
  3. Build personas: Buyer personas are semi-fictional characters representing groups of people with similar goals, interests, or desires you can use to engage your target audience better.
  4. Connect with your niche audience: Keep your fictional buyer personas in mind when you produce authentic content or social media materials. This way, you ensure you meet your audience’s needs and build trust.

In a nutshell, it’s important to know your audience and maintain a personal connection that’ll make people want more.

Step #4: Choose where to sell your products

You’ve done your research. You’ve analyzed the market, found your target audience, and created your digital product.

Now you have to decide where to sell your items.

You may already have an idea of the perfect marketplace, but you can choose one of the platforms mentioned above or deepen your research and find a solution that fits your needs.

Our recommendation is to choose a platform that specializes in, first and foremost, the type of product you have. You’ll find more about where to sell digital products in the next section.

Step #5: Promote your products

Every step on this list is complete; the only remaining thing to do is promote your digital products.

While you can use many different types of digital marketing to drive sales, we think there’s only one foolproof and effective solution: Moosend’s email marketing feature.

With our intuitive and easy-to-use platform, we can help you thrive in the e-commerce industry.

You have thousands of designer-made and fully responsive email templates that you can customize to kickstart your next email marketing campaign—and promote your digital products the right way.

Where To Sell Digital Products

Now that you know what and how to sell your product, it’s time to find the right place to market it.

Many websites out there can help you do that, but only a few truly stand out.

Sneak a peek and see our top options.


Gumroad is a user-friendly online marketplace that helps people earn their first dollar and list whatever they like.

Gumroad is a user-friendly online marketplace that helps people earn their first dollar and list whatever they like.

While it’s a simple e-commerce platform, it still has powerful features that allow you to sell any digital product you want, from books to memberships to courses.

The selling process is straightforward and transparent, so you can sell your products quickly.


SendOwl is a jack of owl trades platform with all the capabilities you need to sell, deliver, and market your digital products.

SendOwl is a jack of all trades platform with all the capabilities you need to sell, deliver, and market your digital products.

Their goal is to empower creators and companies to sell anything digital—audiobooks, event tickets, online courses, photography, etc.

SendOwl’s unique features allow you to start sponsorships without taking a cut of your profits, so your audience can contribute directly to your work.


Etsy is a global platform for unique and creative goods, from handcrafted pieces and vintage treasures to WordPress themes or business cards.

Etsy is a global platform for unique and creative goods, from handcrafted pieces and vintage treasures to WordPress themes or business cards.

Even though you can find many physical products on Etsy, it’s still a good solution for those who want to sell digital goods because it connects you to a global audience of about 100 million buyers.

All you need to do is sign up as a vendor, set up a storefront, and add your products—Etsy will take care of the rest.


Payhip is an excellent solution for people who want to sell coaching, digital downloads, or online courses from a single platform.

Payhip is an excellent solution for people who want to sell coaching, digital downloads, or online courses from a single platform.

They have a seamless checkout process, creating a great experience for users regardless of their device.

Moreover, Payhip has an affiliate program where you can reward clients for bringing you new customers or offer coupons and social discounts for promoting your work.

Now Over to You

As you’ve seen, digital products are easy to sell—and can be the perfect side hustle for some passive income.

If you’re ready to take this next step in your journey, then grab your pen and paper and start brainstorming for ideas.

And, if you ever need a partner to help you promote your ideas, keep in touch by visiting our website, scrolling down, and subscribing to our newsletter.

And if you feel like starting promoting your digital products asap, you can sign up for a free account and see how Moosend can power you up.

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