Looking for a SendinBlue Alternative?

Meet Moosend – The cheaper SendinBlue alternative. Find out why thousands of companies choose Moosend
over SendinBlue. Pricing and performance are not the only reasons!

sendinblue alternative


SendinBlue pricing is one of the key reasons our clients have moved to us.

sendinblue alternative pricing


Number of Credits


Full access to Moosend features


Limited features


Moosend Offers a Free Plan (No logo)

Create beautiful emails from the get go! Get free access to all features of Moosend’s Email
Marketing Platform for up to 1.000 unique subscribers, forever! Try Moosend’s platform and
find out for yourself why it’s the most user-friendly in the industry!

On the other hand, SendinBlue allows you to create a free account although they have a 300
email cap per day that you can send(that includes branded logos). Which is not ideal if you
want to test their platform for engagement and open rates.


Unlimited Emails per Contact

Benefit from our subscriber-based tier system and grow with onboarding drip campaigns,
upsell/cross-selling email sequences, etc. by paying less! Throughout Moosend’s subscription
plans, you’ll get unlimited emails for every subscriber on your list to grow your business.
With SendinBlue you can also send unlimited emails on their more pricey plans, although
hourly limits may apply on transactional emails.


Unlimited Mailing Lists

You know best what it takes to run your business smoothly; that’s why on Moosend, you are
free to create as many mailing lists as you wish. With no maximum number of mailing lists
per account, prepare to reach new levels of productivity and performance! SendinBlue also
offers that capability, therefore we have a tie!



sendinblue alternative features

We roll out new features regularly.
This is our way of staying true to our vision of providing our existing and new users with a product
we are proud of.

The Amazing Stories of Editor

Moosend and SendinBlue both have amazing Email Designer features that enable digital
marketers to be more creative and free with their next email newsletters!


Gorgeous Newsletter Templates

No one will know that this was a last-minute thing, with our fully-customizable email designs!
Simply pick the template that best matches your branding and get set in minutes. Watch every
element of your newsletter find its place on the email design- no one will know that you are
the professional designer! This is also the case for SendinBlue.


Immaculate Email Campaigns

Double-check all your campaigns with Moosend’s “Send Test” feature! Simply set up the
newsletter, and enter the email address(es) of your team and get instant feedback, without
leaving the platform! Make edits on the spot and send your newsletter campaign! While
SendinBlue offers the same feature it also offers some additional testing features that we
currently have not implemented yet!


Powerful Segmentation

Segmenting your lists serves more than just targeting purposes for your subscribers, it’s
also for deliverability, open rates, and conversions. Make the most out of every newsletter
by segmenting your audience using more than 20 criteria and an equal number of sub-criteria
with Moosend! This is also the case with SendinBlue.


Timely Transactional Emails

Complement and enrich your customer experience with carefully-crafted transactional emails.
Use Moosend to set up confirmation emails, tracking code emails, or other updates… in
seconds, not minutes! While SendinBlue offers transactional emails time limits might apply
on large volumes.



While our platform doesn’t have a separate SMS component, you can send SMS campaigns by
integrating your CRM platform with your Moosend account. On the other hand, SendinBlue
offers a separate SMS service, on a particularly high pricing point.



sendinblue alternative automations

Sometimes being on top of things all the time is counterproductive.
Automations fill in for you and keep you updated.

The Single Foolproof Automation Builder

There’s nothing that our Automation Builder can’t fix! Design your own automation from
scratch and fix every aspect of consumer behavior that matters to you. Create successful
drip campaigns more easily than ever and try all of the exciting possibilities on our
platform! This is also the case for SendinBlue, although there are a lots of


Drip Campaign Templates (aka Recipes)

Our fully-customizable Recipe list is among the top competitive advantages of Moosend. The
most common pains from all industries get their preset drip campaign template on Moosend’s
platform. Grab the Cart Recovery template and set an automation in seconds, implement a
Welcome email sequence more easily than ever, and more. SendinBlue has a decent automation
template library, although the limitations as to how many subscribers you can target with
your automation make SendinBlue not desirable.


Connect Your 3rd Party CRM System

Did you know you can perform crazy sophisticated actions simply by integrating your Zapier or
third-party CRM system with your Moosend account? Use our platform to create triggers and
send Webhooks to your systems and offer the best customer experience! SendinBlue also has a
great number of integrations with 3rd party CRM systems.



From visitors to users, we record everything and anything. You’re going back to your
stress-free self, while Moosend takes care of the paperwork! Moosend tracks and records
every journey on your website and assigns it to a user as soon as they sign up!
SendinBlue also provides pages tracking although not as sophisticated as Moosend’s
such as the ability to send personalized newsletter depending on the weather of your
subscribers location.


Tracking Analytics

sendinblue alternative tracking

It wouldn’t be much of a service if you couldn’t track how awesome you are!
Use our advanced Tracking Analytics to make informed decisions about your next steps.

Impressive Email Tracking

Tracking is essential for assessment and evaluation of actions taken and performed. As such,
the more advanced email tracking a service offers, the more informed a digital marketer’s
decisions are. Both platforms of Moosend and SendinBlue offer sophisticated tracking
options, namely based on opens, clicks, bounces, complaints.


Robust Website Tracking

When it comes to improved performance, website tracking is no exception. On Moosend’s
platform you can connect your website and issue, manage events when an end-user performs
actions (e.g. page views or purchases). These events can also serve as segmentation or
automation material afterwards. For instance, you could track and address those who viewed a
page more than N times, or trigger an automation when someone purchases from a specific
category. This is also a feature SendinBlue offers.


Track Custom Events that Matter to You

Arguably one of the most extraordinary features on Moosend’s platform is the ability to track
custom events, literally ANY event the end-user performs on your website. What matters to
you or your business more? Viewing a video, filling in a form on a specific page or other?
Build on that. SendinBlue offers all the basic tracking capabilities although it lacks the
ability to track specific events.



sendinblue alternative support

We have created the most user-friendly versions of our products,
but we are dedicated to serving you better and faster at all times.

Live Chat

Our Live Chat is available round the clock and boasts an impressive average response time of
3 minutes, the shortest in the industry! Sign up for an account and see for yourself!
SendinBlue does not offer a live chat for support.


Help Section

Our help database is available to all Moosend users and is updated multiple times a week. We
educate our users with new and advanced content and enrich our Help database with
information on the potential of new features, and so on. Sendinblue also has a detailed help


Dedicated Account Manager

We value your business, no matter how small or big. This is why as soon as you sign up with
Moosend you get a dedicated Account Manager who knows your pains and will give you
actionable tips to grow your mailing list, craft more effective messages, and drive more

Sendinblue only offers Dedicated Account Managers to their Enterprise plans.


Trust and Deliverability

sendinblue alternative trust section

Data security and deliverability are at the heart of everything we do.
Read on to find why Moosend’s service is so special.

Dedicated IPs

Moosend offers users dedicated IPs upon request. This is also the case for SendinBlue,
although there is an additional charge.



Both SPF and DKIM are security mechanisms and both Moosend and SendinBlue offer excellent
email authentication facilities to that extent.


Access to Deliverability Team

As a Moosend customer you get access to our deliverability team. SendinBlue’s
deliverability team comes at extra cost.