Optimization tips to get them to share and forward your emails

One of the most important ways people stay in touch with today’s global market is through social networks. Almost every enterprise keeps their customers updated through a Facebook page, teases them about new products through tweets, shows teaser pictures through instagram and promotes their brand in many other networks in a variety of styles. Thus, it is important that you make your social network pages easily to find from within your newsletters. We’ll show you exactly how with every little detail that you might need.

Show the way to advocacy to your best advocates

It is quite clear that your customers are your best advocates (right after your employees and yourself of course!). But how do you streamline this process? How can you “help” them spread the word about your service/app/product and give you more opportunities to grow your list? Of all the sharing made globally every day, sharing a newsletter at someone’s social or private networks is the most difficult one. We also know that it carries the biggest value of all too! That’s why, nothing should stop you from trying! Let’s give it a shot, then!

How to do it:

– Include social icons

– Ask your recipients to share. Tell them specifically what you want them to do

– Offer incentives (e.g. for the ones that share the most)

– Create a ready-to-be-tweeted text in your newsletter

– Share the web based version of your email on your social channels.

– Write humanly so you make it easier for someone to share your content

All these are strategic decisions and you should include them in your overall marketing strategy. Needless to say, that it is advised to boost every single action you take, simultaneously from every one of your channels. But, let’s see how you can technically create these little super powered magic button!

How to create the social follow icons

Creating small buttons with the recognizable logos of such social networks can go a long way into increasing your number page likes or follows. From this point on, we will refer to these icons as “social follow icons”.

The biggest and most important social networks today have logos with a variety of styles and colors. Their style might easily conflict with your newsletter’s theme. However, nobody forces you to use the logos of social networks exactly as they are available on the web. As long as you can keep the logo immediately recognizable by preserving its shape, you could play around with the colors and make social follow icons stick out or blend in with the rest of the design flawlessly.

Where to put the social follow icons

Choosing the location of social follow icons within your newsletter is an important decision to make. Generally you may want to carefully separate these icons from the main body of the newsletter. Placing them in your header or footer is a reasonable idea since most newsletters and even most websites contain such links or icons at the very top or at the very bottom. Users all around the world have gotten used to finding social follow icons in those locations and will immediately look for them there. (You can always a/b test and optimize further).

The only time you may want to place social follow icons within your newsletter’s body is when the product or service that you advertise has its own social network presence.

Let’s get technical!

(a little bit of coding is needed here, but nothing alarming)

Now let’s have a look at how to include social follow icons in your newsletters through HTML and CSS.

As is typical in HTML newsletters, we wrap the icons in a table tag with a single tr and td. We set border, cellspacing and cellpadding to 0 to avoid any extra spaces around the table. Have a look at the code below:

<table border=”0″ cellspacing=”0″ cellpadding=”0″ width=”100%”>
<td align=”center”>
view rawgistfile1.txt hosted with ❤ by GitHub

Notice how the td uses the align attribute to force the content to stay centered. You may use the values left, center or right to control where your icons will be placed within this table.

You may also note that the table contains the style attribute and it sets the background color through CSS. This is because inline styles are best supported across most email clients, whereas styles in the head tag and a few selectors have inconsistent support.

Now, within the td tag, we insert our social follow icons with links to our social network pages:

<td align=”center”>
<a href=”https://link.to.our.facebook.page”>
<img src=”https://insert.path.to.facebook.icon.here” alt=”Facebook Like”>
<a href=”https://link.to.our.twitter.page”>
<img src=”https://insert.path.to.twitter.icon.here” alt=”Facebook Like”>
<a href=”https://link.to.our.instagram.page”>
<img src=”https://insert.path.to.instagram.icon.here” alt=”Facebook Like”>
view rawgistfile1.txt hosted with ❤ by GitHub

One important detail to note here is that the images used as the source of the img tag should be of the exact size that you want them to appear in your newsletter. This is because manipulating the width of an image through CSS is not supported in Microsoft Outlook (2003/2007/2010/2013). So as a best practice for newsletter design: control the size of your images when you create them, not through CSS.

We hope this was informative and useful to you. If you would like to have access to a fully working example of a social follow icons in an HTML newsletter click the following link to visit github: https://github.com/vullnetyy/social-follow-icons-example/releases/tag/v1.0

Did you find it difficult? Got any questions? Chat with us on the bottom right of this page. We love to chat 🙂

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