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We would not exaggerate if we said that the fashion industry is among the most sophisticated when talking about ecommerce. That is how, today’s post will not be a theoretical one as it would probably be useless to elaborate on the importance of email marketing or how to establish it in a corporate level.

Today we will focus on actual and totally practical tips on how to handle your email marketing, some do’s and some dont’s that you will definitely find useful. We will also dive deep into our database to get you some data: these could be a good start for you to understand if your results are positive or not. Are you ready?

Focus on quality, not quantity
It may seem like a big temptation to keep a single opt-in method and then start shooting with emails, but this comes with a risk to be a spammer. If you find double opt-in too much, try to keep the ‘Unsubscribe’ button really visible.

Except from the obvious, you must constantly let the user know why he is getting this email. Endorse a small note to the header of your email, reminding him he has subscribed. This is a really good practice which will take the spam button away.

But what happens with your old email list? They should definitely opt-in again! The fact that some people subscribed 2 years ago, should not be the green flag for you to just start casually emailing. They must be asked again if they are positive to get your emails, a practice that may reduce your emails number a lot but will keep your rates and quality really high.

Customer data collection is a must
We will elaborate more on how taking the 100% out of those data but, especially in your industry, personalization is not just a ‘nice to have’. Having a long subscribing form is definitely a more difficult procedure for the user but will guarantee that you are not sending men’s underwear to Jessica. It’s up to you: how many things do you want to know about your subscribers?

Tip: it is not recommended to ask for more than


Get used to give something back
All the above may seem too difficult to happen without a small push and you are right! You definitely must get used to give away some gifts or discounts in order to get what you want.

What you must remember is that the more difficult the call to action is, the more you should give away. Keeping most of the spaces not obligatory (except for names) but offering a scalable discount according to the depth of information the subscriber gave you, is definitely a practice that will work well.

On the other hand, opting-in your old subscribers also needs a small incentive. It’s up to you if this will be a discount or a cute little gift with the next purchase. The important thing to remember is that nothing will happen without an incentive.

Do not fear to email
A person subscribing to your emails must not forget your existence. Do not fear to email 2-3 times per week once you have something really interesting to say. This is now the best time to drive this customer to a transaction and you must not lose this chance. Average open rates are not that big but click rate is the key here.

Watch your subject lines
The words ‘free’, ‘save’, ‘gift’ or ‘20%’ and ALL CAPS would be great… to be avoided! You do not want your email to give the feeling of spam so test on other words or messages. Sentiment, humour and symbols are always effective but be not afraid to mention the great discount that you are offering, just try to use some synonymous words or, in general, make the user get the point without using the words that spammers love most. Finally, try to stay clear and concise, as our analysis has shown short subject lines (20 characters or less) gain the most. By the way, Moosend is offering one of the best A/B test features in the industry, you will love it. Check it out here.

Content is your friend
Buying fashion items is not only a matter of a photo and call to action. Interesting content works like oil to the machine. It will boost your click rate and increase the probability of driving the user to a transaction.

Drive the user to the right page
Your featured products look great and the content around is totally interesting and relevant but where are the links behind the pictures leading to? Your landing pages must definitely lead to the featured products and not just a generic page.

Mobile responsiveness wins the battle
With a percentage between 35-40% of emails been opened by mobile, you surely do not want your emails not to be mobile friendly. But is it just that? No. Mobile responsiveness must be universal across all your channels if you want to win thtipis battle. Your landing pages and website in general should definitely work well on the mobile screen unless you want this 35-40% not to convert. According to our data, the months close to Christmas (October to January) and April, are the highest in open by mobile devices, probably because of the holidays, the new collections and the sales after the holiday period.

Use pictures wisely

The pictures you are using and the way you are using them is more crucial than you probably realize. Take some tips to start applying today:

– Do not, under any circumstances use pictures as a background in your emails. Lots of ISPs are not displaying pictures without the user’s allowance and you probably do not want this to happen if having a background image.
– For all the other pictures, remember to include descriptive tags. That way, the user will understand what’s on the picture even if he does not want to display it.
– Prefer pictures with humans, they convert better.

The more you personalize, the better you convert
We have already discussed the importance of having some data of your subscribers. Along with their buying behaviour you can really personalize the emails coming to their inbox, increasing your chances of converting. Keep in mind that, according to our data, personalized campaigns get an open rate of around 17% and a click rate of 2,3% when the industry average is around 11% and 1%. Here are some practical tips for more convertible emails:

– Use the subscriber’s first name
– Sign with the designer’s name
– Email after basket abandonment
– Remember your subscribers’ birthdays with a small gift
– Feature products most probable to be liked
– Localize your emails according to the weather, local campaigns etc.

All these can be perfectly done with Moosend’s segmentation feature which is already trusted by some really well known fashion industry leaders.

Fashion comes with shareability
If you have already applied the ‘focus on quality, not quantity’ principle, you probably have subscribers that totally like your products. Sharing them online and creating discussions around them is one of the most effective ways to drive transactions, as this is a really influence driven industry. Your emails must have a web version too and the content in them should be able to be shared on Social media. In that way, you take 100% out of your channels!

Time matters
Fashion cannot escape by the holiday rule. The months before Christmas (November – December) are, as usual, the best with an unexpected yet pleasant normalization in mobile use, with the months between October and January, March and April, to move around 36%-41% of opens through mobile devices. As for the day and time, Thursday and Friday mornings prove to be the most effective, probably because of the upcoming weekend.

If you are a Marketer working in the fashion industry, we would love to see your opinion or feedback as a comment! Is email marketing working for you as expected?

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