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Meet Moosend – The cheaper GetResponse alternative. Find out why thousands of companies switch
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Breaking the bank with GetResponse Pricing?

getresponse alternative pricing section

GetResponse pricing is one of the key reasons our clients have moved to us.



Up to 1,000$16$49
1,001 – 2,000$24$49
2,001 – 3,000$32$49
3,001 – 5,000$48$49
5,001 – 8,000$64$75
8,000 – 10,000$88$75
10,001 – 25,000$160$165
25,001 – 50,000$315$280
50,001 – 75,000$416$490
50,001 – 100,000$624$490

Moosend’s features available

Limited features

Moosend Offers a Free Plan (No logo)

With Moosend you can send unlimited email campaigns to up 1000 unique subscribers forever
without paying a single penny! GetResponse, on the other hand, will give you a 30-day trial
period for free, yet several terms and conditions apply.


Unlimited Emails per Contact

On Moosend you’ll only have to pay per unique email, not per the number of times the email
exists in your mailing lists. For example, [email protected] may exist in multiple mailing lists
but you only pay once! In other tools, like GetResponse, each subscriber in each mailing
list is charged separately.


Unlimited Mailing Lists

You’ll get unlimited mailing lists in either platform, so we might as well move on to the
next feature.


A lot more than a great email design tool

getresponse alternative features section

We roll out new features regularly.
This is our way of staying true to our vision of providing our existing and new users with a product
we are proud of.

The Amazing Stories of Editor

It will be hard for digital marketers to find an email designer that is more feature-packed
than our own (did we mention we have a free countdown timer feature for your emails?), but
GetResponse’s designer is pretty neat, too.


Gorgeous Newsletter Templates

Our Design team has been creating multi-purpose newsletter templates. As soon as you sign up
for Moosend’s services, you’ll get free access to our growing template library, packed with
infinitely customizable emails that look good and make you look good, too! On GetResponse
there is a satisfactory array of newsletter templates, as well.


Immaculate Email Campaigns

OK – we ‘ll come clean. We don’t offer a feature to render email designs
across various devices. GetResponse offers this sub-feature and it looks cool, too.


Powerful Segmentation

Moosend as well as GetResponse offer advanced segmentation features that span across profile
(e.g. subscriber age) and behavioral aspects (email opened). On top, Moosend offers
advanced segmentation capabilities for actions that end users perform in the
customer’s website (e.g. find those users that visited my checkout page, or those that
viewed a video on the homepage etc).


Timely Transactional Emails

Moosend is a fully fledged SMTP platform to send all your transactional emails as part of
your existing pricing plan. GetResponse does not offer this sub-feature.



Neither Moosend nor GetResponse offer native SMTP capabilities. However, you can customize
Moosend’s automations to send SMS messages without writing a single line of code. Both
platforms offer a Zapier integration that can also be used to achieve this.


Know what your visitors like – Even those that are only browsing

getresponse alternative automation section

Sometimes being on top of things all the time is counterproductive.
Automations fill in for you and keep you updated.

The Single Foolproof Automation Builder

Both platforms offer an awesome automations builder to plan and implement any customer
journey you can think of! Moosend’s builder is a drag and drop user interface to build
from endless onboarding sequences to cart abandonment emails to creating VIP segments
customer journey.


Drip Campaign Templates (aka Recipes)

Moosend offers automation recipes – templates for common automation flows. Recipes
represent sequences that are known to perform really well. Similarly, you can create your
own recipes and share them between your teammates. GetResponse also offers a large array of
pre-built automations.


Connect Your 3rd Party CRM System

Moosend offer several automations blocks that allow you to extend your customer journeys.
From notifying third party systems when one or more triggers / conditions are met, to
triggering other automations, to acting on behavioral aspects such as when an end-user
performs an action like viewing a video more than 3 times. GetResponse also offers a similar



From visitors to users, we record everything and anything. You’re going back to your
stress-free self, while Moosend takes care of the paperwork! Moosend tracks and records
every journey on your website and assigns it to a user as soon as they sign up!


A radar for customer journeys

getresponse alternative tracking section

It wouldn’t be much of a service if you couldn’t track how awesome you are!
Use our advanced Tracking Analytics to make informed decisions about your next steps.

Impressive Email Tracking

Both platforms offer very advanced email tracking capabilities (opens, clicks, bounces,


Robust Website Tracking

Moosend allows customers to connect their websites to Moosend and issue events when an
end-user performs actions such as page views or purchases. Those events can be later used
for segmentation (find me those that have viewed this page over X times) or automation
(trigger when someone purchases from the Lingerie category). GetResponse does not offer such


Track Custom Events that Matter to You

Moosend also offers the ability to track ANY event the end-user performs on the customers’
website. For example, when they view a video, or fill in a form on a specific page etc.


Results-driven marketing excellence

getresponse alternative support section

From a comprehensive help center to account managers and live chat agents that appreciate your
urgency, Moosend offers a large range of capabilities to excel at your marketing routine.

Live Chat

Moosend offers live chat capabilities on all free and paid plans with an astonishing response
rate of less than 1 minute. GetResponse only offers this capability on premium (expensive


Help Section

Both platforms offer excellent a self-service help center.


Dedicated Account Manager

Moosend assigns a dedicated Account Manager to all paid plans. GetResponse requires users to
go through the ticketing system/help center.


A deliverability team you can actually communicate with

getresponse alternative trust section

Problems with GetResponse open rates? Deliverability and data security are at the heart of everything
we do. Read on to find why Moosend’s service is so special.

Dedicated IPs

Dedicated IPs are only offered on premium GetResponse accounts.



Both platforms offer excellent email authentication capabilities.


Access to Deliverability Team

Moosend offers access to our deliverability team for all paid accounts.