8 Thanksgiving Email Templates To Save Time And Effort [2023]

8 Thanksgiving Email Templates To Save Time And Effort [2023]

Published By Marilia Dimitriou
February 22, 2023

As the holidays are getting close, it’s time to make your seasonal marketing campaigns smarter with these beautiful Thanksgiving email templates.

But why do you need to use newsletter templates? Not only will a pre-made design save you time and effort during the busiest time of the year, but it will also allow you to use it as a blueprint for your campaign.

Today, we’ll check out some great Thanksgiving newsletter templates by Stripo and show you how to create yours using Moosend’s email editor.

Let’s get started!

Create Thanksgiving Templates With Moosend

While grabbing a pre-made template will save you time and effort, creating your own branded ones and keeping them in your library will make your campaigns feel much more personal. Here’s how to do it with Moosend:

To craft your templates, you can use Moosend’s email builder to customize an existing design to fit the holiday theme or create one from scratch using your visuals, gifs, and color schemes.

The builder will let you create and save your custom designs in the Template Library for future use. Below, you can see a Thanksgiving email created through Moosend’s drag-and-drop template builder:

Thanksgiving email templates

Creating your custom templates will save you more time as they already have your branding. Then, you can reuse them every year by changing the copy, visuals, and offers.

Stripo’s Best Thanksgiving Day Email Templates

Now, if you want some quick designs to save time, you can use Stripo’s newsletter template collection. Stripo is an email template builder with an extensive collection of templates you can grab.

To use them, sign up for a Stripo account and choose the Thanksgiving designs on the list. Then, you can customize and export your campaign to Moosend by integrating the two applications.

Here’s how to connect them:

Now let’s see the available designs you can use.

1. Autumn Leaves Thanksgiving Email Template

Here’s a beautiful design to create the perfect Thanksgiving email campaign for your small business or eCommerce store.

stripo free thanksgiving email design

Why you need it: The above free email template will let you create a converting promotional email that looks elegant and festive. The white space will allow you to make a campaign that is easy to read and give your audience tips for the holiday. Remember to pay attention to your email copy to give your subscribers exactly what they need using festive language.

2. Happy Thanksgiving Email Newsletter Template

A simple design to wish your subscribers Happy Thanksgiving and offer them amazing deals.

thanksgiving email designs by stripo

Why you need it: The above holiday email template is perfect for creating a heartwarming email marketing campaign to thank your customers. You can customize the first half with beautiful visuals and a beautiful email font to make them feel the holiday spirit. Then, use the three columns to lead them back to your product pages to increase your holiday sales.

3. Thanksgiving Event Email Newsletter Template

Thanksgiving is all about giving back to the community. Take this opportunity to invite your audience to an exclusive online or offline event to increase your brand loyalty.

Thanksgiving pre-made design for holiday events

Why you need it: Invitation emails don’t need to be complex. You can use the above responsive email template to craft a beautiful event campaign for your subscribers. The layout will give them more information about the location and date. Just make sure to customize your CTA with a bright color to increase its visibility. Moreover, use the social media buttons to boost your event and get more registrations.

4. Holiday Wishes HTML Email Template

Wish your audience Happy Thanksgiving to build stronger connections with them.

holiday email template by stripo for wishes

Why you need it: This newsletter design will allow you to create a “holiday card” for your email list. You can use it to show your appreciation and tell your customers what they mean to you. You can easily customize it with Stripo’s drag-and-drop editor to match your branding, adding your visuals, colors, and email copy.

Need some cool tricks to customize your template? Check out our best newsletter design tips to turn your templates into converting messages.

5. Thanksgiving Gift Newsletter Template

If you want to mix things up, you can choose the following newsletter template and customize it for your audience.

free seasonal newsletter template

Why you need it: Showing your appreciation is great but combining it with a nice holiday gift is even better. You can grab the above design to make a beautiful campaign with a heartfelt message and promote your Thanksgiving sale. Make sure to add an intriguing email subject line for better open rates when you’re ready to send it to your email list.

Is this the one template to rule them all? Make sure to customize it and then sign up for your Moosend account to export and send it to your audience.

6. Elegant Thanksgiving Email Template

Take advantage of this elegant Thanksgiving email to deliver a discount to your subscribers.

thanksgiving email template by stripo

Why you need it: Use the above email template to wish your audience Happy Thanksgiving and give them a discount voucher. As you can see, this design has a lot of content blocks you can customize, allowing you to add multiple products or links to your gift guides, and more. Moreover, if you have a retail business, you can use the map block to insert your address and lead your audience to your store.

7. Away For The Holidays Newsletter Design

Planning to be away for the holidays? Then make sure to let your subscribers know.

thanksgiving email newsletter design

Why you need it: If your office or business is going to be closed for Thanksgiving, you can create a quick email message to let your customers know. The above template is perfect for wishing and informing them about your holiday schedule. This is a great way to build trust and avoid potential frustrations, as your customers will know why you are not getting back to their emails, calls, etc.

8. Promotional Thanksgiving Design

Another great design to help you create a promotional email campaign with multiple CTAs.

promotional email template for the holidays

Why you need it: Thanksgiving is right before Black Friday, so why not leverage this design to set the mood for it? The color scheme is great for the holiday season, while the multiple blocks will let you add different incentives and CTAs. Moreover, you can easily customize the header to add images of Thanksgiving-related products to make it more eye-pleasing.

Need to plan your Black Friday email campaigns? Check our Black Friday sale templates to save additional time and effort.

Creating The Best Thanksgiving Campaigns

From finding the best dates to send your messages to planning your offers and deals, holiday email marketing can be very time-consuming.

If you want to make this holiday season easier, use one of the above Thanksgiving email templates to create your beautiful emails and save time and effort. After you customize your design, you can easily export it to your email service provider and send it to your email list.

Moosend’s platform will let you create custom templates from scratch or import your favorite ones from other template builders. To craft and deliver your emails to your subscribers’ inboxes effortlessly, sign up for a Moosend account and try the drag-and-drop editor today!

Thank you for being a part of our family! Hope to see you around!

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