8 Thanksgiving Email Examples To Get You Inspired + Tips [2023]

8 Thanksgiving Email Examples To Get You Inspired + Tips [2023]

The holiday season is (or will soon be) here, so let’s look at some of the best Thanksgiving email examples to inspire you.

From thank you to promotional emails, today we will explore 8 great email campaigns from brands like Fenty Beauty and Levi’s to show you how to ace your holiday messages effortlessly.

Let’s roast this turkey!

1. Sigma Beauty’s Holiday Wishes

Subject line: 🍂 From Our Family To Yours 🍂

A heartwarming Thanksgiving campaign to thank your subscribers and boost customer loyalty.

thanksgiving email examples

Why it works: Sigma Beauty has created a beautiful holiday email to wish their subscribers Happy Thanksgiving. As you can see, the copy focuses on thanking the customer for being part of their family. The design is simple, without any unnecessary elements to increase the effectiveness of the message. Thanksgiving emails like this one are perfect for showing your audience your appreciation.

While this is a thank you email, Sigma Beauty also takes the chance to offer their loyal customers access to their exclusive Black Friday sale as a gift.

Tip: Moosend will allow you to create your campaigns effortlessly, using visuals, GIFs, and beautiful fonts. Make sure to sign up for an account to try the editor and then let the holiday magic begin.

2. Fenty Beauty’s Thanksgiving Sale Email

Subject line: Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 — we really wanna thank you!

A simple holiday email example that combines holiday wishes with a Thanksgiving discount coupon.

fenty beauty email marketing campaign created for Thanksgiving

Why it works: The above Thanksgiving email example by Fenty Beauty is one of the designs you need to use in your email marketing strategy. It is simple and to the point, giving subscribers exactly what they want to see to convert. The copy is short, focusing on sending them warm wishes and then offering an amazing discount code to express gratitude.

Moreover, the visuals and colors make this holiday email campaign more festive. If you want to increase urgency, you can add a deadline for your offer to give potential customers an extra motive to shop.

Tip: Use a clever Thanksgiving email subject line to boost your open rates. You can also insert emojis or puns to get your subscribers intrigued. For better results, add your discount in the subject line or preview text to ensure more clicks.

3. Elago’s Product-Oriented Holiday Email Example

Subject line: Celebrate Thanksgiving with elago! 🦃🦃

Create a beautiful holiday email campaign to promote specific products on Thanksgiving day.

elago thanksgiving email campaign example

Why it works: Elago’s email marketing campaign focuses on promoting various products, taking advantage of white space and the Z layout to increase visibility. As you can see, each block has its own CTA and a high-quality picture of the item to intrigue potential shoppers.

Moreover, Elago created an eye-pleasing header image that makes their products a part of the Thanksgiving dinner, using elements like a pumpkin pie and a turkey. This makes this email message more festive and boosts the holiday vibe.

Tip: If you want to save time and effort you can use a Thanksgiving email template, customize it and then send it to your audience through your email platform.

4. Kate Spade’s Post Thanksgiving Treat Email

Subject line: happy thanksgiving! 🍗 here’s your post-turkey treat

A post-Thanksgiving email campaign to get your shoppers ready for the Black Friday sale.

kate spade email marketing campaign sent after Thanksgiving

Why it works: Kate Spade has crafted a post-Thanksgiving email campaign to give their shoppers an amazing discount. Since Black Friday comes after Thanksgiving, the brand cleverly combines these two to increase their holiday sales and prepare their customers for the actual Black Friday sale. Design-wise, the brand uses an elegant font and festive visuals to make it more unique.

Moreover, the eCommerce business places the discount in the center of the email message to attract attention to the benefit and power up their conversion rates.

Tip: Looking for the perfect Black Friday email template to promote your sale? Check out our sales-boosting designs to save time and effort.

5. Jeni’s Thanksgiving Email Marketing Campaign Example

Subject line: It’s not too late! Grab Thanksgiving ice creams

A fun and festive example that focuses on solving a pain point through creative copy.

thanksgiving email campaign by jeni's

Why it works: Jeni’s Ice Creams has come up with a beautiful campaign to provide its audience with a solution to the busiest time of year. To help their customers ace their Thanksgiving dinner, the brand offers them a selection of products to step up their pumpkin pie or apple crumble. What’s more, the visuals work in tandem with the creative email copy.

The headline, “Be a dessert hero” makes the recipient feel powerful, showing them how to give their loved ones the best Thanksgiving dinner experience.

Tip: Use bright calls-to-action to attract attention to the desired action and increase your conversions as Jeni’s did.

6. Levi’s Thanksgiving Sale

Subject line: Turkey day deals 🦃

Turn your email messages into a heartwarming thank you note with a discount to make this holiday a very happy Thanksgiving.

levi's holiday email campaign example

Why it works: Levi’s holiday email is structured around the header visual depicting numerous people in tender moments. This makes their message more relatable and heartwarming. Moreover, the brand uses emotional language to express gratitude for its customers’ constant support. Apart from this heartfelt message, Levi’s gifts them 40% off along with other perks to thank them for being part of their family.

For eCommerce stores, free shipping and returns are a must to nail your holiday sales and increase your revenue.

Tip: Building customer relationships and loyalty is essential for small businesses that want to grow faster and have an engaged audience that will support them through their journey.

7. Bottle Breacher’s Festive Thanksgiving Email Example

Subject line: THANKSGIVING TIME! 🦃

A colorful holiday campaign arriving at the perfect time for the gobble season.

bottle breacher thanksgiving email campaign example

Why it works: Bottle Breacher goes the extra mile, creating a very Thanksgiving-y email marketing campaign for their audience. From the funny header, the fonts, and the playful copy, the brand takes this opportunity to give its potential shoppers a unique experience and solve a pain point. Moreover, they place their offer in the center of the campaign to ensure that the subscriber doesn’t miss it.

On top of that, Bottle Breacher uses the fear of missing out (FOMO) to promote clicks by adding an expiration date and time. Lastly, the brand added social buttons to increase engagement through email and social media marketing.

Tip: Invest in a beautiful email design to excite your audience and show them the hard work you put into making their Thanksgiving day a special one. If you want to save time, grab a pre-made template or create your own. Moosend’s template builder will let you craft custom designs that you can reuse every holiday. Sign up here today to take the editor for a spin.

8. Thrive Market’s Special Holiday Deal

Subject line: Ends Tonight: Extra 25% off Thanksgiving 🥧

A beautiful email campaign to help customers plan their Thanksgiving dinner effortlessly.

thrive market email message for the holidays

Why it works: Thrive Market sent this email example a week before Thanksgiving day to help their subscribers get ready for their Thanksgiving dinner. By offering 25% off specific goods, they encourage shoppers to solve a pain point and save money on the side. This is a great incentive for holiday planners who want to make smart purchases.

Moreover, apart from the beautiful product visuals and the special offer, Thrive Market adds an extra section to promote their membership by offering a free gift. This is a great way to boost subscriptions and get your audience to buy more.

Tip: Send your emails early to get as much engagement as possible. Also, make sure to come up with a consistent campaign schedule and find the best time to send your holiday messages to avoid having your campaigns go unread due to cluttered inboxes.

How To Create The Perfect Thanksgiving Email Campaign

Now that you are all inspired, let’s see some essential email creation tips to help you ace your Thanksgiving email marketing strategy:

1. Start with a Thanksgiving Email Template

Creating an email from scratch can be time-consuming, especially during the busiest time of the year. To save time and effort, you can easily customize a pre-made email template to fit your branding.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can use your email template builder to create custom Thanksgiving templates you can use every year by changing your offers and copy.

Moosend’s builder will let you create custom designs and save them in your library for future use. You can try out the email editor and discover more templates by registering for a free account today.

2. Create a Thanksgiving Email Subject Line

When your email campaign is ready, it’s time to come up with a smart and intriguing subject line to ensure the best open rates. Your creations need to be short, interesting, and communicate the benefit at first glance. You can add emojis to make them more special and help them stand out in the inbox.

Below, we found some great Thanksgiving subject line examples to inspire you:

  • How Great Were Those Parade Performances?
  • EXTRA 20% OFF + BUY 3, GET 3 FREE entire store!
  • Happy Thanksgiving! 20% Sitewide Sale Starts Now!

If you want to maximize the efficiency of your subject lines, then you can use a subject line tester like Refine to check how your creations will perform.

3. Make a Valuable Offer

Apart from wishing your subscribers for the holidays, make sure to add an amazing offer to excite them. You can give your potential shoppers additional discounts on best sellers or X off their entire order.

Moreover, the best way to get them to act is to offer them free returns and free shipping. You can use these two incentives to get your customers to make a purchase and put some ease into their minds during a very stressful time of the year.

4. Use Product Images

A beautiful image will get your shoppers intrigued and inspired. You can create Thanksgiving-themed photos as Elago did in the examples above to give your products a festive vibe.

Apart from adding your product images in your promotional campaigns, make sure to include:

  • the product name
  • a description
  • product price
  • a clear call-to-action

5. Add an Intriguing CTA

Speaking of that, to convert your subscribers into customers, you need a clear and irresistible CTA button. The recipe to success is simple:

  • Bright colors: use vibrant hues to attract attention to your button. Bright colors will increase the visibility of your CTA.
  • Right positioning: add your call-to-action under your offer to make your audience click on it after they see the benefit.
  • Actionable language: keep your copy short and to the point. Using actionable language like “Get it now!” will motivate your recipient to take action.

Nail Your Thanksgiving Email Marketing Strategy

Thanksgiving is getting closer so start planning your email marketing campaigns as soon as possible to save time and engage your audience before your competitors.

Check out the above examples to get inspired and use the tips to create Thanksgiving messages that will excite your customers and make them click.

If you need a trustworthy companion to help you through the holidays, register for a free Moosend account today and see what the two of you can create this Thanksgiving.

Thank you for reading! Hope to see your email creations in our inbox!