Marketing Automations: The AI Of Email Marketing Is Here!

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Marketing Automations: The AI Of Email Marketing Is Here!

Published By Moo
December 6, 2023

We are excited to announce that we have just released our brand new marketing automations with advanced website tracking and workflow templates! Now, it’s your turn to release your best email campaigns ever!

With Moosend’s brand new marketing automations, you can watch your subscriber list bring the results you need for your business without any increase in your marketing budget.

Inside your account, you can now build automated workflows with triggers and actions. These workflows work wonders for your company’s growth since they help you automate marketing communications like never before.

Read on to find out exactly what this new feature is all about!

list of automations

Why Use Marketing Automations?

Re-engaging website visitors, who have dropped out of the sales funnel is a major challenge because of technology hurdles and costs associated with it.

Many eshop owners see their client base shrink and, unable to get back to them with traditional newsletters, they set out to tap into new target audiences. This is an expensive hobby nonetheless, as the cost of acquiring a new customer is considered by marketing experts to be at least four times more expensive than retaining an existing customer.

This is where marketing automation comes in.

Moosend’s automations enable you to quickly put together a sequence of trigger-based emails that will be sent out to a filtered audience, or even build a complete workflow within an email sequence!

Moosend has designed an email automation system from scratch that will:

  • Enable you to create the ultimate sales funnel to turn subscribers into customers with multi-step workflows that will send the right campaign at the right time.
  • Boost your customer retention rates by allowing you to serve meaningful and relevant content according to your customers’ behavior.
  • Help you segment big lists automatically, using triggers that will add subscribers to new lists for more precise targeting.
  • Personalize the content your subscriber receives according to filters like their location, local weather, where they are in their buyer’s journey, and so much more!
  • Be kept up-to-date by utilizing real-time information (e.g. weather conditions) and tracking user behavior and content preference, with no effort on your part.
  • Help your marketing team capitalize on important customer occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries, that will make your emails stand out and further build brand loyalty.
  • Educate and retain your customers with a sequence of simple, time-based autoresponders.

While marketing automations might sound too technical to grasp, they are actually very easy to use on Moosend’s platform. A lot of effort was made by our amazing Product Development team to make sure that this complicated project was implemented in a user-friendly way.

Create an automated email sequence as simple or as sophisticated as you wish

automation workflow

What makes Moosend’s automations so easy to implement is that they resemble a road with forks. Each fork points to a different direction ahead, and may lead to another fork in the road. As a subscriber moves along the automated workflow, their behavior is tracked, and different actions are triggered. What dictates your subscriber’s route along the workflow are the conditions you set.

Moosend’s marketing automations are about to revolutionize your workdays.

To get started, simply select a trigger from the list, add conditions, and choose the action to be taken. Within minutes, you have created an automation that will simplify recurring marketing tasks. So less work for you!

So are email automations simply autoresponders or emails on autopilot?

Well, a simple autoresponder message can be triggered after a specific time that a campaign is sent out, or when a subscriber opens an email or clicks on a link. This is the most basic automation you can run.

With marketing automations though, you can have more sophisticated workflows that are executed automatically. With automated workflows, you set when an action will be triggered and under what conditions; for example, send a campaign after X days have passed, or move a user to a buyer list after they complete a purchase, or trigger another automated workflow when they view a specific product category on your eshop.

In essence, rather than auto-pilot, marketing automations are more of really advanced self-driving cars that take one action or another based on the conditions of the environment.

And to shine a ray of sun on your day – wherever you are right now – marketing automations are included in all our pricing plans at no extra cost! And it is standard policy for us at Moosend to provide all subscribers (yes, even free accounts!) with all features available. No fine print, either!

Recipes you can use out of the box

To make your day at work even simpler – at least with regard to email marketing, because tasty sugar-free matcha tea is new territory to us – we are bringing you Recipes.

Recipes are a pool of ready-made automation templates, which are fully customizable and address the most common pains faced by marketers.

Do you want to re-engage a potential buyer who left their cart full? Simply log into your account and pick the “Abandoned Cart” Recipe. This is a workflow which will send a reminder email to those who did not complete the checkout stage. It can also be used to “Upsell / Cross-sell” or automatically follow up after a customer has completed a purchase.

You may also want to use Recipes to set up a “Welcome Email Sequence” for those who subscribe to one of your newsletters, or even follow up leads with an “Onboarding Email Sequence” to introduce your business and explain how they can make the most out of your product or service.

It gets even better: Although we have already created dozens of Recipes for different business needs, you can also build your own and save it for future use – Moo-rray!!!

Website and online store tracking

At Moosend we develop new features with your needs in mind. Inspired from your need for even more accurate website tracking, we designed the user-behavior tracking feature. Using our library and the code we will provide you with, you can track visitors, logged-in users and anonymous ghost users through browser cookies.

Coupled with marketing automations, you can leverage your tracking data for lead scoring and re-engaging users, for example contacting subscribers qualifying for a specific campaign or sending an “Abandoned Cart” email.

How does that work? You either embed a piece of tracking code on your site, or install one of our plugins so you can track visits and user behavior securely and unobtrusively. We are happy to provide the code to you and make sure it is safely installed on your website. If you prefer to use plugins, you can download the WordPress/WooCommerce plugin from the official WordPress repository. Soon we will be releasing more plugins to integrate Moosend with all major ecommerce platforms, namely Shopify, Zen Cart, BigCommerce, OpenCart, Magento and Prestashop.

Sign up for our newsletter using the form located in the top right-hand section of this page to be notified when the new plugins are released.

In the meantime, you can still use the tracking code that our friendly Support Team will provide.

Get started with marketing automations

Before you start testing, do you have any questions? Click here to access the Knowledge Base or reach out to our friendly Support Team.

Click here to log in and start exploring the possibilities right away, or sign up for a free trial!

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