13 Best Marketing Agency Software Solutions For 2023

13 Best Marketing Agency Software Solutions For 2023

Published By Alexandra Marinaki
September 15, 2023

Marketing agencies have many challenges to tackle daily.

From delivering compelling, diverse campaigns to communicating with clients and negotiating new contracts, they need remarkable operations and resources to keep the engine running smoothly.

Below, you’ll find marketing agency software solutions for different projects and responsibilities to find the ones that suit your needs. Read our quick reviews, including features and pricing, to conclude safely.

How We Selected The Following Tools

All of the tools in this list have been tested by our team to provide an unbiased description of its features and capabilities.

We spent hours setting up new accounts and trying each software to provide an accurate experience and show users exactly what they will come across when they sign up. Find more information about our software selection methodology on how we choose tools to feature on the Moosend Blog.

1. ClickUp – Project Management Software

Pricing: Freemium, paid plans start at $10/month

Best feature: Multiple project views

marketing agency software

ClickUp is a user-friendly project management tool that will enable you to keep track of your multiple campaigns and projects to meet every deadline. This software sports an intuitive dashboard where your teammates can have multiple views, from timelines to Gantt charts.

Overall, ClickUp can simplify many tasks. For instance, it provides templates with subtasks for different marketing projects, such as A/B Testing or a “Brand Guidelines” whiteboard.

Moreover, you’ll find time- and goal-tracking solutions to monitor performance and put all team members on the same page. Finally, you’ll find integrations with various platforms and chatting options to elevate team collaboration. A tool like ClickUp should be on your priority list to successfully manage your clients’ projects and help your team achieve their goals.

ClickUp Best Features

  • Multiple views
  • Customization options
  • Real-time reporting
  • Team collaboration capabilities
  • Time-tracking
  • Various integrations


ClickUp offers a flexible freemium plan, with paid plans starting at $10/month – visit their pricing page to learn more.

ClickUp Alternatives

2. Moosend – Email Marketing

Pricing: Paid plans start at $9/month, free trial (Sign up here)

Best feature: Audience management

Moosend email marketing software for agencies

Most marketing agencies are responsible for creating flawless email campaigns, following each client’s unique brand guidelines. If you need an all-in-one email marketing service with excellent design and automation capabilities, then Moosend is all you need.

First, Moosend provides users with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder and premade templates to build amazing campaigns that leave a lasting impression. It has various customization opportunities to tailor your creative assets to each client’s branding requirements.

Moosend email template editor

Moreover, you can create automation workflows, such as cart abandonment or re-engagement campaigns, to send the right messages at the best time possible. It also gives users list segmentation tools to personalize their emails even more and boost conversion rates.

Finally, Moosend will equip you with useful lead generation features, such as landing pages and sign-up forms, real-time tracking, and custom reporting solutions to share important email metrics with your clients.

Moosend Best Features

  • Drag-and-drop editor and newsletter templates
  • Landing pages and sign-up forms
  • Automation workflow management
  • List segmentation
  • A/B Testing
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Various integrations


Moosend’s paid plans start at $9/month, providing access to all features, including automation, landing pages, and sign-up forms.

Moosend Alternatives

3. Zapier – Marketing Automation

Pricing: Freemium, paid plans start at $30/month

Best feature: High-security standards

Zapier marketing automation software

If you’re looking for marketing agency software that will enable you to automate part of your operations and daily processes, then Zapier is your go-to service. It helps businesses integrate different apps and transfer data easily without building integrations from scratch, which is time-consuming and costly.

Zapier offers a drag-and-drop editor to build multi-step automation workflows called Zaps. You can set the triggers and actions following the if/then conditional logic and connect over 5,000 apps. The platform promises high security, with app restrictions and a single sign-on verification option.

Finally, Zapier can elevate your agency collaboration with advanced troubleshooting and top-notch customer support to tackle issues before they become damaging.

Zapier Features

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • No-code integration
  • Advanced security options
  • Admin permissions
  • Customization capabilities


Zapier offers a free plan to get you started but with limited capabilities. Paid plans start at $30/month for 750 tasks.

Zapier Alternatives

4. Google Analytics – Reporting

Pricing: Freemium, premium plan costs $12,500/month

Best feature: Predictive capabilities

Google Analytics dashboard

As a marketing or ad agency, you need to report to clients about the results you bring through your campaigns and additional actions. Google Analytics has a free plan that helps businesses dive into important insights to enhance their reporting.

This platform provides users with built-in automation and the ability to monitor predictive models based on previous behavior and additional models. They offer all the features needed to understand the customer journey to increase conversions in the future.

Finally, through Google Analytics, you can access different types of reports, such as acquisition, engagement, and monetization, that will gradually enable you to nurture your client’s ROI.

Google Analytics Features

  • Predictive capabilities
  • Privacy-safe model
  • Various reporting models
  • Attribution models
  • Custom data analysis


Google Analytics offers a free plan covering most of your agency’s reporting needs. However, if you wish to upgrade to a paid plan, the cost is $12,500/month.

Google Analytics Alternatives

5. Slack – Team Collaboration Tool

Pricing: Paid plans start at $8/user/month

Best feature: Workflow automation

Slack team collaboration for marketing agencies

If you want to enhance teamwork and help your teammates sync more efficiently, you need a real-time collaboration tool like Slack. It also lets you connect with people outside your organization, such as clients or partners.

Slack enables users to create public and private channels in simple steps and communicate with each other through messaging or huddles. You can also record audio, screen captures, and videos to communicate with your teammates asynchronously.

Moreover, Slack offers integrations with various marketing platforms, such as Canva or Salesforce, to quickly share important information.

Slack Features

  • Multiple communication options
  • Advanced data protection
  • Easy file sharing
  • Workflow builder
  • Multiple integrations


Slack’s pricing starts at $8/user/month with the Pro plan. There’s also a free option for a limited time if you want to experiment with the tool.

Slack Alternatives

6. Hubspot – CRM and digital marketing

Pricing: Paid plans from Marketing Hub start at $890/month

Best feature: Free CRM solution

Hubspot marketing agency software

Hubspot is a cloud-based marketing software and sales solution that can prove game-changing for your agency. Besides a CRM solution to improve customer relationships, the Marketing Hub offers many options to streamline promotional actions.

With Hubspot, you can build automation and marketing campaigns, such as emails or paid ads. It also sports a social media management tool to keep track of posts on different channels. It can equip you with SEO and content marketing tools, not to mention its reporting and analytics capabilities that let agencies elevate important metrics.

In addition, Hubspot has a content management system and great functionalities for Sales and Customer Service teams. You can also find a list of valuable free tools, such as ticketing, contact management, and email scheduling.

Hubspot Features

  • Email and social media
  • Landing pages and forms
  • CRM solution
  • Marketing automation
  • Workflow integrations


Hubspot has different pricing options based on your chosen plan. For Marketing Hub, the cost is $890/month. However, there are more affordable solutions for certain services, including free tools for beginners.

Hubspot Alternatives

7. Semrush – SEO & Content Marketing

Pricing: Paid plans start at $119.95/month

Best feature: Keyword gap tool

Semrush SEO marketing for agencies

If your agency offers content marketing services to clients, it’s important to acquire a top-of-the-art SEO tool to strengthen your inbound marketing practices and proposals. Semrush is excellent in this area, providing tools ranging from keyword research to analytics.

This tool has on-page and off-page SEO capabilities, including competitor and market analysis, a ranking tracker, and a link-building tool. Moreover, it enables users to search for opportunities to optimize and increase organic traffic and conversions.

Finally, it provides users with social media and PPC advertising tools so that they overview different digital marketing tactics in a single platform.

Semrush Features

  • Keyword research
  • Content gap analysis
  • Ranking tracker
  • PPC and social media capabilities
  • Content marketing analytics


Semrush has three main paid plans: Pro ($120/month), Guru ($230/month), and Business ($450/month) – visit their pricing page for more information.

Semrush Alternatives

8. Canva – Design

Pricing: Freemium, paid plans start at $13/month

Best feature: Customizable templates

Canva marketing agency software

Marketing agencies constantly make great content, but not all cloud-based creative platforms are user-friendly, especially for novice marketing teams. Canva is here to tackle this problem, with templates for every occasion.

Canva enables you to create different types of content, from images to videos and animations, and tailor them to your client’s branding needs. Also, it equips you with valuable tools such as background removers, resizing options, and instant animations.

Finally, you can schedule posts on social media channels, such as LinkedIn or Pinterest, to boost engagement.

Canva Features

  • Brand management options
  • Premade customizable options
  • Drag-and-drop editor and premade templates
  • Social media scheduler
  • Color palette generator


Canva offers a generous free plan, with the premium subscription starting at $13/month. Additionally, Canva for Teams costs $15/month.

Canva Alternatives

9. Sprout Social – Social Media Management

Pricing: Paid plans start at $249/month

Best feature: Content suggestions

social media marketing agency software

If you’re searching for marketing agency software to contribute to your social media optimization strategy, we recommend checking out Sprout Social. If needed, you can employ its smart solutions to capture engagement and improve your strategy.

With Sprout Social, you get a unified social inbox to track all conversations and engage with your audience in less time. You also get access to publishing and scheduling tools to plan ahead. In addition, it provides social listening solutions to uncover important trends in the market and stay ahead of the curve.

Finally, Sprout Social’s analytics and reporting capabilities will enable you to make data-driven decisions to boost your agency.

Sprout Social Features

  • Team collaboration
  • Community management
  • Advanced reporting
  • Optimal send times
  • Content suggestions


Sprout Social has four pricing plans starting at $249/month. You can also request a demo to see if it suits you or your clients.

Sprout Social Alternatives

Pricing: Depending on several factors, such as industry or target keyword

Best feature: Intuitive ad editor

Google ads editor

Advertising agencies offering PPC professional services make lots of effort to please clients in different areas. That’s why it’s important to have top-notch software to accompany them in this journey to manage different tasks. From smart campaign targeting to crafting creative assets that appeal to the right audience, Google Ads is a must.

With Google Ads, you can manage your campaigns through an intuitive activity dashboard and meet your goals, utilizing its excellent keyword optimization and campaign management capabilities. Its bidding system and additional features will help you manage your budget more efficiently.

Moreover, Google Ads will help you dive deep into data, monitor attribution, and track engagement to improve and report on future campaign performance.

Google Ads Features

  • Target keyword optimization
  • Bidding rules
  • Offline capabilities
  • Budget execution and monitoring
  • Automation workflow capabilities


The average cost per click ranges from $2 to $4, but most competitive keywords can cost up to $50.

Google Ads Alternatives

11. Quickbooks – Accounting

Pricing: Paid plans start at $18/month

Best feature: Custom invoices and quotes

Quickbooks accounting software

Not everyone is fond of long and complex Excel sheets to complete tasks related to accounting and bookkeeping, especially when there are great tools to simplify these processes. Quickbooks is one of them, providing great tools for invoicing, expense tracking, and other services.

With Quickbooks, you can send custom invoices and quotes fast and monitor your revenue to ensure your agency remains profitable. You can also create custom and detailed reports and keep a record of overdue invoices.

In addition, you can get instant notifications when a new transaction is completed and manage all these processes in a secure environment, protecting your agency’s and clients’ data.

Quickbooks Features

  • Invoicing and expenses
  • Multi-currency support
  • Employee time tracking
  • Advanced reporting
  • Security and compliance


Quickbooks provides users with different pricing plans starting at $18/month and can reach up to $38/month.

Quickbooks Alternatives

12. Zoom – Video Conferencing

Pricing: Paid plans start at $16/month, free plan

Best feature: Participant engagement tools

Zoom video conferencing software

Most of us are familiar with Zoom as its popularity grew during the pandemic, proving to everyone that you can have a perfect online meeting. It has tools for different kinds of meetings, from one-on-ones to conferences.

Zoom offers team chatting options to ask questions or share feedback without interrupting and collaboration tools, such as a whiteboard and breakout rooms. It also equips users with the essential tools to hold successful webinars and conferences.

So if you’re interested in holding more interactive and effective meetings with your teammates and clients, put Zoom and its counterparts on your priority list.

Zoom Features

  • Virtual working spaces
  • Email and calendar
  • Conversational intelligence
  • Community events


Zoom offers a free plan for meetings up to 40 minutes and 100 attendees. You can switch to a paid plan starting at $16/month for more features.

Zoom Alternatives

13. Calendly – Appointment scheduling

Pricing: Freemium, paid plans start at $10/month

Best feature: Workflows and integrations

Calendly marketing agency software

If you want to improve your agency management regarding customer communications, then it’ll be helpful to employ an appointment scheduling software like Calendly. You can connect it with other calendars, for example, Gmail and Microsoft, to create and share scheduling links based on your availability.

Calendly also supports real-time notifications, reminders, and automated scheduling to build more optimized processes. You’ll also get access to multiple integrations to help with important task management, such as CRM or payment processing software.

Finally, its analytics and reporting capabilities can offer insights on important scheduling aspects, such as popular meeting times or top performers.

Calendly Features

  • Availability management
  • Online payments
  • Team collaboration
  • Route prospects
  • Automation workflows


Calendly has flexible pricing options, including a free-forever plan. Paid plans start at $10/month, with the most popular option costing $15/month.

Calendly Alternatives

How To Choose The Best Marketing Agency Software

So if you want to optimize your agency’s processes and are looking for the best tools to achieve that, the above list is a great start. For those who prefer to conduct their research, start with setting short- and long-term goals, e.g., resource management, forecasting, etc.

After that, it’s essential to read customer reviews and testimonials to see what other agencies discuss about them. When you’ve made your final list, check each software feature and pricing page and learn if it’s easily integrated into your existing stack.


Need some quick answers to the most common questions regarding marketing agency software? Have a look:

1. What is marketing agency software?

They are platforms enabling marketing agencies to streamline part of their daily operations, processes, and transactions successfully online.

2. What are the benefits of marketing agency software?

Marketing agency software help agencies improve their productivity, optimize collaboration with clients, boost creativity and maximize their revenue in the long term.

3. What tools do I need to start a marketing agency?

It depends on the areas you’d like to focus on, but a project management tool, an email marketing platform, and a communication channel are great choices.

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