How to find the best affiliate email marketing program to promote

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Affiliate email marketing programs are mushrooming, thus making affiliate marketers’ search for the best option an increasingly complex task. Are you a jack of all trades, or a master of one?

Whether you are an affiliate marketer, or do affiliate email marketing as a side-business to complement your income and your current services, it is in your best interest to find the highest-converting programs to promote. Essentially, market research requires your investing time, energy and effort in discovering what is a win-win solution both for your client and your reputation, as well as your income.

In particular, when looking for the top affiliate email marketing programs around the web that will make you money, there are certain critical factors you should consider. These factors can be grouped into two main categories: internal ones, those relating to your business, and external ones, affecting your customer’s business.

In other words, the affiliate programs you choose to include in your portfolio should be of great benefit to both your business and your audience’s business. We will analyze these two conditions further for the sake of clarity.

A Growing Revenue Stream

Firstly, regarding your own benefits, an affiliate email marketing program or virtually any affiliate program should have the potential to generate a stable, or even growing, income stream for you. Even if it is a side income, it should ideally be a decent amount of money that will add to your monthly cash flow and make this venture worth your while.

Believe in the Brand

Secondly, by becoming an ambassador of such program, you are also signing up for being a brand ambassador of the vendor. So, it only makes sense that the vendor’s brand is one that you would be proud to be associated with and recommend to your following because it will bring them value.

Online word of mouth and your reputation as a professional will, ultimately, affect your business, too. It is evident, thus, that you rely on your customer as much as they do on you, building a mutual relationship; everything that affects one side, inevitably affects the other.

Business benefits for email marketing affiliates

Business benefits for email marketing affiliates

It is essential that you do your homework on the email marketing affiliate program that will bring value to everyone involved. To acquire a well-rounded view of the features that are fundamental, you should consider the following:

1. High commission rate. The vendor should be sharing a fair part of their revenue with you. Moosend’s 30% affiliate commission is rewarding email marketing affiliates for their efforts.

2. High-converting offer. Promoting an affiliate offer that is not converting well can be a huge waste of valuable resources; your energy, enthusiasm, time, and money. Choose carefully before you invest any of the above; Try different programs and find the one that converts better in your niche.

3. Alignment with your current services. It is important to have a strategy in mind, one that will help you accomplish your goal fast. This is why you should make sure that, first and foremost, any service you choose to promote has something to do with you current offering. For example, if you are a blogger and your following is mainly aspiring bloggers, it makes sense to promote a hosting service or an email marketing platform.

4. Ability to customize your links. When you join a partner program, you receive your custom affiliate link. But what happens if you want to create deep links, in order to direct the referral to a specific landing page? Moosend has taken care of that for you; when you sign up for Moosend’s email marketing affiliate program, you get your unique promotional link, which then can be customized by adding “?url=” at the end, plus the URL you want to redirect your leads to. Again, it’s perfectly fine if you don’t do this; Moosend’s default affiliate link will still take the referred user to the homepage.

5. Long cookie life. Buyers need time before reaching a purchase decision. We, at Moosend, are aware of this, which is why we grant a longer cookie life. You see, the decision-making process of a lead depends on several factors, such as the stage they are at in terms of acknowledging the need, other psychological factors, seller reputation, and influencer reputation. So, it’s only fair that you, as an influencer, are given enough time while the buyer goes through the purchase process. Enjoy a 60-day cookie period and achieve the maximum commissions possible, with our email marketing affiliate program.

6. Reliable tracking system. Losing track of a referral and losing the commission altogether is a very realistic risk, but you are safe with Moosend. Given that you have invested time in promoting an affiliate deal, offering a reliable click-tracking system is the least a vendor can do to support their partner efforts. Moosend’s choice is GetAmbassador, a top-notch referral marketing software that will track your efforts securely across all channels.

7. Accurate reporting system. Sometimes, usually at the beginning of affiliate ventures, people need some time to find their feet; that is to say, pitch or strategy might need some fine-tuning. To achieve that, you need real-time stats; the system we use does exactly that. In this way, affiliates know exactly which of their campaigns brings in more money the moment the revenue is generated.

8. Timely payments. The reward for an accomplishment should always be within a particular time frame, so as to maximize the ratio of energy invested over benefit received. Having a sincere and just business relationship requires that all parties honor the agreement, including regular payouts of the revenue share.

9. Documentation and promo tools. Whether you are a beginner affiliate marketer or an experienced service provider you need to have information and material about the service or product you want to promote. Documentation on how to use the affiliate tracking system and promotional tools, like banners, are the bare minimum you need to look for when choosing a referral program. These are all provided by Moosend.

10. Dedicated support. As with any service, it’s important to be able to reach out to an actual person to ask for help. Fast and dedicated support for affiliates is a must for any email marketing affiliate program out there and you don’t need to look far for this; join our email marketing affiliate program!

Business benefits for the referrals

Business benefits for the referrals

Everything in your referral experience reflects back to you. As a result, a high-ranking email marketing affiliate program should be one that your audience will be thankful for. Specifically, the affiliate program you recommend should promote a service that:

1. Your customers or your audience will use. Do a service health check by considering if it is really one that your followers would want to use.

2. Brings value and results to them. Does it bring better value compared to other programs? Does it move your follower’s business forward? Can it deliver measurable results?

3. Is essential to the growth of their business. The better results a product delivers, the higher the offer will be converting.

4. You are using or have tried recently. The programs you promote must ideally be for services you actually use or have tried. Promoting offers on the basis of returns only might compromise your reputation among your audience.

5. You know well and can review. Also, it is recommended that you bring out a thorough review of the service. As a true user, you must be able to review and explain both pros and cons, so your audience knows why you recommend the particular product and why it is a good option for them.

6. Has a dedicated support team. Will your referrals be receiving the support they deserve? It’s not really your responsibility, but, as support is part of the user experience, you would want to recommend services that guarantee the highest user experience possible.

7. Is constantly evolving and growing. Especially when it comes to cloud services, technology is changing really fast. It is advised that you choose to promote a service that invests resources in growing and continuously adding new features.

Having laid out the most important factors you should consider before choosing the best email marketing affiliate program, you can feel confident that you have a checklist to use before making an important business decision.

World-famous entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income are generating the largest part of their online income by choosing and promoting the right affiliate programs that suit their businesses and add value to their audience.

Making a significant amount of money from affiliate marketing is possible when you choose the best affiliate program for your niche, and we hope we have given you a thorough checklist to help you in your endeavors.

Additionally, if you operate an eCommerce store it’s crucial to select a referral marketing platform to help you with managing your referrals, Mageplaza’s Extensions for Magento 2 Stores as well as other cloud-based solutions like ReferralCandy.

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