7 tips for political email campaigns that get you elected

Political marketing is by far one of our favourite topics here in Moosend, not only because it includes lot of psychology and neuroscience but also because of all the goofs that give us moments of great laughter and joy.

you must vote

We thought it would be interesting and well timed to research the topic a little bit and give you some tips on how to handle your email campaigns. You see, we happen to get leads by lots of political bureaus especially during pre-elections period.

Let’s see them together:

1) ”Oh, I see, you have collected 50000 emails in 7 days”

Among all email campaigns, the political ones are the most eager to end up in the spam folder, even if the emails are legally acquired. With that in mind too (except from the law issues), running an email campaign in people that do not want to get your emails and never subscribed, makes it more than sure that you will

– waste your time, money,

– ruin your reputation,

– be kicked off by most of our respectable competitors, including us off course.

– Especially us. 🙂

2) Segmentation is a must

In general, segmentation is a nice to have in every industry, but when talking about political marketing, is a must have in capital letters. Off course every aspiring elected politician has a target audience but even these can be segmented more. Gender, age, income, location are some totally basics criteria to start.

3) Now that we have the segments? Personalization

Let’s say we have a nicely segmented email list. We have men and women, segmented by their age group and their income if they are not unemployed. Just think. Would you run the same campaign in a 25 year old unemployed young man and a 50 year old high income lady? Off course not and this is the beauty of segmentation, that you can maximize your overall rates by addressing a personalized message to each segment.

P.S. Also, using the subscriber’s first name in the campaign is really easy and a lot catchy!

4) Focus on the subject line and test, test, test

Which is the ultimate CTA in political marketing? The vote. And how can we make someone to vote us? By making him positively interested in our political opinions, plans and intentions.

This fact leads to a great conclusion: Open rate is the most important metric in political email marketing. But achieving a high open rate requires you to test on multiple subject lines. The key here is not only what you say but also how you say it and what do you want to achieve. Have a glance here, the subject lines Obama used during his last political campaign. Personally, I would totally open an email came by a politician with the subject line ‘’Aloha’’ even if Obama was criticised for that.

5) ‘From’ line is significant

You do not want your email leaving by a ‘do_not_reply@politicalbureau.com’ address. It looks greatly impersonal and will not help your open rate go sky high. A more personal ‘From’ line giving the impression that the person itself sent this email by its personal email is by far more effective and will at least bring you the first open. After that, content is all that matters to keep the open rates high.

6) Responsiveness is rewarded!

With 2 out 3 emails being opened in mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, responsiveness is not just a another topic to discuss but a necessity. Working on improving the experience of those users will reward you with lots of impressions you were previously losing.

7) Less content, more interactivity

Would you dedicate more than 3 minutes in a political email? Maybe 3 minutes is an overestimation too. You know why? Because it’s really boring.

That it why a political campaign should invest on short emails, with lots of links and referrals for anyone that wants to know more. On the other hand, interactivity is a winner. Let the people ask you, give them space to participate, share their opinions and discuss. This is what Obama did and rocked the world of Political marketing.

These are, in our point of view, some of the most important tips for the aspiring politician but mostly, for the fellow Marketer or advertising agency. As always, feel free to give us your feedback and opinion as a comment. 🙂

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