4 reasons why a “do not reply address” is not a wise decision. At all!


Do not reply email addresses often look like “do_not_reply@domain.com” and serve as a black hole for incoming mail. Marketers often send their campaigns from such do-not-reply email senders. By definition such email addresses give the wrong idea to your users and should be avoided if you want to have keep one more communication channel completely open to your recipients.

Let’s explore a bit closer why is this a bad practice and how it could prove to be harmful to your brand.

1)  It affects deliverability

Gmail has developed an algorithm that started preventing such sender addresses. Statistics show that a do-not-reply sender address is more probable to trigger a spam filter compared to a normal email address. Although Gmail seems to be the only one approaching the problem from this angle at this stage, It will be no surprise to see other ISPs following soon.

2) It affects open rates

If you believed it’s only Google, you were wrong. Do-not-reply addresses are considered bad practice that will also affect your open rates. Such senders are often perceived as spam or just generic promotion materials. According to a recent (2015) study by Teradata and Celebrus, almost ⅔ of the consumers (63%) of every age, prefer personalized communications. And imagine, how you would make your customer feel just by sending your company’s emails from the CEO’s or the Founder’s email! This could increase your opens dramatically and if your customers actually start replying to your emails… Oh, this is a signal to Google, that you are a real human being and not a machine! And guess who’s never going to end up in the spam folder again? That’s right! You!

3) Contact lists? Not added!

If there was one chance to be added to your subscribers contact lists, you’ve lost it! In this way, you could have secured your presence in your subscriber’s inbox once and for all.

4) Above all, it makes you look inapproachable

Every time a customer considers replying to your email, this is a potential touchpoint with your brand. And guess what’s the message he gets when trying to engage into a conversation? That’s right. The message is: “There is no one here for you”. The last thing a marketer wants is to “kill” interaction with customers. Remember, this direct communication can be utterly beneficial for your customer experience and satisfaction but also an ongoing customer service or product improvement.


P.S. If you are afraid that everyone’s going to reply to this email, or even worse, that you will start receiving automated “I’m on leave” emails, you can setup your folders accordingly. You can always ask us to help you with that. Letting the email “door” open, will keep your customers “coming in”!


Our comments section is yours! What is the email address you use to send out your emails?

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