Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas: The All-in-One Marketing Guide for 2022

What do you have in store for your Thanksgiving marketing ideas?

Are you making it a pre-Black Friday sale or are you simply carrying on your regular promotions?

Thanksgiving marketing ideas

Thanksgiving is a day dedicated to counting our blessings and being grateful for everyone and everything in our lives.

On this day, we are meant to spend… time with our nearest and dearest.

In this post, we help make that day more meaningful to your customers.

This is your chance to join in the Thanksgiving celebrations in a more personable and cozy way.

Whatever industry you are in, you can certainly think of a way you could make some people’s lives more beautiful on the occasion.

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Say Thanks!

Simple as that. Saying thanks can go a long way to the hearts of your customers and subscribers, as well as their perception of your brand.

You don’t have to be wordy to make a statement. Just say thanks. You don’t even have to explain why. You can just send out a simple “Thank You” note. The shortest copy is the most effective.

Add an extra touch

Send out a handwritten version of your text. Simply write it on a piece of paper, scan it, upload the file on our Editor and once you’ve added headers, footers, and the like, hit send.

handwritten thank you notes

Here’s an example of BBDO France advertising company’s action on Thanksgiving day – the compelling copy of the two words that do not get the limelight they deserve throughout the year, and an unexpected thing to be grateful for:

BBDO action on Thanksgiving day

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Offer free meals to charities

Saying thank you doesn’t have to be vocal.

Nor does it have to be loud.

If you are truly thankful for the people in your life and everything you have accomplished so far, saying Thank You in a less direct way can be more meaningful. And oh, so very current.

First Family join forces to serve homeless veterans Thanksgiving dinner Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on FacebookPartner with another local business or a major multinational (doesn’t hurt to ask!) and organize their respective proper Thanksgiving dinners.

Alternatively, you could prepare home packages, complete with decorative items (such as napkins and cranberry fruit) for less privileged families to take away.

What are your users thankful for?

No better way to connect with your users than to ask them directly, personal questions about people or things to express their gratitude towards. This is also an excellent opportunity to get to know them and get to know how they think – this is a sneak peek into your users’ minds! It has the same effect as having a quick chat with them would!

Create an event page on Facebook and run a poll across the attendees of your yearly Thanksgiving party, or design a poll on a free survey maker like JotForm.

Why is it going to be successful? People are starting to enjoy participating in polls so much that they even add them to their Instagram stories! Why not borrow some of this best practice takeaway for your own business?

Do some extra (layaway) shopping

Layaway is an agreed plan between a retailer and a consumer, whereby the former puts certain items on hold and the latter makes payments over time. Until the consumer finished paying for them, the items stay in the store.

Large US stores such as Kmart and Walmart have dedicated web pages on their site to layaway plans, while a couple of pages online suggest that layaway starts late summer. Last year, around Christmas, many people in the US gave their fellow citizens a helping hand and paid off these items for these unknown families.

Now, you don’t have to wait until Christmas. You can do this for Thanksgiving.

If this is not common in your country, then adopt it and adapt it.

For instance, you can hop over to the nearest supermarket in the area and ask the staff to slip in a free gift card to the families in need. The supermarket staff knows most of their customers, and cashiers with an eye for detail will help realize this successfully.

Actually, you don’t even have to wait until Thanksgiving. And this is no marketing advice – simply human. Set up your own Thanksgiving and spread the joy on a random day, or a day that is meaningful to you (e.g. this could be the anniversary since the day you launched your business).

Communicate your company values

As we said, Thanksgiving is about spending… time with friends and family. Temporally situated amidst holidays associated with shopping sprees (i.e. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year’s), Thanksgiving can be a breath of fresh air before we take a dive in shopping malls or our pockets, for that matter.

And what a better occasion to communicate your company values, in the same warmth you would your own.

Remind people of the importance of writing to family and visitingThanksgiving dinner family little girl

Whether you do this through an e-card with a photo of family members bringing dishes to the Thanksgiving dinner, or helping prepare it, or through a personal, heartfelt note to your subscribers/customers, show what you are made of.

Give back to the community – with a twist

You can think of a million ways to give back to the community. How about adding a twist? Make a donation to your choice of charities in the name of your best customers and send them the note! What else could you do to reward them differently?

Cook for the homeless

Volunteer with the rest of the staff to serve a meal to the homeless in the area. Reach out to the local shelter for the homeless or other similar institutions and organize this dinner.

Try to engage all of your employees, including the Managers and the founders/CEOs, even bring your family members to help out in the preparations. Make this all about giving.

Remember that the community is a living organism and should respond as a whole, whether it is a crisis or a reason to come together and celebrate. Educate the younger members of the family on the concept of togetherness and honest offering.

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Communicate the charities you support, on your newsletter

children in need bbc logo

Take the opportunity to inspire and raise awareness to the benefit of your local charities or charities in need on your newsletter.

Along with your Thank You note, you can communicate the actions these charities have taken and what they have accomplished thanks to the support they receive.

Be generous to your customers

thanksgiving reward points double

Make it all about them this year: double their reward points when they shop from you on the week before Thanksgiving.

You don’t need to actively communicate this across your channels. This way, you’ll discover the more brand loyal customers of all and it will be a pleasant surprise for those who choose you!

If you absolutely must,

You can use your Thanksgiving e-card on your newsletter as a way to discreetly communicate your Black Friday/ Cyber Monday activation with a banner in there somewhere.

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