Personalizing the Email Experience: Quick ideas on how to personalize your email newsletters

Personalizing the Email Experience_Quick ideas on how to personalize your email newsletters

By sending an email newsletter you try to create an experience. This experience becomes unique as subscribers start to feel cosy and nice, like they know you and you know them for ever. Personalization tags help you customize the content of your campaigns to maximize this experience.

By using personalization tags you can insert dynamic content in your subject line or newsletter content, such as the recipient’s email address or name and also some information on your subscriber that will allow him to think that your email is unique, and targeted to him only. Interesting to know what that would do to your Click Through Rates?

Send personalized email newsletters with the recipient’s name or email address

The most common practice for marketers to personalize the email experience is to use the recipient’s name, if available in their list, and/or email address at the top of the newsletter or in the subject line, so that the recipient believes it is targeted only to him. This way your email newsletter seems completely personalized, including the name and the email of the person that it is targeted to.

Insert the Date and Time your campaign was sent automatically into your newsletter

You can write “This newsletter was sent to you on 09-05-2013 at 23:00”, at the bottom or at the top of your newsletter. This way, your recipients will know when you actually sent your email newsletter to them. This helps bring a unique experience to them.

Put your company’s information inside your newsletter using personalization tags

You may do that so as to provide your subscribers with information on your company’s contact details (your company name, address, VAT, email address). Here’s an easy example:

This email was sent to you by Moosend, 15b, The Stables, Newby Hall, Ripon, England, P.O. Box HG4 5AE, United Kingdom, VAT 123456789. Please reply to us on

This gives a very professional tone on your email, leaving a nice impression about your services.

Inform your subscribers about the mailing list they belong to, and how many members it has

A good idea would be to inform your subscribers about the mailing list they have registered for, and how many members it involves, inside your newsletter. For instance, you can insert a notification to your subscriber that “You are receiving this newsletter after subscribing to ‘company’ ’s mailing list” and add the fact that “A total of 23,500 people have subscribed to this newsletter till now”. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

Put information from any custom field into your newsletter

Let’s say you have asked your subscribers to fill in their City custom field during sign-up. Here’s what you can do. Try writing a phrase like, e.g. “You are receiving this special offer because you live in…” and add the relevant tag, which is: #recipient:City# or whatever custom field you want. That way, your recipient will understand how unique and targeted this communication is, and will treat your email newsletter as something destined for his eyes only.

Include a Social share button in your newsletter, so that your subscribers can share it in Facebook, twitter or Google+

Sharing the email newsletter through Social Media is quite important for marketers wishing to bring engagement to their list of recipients. The most common practice is to use a “share” button which the recipients can choose to share it on their social profile. That way your email newsletter can be easily communicated via various social networks, showing that you value your subscribers’ opinion.

See here an overview of all personalization tags, and do not be afraid to use them into your newsletter to personalize the email experience.

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