The 18 Best Instagram Analytics Tools for 2019

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Monitoring your Instagram analytics is important if you wish to grow your engagement, audience, and gain an overall insight into your Instagram account.

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is only second to Facebook in terms of social media users.

instagram analytics

With a vast platform to use for executing your marketing strategies, viewing your Instagram analytics on a regular basis will help you to determine successes and improvements in your social media marketing campaign.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • The Instagram analytics you can measure
  • How these metrics are assessed
  • The best external Instagram analytics apps

Using Instagram Analytics

Instagram analytics reveal how often users interact with your posts and profile, the time interactions occur, and what interactions take place, such as comments and shares.

Let’s dive into the metrics you should analyze:

Account Metrics


The total number of likes, follows, and saves divided by your number of followers.

Follower growth

The percentage of followers gained over a period of time.

This is measured by dividing the number of new followers by the number of previous followers and multiplying by 100. This will give you your follower growth rate.


This includes your overall follower demographic, including geographical location, and the total number of followers you have. Additionally, the periods when your followers are most active can be measured.

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Post Metrics


Engagement on individual posts includes likes, comments, and saves.

You can discover which of your posts are receiving the most engagement. And also determine the engagement rate of each post which is an essential social media metric to track by dividing the number of post interactions by the number of followers you have.

Multiply the answer by 100, and the number you are left with is your engagement rate. Download our Free Engagement Calculator so you do not have to do the manual work.


Your reach is the number of people which have viewed a post. Your reach rate is the number of people which have viewed your post divided by your follower total.


The number of times a post has been seen during a specific period of time.

Story Metrics


The number of times users swiped up to either reply to your story or follow the link in your story.


The number of times users exit your stories without watching them in their entirety.

This includes users swiping down to go back to the main feed, closing the Instagram app while watching your story, or clicking on the “X” in the top corner of your feed to exit your story.

Taps forward

The number of taps forward users make to see the next story. If the number of taps forward is high, your story may be lacking in quality, or the composition may be off.

Taps backward

The number of taps back users make to go back to the previous story. If the number of taps backward is high, your audio or picture quality may be unclear, or users may want to see your story again.

Completion rate

The number of viewers that watched your story until the very end.

Instagram Live Metrics

Live viewers

The number of viewers watching a live feed. You can also measure live viewers at different periods of a live broadcast.

This can be helpful to determine if viewers are clicking off after you have first started broadcasting.

The number of watchers will naturally grow and fall as viewers join and leave, but measuring these analytics can help to plan better content to increase engagement.

Ad Metrics

Click-through rate

The number of clicks received divided by the number of impressions (the number of times the ad was shown).


How many of your clicks converted into sales, downloads, free trials, etc. (the goal of your Instagram ad).

Instagram In-App Analytics

Instagram analytics can be tracked via their own in-app metrics. Instagram Insights is a simple and convenient method of viewing your metrics:

instagram analytics insights

Image Source

While Instagram Insights is a free tool, it’s only available for business accounts and those with high engagement, although Instagram doesn’t specifically state what constitutes high engagement.

Additionally, the data provided is limited as it doesn’t show extensive metrics, and this data can’t be exported, making it difficult for viewing on a computer.

Luckily, if you’re planning on observing your Instagram analytics and require a wide range of data to determine the health of your account or specific posts, there are several external tools you can use.

Instagram Analytics Apps

1. Iconosquare

instagram analytics iconosquare

Price: Three tiers. Pro plan: $39 per month, Advanced plan: $79 per month, Agency plan: custom fee

Free trial: Yes, a 14-day free trial is available for new users. Iconosquare also offers a free Instagram audit.


Iconosquare is a social media analytics and scheduler tool, providing Instagram data on a wide range of aspects:

instagram analytics iconosquare dashaboard

Iconosquare enables you to export your data, allowing you to send automated reports to your email.

With the platform, you can track hashtag performance, competitor performance, and examine your audience and reach, including geographical demographics and languages:

instagram analytics iconosquare dashaboard pie chart

As Iconosquare allows you to schedule content in addition to viewing metrics, it’s ideal for those who wish to save time by using just one tool for both.

You can add team members and upload images to the media library to quickly use for content purposes:

instagram analytics apps iconosphere team management

Iconosquare is convenient to use, with a Chrome and Firefox extension available. If you want users to find your Instagram feed easily, you can also add a widget to your website via the platform.

2. Sprout Social

instagram analytics apps sprout social

Price: Three tiers. Standard plan: $99 per user/month, Professional plan: $149 per user/month, Advanced plan: $249 per user/month. Additional profiles cost $25 per profile/month.

Free trial: Yes, a 30-day free trial is available for new users.


Sprout Social is a social analytics and media management tool, offering Instagram analytics, real-time brand monitoring, inbox management, and comment moderation:

instagram analytics apps sprout social dashboard

Sprout Social is a similar tool to Iconosquare in offering a metrics and content management platform. You can view audience growth, publishing behavior, top posts, impressions, engagement, and more:

instagram analytics apps sprout social stats

Sprout Social also enables you to monitor competitors to determine how your accounts measure up to their metrics:

instagram analytics apps sprout social

Sprout Social is convenient for teams to use, with data which can be downloaded or exported.

3. Hootsuite

instagram analytics tools hootsuite

Price: Five tiers. Free plan for one user and 3 social profiles (analytics only available until March 4, 2019), Professional plan: $29 per month, Team plan: $129 per month, Business plan: $599 per month. Enterprise plan: on request.

Free trial: Yes, a 30-day free trial is available for new users on a Professional or Team plan. Those interested in a Business or Enterprise plans can request a demo.


Hootsuite Analytics offers real-time results, team metrics, and trend analysis for social media accounts:

instragram analytics software hootsuite dashboard

Hootsuite combines analytics with a content management dashboard, allowing you to publish content directly to your Instagram account.

Also allows you to create reports, enabling you to track data from previous dates to determine channel growth. Additionally, trends can be established via charts and graphs, making analytics clear to view:

instagram analytics software hootsuite

Additionally, Hootsuite Analytics automatically analyzes the positivity or negativity of user comments, so you can assess reactions of your audience over a set period of time.

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4. Crowdfire

instagram analytics software crowdfire

Price: Four tiers. Free plan for one social profile, Plus plan: $7.48 per month, Premium plan: $37.48 per month, VIP plan: $74.98 per month.

Free trial: No, but a free plan is offered to try the tool before subscribing.


Crowdfire is a social media analytics, publishing, and management tool, allowing you to manage all your social media accounts from one platform:

instagram analytics software crowdfire dashboard

Crowdfire is an Instagram analytics tool with content publishing ability.

Post analytics are only available for paid plans, while competitor analysis is available on the premium or VIP plan.

Paid plans also feature 30 days social analytics and 90 days advanced analytics. A free plan is limited to one day’s worth of data:

instagram analytics software crowdfire stats

Additionally, Crowdfire allows you to see which users have unfollowed you so you can unfollow them too, if you wish:

instagram analytics software crowdfire follow unfollow

5. Union Metrics

instagram analytics tool union metrics

Price: Three tiers. Social Manager plan: $49 per month, Social Marketer plan: $99 per month, Marketing Team plan: $199 per month.

Free trial: No, but a free Instagram account check-up is offered.


Union Metrics provide extensive social media metrics, including Instagram analytics:

instagram analytics software union metrics dashboard

Union Metrics is easy to use but doesn’t offer a content management tool like the previous platforms.

However, the platform can help you to determine the best time to post and the best hashtags to use. Additionally, Union Metrics reveals who your ‘biggest fans’ are, reminding you to engage with your followers:

instagram analytics software union metrics dashboard stats

Union Metrics also measures engagement, reach, mentions, and follower demographics so you can customize your content accordingly.

Graph API gives you advanced reporting on comments and other metrics:

instagram analytics software union metrics user interface

Data from analytics can be saved to a PDF, with interactive reports available.

6. Socialbakers

instagram analytics socialbakers

Price: Three tiers. Professional plan: $20 per profile, Business plan: price on request, Enterprise plan: price on request.

Free trial: Yes, a free trial is available on all plans. A demo is also available for business or enterprise plans.

Additionally, a free Instagram analytics tool and performance quadrant report is available in return for your contact information.


Socialbakers is an AI-powered social media marketing platform, enabling you to assess your Instagram analytics to optimize your content and grow your brand:

instagram analytics socialbakers dashboard

Socialbakers is ideal if you love visual metrics.

You can view metrics via convenient pre-made templates, calculate your return on investment in real-time, automate or schedule your social media reports, and share your customizable dashboard with team members:

instagram analytics socialbakers visual metrics

Socialbakers allows you to track conversions with the integration of Google Analytics.

Additionally, data can be connected to third-party sources for cross-channel analysis. Media regional reports for over 30 countries provides social media analysis for regions you may be marketing to.

7. Pixlee

instagram analytics pixlee

Price: From $399 per month.

Free trial: A free demo is available on request.


Pixlee provides daily data on your Instagram account, sharing account growth, and scheduling tools:

instagram analytics pixlee dashboard

Pixlee is ideal for e-commerce businesses due to the analysis of commerce metrics, including average order value and conversion.

You can assess engagement, and discover social influencers:

instagram analytics pixlee ecommerce

With Pixlee, you can measure the return on investment of influencer marketing, in addition to establishing one-on-one relationships with those who love your brand.  

8. InstaFollow

instagram analytics instafollow ecommerce

Price: Free, but paid features are available.


InstaFollow is a free app for both Android and iOS users to learn more about their Instagram analytics:

instagram analytics instafollow mobile app

While InstaFollow is free to download, its limited in comparison to the previous platforms mentioned.

InstaFollow allows you to see who is following your account, showing you top supporters and those who don’t interact:

instagram analytics instafollow mobile app

InstaFollow also enables you to see the most popular accounts you follow, least popular users, those who may be potential spammers, as well as your most and least popular media; helping you to create better content on your feed.

9. Squarelovin

instagram analytics squarelovin

Price: Unknown but a free demo is available for businesses.  

Free trial: Yes, a free plan is available for individuals.


Squarelovin provides in-depth post metrics, offering an overall insight into your Instagram content:

instagram analytics squarelovin stats

Squarelovin provides daily, monthly and yearly metrics, providing insight into what drives engagement with your followers.

You can determine how each post is doing in terms of comments, likes, and shares. Additionally, you can track the growth of your account over time:

instagram analytics squarelovin post metrics

While Squarelovin doesn’t offer as in-depth of metrics as other platforms, its ability to establish post metrics is highly valuable.

By assessing the best times to publish posts, you can help to create content which performs well, increasing engagement and your follower count.

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10. Plann

instagram analytics Plann

Price: Four tiers. Little plan: free, Basic plan: $4 per month (when billed annually), Premium plan: $8 per month (when billed annually), Unlimited plan: $12 per month (when billed annually).

Free trial: Yes, a free plan is available for one account, but features are limited.


Plann is an Android and iOS app for Instagram analytics, scheduling, and content management:

instagram analytics Plann mobile app

Plann helps you to curate a popular feed by revealing which color schemes your followers like best.

Additionally, the drag-and-drop feature makes it easy for you to create a visually inspiring feed:

instagram analytics mobile feed

With Plann, you can discover the best times to publish content and the best performing hashtags.

You can also discover your competitor analytics to save their hashtags and view which color schemes are working for them.

11. Keyhole

instagram analytics keyhole

Price: Five tiers. Professional plan: $199 per month, Team plan: $349 per month, Corporate plan: $599 per month, Agency plan: $999 per month, Enterprise plan: custom pricing.

Free trial: Yes, a free trial is available on all plans.


Keyhole enables you to track Instagram hashtags in real-time, proving useful for those who wish to analyze hashtag marketing campaigns:

instagram analytics tool keyhole tracks hashtags

Keyhole allows you to track keywords, mentions, URLs, and accounts, in addition to hashtags. This data can be analyzed over a period of time, including metrics on engagement, reach, and impressions.

Once you’re tracking a specific factor, you can view metrics on influencers and posts relating to that element. If you’re working with influencers, Keyhole can monitor their performance, such as the reach of your sponsored posts and engagement.

You can also compare influencers to determine who has the most engagement:

instagram analytics tool keyhole tracks influencers engagement

While Keyhole offers real-time tracking of hashtags, they are only monitored for 30 days.

Additionally, if a hashtag is removed, the data is deleted from the platform. However, Keyhole reports can be shared and downloaded, making it easy to share Instagram analytics with team members.

12. Socialinsider

Price: Three tiers: Explorer Plan $59 per month, Freelancer Plan $99 per month, Agency Plan $199 per month.

Free Trial: Yes, a 7-day free trial is available for new users.


Socialinsider is a social media analytics and benchmarking tool which serves up a full view of a competitor’s digital strategy.

It offers real-time Instagram analytics which helps you understand how your profile grows compared with top competitors.

With Socialinsider, you can create branded reports that project your account’s vital metrics such as Followers growth, Engagement rates, Hashtag Analytics, Impressions, top posts and much more.

Later you can download these data and stats as .pdf, .ppt or .csv. The reports are available in multiple languages which is nice to have.

With an agency plan, you can also setup automated reports for your clients and invite your team members.

Additionally, you can track data for multiple Instagram accounts as well as other social platforms (Facebook, Twitter or Youtube) which comes in handy if you have to manage all of the above.


instagram analytics tool

Price: Three tiers. Silver plan: $9 per month, Gold plan: $19 per month, Platinum plan: $39 per month.

Free trial: Yes, a 14-day free trial is available on all plans.

Description: provides extensive Instagram analytics on the content you’re publishing:

instagram analytics tool demographics delves deeper into your content analytics to reveal popular hashtags, the best times to post, and even which photo filters perform best.

You can track your post and profile engagement, measure your Stories, and discover demographics of your followers:

instagram analytics tool publishing analytics

14. Whatagraph

instagram analytics app whatagraph

Price: Three tiers. Professional plan: $99 per month, Premium plan: $229 per month, Enterprise plan: From $450 per month.

Free trial: Yes, a free trial is available on all plans.


Whatagraph offers digital marketing tools, including Instagram analytics and a wide range of social networks:

instagram analytics app whatgraph dashboard

Whatagraph offers multi-marketing data for posts, ads, and email marketing (Premium and Enterprise plans only).

You can view the rate at which your account is growing, track engagement, and best performing posts.

Additionally, you can monitor your marketing KPI performance and discover where sales are stemming from:

instagram analytics app whatgraph top performing posts

Whatagraph is ideal for those who wish to track a multitude of data, such as paid and organic metrics, landing pages, and email.

You can easily generate a visual report to share your data with clients or team members. Certain features like ad metrics are only available on Premium and Enterprise plans.

15. Owlmetrics

instagram analytics owlmetrics

Price: Three tiers. Starter plan: $25 per month/up to 25k followers, Advanced plan: $50 per month/up to 75k followers, Influencer plan: $199 per month/up to 3 million followers.

Free trial: Yes, a 7-day free trial is available for new users.


Owlmetrics offer real-time Instagram analytics to understand your audience and grow your account:

instagram analytics owlmetrics real time analytics

Owlmetrics is a simple tool to understand your Instagram follower demographics, which posts have high engagement, popular hashtags, and how much traffic is reaching your website:

instagram analytics owlmetrics demographics

Owlmetrics appears to be limited in features in comparison to some of the other platforms mentioned. However, Owlmetrics may work well for those who wish to track their Instagram analytics separately from other social media accounts.

16. Quintly

instagram analytics apps quintly

Price: Four tiers. Small plan: $100 per month, Medium plan: $255 per month, Large plan: $480 per month, Enterprise plan: custom pricing.

Free trial: A free 7 demo is available for new users.


Quintly is a social media analytics platform, enabling you to track audience and content metrics:

It provides you a deeper understanding of your Instagram analytics, including engagement, reach, and exits.

You can also view data from expired Stories on a business account and measure other important metrics by customizing your dashboard:

instagram analytics apps quintly dashboard

Quintly allows you to export your data effortlessly and in differing formats, including PDF, JPG, and CSV.

This platform is ideal if you wish to track multiple social media accounts in one tool, whether its Pinterest, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

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17. Later

instagram analytics software Later

Price: Five tiers. For individuals: Free plan, Plus plan: $9 per month. For businesses: Premium plan: $19 per month, Starter plan: $29 per month, Brand plan: $49 per month.

Free trial: A free plan is available for one user/one social platform. Later also offers free courses and resources for growing your Instagram account.


Later is an Instagram analytics and scheduling tool:

instagram analytics software Later demographics

It offers detailed analytics alongside content scheduling. With Later, you can view in-depth post performance, including engagement, number of likes, and number of comments.

Additionally, you can plan your feed with a drag-and-drop tool, as well as schedule content directly to your account:

instagram analytics software Later demographics

Later enables you to view post performance over 7 days, one month, or three months.

You can also view individual post performance, including how metrics have grown over a period of time.  Later is ideal for either individuals or teams as members can be added to the platform on business account plans.

Only paid plans allow you to schedule videos or Stories, while business plans offer hashtag suggestions, interactions with comments, and the best time to post content.


Price: Six tiers. Starter plan: €9 per month, XS plan: €49 per month, Small plan: €99 per month, Medium plan: €189 per month, Large plan: €279 per month, Enterprise plan: custom pricing.

Free trial: 30-day free trial


Kontentino is the most human-friendly social media planning and collaboration tool. It enables advertising agencies, social media managers and their clients to seamlessly collaborate when creating and approving social media content and ads.  Apart from social media scheduling, it offers reporting and analytics features for Instagram and Facebook.

Kontentino allows you to publish posts to Instagram. You can then get an overview of your page in Kontentino analytics. Take a look at your audience locale and their age and gender. Check your reach and compare it with last year’s results.

In Kontentino, it’s easy to collaborate with other team members. You can assign tasks to your team, comment on the progress right next to the post and then send it your client for approval. You can also check post-performance – comments, engagement, impressions, likes, reach, and the number of times somebody saved your post.

All these data can be easily downloaded in PDF format.

You can access data for several pre-selected time frames or a custom time period.

Use Instagram Analytics Apps to Boost Your Success

Instagram is a hugely competitive market, but utilizing data collected from apps will enhance your content and marketing strategy to increase your Instagram success.

Whether you wish to grow your follower count, improve your engagement, or increase clicks to your website, using metrics will help you to execute a detailed plan to achieve your goal.

If you plan on using an analytics tool for both metrics and content management, a platform which offers data alongside scheduling is highly recommended.

An app offering a range of social media tools is better for those who prefer to assess metrics for several social media accounts in one platform.

If you find yourself struggling to improve your Instagram account with the free in-app metrics, one of the apps mentioned above will enhance your feed by revealing more in-depth data.

Which Instagram analytics app do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!


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