How Do You See Your CMO Self In 2022?

Hey you, CMO!

With 2020 still rocking us like a hurricane (to put it mildly), you might be wondering what else is in store for your business.

Well, I ain’t no fortune teller, but I can tell you a thing or two that I learned from reading this week’s the Times Raconteur’s special reports.

For example, how’s your Christmas marketing doing? Maybe you’d want to think again before spending your budget on ad campaigns your customers don’t care for since 63% of 2.000 consumers surveyed don’t think brands should spend money on big, lavish Christmas ad campaigns this year.

Or maybe it’s time you launched that online seminar you’ve been mulling over for ages. Given the fact that 60% of marketers think that virtual events will be as effective as in-person events post the pandemic.

And how about implementing reputation management in your future marketing plans? Did you know that 58% of CMO’s see reputation as a competitive differentiator? Or that 20% say their CEO’s are not fully supportive of implementing reputation management?

I could go on forever. These are exciting times for all CMOs, standing in the middle of a constantly changing marketing landscape and there are many things to consider before building your next strategy.

And you might need a little help with that.buying facebook likes click here banner Download a free issue of Raconteur and make sure you’re taking notes. 😉

Your future self CMO can’t wait to level up their game!

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