Email Marketing for Christmas Holidays (Santa Claus Approved)

It’s THAT time of the year again! Customers want to buy stuff and gift to themselves or their family and friends, you want to increase your sales and everyone wants to end up happy and a little bit “richer”, one way or another.

Wonder how everyone finds time for everything when it comes to email marketing? Guess what: They don’t!

But this is an excellent chance for your company and we’ll help you make it work! We have gathered some important guidelines for you to follow and apply around every Holiday season, and most important? On this one!

We don’t have much time so let’s focus on the important stuff!

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The main dates to focus on for 2015, are:

– Thanksgiving (USA) 26th November
– Black Friday 27th November
– Cyber Monday 30th November
– Hanukkah 6th December -14th December
– Green Monday 14th December
– Christmas Day 25th December
– Boxing Day 26th December
– New Year’s Eve 31st December
– New Year’s Day 1st January.

Highlight those dates on your calendar and organize your email marketing efforts accordingly.

Have in mind that the next days there will be an increase in your email marketing communications and you might upset some unengaged users. So try to think some new email marketing ideas for these Christmas holidays that will help you engage more with your users.

If you have already put your inactive or not so interested users in your product in a different segment, start from now by sending re-engagement emails so you’ll soon have them in the right loop.

Try to balance the frequency of the emails sent with the right targeting and impeccable segmentation.

Also, be sure to check out our webinar Segmentation tips for Holidays Newsletters. 

Refresh all your templates, email designs, copy and make sure you will add a celebratory vibe. This will also be a new touchpoint with your not-so-interested-in-your-offers, subscribers.

A very important thing on your overall strategy is to automate most of your everyday procedures so you don’t get caught by the increased transactions, requests and communications. Here’s how to do it in the most effective way.

As you can see here, there’s a whole world of things you can do with Automations. For instance, there is a high value in setting up an automated email on a specific timeframe and ask your subscribers questions like:

– what do you want as a gift this year,
– what are you going to buy for your close ones,
– when are you planning on making these purchases etc.

Be prepared for success and:

– start promoting various stuff as your inventory will start to shrink and the variety of your products will not be satisfactory
– get ready to serve the highest demand with immediate delivery and great service for each and every new and recurring of yours

Check out your Abandoned baskets and run last-minute campaigns to empty those baskets and make some sales you didn’t expect to. These carts reflected 3 trillion dollars (Baymard) in lost revenue for 2014. Let’s decrease it for 2015!

Right after the Holidays, “place” discount offers and coupons on your subscribers’ lists so that you will be able to get rid of all the old stuff and clear off your inventory in time for Spring! Make sure to follow-up (if possible, for every sale you made) with related offers and great bargains. Your customers will love that!

Optimize for mobile devices

And this is not an advice. It’s absolutely necessary.

Last but not least: Focus, FOCUS, FOCUS! Subject lines are THE top and your main priority. If you don’t get your emails opened, nothing else matters: from designs to discounts, from great copy to nice clothes and gifts, if you don’t lure your customers to open your emails, then… this is not a job well done. Create a sense of urgency and make them click. Here’s how.

Try to find your pace among your customers and your competitors and win this year’s Holiday race. We’ll be on your side along the way. Let’s get those sales going! Ho ho ho!

We are a phone call away or an sms, a DM on Twitter or… oh just get in touch! We are here! 🙂

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