16 Best Ecommerce Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024]

16 Best Ecommerce Affiliate Marketing Programs [2024]

Published By Marilia Dimitriou
December 6, 2023

With most businesses now owning online stores, new and old trends pop up every day.

One of the oldest ones is eCommerce affiliate marketing—an early form of internet marketing where an eCommerce brand collaborates with third-party entities to promote their products, services, etc.

Today, we are going to explore the best affiliate marketing programs for building authentic partnerships and earning additional revenue.

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What Is eCommerce Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing for eCommerce is a way to advertise a company’s products through third-party publishers.

The process is as follows. After forming the partnership, the affiliate partner—influencer, entrepreneur, or publisher—receives a unique affiliate link. With it, the partner promotes the product to the target audience. When someone clicks on the referral link and buys that new product, the partner earns a commission.

The commission rate varies depending on the program. You can earn money per click or receive recurring compensation. Many people invest in affiliate programs because it’s a highly profitable industry valued at $8.2 billion.

But is affiliate marketing so different from eCommerce marketing? Let’s find out!

Ecommerce marketing vs. Ecommerce affiliate marketing

The main difference between eCommerce and affiliate marketing is that they operate differently.

Ecommerce marketing is a broader term encompassing how a business sells its own products and services online directly to clients. These companies usually have an online website or store where they sell their goods.

Meanwhile, an affiliate marketing business promotes goods on behalf of a company. Through a unique affiliate link, the partner earns a commission for each sale a customer makes. But what’s great about affiliate marketing is that it can be a breeze—with the right affiliate program at your disposal, of course.

Let’s explore the best eCommerce affiliate programs in the next section.

Top eCommerce Affiliate Programs & Networks

We know there are hundreds of affiliate programs out there, each with its own niche and quirks.

A suitable affiliate network or program should boost your traffic, conversions, and revenue, so we made sure to keep these aspects in mind while hunting for the best options.

Look for potential partners in the following table:

NicheProgramCommission RateCommission TypeSign Up
Email MarketingMoosendUp to 40%RecurringClick Here
Electronics and HardwareAmazon AssociatesBetween 1% and 20%Fixed rates based on product typesClick Here
Collectibles and ArteBay Partner NetworkBetween 1% and 4%Fixed rates based on product typesClick Here
Luxury and TechnologyRakuten AdvertisingSet at different ratesDefined by three commission parametersClick Here
Web Hosting ServicesBluehost$65 for sign-up/referralFlat commissionClick Here
eCommerceShopify200% of the monthly saleBounty commissionClick Here
VPNNordVPNBetween 40% and 100% for sign-upsSubscription-based and recurringClick Here
FreelancingFiverrBetween $15 and $150Varies by purchased productClick Here
Online CourseTeachable30% per subscriptionRecurringClick Here
Information TechnologyWix$100 per saleFlat commissionClick Here
Software-as-a-ServiceBigCommerce200% per new referralPercentageClick Here
Web HostingWP Engine$200 for the first month’s payment2-tiered payment optionsClick Here
Sales and MarketingHubSpot30% commissions (for up to 1 year)RecurringClick Here
SEO and Content MarketingSemrush$200 per saleFlat commissionClick Here
Lead GenerationLeadpagesUp to 50%RecurringClick Here
CryptocurrencyCoinbase50% of trading fees for the first three monthsRecurringClick Here

Now scroll on to learn more about our first pick, Moosend.

1. Moosend

Commission: Up to 40% lifetime recurring

Cookie duration: 90 days

Payout method: PayPal + Stripe + Wire Transfer

ecommerce affiliate marketing

Moosend is a comprehensive marketing automation platform that enables users to create, automate, and personalize their newsletter templates and email campaigns.

Aside from having sophisticated tools, such as subscription forms, a landing page builder, and a subject line optimizer, Moosend has a top-rated affiliate program with a 40% lifetime recurring commission model.

Through this easy-to-understand program, promoting the product is easy. Plus, the conversion rates are high.

Affiliate program benefits:

This program allows affiliate marketers to earn a passive income for every monthly or pay-as-you-go plan they purchase. Aside from having a steady revenue stream, you get extra commissions if your contacts upgrade.

So, the more your partners upgrade, the more your commissions increase. Even if they apply for the free trial, you’ll get more affiliate commissions if they upgrade. Plus, with a 90-day cookie, you get enough time for your contacts to convert.

Since Moosend hosts its affiliate program on Partnerstack, you gain access to affiliate reporting tools that help you track your campaign’s performance and optimize your strategy.

Aside from the user-friendly affiliate dashboard, Moosend’s team will support you with SEO assistance, ready-made templates, and comparison one-pagers that save you time.

Overall, Moosend has high-paying commissions and an established brand name that make the program a must-have.

Moosend affiliate program pros and cons

2. Amazon Associates

Commission: Ranges from 1% to 20% commission.

Cookie duration: 24 hours

Payout method: Direct deposit, check, or Amazon gift certificate.

Amazon Associates affiliate program

Amazon Associates is the largest affiliate program that’s spread worldwide and helps individual bloggers, large publishers, and social media influencers monetize their traffic.

What makes it a great affiliate program is that you have a myriad of products available (over 3 billion listings) on Amazon across multiple categories.

Affiliate program benefits:

The best part is that you have no limit, meaning you can earn commission from as many items as you want. This flexibility makes Amazon Associates a top choice for many business owners or content creators.

To qualify for the eCommerce affiliate marketing program, you need a website or a mobile app.

Amazon affiliates get up to a 20% commission from qualifying purchases and programs through the traffic you generate to Amazon, but it mostly depends on the product category and type.

You get paid approximately 60 days after the month’s end. Moreover, the minimum payout is $10, and you can receive the money through checks, direct deposits, or Amazon gift cards.

Remember that signing up with Amazon means you are an affiliate partner of Amazon, not of the brands selling on the marketplace.

Amazon Associates pros and cons

3. eBay Partner Network

Commission: Rates between 1% and 6%

Cookie duration: 24 hours

Payout method: PayPal or direct deposit

ebay partner network

eBay Partner Network is an affiliate site designed and managed by eBay, an online marketplace connecting sellers and buyers worldwide.

Like Amazon Associates, this affiliate program suits eCommerce sites and businesses that want to promote and earn commissions from the different types of physical and digital products available on the platform.

Affiliate program benefits:

With over 1.1 billion goodies from different categories, you’ll find products that fit the tone of your blog posts and landing pages.

eBay Partner Network has a 1% – 6% commission rate but it depends on the type of product. Payments come once a month via direct deposit or PayPal.

Moreover, you can connect with millions of buyers all over the world, so you’ll have more opportunities to generate a passive income.

Through their portal and affiliate marketing tools, you can also divert users to high-converting landing pages that drive sales.

You can also analyze and track your performance in real time through intuitive tools and comprehensive reports to improve your results in the future.

In a nutshell, this program has all you need to build ads, drive traffic, and increase revenue.

ebay partner network pros and cons

4. Rakuten Advertising

Commission: Different rates based on three commissioning parameters.

Cookie duration: No set duration.

Payout method: PayPal, check, or direct deposit.

Rakuten advertising ecommerce affiliate marketing program

Rakuten Advertising is a marketing and affiliate network and platform with years of experience in this field.

Their main goal is to connect brands with their audience through strategic expertise, advanced affiliate technology, and data-driven insights.

Affiliate program benefits:

What differentiates Rakuten Advertising from other options is its focus on quality over quantity and its unique affiliate earnings parameters.

Set at different levels, this network offers three commission structures:

  • Dynamic, varying by product category.
  • Higher commissions are set through coupon codes.
  • Multi-touch, which rewards the first click marketing attribution.

So, the commission rate and cookie duration depend on each advertiser.

Regarding payments, contacts need to close out any commissions by the end of the current month. Then, Rakuten has to pay you the following week; however, you need at least $50 in commissions to receive any money.

Rakuten Advertising also uses AI capabilities to quickly react to changing demands and market conditions, and stay ahead of the competition.

They also have AI-driven forecasting and benchmarking, which help you build new relationships with profitable partners and eliminate performance gaps.

Rakuten advertising partner network pros and cons

5. Bluehost

Commission: $65 for sign-up/referral

Cookie duration: 90 days

Payout method: PayPal, Wire transfer, and ACH transfer.

bluehost ecommerce affiliate marketing program

Bluehost is a web hosting provider that helps beginners create and post content on WordPress websites through various eCommerce tools.

Their program is pretty straightforward, as it pays a flat $65 commission for each qualified hosting purchase for referrals who sign up using the link.

Usually, the platform processes payments after 45 to 70 days, and you get the money via PayPal or electronic bank transfer. One great thing Bluehost does is that they pay any related fee so that you can collect the full sum for each sale.

Affiliate program benefits:

Signing up and becoming an affiliate is also easy—and it’s free. After you sign up, you’ll receive a unique tracking code that you can immediately use to monetize it.

In addition, you also get access to their broad selection of banners and ads to find the one that fits your website and promotes your affiliate link.

Through their dashboard, you can track your eCommerce affiliate marketing efforts and see accurate metrics relevant to your niche.

The support team is there to guide you on how to make your affiliate marketing work.

bluehost affiliate team pros and cons

6. Shopify

Commission: 200% bounty commission

Cookie duration: 30 days

Payout method: PayPal or bank account

Shopify ecommerce affiliate program

Shopify Affiliate Program is a referral program that helps online businesses grow their brand awareness and gain access to exclusive opportunities.

Through Shopify, you join thousands of affiliates worldwide, such as content creators, course educators, or review sites.

Affiliate program benefits:

By joining, you’ll get access to a library of global creative assets that you can use to promote the link, which increases your conversion rates.

Furthermore, their platforms offer detailed performance insights directly on your personal dashboard.

It’s free to join the program but you must meet specific requirements like owning an active eCommerce website or creating original content such as blog posts.

Upon acceptance, Shopify will give you access to their third-party affiliate software and native affiliate tracking app where you can manage your links.

It’s a smart way to increase your income, as Shopify allows you to receive a fixed bounty for all merchant referrals. You can earn as much as you want as there’s no maximum number of merchants you can refer to.

Shopify ecommerce affiliate marketing program pros and cons

7. NordVPN

Commission: 40% to 100% for new sign-ups

Cookie duration: 30 days

Payout method: PayPal or wire transfer

nordvpn affiliate program

NordVPN is a trusted virtual private network service that keeps public Wi-Fi and private Internet access secure.

While they offer data protection through encrypted connections regardless of where you are, they also have a good affiliate program that promotes this product more effectively.

Affiliate program benefits:

Here, you have a 30-day cookie, but their commission makes up for the short time period.

NordVPN’s affiliate marketing program offers sign-up commissions of 40% to 100% for new customers and sign-ups, while you get a 30% commission on all renewals.

They have a $10 payout threshold. Plus, since NordVPN uses CJ Affiliate and Impact, the payout periods depend on which network you use.

It’s also easy to start earning. Through three simple steps, you can get access to your links and promotional materials so you can begin driving sales on preferred marketing channels.

If you’re new to this, NordVPN has a guide that teaches you how to be a successful affiliate partner and increase conversion rates.

Nordvpn pros and cons

8. Fiverr

Commission: Varies by purchased product.

Cookie duration: 30 days after the first click.

Payout method: PayPal or Payoneer for commissions under $1,000 and wire transfers when it exceeds this limit.

fiverr partner program

Fiverr is known for its freelance networking services that allow businesses to connect with service providers.

It’s free to sign up, and after you join as an affiliate, you gain access to marketing materials and tools that let you start promoting Fiverr.

Affiliate program benefits:

Since Fiverr offers services in every digital category, you can choose different payouts depending on which product or service you promote.

For instance, the industrial and product design category pays around $50, while 3D product animation pays $30.

Moreover, Fiverr has a fixed cost per acquisition (CPA) once your customer buys for the first time, no referral limits, and a lifetime attribution. Then, you get a revenue share of the referred course or subscription.

Suppose you have issues with some features or can’t figure out how to get started. In that case, you can access tutorials, professional support, and even a dedicated affiliate manager.

fiverr program pros and cons

9. Teachable

Commission: 30% recurring

Cookie duration: 30 days

Payout method: PayPal, check, or Venmo

teachable affiliate program

Teachable is an easy-to-use platform that sells digital courses and helps business professionals host and design their sessions.

It’s a good platform for those who want to teach an online course in their field, and they also have an affiliate program that makes you a Teachable partner.

Affiliate program benefits:

It’s a high-paying program, with a 30% recurring commission on any subscription purchase, which can reach up to $1,000 or more. Plus, you get a 30-day cookie to promote Teachable and increase conversions.

You get paid for the commissions every month as long as you remain a Teachable customer.

As a Teachable partner, you get access to visuals, historical earnings per click, and mail swipe copy that helps you enhance your promotional efforts.

Plus, through their platform, you can see all your affiliate codes and track website engagement to improve your strategy.

teachable program pros and cons

10. Wix

Commission: $100/sale flat

Cookie duration: 30 days

Payout method: Wire transfer

wix ecommerce affiliate marketing program

Wix is a web publishing platform that helps people worldwide create their websites and customize them without requiring any technical skills.

Enrolling in the Wix Affiliate Program gives you all the tools you need to receive competitive payouts per sale. You also get unlimited referrals, which means you drive as much traffic as you can.

Affiliate program benefits:

The commission type is flat (but the performance-based model allows you to earn more), so you’ll receive a $100 commission for every contact that buys a Premium plan.

However, you need to earn a minimum of $300 per month to receive the commission. You’ll get the money 45 days after the end of the month.

You can also choose from high-performing and constantly updated creative resources to promote your affiliate link.

Wix ecommerce partner program pros and cons

11. BigCommerce

Commission: 200% per client’s first monthly payment

Cookie duration: 90 days

Payout method: PayPal

bigcommerce ecommerce affiliate marketing program

BigCommerce is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) eCommerce platform that many can use to create a foundation for their online business.

Affiliate program benefits:

Their affiliate program is among the highest-paying programs, allowing you to earn 200% for every new referral, with no minimum commitments.

Moreover, if you snag an enterprise customer, you receive $1,500.

BigCommerce also has a performance-based tier; the more referrals you drive, the more money you’ll earn.

When you join, you’ll get access to pre-made banners, emails, and other promotional materials that save you time, money, and effort when it comes to content creation and linking.

The platform also has powerful tracking capabilities. Through their affiliate dashboard, you can get a comprehensive overview of your clicks, trials, sales, and commissions.

bigcommerce ecommerce affiliate marketing program pros and cons

12. WP Engine

Commission: $200 or 100% of the first month’s payment or 35% for StudioPress sales

Cookie duration: 180 days (60 for StudioPress)

Payout method: PayPal or Automated Clearing House (ACH)

wp engine partner program

WP Engine is a popular digital experience platform with premium web hosting services that helps businesses run their websites more efficiently.

Affiliate program benefits:

Their affiliate program has two ways in which you can earn money.

One is the standard $200 payout or a 35% commission on StudioPress sales. The other method is earning bonus commissions for multiple referrals per month.

When you sign up for WP Engine’s affiliate program, you have access to creative resources, such as pre-designed banners and landing pages, so you can customize your links however you like.

WP Engine’s program is flexible, so you’ll receive exclusive affiliate discounts and promotions you can offer your audience.

wp engine program pros and cons

13. HubSpot

Commission: 30% recurring (for up to 1 year)

Cookie duration: 180 days

Payout method: Direct deposit or PayPal

hubspot affiliates

HubSpot is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that helps you automate customer service tasks.

You can join their affiliate program for free by submitting your application.

Affiliate program benefits

As a partner, you receive a 30% recurring commission for up to 1 year, but you can always upgrade your plan for additional bonuses and even custom commissions.

HubSpot also has a generous cookie window of 180 days and a large creative library with over 400 promotional assets (Pay-per-click ads, YouTube, etc.), training guides, and helpful tips.

By using Impact—a third-party affiliate platform—you can optimize your promotions and add unique tracking parameters to monitor your performance.

hubspot affiliate program pros and cons

14. Semrush

Commission: $200 per sale

Cookie duration: 120 days

Payout method: Check, direct deposit, or wire transfer

semrush affiliate program

Semrush is an all-in-one SEO tool that allows companies to drive more sales through social media, content, and advertising.

Affiliate program benefits:

Semrush’s affiliate program has high commissions since you get $200 for every sale you make. As a bonus, you get $10 for every new trial activation.

It doesn’t stop there, however, as Semrush offers you extra incentives for your work and performance.

Regarding payment, you get your commissions 27 days after the month’s end, but you can schedule a specific day for each payout. Or you can get paid when you reach a specific threshold.

semrush affiliate program pros and cons

15. Leadpages

Commission: Up to 50% recurring commissions

Cookie duration: 30 days

Payout method: PayPal or wire transfer

leadpages ecommerce affiliate marketing program

Leadpages is lead generation software that businesses can use to create websites and landing pages.

Affiliate program benefits:

Its affiliate program is helpful for those who want to earn up to 50% (with the lowest tier being 10%) in recurring commissions for every sale, including plan renewals, upgrades, or one-time purchases.

Keep in mind, though, that you earn commissions for as long as your referrals remain Leadpages clients.

Leadpages also support affiliate partners through educational content and special promotions you can share with your audience.

leadpages program pros and cons

16. Coinbase

Commission: 50% per trading fee for 3 months

Cookie duration: 30-day cookie

Payout method: PayPal or bank transfer

coinbase affiliates

Coinbase is a platform where users can buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Affiliate program benefits:

If you become a Coinbase affiliate, you’ll earn 50% of your referees’ trading fees for the first three months that the customer uses the platform.

Plus, you have 20+ customizable performance reports.

One thing to consider is that there’s a low acceptance rate. Coinbase states you should have at least 45k website or app unique visitors, and they should be passionate about crypto.

coinbase affiliates pros and cons

Start Your Affiliate Journey With Moosend

Anyone can benefit from eCommerce affiliate marketing as it’s profitable and a proven method for making passive income—and increasing your customer base.

Your next step is to partner with Moosend! 🤝

Moosend’s affiliate program helps you grow your businesses through tiered commissions, allowing you more accounts as you upgrade.

Plus, you have all the resources you need in one place, from email swipes to social media posts.

So, what do you say? Sign up for Moosend’s program today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Simple answers to common questions.

1. How do I start eCommerce affiliate marketing?

To jumpstart your eCommerce affiliate marketing strategy, here are some steps you need to take:

  1. Select a platform, such as a blog, YouTube, or Instagram.
  2. Decide on your niche so you can rank higher in search engines.
  3. Find and join an affiliate program, which you can find on this list or by Google searching.
  4. Generate traffic by creating high-quality content.

2. What are the benefits of affiliate marketing?

Here’s why you should create your own affiliate marketing campaign:

  • It’s convenient and flexible—Affiliate marketing is cost-effective and easy to set up.
  • It’s low risk—Most affiliate programs are free.
  • You can work from home—You only need an Internet connection to get a continuous return on investment.

3. What is the highest-paid affiliate program?

Brands like Fiverr, HubSpot, Semrush, Bluehost, Shopify, and BigCommerce offer the highest-paid affiliate programs.

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